Orgasms on the Subway

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I’ve always been kinda daring, or stupid whichever applies. Ever since I first got caught masturbating in 5th grade, I’ve had an addiction to that kind of thrill. Getting wrecked by a silent orgasm in a crowd of people and desperately trying to stay quiet, or just simply hiding in the back of the bus and daring myself to get completely naked, just to see how long I’ll risk it.

This is one occasion where I went just a little too far and ended up in a really embarrassing situation, so I figured I’d write about it. Enjoy 😀

It all started on a Thursday afternoon. I arrived home to find a plain package on my porch. It was about time honestly, I had ordered that chastity belt weeks ago. Giddy with excitement I rushed inside and opened it. It was even sexier than the picture, basically a black, fully adjustable leather thong with a connecting lock in the front. My mind had been fantasizing all the things I could do with such a device and now it was time to have some fun.

I ran up the stairs to my bedroom and retrieved a wooden box from under my bed. Opening it I perused the tools at my disposal. Admittedly it’s an impressive arsenal, but I settled for my remote butterfly vibe and my favorite butt plug.

Stepping into the bathroom I did a quick douche and followed it up by injecting a little lube up my butt. It’s the biggest plug I own so every little bit helps. Squatting low I held the base steady against the floor and sat down, moaning as the rippled toy invaded me. Eventually I sank down all the way to the skinny stem at the bottom, at which point I had a 6″ long, 2.5″ wide piece of silicone lodged in my ass, and fuck Escort Başakşehir did it feel good.

Walking slightly funny, I went back to the bed and pulled the straps of the butterfly vibe around my hips and tightened them till it was pressed firmly against my pussy. I gently pulled each of my labia outward so the vibe was right against my clit and opening, and gave myself a quick buzz. Forgetting I had left the setting on high, the sudden vibrations knocked the breath from my lungs in a surprised grunt and my knees nearly gave out. Well, at least I knew the batteries didn’t need changed.

Now, to top off the ensemble, I stepped into the chastity belt and tightened the waist straps. I wasn’t sure how tight I wanted the thong of the belt to be, but after playing around with it I decided the tighter the better. It held my vibe all the harder against my pussy and pushed my plug in to maximum depth. Uncomfortable, but wonderfully so.

I locked the belt in place, and after slipping on some sweats and a hoodie, I headed out my door and down the street. A few blocks down the way, I reached into my pocket and turned the butterfly vibe on the lowest setting. It was still incredibly intense and I staggered a little from it but I managed to compose myself and walk relatively normally.

Holding the railing was essential to dealing with the steps down to the subway, and by the time I’d swiped my card and gotten on the rail downtown, I was breathing slow and heavy and trying to hold back my first orgasm. Then the weirdest thing happened.

As I went to sit down, I slipped on a wet spot and Bayrampaşa escort plopped down hard on the bench, jamming my butt plug up my ass what little it could still go. Instead of hurting, it surprisingly set off an amazing orgasm that I couldn’t stifle. My ass tried in vain to clench the massive toy that was impaling it, but the spasms were still amazing. A loud moan escaped my lips and that familiar shock, the sheer excitement of orgasming in public coursed through my body..

A lady nearby asked if I was ok, I told her hitting the seat had really hurt and she seemed to buy it. I had to turn off my vibe so I could recover. The heat in my face told me it was beet red with embarrassment, but as I glanced around I couldn’t see anyone that anyone had actually noticed. A few minutes later the subway stopped and a few people got off, followed by a flood of people coming on. In no time at all it was standing room only.

In front of me stood a little old lady, probably in her 80s at least. Like anyone would do I offered her my seat and she accepted. And so now I was standing shoulder to shoulder with the crowd. At this point of course, my anus had decided it had just about enough of the buttplug, and the level of discomfort started to steadily rise from there.

I don’t know why but I just had the impulse, I had to make myself cum again. I don’t even remember thinking about it I just reached my hand in my pocket and turned the vibe back on. The subway rolled on, my pleasure grew to the cusp of a second orgasm, my heart was pounding from dozens of people in such close proximity. I just had Beşiktaş escort bayan to hold it together, I had to cum and have this ultimate thrill.

And it came, rather I came. I halfway moaned and choked at the same time and my eyes closed in ecstasy. It was quiet, no one noticed, I couldn’t believe I’d actually gotten away with it…

But then everything went absolutely, horribly, utterly wrong.

I pulled out my remote and was just about to turn off my vibe and be done, when the subway jostled just enough to knock the remote out of my hand. I tried desperately to grab for it but ended up smacking it, sending it skitting between people’s feet far in front of me. The horror had just enough time to register before suddenly the vibrations on my clit went from soft and wonderful to borderline painful.


Every head in the subway spun around as I screamed like bloody murder and clawed at at my crotch, so awfully regretting how tightly I’d cinched my chastity belt. “Where’s the key?!?! Oh Christ I left it on the bed!!” My thoughts screamed at me. After what felt like an eternity I finally pushed the vibe far enough to the side that I wasn’t in post orgasmic agony, but on the highest setting it sounded like a small helicopter instead of a whispered hum, making it unmistakable what I’d been doing.

“Is this yours?” A man called out from in front somewhere, all I saw was a hand holding up my vibe remote.

“Yes.” I squeaked pitifully.

The embarrassment of it all eased once I finally got off that subway and ran for my life. Away from all the faces of shocked incredulity and creeped out glances. Even further once I was safe inside my house.

“Ho…ly…shit” I said aloud and then I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself. After it was all said and done, that was literally the most intense and exhilarating thing I’ve ever done.

Thanks for reading I hope you liked it ;D

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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