My Sister Darcy

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My Sister Darcy

by MDSW©

Writer’s Notes:

Everyone in this story is 18 years old or older. Enjoy.

* * * * *

I was an only child early in life, until Mom and Dad decided to take in foster children. I didn’t look at it as bad thing, even though they brought in several for a year, but only one stayed for longer than a month and she was the first to be invited to live with us. It was good with my foster sister for a couple years, not really complaining about her. I was okay with the arrangement, until that day.

Mom and Dad sat us all down for a talk and they ended up asking her if she had any problems being adopted. Darcy said it was fine with her and she looked happy about the idea. Several days later, it became legal and I have an adopted sister.

Over the last three or four years, things changed between us. We became distant and it only got worse. Our fighting was getting worse and neither of us would back down. It got to the point where I knew she hated me, but for the life of me, I didn’t understand why. In my mind, I thought I was treating her fairly and I expected her to do the same. I stood my ground and that seemed to piss her off even more. I wasn’t going to let her bowl me over cause if I did, it would only get worse for me.

The hatred turned into serious verbal fighting, and then came the insults and putdowns. I took it for a long time, trying to figure out what the hell I did so wrong that she would do this to me. I was stressing and getting more angry at her everyday. Then, one day I reached my built in limit and snapped.

I couldn’t take it anymore. One more fight ensued and I had to get away from her as I threw some insults in her direction. After she stormed out of the room, I told Mom and Dad I’m going to the cabin for a while to get away from her. They agreed and I went to my room to pack and just as I was about to leave, Dad gave me some money.

I was happy for the first time in a long time. My stress level began to drop and I can feel life return to my body, and I haven’t left the house yet. A smile returns to my face and I feel good again. Then I was off to the cabin without saying a word to my sister.

* * * * *

The cabin is on a fairly large lake with some woods directly behind. It’s the perfect escape I’m looking for. As I’m walking into the cabin with a smile on my face, all I can think about is solitude. My sister won’t be a pain in my ass as long as I’m here. I can feel the stress draining out of me and life is looking up, so I thought.

For two days, I was a happy camper. I did what I wanted to do and nobody interfered. Life is great and I feel great. Then the shit hits the fan.

I was reading a really great novel as I lay on the couch, very engrossed in it when a knock came to the door. I didn’t even hear a car pull up or a door close, I was so engrossed. Not having a clue who it could be, I got up, opened the door, and when I the recognition hit me, I slammed it closed and walked away. The bad news is, I neglected to lock it. This can’t be happening to me. I went out the back door hoping she would leave me alone, deciding to get the boat ready to launch, just to keep busy, and stay away from Darcy, the uninvited guest.

At this point, I’m not a happy camper anymore and I’m ready to spit nails at her if she speaks to me. I’m pissed just knowing she’s here. She slowly walks in the door and looks around for me, but fails to find me so she looks in room after room and still, nothing.

She comes out back where I’m getting started on the boat and looks at me for what seems like the longest time.

“I’m sorry Jason,” she says and sits down on the grass with her legs crossed in front of her.

Of all the things I was expecting her to say, that wasn’t on my list.

“What do you want Darcy,” I barked at her. “Life was okay until you showed up. Now it’s gone to shit. Tell me!”

I’m giving her no mercy. I’m wired in the pissed off condition and she knows it, feeling like a fire breathing dragon because she’s here ruining my solitude. She pauses and starts to speak several times, and finally does.

“I’m sorry Jason. After you left, Mom and Dad had a heart to heart with me and I learned it wasn’t you that came into my room every night. It was Mom or Dad checking up on me, not you as I always thought it was, staring at me, contemplating about molesting me. I made a terrible assumption and it caused the hatred between us.”

I’m not believing my ears. Two apologies in a row? This can’t be true so I let her have it.

“You’re a fucking bitch and I have no desire to speak to your lying ass so get off your ass and go away!”

Darcy breaks into tears and says, “I deserve that after all I’ve done to you, but now I know the truth and it’s not your fault. I want you to forgive me for being a bitch because it’s never going to happen again.”

“Why should I believe a word you say?” I asked her.

“Because now, I know the truth. Before, İstanbul Escort I assumed it was you in my room at night.”

“Well, I’m really touched. Where the fuck do you expect to go from here? What do you want me to do now? Just forgive all the misery you put me through and forget it ever happened?” I barked back.

“That and I want something else from you.”

“What? Seriously? You’re in no position to demand or even expect anything from me.”

She pauses for what seems to be the longest time.

“Answer me bitch!”

She looks at me with sorrow in her eyes, wondering if I’m going to kill her before she finishes. She pauses again, hoping for the best.

“I want you to fuck me,” she says, looking me straight in the eyes.

I’m floored. That’s not even close to what I was expecting from her. Ever since she got here, she’s been somber and not pissed off at me, so I laugh at her to test her sincerity.

“What bullshit that is! Stop wasting my time, get off your ass and get the fuck outa here. You’re full of shit and I’m tired of it. Get the fuck out of my life and go away.”

She pauses again, then stands up. Yea… she’s finally leaving. I’m feeling better already. Instead, she removes her top, exposing a perfect pair of tits, then removes her shorts, exposing her hairless pussy. Her body is like a fine tuned engine waiting to be tested for power. Needless to say, I’m blown away and I become somber in return, my resistance weakening. She’s serious.

“Okay Sis, I get it. You’re serious about this and now so am I. Put your clothes back on and lets talk.”

“I’ll put my clothes on after you fuck me, then we’ll talk.”

I’m not sure what I should do here. Another wrong move and I’ll be on her shit list forever, but I get the feeling she’s telling me the truth and now it’s up to me to be the bitch, or end the fighting. I want to end the fighting so I jump off the boat and stand in front of her.

“You don’t need to do this Sis. Just put your clothes back on and we’ll talk inside.”

She turns and walks to the door, stops, turns back at me and crooks her finger for me to follow, then goes in the cabin. I can’t help but check out her luscious body as she walks away, but I fell instantly in love with her ass. What a temptress she is so I pick up her clothes and follow her inside.

Finding her in the living room, she’s rubbing her tits as I approach and stop several feet in front of her. She’s being such a sexy little sister and I can’t believe my eyes as she teases me with her sexy body. This is a whole new side of her I’ve never seen. She’s HOT and pretty, and suddenly desirable as well.

“What going on here Sis? This isn’t like you at all.”

She walks to me and I drop her clothes, figuring it may be a while before she needs them again.

“I know, but I’m serious Jason. Take me and do everything you want to me. Abuse me if you like. God knows I deserve it. Just don’t be too much a bad boy, please.”

Holy shit! She surprises me again by mounting me, putting her arms around my neck and legs locked behind my back. My hands go to support her ass, but the feel of her cheeks make my cock come alive. Now I know she means business so I turn toward my bedroom and walk as I knead her ass cheeks. She has her face planted against my neck and softly crying as we head to my bed because she doesn’t really know what I’m going to do to her, and at this moment, neither do I.

It’s late afternoon and we’re headed to bed on an empty stomach, but I don’t care. I know my belly is empty but don’t really know about hers. Now, she has to go through with this, hoping she will have no regrets afterward.

I sit on the edge of the bed, with her on my lap, and as she leans away, she pulls my head to her tits as I pull her ass tight to my belly. I feel the heat and wetness from her pussy while I lick her tits in turn and suck her nipples as she releases a few light moans. The sounds she makes are an inspiration for me, never before hearing such sounds from her. Her eyes are closed and her lips are parted as I continue working her tits.

Then she releases my neck and puts her hands on my face, bringing her to my face as she pulls herself to my level. She kisses me, not like a sisterly kiss, but a long deep kiss with her tongue searching inside me until she finds mine. Not expecting this, I’m slow to respond, but do what she wants. The kiss is one I’ve never before felt from past girlfriends and she’s risen to the top in an instant.

Now it’s my turn. I spread her cheeks, slide my fingers into her crack as she breaks the kiss and looks me in the eyes. Her facial expression is that of desire and it tells me all I need to know at the moment. I knead her ass and slowly seek out her pussy with my fingers. She’s still looking at me with desire, waiting for my fingers to make contact with her soft, eager pussy lips. When they do, her eyes close as she bites her lower lip lightly.

I Kadıköy Escort think my concentration is her pussy, but maybe her face as the look of lust and desire is telling me not to stop touching her. I slide a finger inside her and she leans her head back, her eyes still closed and her lips now parted. She opens her eyes and looks at me.

“Eat my pussy Jason. Do it now,” she says in all urgency.

Desire has taken full control of her so I stand up with her clinging to me, turn around and lay her on the bed with her ass at the edge as she raises her legs up and apart. My dick is hard as hell as I gaze at my sister’s pussy and slender body. I swear there isn’t an ounce of fat anywhere that I can see.

My focus returns to her pussy as I lower myself to kneeling position between her legs, inhaling the pungent aroma of her desires. I have to adjust my package in my shorts because its taking too much of my attention away from her, or maybe because they hurt all squished in my shorts. My heart skips a beat as her pussy opens and I lick around her outer lips, across her bare pussy, avoiding her clit for now. I expand outward to the inside of her thighs and she moans in anticipation of my next move. My tongue slides to her inner lips as I lick up the juices that has escaped her pussy.

I’m moving my tongue around her inner lips, still avoiding her clit, several times until she squirms, then I push into her pussy as she mutters her satisfaction. I swim around inside her as I suck up the juices, then move to her clit. She wants the attention and moans loudly as soon as my tongue licks it target. Moving around her clit lights her up and she squirms like a wild animal in heat.

“Fuck me Jason. I need you so badly!”

That’s an unusual response, and I’m going for it. But before I do, I have to take my clothes off, not having any desire to wear clothes while fucking my sister for the first time. I stand, pull my shirt off over my head and drop it to the floor beside me. She smiles when my six pack comes into view and I’m a happy camper again.

Moving my fingers to my shorts, I unbutton them, unzip them and slowly push them down my legs. When my dick springs free, she sits up and wraps her fingers around my cock with a huge smile on her face. It stands proud and begging for attention, and she wants it buried in her pussy, so burns my desire. I let her caress my cock for a while, then push her gently back to the bed with one finger.

I grab two pillows, put them on the floor and kneel on them, hoping to avoid intimidating my knees to the point of a painful experience. I watch her face as I aim my cock at her pussy, then sliding the head up and down her moist lips. Her mouth opens as her anticipation grows and a smile grows on my face, but I’m sure she didn’t notice. Then it makes its presence known by sliding inside her pussy, easily, as her mouth opens wide and her eyes close. Her pleasure is obvious.

The feel of my cock in my sister’s pussy is giving her sensations she hasn’t felt in a while, not because she hasn’t had sex in a while either. It seems to her to be different, but she doesn’t know why. It seems to me to be a big taboo, fucking my sister and enjoying it on top of all else. Never did I expect that to ever happen.

I push all the way inside her as she moans and her face turns to euphoria. She’s tight and I feel euphoric as I slide inside her love canal. It’s a moment I will never forget for the rest of my life, pushing my cock inside my sister’s pussy. She’s soft, wet and tender as I fuck her slowly.

“Oh my god Jason! This feels so great. Harder and faster!”

I do what she wants and before long, both of us are having an intense orgasm. My orgasm built so fast I couldn’t believe it, and so did hers. It’s amazing to us it happened so fast.

I get off her and lay down next to her as I catch up to my breathing. Darcy has her eyes closed and breathing hard as she feels the moment. A few minutes later, she crawls on top of me, slides down so my cock, which is still hard, pushes against her pussy lips. She looks at me and explains.

“I didn’t tell Mom and Dad anything about my intent to fuck you, but I’ve wanted you to have your way with my body for years. There’s something about you I find attractive, but because I thought you were sneaking into my room and doing nothing, I was pissed. When I found out it wasn’t you, I realized I fucked up and have many years of wrong doing to make up for. As far as I’m concerned, this is just the beginning for us and I’m hoping you don’t have a problem screwing your sister because I don’t have a problem screwing my brother.”

“I have to say you have totally shocked me today from the time you apologized to now. I have no problem screwing my sister, but right now, I’m starved. Lets go into town, grab a bite, come back and pick up where we left off. Shower first.”

Darcy stands up, holds her hand out for me and I take it. When Kartal Escort I’m on my feet, she lets go and mounts me for a free ride to the shower. I set her on her feet next to the shower and she puts her hair up. As I get the shower adjusted, she moves herself in and gets wet as I join her.

Her next move is to turn to the wall, grab my cock and guide it to her pussy. I can’t deny her desire because it’s such a turn on, so I push inside her and fuck her. As I pick up speed, I’m tenderly fucking her until she has a quick orgasm, which surprises her again. I didn’t cum so she sucks my cock and I’ve never been sucked off the way she just did. She’s rapidly turning into an amazing sister.

We clean up, put our shorts and top on, get in the car and drive to the restaurant. As we’re having a nice meal, Darcy keeps giving me those bedroom eyes. I’m grinning in return and begin making my own plans for when we get back to the cabin. Looking in her eyes, I can tell she’s wet and ready for another adventure in bed. Boy was I ever wrong about that.

As we depart the restaurant, she engages my cock with vim and vigor. I let her take it out of my shorts, but I won’t let her suck on it. She backs away and uses her hands and fingers to keep me hard, not that she needs to keep me hard. Parking next to her car, we get out and I follow behind her to the front door. She has a great ass as I watch it wiggle as she walks. Sorry. Just can’t help myself.

Once inside, she runs to the livingroom instead of a bedroom and I look at her puzzled.

“Why are you out here?”

“I want to fuck on something other than a bed for a change. You in?”

I have the ability to go with the flow so the plan is changed, to keep my sister happy, something I haven’t seen in years.

“I can adjust. Do you have any plan up your sleeve?”

“Just to fuck my brother and be happy for a change.”

“I can get into that. Get them damn clothes off then,” I tease her.

Darcy wastes no time doing that, then walks to me as I stand up from dropping my shorts. She pulls my shirt off over my head, drops to my cock and sucks on it. She’s having fun and also gets into it as I moan my pleasure. At first, she’s treats my cock like the king of my body, being gentle and tender, then she sucks hard, giving me a boner I’ve never had before. I’m ready to shoot when I pull her off my cock and she looks at me with an evil smile. She stands up and mounts me, giving me the chance to take control.

As I feel her ass, I walk her behind the couch and stand her on her feet. Now she’s giving me a puzzled look so I tell her to bend over the back. It takes her two heartbeats, but she does it with a very happy face. I grab some pillows off the couch, put them between her legs and kneel on them as I bury my face in her pussy.

The moan she gives me is filled with lust so I lick her love canal and then her clit as she nearly screams her satisfaction. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the scream heard around the lake. I pleasure pussy for a while and she tries to stand up, but push her back down. That’s the cue I’m waiting for.

I retract my face and use my fingers in her pussy, locating her G-spot to send her into some serious pleasure. While continuing to do that, I bend over and lick her asshole. Her response isn’t what expected from her.

“Oh god that feels so good,” she says as she wiggles her ass.

Understanding her language, I get a little more aggressive, increasing the pressure on her asshole. Then I get another surprise. She reaches back, pulls her ass cheeks apart and holds them as the view makes my dick stiffer. As I feel the softness of her skin and the wetness of her pussy, I use my a finger from my other hand to pressure her asshole and she gives a deep, throaty moan.

“Oh my god. How do you know to do such a dirty thing to your sister?”

“Just lucky I guess. You like?”

“Immensely. Keep it up.”

I do and she moans her little heart out for me so it’s time to get some overdue relief. I put my thumb on her ass and shove my cock inside her pussy. She goes ballistic and lets go of her cheeks. I fuck her as we both enjoy the deep sensations that good sex gives.

“Stop please,” she tells me.

I pull out, alarmed I did something wrong, and she stands up, walks to the end of the couch, sits on the arm and drops back to the cushions. Raising her legs, she opens wide and I see what she wants.

I move between her legs, slide my cock into her pussy and bang the shit out of her for what seems like days. Her first orgasm comes and goes as I keep pulling her ass back onto the armrest. I continue to pound her pussy and she’s rapidly approaching another orgasm.

Even I’m enjoying the feel of her tight, wet pussy and the boiling deep in my balls forces me to react as I deposit a welcomed load in her pussy, causing her to explode in orgasm.

I’m tired at this point so I want to get some things straight with her. I sit down next to her, she crawls to my lap and feeds my cock into her pussy.

“We need to talk some don’t ya think?” I ask.

“Yup. So here it is, you can rub around my asshole, you can apply pressure to it, but you can’t push anything into it. Exit only.”

“That’s good to know, but that’s not the subject I had in mind young lady,” I say as she pushes her pussy farther on my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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