Mistress Merry’s Vacation Ch. 01

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I would like to thank my readers for their emails of concern that I have been out of touch and no new stories were submitted. I will be providing new stories and continuing old ones. I hope you all enjoy this one.


I was sitting in front of the computer and pouring myself into yet another story when it dawned on me that I hadn’t had a vacation in some time (truth be told – it had been years). This thought naturally drove all other thoughts from my mind as I contemplated what type of vacation I had in mind. Well, I hadn’t been laid (can women say that or is it that we haven’t had sex?), oh well, let’s just say I wanted a ‘fucking’ vacation or one that involved me getting fucked!

As I sat and pondered what I wanted and, more importantly, where I wanted to go (obviously someplace warm as I’d had enough of cold snowy winters), I started to chat with some of my reader fans and fellow authors at Literotica. The emails started to encroach and overflow my mailbox with suggestions of possible destinations, propositions and down-right offers of sex. Some positions I found impossible at my age to even attempt while others raised an eyebrow and I wondered if I could possibly achieve them and orgasm without breaking a bone or two.

My cousin, with whom I’d been having incestuous sex with for a few months, told me to be careful (he gave me a box of condoms and a tube of lubricant) and to have fun. Well, after all, I had to let someone know where I would be heading off to. I decided to plan my route southward allowing time to meet people, get some sun and, hopefully, some sex.

Armed with my own health record, I started to get serious about who I wanted to be fucked by; after all, a woman has to be careful nowadays. Anyway, I was narrowing down my route to those individuals tuzla escort I had actually chatted with on a regular basis. My first priority was the fact that they couldn’t be married. So, sorry all you married regulars, but I didn’t want any complications. Secondly, I didn’t want any commitments so I weeded out anyone who remotely sounded like they could get serious. Thirdly, and most importantly, this was an actual vacation so I didn’t want to work it – absolutely no one who wanted the whole ‘Mistress’ thing. I’m Dom, know what I wanted and set out with that purpose in mind.

It was pre-Thanksgiving and we’d had our first heavy frost. I was definitely ready to head for a warmer climate and adventure. I met with my complex manager and told her I was going on vacation. She asked for how long and I informed her that my best guess would be for at least three to four months. I went around town and pre-paid utilities making my final stop at the post office to stop my mail. I was set except for packing the car and one last set of emails and phone calls to confirm destinations. I went to bed early in anticipation of an early start without any ‘goodbye’ hassles.

I slept soundly until five that morning. I got up, cleaned-up and packed a few minor things that I deliberately left out from the previous night’s packing. Suitcase in hand, I headed for my car, got in and prepared to make my escape. The feeling of complete freedom overtook my senses as I started the car and then headed out the drive. I put some ‘kickass’ music on and headed down the highway.

I’m going to skip over the boring driving parts of my vacation since we’ve all been there and done that. I will also not tell you what states or a person’s real name, but will, in fact, ucuz escort relate my vacation adventures.

Ah, warm weather, palm trees, sandy beaches and a guest room for the winter. After a ten hour drive, I pulled into the driveway of my first host. It was good to get out and stretch, smell the salt air and take a look at my surroundings. A nice one-level home located near the beach with an in ground pool and hot tub. Tony bounded out of the house and gave me a hug that crushed the air from my lungs. His kiss foretold of an eventful night as well as his hand gently caressing my left breast and teasingly pinching the nipple.

“You look wonderful … just like your picture,” Tony smiled and retrieved my suitcase when I popped the trunk. “You’ve got to be tired though. How about a nice hot shower and some rest. Let me show you to the guest room.”

I followed Tony into the house and he led me down a hallway and into a spacious room with an attached bath.

“This is your room and bath,” he indicated as he laid the suitcase by the bed. “Can I get you anything?”

I smiled at the simple question or was it the venting of his cock that drew my attention? I stepped up and wrapped my arms around his neck. I gazed into his eyes only a moment before my lips sought out his. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and began exploring and tasting. His hands were busy sliding under my top, undoing my bra with precision before finally squeezing both breasts.

As I moaned into Tony’s mouth, he pinched my nipples into hardened buds. I slid my hand down and started to grope and rub what felt like a substantial sized cock. As I started to undo his pants, he was just as busy trying to remove mine. I finally gave a little laugh, stepped ümraniye escort back and quickly removed everything as he did the same. Yes, definitely a cock to bring a smile to my face.

I immediately crawled into the center of the bed and smiled at Tony. He didn’t lose any time in joining me there.

“By your stories, I assumed you might like this?” said Tony as his fingers pinched and pulled my nipples tautly.

I closed my eyes for a moment and moaned my pleasure. When I opened my eyes, I smiled. “You should then assume that I would do this,” I said as I pushed him over and straddled his body feeling his cock press firmly against my labia.

Tony reached up with his hands and I immediately grasped his wrists and pinned his arms over his head. I rose up slightly, angled myself and felt the head of his cock press against my very wet vagina. Pushing just slightly allowed his cock to pop in and I began my downward decent onto his cock while he gave a soft moan of pleasure and pushed upward. When my pussy crushed down against his pubic hair, I released his wrists and nuzzled his ear.

“Why should either of us have dominance? Let’s just enjoy the hell out of sex,” I whispered into his ear.

Tony gave a small laugh of agreement, rolled me over underneath him and started to fuck me good and hard. I wrapped my legs around him and met him stroke for stroke. My mouth was busy kissing; sucking and biting anywhere I could reach while my hands pressed his back firmly.

By the time we were seriously grunting (okay, in my case screaming – yes, I’m a screamer) into one hell of an orgasm, our bodies were covered in a sheen of sweat and the comforter on the bed belied our activity as it was quite wet. We came at almost the same instant and collapsed in a heap sucking in air.

I smiled at Tony who smiled back. We kissed passionately, but with less urgency.

“Let’s have a shower and then I’ll show you around some more,” said Tony as he got to his knees.

I laughed lightly and followed him off the bed. This was a great start to my vacation already and I was happy to just let things flow along.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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