The Gardener

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This morning Hug Beaumont, the local TV weatherman stood in front of his blue screen and reported the local weather for mid July in Marston Hill, Nebraska, my home town. Hugh was entirely too cheery at 7 a.m. His bald dome reflected the studio’s light and he was wearing a lime green suit and a green tie so dark it was nearly black. He said the local temperature was 80 degrees, the dew temperature was 54 degrees, and barometric pressure stood at 30.12. The wind came out of the east at six miles per hour. Channel seven’s Doppler radar shower clear sky a full 600 miles out in every direction.

Appearing behind Hug a huge yellow smiley face surrounded by slender isosceles triangles of a darker yellow hue made a convivial sun.

“If you are not cooped up in an office, in a sick bed or allergic to the sun today will be a perfect day to catch some rays. Just apply plenty of sunscreen,” Hug said.

What a wonderful idea, I thought while sipping my coffee. Brian, her husband, would soon finish his jam and toast, finish his cursory reading of theCollier Sentinel, fold it in a precise square and leave for work. Both of the boys were in camp and her daughter was being spoiled by the grandparents in Omaha.

After washing the dishes and making the beds she could do some quality nude sunbathing in the back yard. Most of the neighbors would be slaving away at their jobs. I decided that now would be the perfect opportunity to sun bathe in the nude. I had always wanted to do that but had never dared. There was little chance that anyone would see me. The backyard of our house is bordered by a high redwood fence. The thought of getting caught was exciting in itself.

She washed the dishes, stuck them in the drainer next to the sink to air dry, wiped down the kitchen table and counters, spruced the house a bit and made the bed in the master bedroom. By nine a.m. she was ready to go in the backyard.

The sun shined brightly, birds were singing, and in the distance I could hear the hum of a lawn mower.

I was naked after removing my white shorts and yellow tank top. I draped a large orange beach towel with the image of a white pelican on it over the white mesh of the beach chaise. The chair with its trampoline-like suspension system distributed your weight and eliminated pressure points on your body. Equipped with a built-in head rest, it was worth every penny of the $169 dollars we had spent on it last summer.

I stretched out over the chaise. After liberally applying a coating of sunscreen across my body, I lay on my back and slipped headphones over my ears, turned the Walkman on, Kid Rock came into my ears, and I closed my eyes and let my body relax. The sun streamed down on to my large breasts and heat seemed to radiate from my nipples. The man whom I fucked more then my husband said they resembled little metal trash cans, like the one Grover occupied on Sesame Street. Thinking of my lover made me horny. My horniness and the sun’s heat created a small fire in my pussy. The sun looked down on my luscious body, my sumptuous breasts standing so proudly even against gravity and the moist delta between my legs and it was fucking me. This was such a total turn on.

I opened my eyes momentarily to look around and make sure no peeping Toms were leering at me over the fence. I almost wished there where. Not seeing anyone, I closed my eyes and started running my hands up and down my body from the nub of my clit to my distended nipples. My hands, slick from the sunscreen, passed Escort Bayan Esenyurt over my body smoothly and effortlessly. I was so wet. I eased my oily fingers into my hot hole. I moaned as my fingers played with my pussy. Being outside in the open doing this to myself was such a fillip. My digits stroked my clit and moved in and out of my pussy like my lover’s cock. Within two minutes, I came with an earth-shattering climax starting in my clit and rippling out like the waves made when a pebble is dropped in a still pond.

I relaxed to the voice of Kid Rock. Remembering the last time my lover’s cock invaded me and resigning myself to never having Kid Rock’s cock in my pussy, I fell asleep. I came out of my slumber and felt familiar feelings creeping through my body. Figuring that I was merely having a sexy dream, I stroked my nipples and imagined my fingers as feathers. These quills, plucked from the lightest and tiniest avian in the ornithological community, stroked my abdomen and tickled their way down to my pussy. Just short of my pubic ridge these feathers, my fingers actually encountered an obstacle. I sat up with a start, blinking and seeing large black dots in my vision as my eyes adjusted to the bright sun light. Looking down I could see a head of thick, curly black hair buried in my pussy.

“What the fuck,” I said in voice nearly loud enough to be heard in downtown Collier. I pulled the ear phones off, reached down, grabbed at the black helmet of hair and pulled him off my pussy.

Standing at well over six feet, he was one of the most gorgeous men I had ever encountered. In a small way he reminded me of my Army Recruiter, the man who induced me into joining the United States Army and then spent one whole day eating my pussy as it had never been eaten.

This man had removed his shirt and his hard body perspired in the hot sun. He looked at me with the most intense green eyes. From the look of his slab of shoulder, well defined pecks and leathery tan he spent a good deal of time in the outdoors.

“Sorry but I couldn’t help myself,” he said through teeth the color of snow on an Alpine peak.

“Um, yeah,” I said stupidly.

“I just couldn’t take it anymore. I have been watching you since you came out of the house. You almost caught me when you looked around but I managed to duck down behind the fence before you saw me. When you started playing with yourself, I started playing with myself.” he said.

I noticed his unzipped jeans. Through the crack made by the opened teeth of the zipper I saw the helmet of his hard cock trying to work its way from the opening in his pants.

“When you fell asleep I couldn’t help but wonder if your pussy tasted as good as it looked. When you nodded off I managed to get over your fence without waking you,” he said.

I was sitting naked on the beach chaise with a naked stranger standing over top of me. Thirty seconds earlier his mouth was dining on my pussy. Talk about bizarre. Truly bizarre.

“Who are you?” I asked. I tried to pull some of the pelican towel around my nakedness but didn’t accomplish much.
“I work for your neighbors, the O’Briens. I’m a gardener slash landscape architect. He removed a white business card from left pocket on his ass. I usually do their yard on Tuesdays, but if you are going to be doing this on Wednesdays, I am going to change my routine,” he said with a thousand watt smile just as captivating as Burt Lancaster’s.

I felt my stomach Escort Bayan Avcılar flutter as he handed me his business card. It showed garden implements, his home and work numbers and his name: Joseph Prueuer.

“I am sorry I scared you, but I am glad I got a chance to eat you though. You taste fantastic and if I may say so your body is fantastic. You aren’t going to yell rape or call the cops are you?” he asked.

His cock had made definite progress in escaping from the confines of his pants.

“My name is Joe,” he said.

“I’m Samantha,” I said.

Despite this bizarre situation, I was getting excited. How often I had fantasized about just this sort of thing: Being fucked in the outdoors by a tall, dark stranger with a monster of a cock.

I began to rationalize. My husband and I had not fucked in months. My lover was locked for the next three months inside a submerged submarine somewhere in the western Pacific.

While these thoughts bounced around inside my mind Joe, the gardener slash landscape architect started running his hand across my inner thigh.

“Would you like me to finish what I started?” Joe asked. A grin stretched from one ear to the other. “I hate to leave a job unfinished.”

I laughed nervously and nodded.

“Just lay back and I will take care of everything,” Joe said.

He undraped the towel I still clutched across my breasts.

There, that’s better. You should stay naked as much as possible. Relax and let me do the driving. Enjoy yourself. I was in Troop 116 of the Boy Scouts and I got a merit badge for eating pussy.” He spread my legs, dropped to his knees and flicked his tongue into my pussy.

I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the treat of his tongue. He zeroed in on my clit, pasting its surface with the long muscle in his mouth. It seemed more snake then tongue. He managed to sweep across portions of my pussy never visited by such pleasure. Efficiently and effortlessly he made me cum.

He stood up, untied his black work boots, removed them hastily, unbuckled his jeans, stepped out of them and then removed his pale blue boxer briefs. A large bush of hair as black as coal hung over a cock at least nine inches long and five inches in diameter.

Leaning over me, his cock brushing my tummy, he sucked my nipples into his moist mouth then his teeth nibbled my ear lobes and sucked on my neck.

The tiny hairs on my arms tingled and I began to moan. He worked his way down my body, planting light, butterfly kisses across my breasts, my belly, and my thighs. My pussy was so wet.

He lifted my legs and laid them across his shoulders. He slid his warm tongue across my clit and I shivered. This man planted his tongue in my pussy with the same deftness he planted flower seeds, I imagined. This man was a virtuoso. Next he introduced a finger inside me. At the same time he massaged my ass. By turns he fucked me with his tongue and his fingers. I could not remember being this wet. The signal of the nearest of my orgasm was the tingling in the walls of my pussy, in the depths of my abdomen.

As he pushed his index finger deep into my rectum, I exploded in orgasm.

“Oh my God!” I screeched. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed through me. I could feel his fingers sliding in and out of my asshole. He removed his finger from my rear and licked my pussy with renewed vigor. My breathing calming down, I sat up and ran my fingers through his rich bank of hair. Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü “Thank you. That was incredible,” I said.

“The pleasure was all mine,” he said.

“All the same, I need to return the favor,” I said.

I stood up, motioned for him to take my place on the chaise. Getting down on my knees next to the chaise, leaning over his standing cock, I took him in my hand, stroked it five times and then swallowed it. I ran my tongue lightly around the tip of his head of his cock. He moaned as I slowly sucked. Holding him with my hand I ran my tongue down his shaft to his balls. I could feel his cock jerk as I sucked his balls into my mouth and tickled the sides of his cock with my fingers. As I sucked, I could feel his breath quicken. It was his turn to moan.

I renewed my intense suctioning and soon he erupted in my mouth. I swallowed every tasty drop of his semen.

Now it was time for his cock to fuck my pussy. He entered me with one quick thrust. His cock felt so incredible in my tight, wet pussy. His bare feet pushed against the green grass surrounding the chaise. Thrusting harder and harder, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me toward the rage of his jabbing cock.

“Fuck me, stud,” I said

“I haven’t even started,” Joe said.

He seemed to have no limits, no need to slow down, to rest, to recuperate. His prick was efficient in its smooth motion and relentless in its follow through.

“Give me that hard cock of yours,” I said. My breathing was rapid and my heart raced.

I reached up, grabbed his muscled flanks and pulled him toward my pussy. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop. This feels so good,” I said.

I felt his balls smacking my bottom. His cock was so deep, so wonderfully deep.

He leaned forward and kissed me, his tongue entering my mouth. Then he sucked my nipples so passionately and so forcefully I imagined he would tap into my milk ducts. As his cock rocked back and forth in me he manhandled my tits.

“What incredible tits you have. What size are they baby?” he asked.

“42D,” I answered.

“If not today, but some day I will fuck these tits,” he said.

Finally he paused for a moment and his semen flooded my pussy. At nearly the same moment I came. My God did I come. She thought she had been fucked before but that was nothing compared to the fucking this man was capable of.

He rested on me and our hearts slowed.

He sucked my nipples and while kissing me moved his tongue into my mouth. His calloused fingers stroked my flesh.

Turning me over, he lifted my ass in the ass and commenced to fuck me doggy fashion. He slammed into me and my head bounced off the chaise’s padded head rest.

This man’s cock was awesome, I though. I reached back and tried to touch his ass. My pussy made squishy sounds as he fucked me.

“Harder,” I said.

Harder he did it.

While his cock moved in and out of my pussy he inserted a finger in my asshole. Such sensations of pleasure intermingled from the actions of his thrusting cock and the probing of his finger.

I tightened my pussy muscles around his cock.

Simply and in my most declaratively, I said: “Fuck me.”

He moved faster and faster and soon I know his prick would discharge. Suddenly he stiffened, groaned and released his seed, but not before I had the most intense orgasm in the history of orgasms.

By this time it was early afternoon and my husband would be driving into the garage.

As he dressed, I nearly begged him to make another visit to the backyard.

“If it is raining we can spend the time in bed. You can plant your seeds in doors just as well as you can outside. You are some kind of gardener Mr. Prueur,” I said.

He kissed me and went through the gate this time instead of vaulting it. I could not wait until next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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