My Wife Services the Tenant

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The extra room was finally rented out, and Lilly, the beautiful brown haired, brown eyed young lady who rented the bedsit was a real joy to be around. Besides, you and Sweetie could use a few extra dollars to help cushion your little nest egg. Sweetie’s your husband, but you’ve been calling him by his pet name for so long you’ve nearly forgotten his real name. You both thought it was completely darling when she confessed that she was afraid that you would refuse to rent the cute little studio to her because she was a lesbian. You tried to reassure her by sharing that both you and sweetie had ventured over to wild side during your college days. Sweetie wasn’t too pleased to have that information revealed, but typical to his kindhearted nature he just smiled and shrugged.

Before long, all the folks in your newly created communal home, three people and two dogs, had become great pals, and by and large the atmosphere was quite agreeable. So it was a welcome adventure when Lilly invited you both downtown to see her favorite retro-swing band, Second Street Boogie. It seemed like just moments before everyone was in period costumes, out the door and into the car. Swing dancing to the sound of Jump Blues fueled by bourbon and coke was just the distraction that the doctor ordered. As the three of you were swinging and swaying on the dance floor and watching Lilly move brought back sensations and urges that you hadn’t felt since you were in college, and you were very sure that she noticed. Lilly volunteered to be the designated diver so you and Sweetie felt free to indulge a little more in libations than usual, and in the spirit of moment, Sweetie was feeling maybe a yenibosna escort drink or two too free.

As everyone loaded into the little red car and headed for home, Sweetie said, “Boy, Lilly I am sure glad you’re driving” and he laid down in the back seat and closed his eyes. After a few minutes Lilly looked in the review mirror to check on Sweetie, who was, no doubt, out like a light. A second later she reached over and rested her hand on the inside of your thigh. There was a quick breathy inspiration of surprise! But then, almost as if by instinct you rested your hand on hers and began guiding it farther up your thigh amid tingling pulsations of excitement radiating throughout your body. As she passed the garter, fastened to top of your stockings, she began to lightly stroke and massage the increasingly excited area between your thighs that was moment by moment becoming more noticeably fiery and moist. But, just then the car turned into the driveway. So you and Lilly teamed up to tuck Sweetie into bed.

Confident that he would sleep through the night you and Lilly retired to her bedroom. You quietly shut the door and turned around and there she was lips parted. She reached almost desperately around your waist and in that moment you fall into a passionate kiss, your tongues darting and searching. Your breath is getting heavier as you feel her body press up against yours and a kind of high voltage static electricity locks your figures together as you begin to work your way across the floor to the bed. After you both tumble onto the bed, she begins to unbutton your low cut blue blouse fusing it with nibbles zeytinburnu escort and kisses on her way down your neck to your breasts. She unfastens your blue push up bra and embarks on licking your breasts with her tongue, paying well-deserved attention to your responsive and erect nipples. She guides your hand over to caress her breasts which are already exposed through her unbuttoned shirt. Your other hand floats down along her thighs under her loose fitting dance skirt and instead of panties you find hair and moist pouting lips. She thrusts her pelvis forward with a gasp as you lightly glide your fingers higher nimbly parting her lips and in gently inserting your fingers inside of her. Then as if by reflex you place your fingers in your mouth and taste sweet honey.

She responds to your playful tease by rolling you over and climbing on top of you, kissing your stomach, lifting your skirt and kneading your now very wet and quivering passage to paradise through your soaked panties. Between breathy gasps, your words hang in the air, “Please it’s been so long since I’ve kissed a woman there”. All at once she climbs up from her delicious task and straddles you with her thighs on either side of your head, and then lowers herself down onto your face. You stimulate her clit with your upper lip as your tongue darts in and out her, skillfully finding her g-spot. She rides there grinding and pushing her pussy into your face. A few short minutes later she flips around still pressing her flooded valley against your mouth, pulls your panties aside and parts your sodden lips with her tongue. Your whole body heaves mecidiyeköy escort with pleasure, but you’re not distracted from your own mesmerizing nuzzling, licking and swallowing. Soon you’re both convulsing with a stream of seemingly relentless orgasms and out nowhere you hear yourself scream, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” You are both so lost in your pleasure and passion that you never notice the bedroom door opening.

You hear a noise on the other side of the room. You lose your breath and your heart seems to stop. It’s your Sweetie! You’re frozen with apprehension and guilt, not knowing what comes next. The gloom is lessened slightly when you take in the full picture and realize that he’s standing there naked his cock visibly throbbing with every heartbeat. You let go of all the guilt and foreboding when he climbs onto the bed snuggles up to your back, slips his pulsing member into your pussy from behind and guides your face back to Lilly’s flaming nest. Relieved you and Lilly return to pleasuring each other as you feel Sweetie rhythmically thrusting deeper and deeper inside you. A moment later, Lilly changes position straddling both you and you husband, alternately presenting her flowing love canal to be serviced by you and Sweetie.

Ten without warning, Lilly pulls a strap-on out of her nightstand puts it on, applies lubrication and mounts Sweetie forcing it deep inside of him. He stiffens in pain for a moment and then is overcome with pleasure as she times her deep thrusts with his pushes until he explodes with the most intense orgasm you’ve ever witnessed in a man. Instantaneously, you’re hit with another wave of orgasms metrically squirming with his spasms in a wonderful erotic dance. Shamelessly, Lilly pushes and pulls until you both roll over. She then instructs you to sit on your sweetie’s face and orders Sweetie to eat his own cum now oozing out of your vagina, presents her pussy for you to savor. And in a loud voice she proclaims, “This is how it’s going to be from now on”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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