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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 75 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

The boys were more than a little hyper during the following week.  Not only was it the last few days of school before the Christmas break, but they were also looking forward to Laine, Caleb, and their parents arriving at the house.  I know we’d spent time with them about a month ago, but this time they’d be staying with us and we’d all celebrate the holiday together. 

Reece was also spending the weekend with us and he was looking forward to meeting the Muellers as well.  As soon as we reached the house, the boys wanted me to light up both the outdoor and indoor decorations, because they wanted the Muellers to see the house all lit up when they arrived.  I was happy to do this for them, and once all the lights were lit, including the candles in the windows, the boys went outside to make sure everything looked perfect. 

I even held up dinner, seeing I wasn’t sure if the Muellers were going to show up tonight or tomorrow, and even though the boys didn’t complain, I could tell they were getting hungry and impatient.  After waiting a sufficient amount of time, I decided the Muellers weren’t going to arrive this evening and called the boys out to the table to eat. 

“I thought Laine and his parents was comin’ tonight,” Glen stated while we were eating. 

“They said they would get here either tonight or tomorrow, so now it looks as if they’ll arrive sometime before lunch tomorrow.  Laine and Caleb’s parents were probably tired from working all day and didn’t want to make the long drive here, and seriously I can’t blame them.  You’ll still have about a week and a half to spend with Laine and Caleb, so one night isn’t going to make that much of a difference.   

I could see that Glen and Jamie were still visibly disappointed that Laine and Caleb wouldn’t be showing up tonight and they spent the rest of the evening sulking.  Dakota wasn’t quite as bad, since he had Reece to keep him company, so I decided to do something special for the other pair.  Before we went to bed, I pulled the two of them aside so I could discuss my idea with them. 

“I know neither of you is happy about the Muellers failure to show up this evening, so would it help if I allowed you to shower and sleep with me?”

Suddenly. they began to perk up and their faces brightened slightly.  “Does that mean you’ll suck our cocks too?” Jamie quickly asked. 

“Yes, seeing it will be your last chance to do anything like that for a few days, I’ll be happy to do it to both of you.” 

I didn’t bother to turn the Christmas lights off before we went upstairs, because the boys wanted them on when the Muellers arrived the next day.  Once they were satisfied that the house was still lit up, we went upstairs to our bedrooms. 

Glen and Jamie undressed in their bedrooms, since they were going to let Dakota and Reece use the shower first.  As soon as they saw that pair heading over to Dakota’s room, they came over to shower with me.  After I washed both of them, they washed me next and then we dried off and moved into the bedroom.  Jamie raced out ahead of us, pulled back the covers, and was already lying on the mattress with his legs pulled back by the time Glen and I joined him. 

“Are you gonna rim us too?” Glen asked when he saw the position Jamie was in. 

“That’s apparently what your brother wants, so how about you?” 

“Yeah, that would be good too, if you’re willin’ to do it for us.” 

“I am and I’ll start with Jamie, since he’s already in position.”

As soon as I finished speaking, I bent down, stuck out my tongue, and began working my oral muscle around Jamie’s tight, little hole.  He started cooing almost as soon as my tongue came into contact with his flesh, and then he began to thrust his butt in my direction in order to urge me to penetrate him with my tongue.  After I’d done that for a few minutes, I guided his legs downward and went to work on his genitals next. 

I let my tongue glide over his scrotum before I began to move his testicles around in his taut little pouch.  I also playfully nipped and tugged at the skin with my teeth, and after doing this for a couple of minutes, I licked my way up his shaft until I reached the leaking helmet.  After lapping up the juices that had collected there, I opened my mouth and lowered my head over his pride and joy, and then I began to bob up and down on it. 

Jamie had been learning how to delay his release and enjoy the ride before reaching his orgasm, so he lasted longer than usual.  He was cooing and moaning the entire time, but eventually he couldn’t hold out any longer and filled my mouth with his creamy seed.  I never let up and continued sucking on his erection until I had drained him completely, and then I gave him some time to recuperate before I started working on Glen. 

“Thanks, Dad, that was really good and it will make it a lot easier for me to hold out on havin’ sex until I can do somethin’ with Caleb.” 

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Glen and Jamie quickly switched places so I could do the same things with Glen.  “I’d rather have you fuck me,” he said as he was moving into position. 

“Not tonight, but I’m sure you’ll get enough chances to do that with Laine once his parents have returned home.” 

“I know, but I’ll have to wait four whole days until that happens.”   

“Then let’s make sure this satisfies your needs until then.” 

“I doubt it will cuz I need to get off every day, and usually more than once.” 

“Then you’ll have to do it while you’re using the toilet or in the shower.”

“That’s not nearly as much fun.” 

“Just grin and bear it for a few days.  There should be plenty of other things going on that will help distract you from thinking about it.” 

I then did the same things to Glen that I’d done with Jamie, and as soon as his penis erupted in my mouth. I let him enjoy the afterglow briefly before I got into bed between the two of them.  Both boys snuggled up against me as we fell asleep, but not until they thanked me, once again for helping them relieve their sexual needs. 

When we woke up the following morning, I fixed a big breakfast to tide us over.  I knew the Muellers wouldn’t be arriving until lunchtime, or possibly even later, since they had a long drive just to get here.  I knew how long it would take, seeing I’d made the same drive at Thanksgiving, so I felt we might be eating lunch later than we normally would.   

Once we finished breakfast, the boys moved from one activity to another as they impatiently waited for their lara kendi evi olan escort friends to arrive.  They started out watching TV, but quickly grew bored of doing that, and then they went up to Jamie’s room to play video games.  When they grew tired of doing that as well, they brought my old boom box downstairs so they could listen to Christmas music with me.  They also thought it would be a nice way to welcome the Muellers when they finally arrived. 

Ed didn’t pull into our driveway until a few minutes past noon, and once the boys heard his car they all raced outside to greet them.  When they finally guided the Muellers inside, each of them was carrying a stack of presents, including my sons. 

“I hope you don’t mind that we brought all of this with us, but we decided it would work better if we brought our presents here so we could open them on Christmas Day,” Heather explained after we’d exchanged greetings. 

“No, this is fine and you can place the presents under the tree with all of our gifts.” 

The boys helped them arrange the packages around the tree, which we’d set up off to one side of the Great Room.  The boys originally wanted to put it up in the family room, but I explained it would take up too much space and make it uncomfortable when we wanted to watch TV or a movie.  Besides, this way the tree could be seen through the front window and would make the house look even more festive. 

“This place looks fantastic,” Ed said, “both inside and out.”  

“And the Christmas music is a nice touch,” Heather chimed in.

“Thank you.  The boys helped me decorate everything so it would look nice for your visit, and they were also the ones who suggested we should be playing Christmas music when you arrived.” 

“It’s all wonderful and helps to put us all in the Christmas spirit,” Heather continued.  

I then introduced each of the Muellers to Reece.  After telling them he was Dakota’s friend, I explained that he spent a lot of time with us, including over Christmas vacation.  Once that had been taken care of, I decided to tell them what was going to happen next. 

“I’m going to let Laine give you a tour of the house, since he knows where everything is, and the rest of us will wait for you down here.  You certainly don’t need a mob following you around, and Laine I want you to make sure that you show your family everything.  Your mom and dad will be staying in the corner bedroom and I’m giving them exclusive use of the bathroom closest to that bedroom.”

“Then what will the rest of you use?” Heather wanted to know. 

“You’ll discover the answer to that question while you’re taking the tour, but I have my own bathroom and there are two other bathrooms that the remaining bedrooms share.  However, you’ll have sole use of that bathroom while you’re here.” 

“Wow, I knew this place looked huge, but it must be even larger than I imagined.” Ed gasped.  “I’m sure our place would probably fit in nicely on your first floor.” 

“That’s possible, since I got a little carried away when I had this place built.  I’m glad I did it now, because we certainly fill it up.”

“We should probably go outside and get our luggage before we take our tour, so we can drop everything off at the same time.” 

“Yes, that’s a great idea, so go collect the other things you brought with you and then Laine can show you around.  Laine, you’ll be staying in Glen’s room and Caleb will be bunking in with Jamie.” 

“Uh – I hate to cause a problem, but couldn’t two of your sons share a room so my sons can stay together?”

“Aw, mom, I want to sleep with Jamie,” Caleb whined.  “That’s what we did when we stayed at the hotel with them over Thanksgiving.”

“And I already have to share a bedroom with Caleb and don’t want to share a bed with him too,” Laine added. 

“They’ll be fine,” Ed assured his wife.  “Let them sleep with their friends.”  

Once she relented, Laine had another question.

“If I’m sleepin’ with Glen, what’s Kota gonna do?”

“Reece will be staying with him for now, but he’ll be returning home on Monday morning so he can spend Christmas with his family.  He’ll be returning after Christmas and then he’ll stay with us for the New Year’s Eve party.”  

“Ok, I see now.” 

Ed and the two boys then headed outside to grab their belongings, and while they were gone I asked Heather a question.  “How does spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, and a salad sound for lunch?” 

“It sounds wonderful and I’m sure we’ll all enjoy it.  Can I help you fix things?”

“I appreciate the offer, but Dakota is my assistant chef.  He has been learning how to cook and wants to fix our lunch today.” 

“Ah, Laine told me that Dakota was learning how to cook and that you were also teaching him how to prepare a few items as well.  Maybe he’ll even want to help Dakota.” 

“He might, but he’ll be busy showing the rest of you around while Dakota is getting our meal ready.”

“That’s very true, so I guess he won’t be able to help Dakota this time.”

Once the rest of the Mueller family returned with the suitcases, they all followed Laine upstairs so he could show them around.  They spent nearly forty minutes checking out the second floor, and when they came downstairs again, Ed and Heather addressed me. 

“This place is incredible and would make a terrific bed and breakfast,” Heather stated.   

“That’s actually what it turns into when any of our friends visit, except I don’t charge anyone,” I quipped in response. 

“I also love the master bathroom,” Heather added.  “I would love to have something like that in our bedroom.  The shower looks incredible.” 

“Yes, it’s very big and quite roomy.” 

“And the other two bathrooms are bigger than our bathroom at home,” Ed added.

“As I said, I kind of over did it when I had this place built.” 

“And the closets are huge,” Heater interjected.  “All of our closets combined would probably fit inside one of the closets in any of the bedrooms.”

“Yes, they are all quite spacious.  Laine, why don’t you show your mom, dad, and brother around the first floor now?” 

“Ok,” he said as he led his family off so he could give them a tour of the downstairs.

When they finished, we all met in the family room and I let Ed and Heather sit in the two chairs while I sat on the sofa with Laine and Caleb.  Reece, Glen, and Jamie had already made themselves comfortable on the floor, and seeing them sprawled out like this reminded me that I needed to get more furniture for the family room.  It wasn’t as obvious with just us in the house, even when Reece was there as well, because two of the boys would sit in the chairs and the others would sit with me on the sofa.  That’s why it had slipped my mind, but now that we had company the situation was much more apparent. 

The only member of the family that wasn’t in there with us was Dakota, because he was busy in the kitchen preparing our lunch.  He insisted on doing lara otele gelen escort it alone this time, because he thought it would impress Laine’s mom and dad. 

“This place is incredible,” Ed said once we were all seated.  “I never knew a log home could be this nice.” 

“I didn’t either, at least until I met up with the architect and he showed me photos of other log homes he’d designed.  I thought a log home would fit in best out here in the country, but I’m also pleased that it’s not quite as rustic as the log cabins the settlers used to live in.” 

“Yes, this certainly isn’t the type of log cabin that Abe Lincoln, Daniel Boone, or Davy Crockett grew up in,” Ed joked.  “I’m not even sure if they’d be willing to classify this as a log cabin.” 

“No, they’d probably think of it as a luxurious log hotel,” Heather teased. 

“Yes, they probably would,” I agreed.

We continued chatting until Dakota called us out to eat, and he had everything ready for us to dig in.  He’d not only set the table, but he’d also placed a small salad next to each setting, as well as pouring Heather, Ed, and me a cup of coffee.  He also poured a glass of milk for each of the boys and himself, and he’d also set out two large bowls of spaghetti, with one at each end of the table.  There were also two bowls with the spaghetti sauce and meatballs and two platters filled with garlic bread, once again at opposite ends of the table. 

“How did you do all of this?” Ed asked while looking at me surprised.  I guess Heather hadn’t told him that Dakota was preparing lunch.

“I didn’t do any of this.  Dakota fixed our lunch today.” 

Ed glanced over at Dakota, sincerely impressed with what he’d accomplished.  “I can’t believe you did all this by yourself.” 

“Yep, Dad taught me how to cook and it’s why I wanted to do this for you guys.” 

“It all looks delicious,” Heather added. 

We started passing the various items around and each of us filled our plates.  We took whatever we wanted, since there was more than enough to go around, and then we began to eat.  Each of us had already taken several mouthfuls when Heather addressed Dakota. 

“You’ve done a wonderful job and everything is delicious.” 

“Thank you, but it wasn’t that hard.  I’m gonna help Dad fix breakfast in the mornin’ too.” 

“Someday you’ll make some lucky girl a wonderful husband.” 

I thought Dakota was going to choke on his food when she said this, but he found a way to contain his surprise without letting on that he was gay.  It caused him to blush, however, but I’m sure Heather and Ed wrote it off to teenage angst and the fact that he was probably embarrassed by her comment. 

When we finished our meal, the boys encouraged Heather, Ed, and me to go relax in the family room while they cleared off the table and loaded the dishwasher.  I thanked them for doing this, and then the three of us headed into the family room. 

“I can’t believe Dakota did all that by himself,” Heather said after we were all sitting down. 

“Yes, he’s getting quite good at it and there are several different meals he likes to fix.” 

“Laine has been helping out as well, but nothing like what Dakota just did.  I know he also mentioned something about breakfast, but will he be fixing our dinner as well?”

“No, I’ll be doing that, and speaking of breakfast, Dakota asked me to check and see if French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage will be ok with you.” 

“I can’t believe he’ll be fixing all of that too,” Ed stated.

“He’ll be doing most of the work, but I’ll oversee his efforts and make sure that he isn’t having any problems.” 

“Then tell him those items will be fine with us,” Heather concurred.

A minute later the boys came in to join us, and Dakota immediately asked me a question.  “Aren’t you gonna take them outside and show them around now?” 

“No, we can do that tomorrow.  I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Mueller would like a chance to relax after the long drive here.” 

“Are we gonna take them out on the four-wheelers?” Glen followed.

“I’m afraid we don’t have enough four-wheelers to be able to do that, but we’ll definitely show them those things.”

“Laine told us quite a bit about riding the four-wheelers with the rest of you,” Ed stated. 

“It’s something all of the boys like to do,” I agreed. 

“Will I get a chance to do that too?” Caleb asked. 

“I’m sure you’ll get a chance to do it, but probably not while your mom and dad are here.  You won’t be able to drive, but you can ride with me.” 

“Ok, as long as I get to go on one.”

The boys then agreed to go upstairs and play video games while Ed, Heather, and I continued to chat.  Before long, we heard Christmas music coming from upstairs, which prompted me to tell Heather and Ed about the Christmas concert. 

“So all of the boys were involved in the concert?” Ed asked after I finished telling them about it.

“Yes.  Fortunately, the school found a way to include the art club in the concert this year, so Dakota was able to participate as well.  He and Reece had some of their artwork displayed on the walls outside of the auditorium, and Jamie sang in the chorus while Glen played in the band.  The only group we didn’t have someone in was the orchestra.” 

“The concert at our school was very nice too,” Heather offered, “although Caleb was the only one who participated.  He sang in the chorus, but Laine never wanted to get involved in any of those activities.” 

“That’s not unusual for someone his age, and I’m still amazed that all three of my sons chose to get involved.  Glen probably wouldn’t have participated, except he was eager to learn how to play the drums, and Dakota wouldn’t have been included if they hadn’t decided to feature some of his artwork.” 

“You’re lucky that they’re all so talented.”

“Yes, I am, but Laine’s fairly talented as well, just not in the same areas.  He was the first boy who wanted to learn to drive the tractor and mow the lawn, and he’s also very capable on the four-wheelers.  He seems to be mechanically inclined, so maybe that’s his forte.”

“You’re probably right about that,” Ed agreed.  “He likes to help me when I work on the car, lawnmower, or any other mechanical device.”

“So it’s probably the area you should encourage him in and have him concentrate on.”

“I’ve already been doing that, but I suppose I could ask him to help me even more.” 

We continued our conversation, although I got up and headed into the kitchen so I could boil the potatoes for dinner.  I also had to go out to drain them and let them cool off a few minutes later, and in between we found a movie to watch on TV.  We continued to chat during the commercials, and when it was time for me to go out and work on the rest of our meal, Heather asked if she could help. 

“I think I’ve got everything under control.  We’re having filet mignon tonight and I’m fixing a baked potato for the three lara rus escort of us, as well as mashed potatoes for the boys.  I also prepared a cheesy cheddar broccoli casserole in advance and merely need to place it in the oven.  It’s the only way I can get the boys to eat broccoli, and I’ve prepared two apple pies for dessert.  I believe I still remember how each of you like your steaks cooked from when I took you out to the steakhouse on one of our visits, but you can let me know if you want it fixed differently this time.” 

Dakota came downstairs in the interim so he could help, so I let him peel the potatoes while I put the baked potatoes in the oven.  I also had Dakota put the casserole in the oven while I mashed the potatoes, and then I prepared the steaks the way each of us wanted.  When it was all ready, we called everyone to the table to eat. 

“I’ve got butter and sour cream with chives for the baked potatoes,” I announced as we were sitting down, and then the three of us used each of those items.

“You’ve done a marvelous job and everyone’s steak is perfect.  That’s not easy to do, seeing how many you’re feeding,” Heather said about halfway through the meal. 

“Thank you and I’m glad you’re enjoying it.  Would you like dessert after we finish eating or would you rather wait?” 

“Let’s wait and have it a little later,” Ed replied.  “I’m already pretty full and there’s still more on my plate.”

After we finished our meal, the boys wanted us to listen to Christmas music while we chatted.  At this point, Heather wanted to know who else was coming to our New Year’s Eve celebration, so I answered her question. 

“Each of my boys has a special friend who likes to spend time with us, so the three of them will be here as well.  This will include Reece and two other boys, one around Jamie’s age and the other about the same age as Glen.”

“So you’ll have eight teenage boys to keep an eye on?”

“Yes, but they’re all well behaved and get along very well.  I’m sure Laine and Caleb will like the other two as well.” 

I then told them a little more about Aaron and Brady, and I believe it helped to soothe any apprehensions Heather might have had about them.  After we finished our discussion, I got up and went out to the kitchen so I could warm up the pies in the oven.  Once they were ready, we all went out to the table for dessert. 

“I’ve got vanilla ice cream for anyone who wants their pie a la mode,” I announced, and everyone except for Heather chose to go that route. 

When we finished our dessert, the boys wanted all of us to watch a movie together, so I told them to check the program guide and see what was on.  When they returned, they announced Home Alone was playing on one of the channels, and although it wasn’t technically a Christmas movie, it was set during the holiday season so we agreed to watch it with them. 

Once again, we let Ed and Heather sit in the chairs, and Caleb and Jamie sat on either side of me on the couch.  The other four got comfortable on the floor, and then we all focused on the screen as we watched the action. 

When the movie ended, we decided to call it a night and turn in.  On the way up the stairs, Laine turned toward me and asked a question.  “Can we use your shower, cuz Glen and I want to shower together?” 

I was caught off-guard by his query.  I’d warned Reece and my sons that they shouldn’t be doing this while the Muellers were here, but I never thought about warning Laine and Caleb. 

“You let them shower together?” Heather asked appearing shocked. 

“Yes, because it saves time.  If not, we’d have to start the showers an hour earlier in order to get everyone cleaned up in time.” 

“It’s fine, dear,” Ed told his wife.  “I used to take group showers at school when I was their age and it never did me any harm.” 

“Ok, then I suppose it’s all right, as long as it’s what they choose to do.” 

“And I prefer they do it in my bathroom, since there’s less chance of them slipping and falling in there.  The tubs can prove to be much slipperier, especially if there’s more than one in it at the time, since there’s only room for one of them on the bath mat.” 

“I suppose you’re right about that, but don’t you run out of hot water with so many boys taking showers?”

“No, I have an instant hot water system, so we never run out.”

“Wow, I’m impressed,” Ed said after hearing my response.  “I was thinking about getting one of those systems, but they’re pretty expensive.”

“Yes, they are and it was another little extra I included when I had this place built.”

“So can me and Caleb use your shower when Glen and Laine are done?” Jamie followed. 

“Yes, that will be all right as well, and Dakota and Reece can go last this time.  Just remember to get everything you’ll need and take it with you before you go in there.” 

Once the boys headed upstairs, Ed looked over at me and spoke.

“I can see why the boys like spending time with you.  It’s almost like going to summer camp.”

“Yes, there’s a lot to do here and the boys seem to have a good time together.  In fact, your two sons are welcome to spend part of the summer with us.” 

I felt comfortable saying this, since the boys weren’t around.  I just hope they all remembered to take what they needed with them when they went to shower.  They would need their pajamas or a change of clothes for when they were done, so they wouldn’t have to make a mad dash back to the bedroom while they were still naked. 

“If you don’t mind putting up with them, then I’m sure the boys would love doing that,” Heather stated. 

“And if they’re here, we won’t have to worry about what they’re up to while we’re at work,” Ed chimed in. 

“If you want, I can pick them up when school ends and they can stay most of the summer and I’ll bring them home two weeks before the new school year begins.  That’s the same thing we did with Laine last year, and you can come out to join us every weekend so you can spend some time with the boys.” 

“Maybe not every weekend, but I think it would be lovely to spend a few weekends out here in the country,” Heather replied. 

“And Heather and I can plan our vacations for the two weeks when the boys return home, so we can do something as a family.” 

“Yes, that sounds perfect,” Heather agreed, and then the three of us headed to our rooms to get ready for bed.



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I wish to extend my thanks to Emoe and Donny for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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