Outta Control Pt. 07

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Chapter 1

Edi lay back on the bed, leaning against the wall and pulled Mel to make her sprawl between his thighs as stroked her long hair.

Trish sat on the armrest of the couch, rubbing her legs together, looking and feeling very horny and pissed.

Val sat back in the couch, mighty aroused, but somehow pleased that her stoned daughter was no longer pissed at her and Trish, and also that she and her husband seemed to have at least left the warpath.

“Well, Momma, tell us how you came to fuck my man!” Mel asked.

“Oh Mel, it was your fault! You were always telling me what wonderful sex the two of you were having, when you knew that your father and I were no longer all that intimate!” Val shrugged. “What did you expect, telling me how big and beautiful he was, and how often you did it, and how wonderful it felt!”

“So, it got you all horny like a fucking slut huh!” Mel teased. “Well, go on and tell us.”

“Well, remember when you came to visit the first time? Remember all the Drama before.”

“Why are you Americans always so funny when it comes to blacks. I mean, you have black people here in America, don’t you?” Edi asked his mom in law. “And they are always on TV, all those singers and sports stars and actors…”

“Yes, but we are sort of separated. You know that.” Val said. “Anyway, it was like…”

Five Years Earlier

Mel’s parents, Val and Richard had always considered themselves to be liberal; they were both college educated, and well read.

However, when Mel first informed them that she was dating a black guy, from Africa, Val and Richard’s tolerance was tested to the limit. Val’s stomach turned with anxiety. She panicked, thinking, “Good grief!” He husband was livid at Mel’s “willful stupidity”, but Val was sick with concern for her daughter.

They had a small black community in town, but they lived in parallel worlds. Amongst whites, one referred to them as moonies or shoe shine boys. Blacks only came around to take care of some chores. One was civil and polite to them, conversation was reduced to the bare necessity, and that was that. Separation of races had always been the norm.

Val had grown up listening to black soul music and she still did. In her mind, blacks were very musical, good at singing and dancing, and generally good humored, but otherwise, well… Their neighborhood was far from affluent. They were on the lowest social scale, even lower than the rednecks who lived in trailers. And it had to be their fault. Why hadn’t they managed to elevate themselves since slavery was abolished.

In Val’s opinion, Africans were even lower than the Black Americans, the homeless and the winos. Val had heard many things about Africa, and none of them good. Images of war, and starving little children with big bellies, flies buzzing around their faces came to mind.

Val could just not imagine what had possessed her daughter to date an African. The anxious white Momma called Mel and tried to talk her out of her stupidity. Initially, Mel tried to ease her worries.

“He is a wonderful guy Momma, he really loves and makes me so happy. You will love him when you meet him,” she told her mum.

“Listen Mel, you are breaking up with him immediately!” Val said firmly.

“No, come on Momma. Don’t judge him before you meet him!”

“I don’t want to meet him. This is just not acceptable Mel. This is not for you! Break up with him. Just do it!”

“But you don’t even know him!”

“I know all I need to about those people. Its over Mel!”

“Ah ah. It aint!”

“It is Mel. Don’t get me upset, please! You can find yourself a real man! Come on child!”

“Say, Momma, have you joined the Clan!”

“Mel, I will not have you talking like that to me! Dump him right now. End this nonsense! Are you trying to embarrass us?”

“You know what momma, go to hell!” Mel hung up.

Mel’s father, James, was really pissed with their rebellious, impulsive, stubborn daughter and called for decisive action. He called Mel to have a strong word with her.

“Hell Mel, I didn’t not raise you to become a, a, a…”

“Why don’t you just say it papa, n*** whore! Well, I am one now, what the hell you gonna do about it?” After her talk with her mum, Mel was on the war path!

“Gottdammit Mel, I will not have you talking to me like that!”

“And I will not have you talking like that about my man!”

“Listen Mel, if you wanna be stubborn, then I am not paying your tuition!”


“You heard me right Mel, if you are gonna be stubborn…”

“Alright, listen Papa, I am going to work in a strip club if I have to. But I am not breaking up with my boyfriend. And you know what, have fun with the Clan, Mr. Grand Dragon!”

Mel slammed the phone down. Her father was pissed. He almost considered jumping into his car, driving all the way over to put her across his knee and spank her, and then drag her ass home. And if her funny black guy tried to interfere, he would take Mr 44 along. Val talked him out of his stupid idea.

Feeling desperate, Val enlisted the help of Mel’s elder sister Trish, thinking maybe she ataşehir escort could get through to her sibling. Val sat next to Trish, listening in on the speakerphone as the two sisters spoke.

Trish was irate, “Mel how the hell can you be so stupid? You wanna disgrace us all and drag the family through the mud! Hell!”

“Trish, you’re such an asshole!” Mel exploded.

“No Mel, you the asshole! How can you date a filthy n****! And one of the worst kind, from the bushes of Africa, a real jungle bunny!”

“You wanna know why, coz he is nicer, and he looks much better than Dean and I bet he fucks much better than that stupid, sleeping tablet that you call a boyfriend.”

“Fuck you Mel. You and your gollywog! You are a cheap n*** whore!” Trish exploded.

“Trish, if we ever meet again, by God, you better run. Coz I will beat the hell out of you!”

“Oh Mel, anytime. Anytime. I will knock some sense into that fat head of yours. Just because you got a fat ass doesn’t mean you gotta sink so low…”

“Trish! You’re dead!” Mel laughed with an evil kind of pleasure, scaring Val. “I swear to God, I will kill you with my bare hands!”

Val felt she had to intervene, “Mel, your sister is only concerned like the rest of the family.”

“Oh of course, Momma, you are behind this!” Mel laughed without mirth. “Listen Momma, as far as I am concerned, you, Dad and Trish are dead. I am an orphan now. Please don’t bother writing or calling. Enjoy the rest of your lives!”

Mel hung up.

“Trish, did you have to say those nasty things? That was very insensitive of you!” Val chided.

“I was only speaking the truth. She is a n**** whore!” Trish snapped vehemently.

“Trish, you shouldn’t say that!”

“Isn’t that what you called me when I went with Francis to the Mall. Didn’t you say it made me a n**** whore! You cannot make a different set of rules for Mel!” Trish was mad as hell.

“Trish, that was a long time ago. Times are different now!” Val said softly.

“What the hell Momma! If you accept that n**** here, I will never set foot in this house again! That is my final world.”

Trish picked up her handbag and slammed the door shut behind her.

Mel was true to her word, she never answered calls or wrote back. She did not come home for the holidays either. She found herself several jobs and Edi was having more and more work with TV, so when they sent her money, she returned it.

After they had not heard from Mel for 6 months, they finally got a letter from her. It showed her and Edi, getting married in Las Vegas. Mel only said she was two months pregnant, and wished them all the best in their lives and more fun with the Clan, and not to bother replying.

Val decided to seek a more amiable solution. She and James were missing their daughter. And they were also curious about her husband. They had to meet him now, with the marriage and the pregnancy, there was no way out. They decided to invite them over, and waited in trepidation, wondering just what the cat would drag home.

Edi took the drama around him with a bit of surprise and sarcastic humor. His friends in college had warned him that Mel came from redneck country, home of the Clan, where people did not cotton much to the jungle fever.

Edi grew up in Africa, where everyone was black like him, and he had never experienced racism. In his experience, many Americans were very ignorant about the rest of the world, and it didn’t bother him much if they thought his people lived in trees. As such, he just thought Mel’s family could just go to hell. But he could see that Mel missed her family.

When the invitation from her parents came, Mel was not interested. She was still very angry and on the warpath. However, Edi placated her and convinced her to give them a chance. He was curious to meet the people who had given birth to and raised his wonderful girlfriend, and to see the place she had grown up in.

Chapter 2

Mel’s family lived in a small, sleepy town in the dirty “Souff”. They had a nice house on the edge of town, overlooking a green hillside. Mel’s dad, Edward, was a big grizzly of a man. Mel’s mother, Val, looked like a carbon copy of his girlfriend, tall, big boobs, thick ass, athletic body, big hazel eyes, and the same thick lips. Val was forty, but she looked like she was in her late twenties or early thirties. Many people mistook them for sisters.

When she met Edi, Val stared at Edi curiously. She was very relieved that he could speak English fluently, and he seemed civilized. On top of that, he was obviously besotted with her daughter, and fussed over her and cuddled with her the whole time. Mel’s dad did not talk much to Edi, but Mel assured him that he was like that with everybody. “He never talks much anyway. And its not because you are black, he dislikes any man who fucks his daughter!” she reassured him with a giggle.

The first evening was nice, if uneventful. They were tired from the long flight, so they after supper with Mel’s parents, they went to be early.

Mel showed him around her home town the next day, showing avcılar escort him the cow pens, the auction house, and the spots they had driven to, to smoke weed and fool around.

In the evening, Mel’s elder sister Trish, came to visit. Trish, 23, was very different from Mel. She was tall, slim and her hair was dyed blonde. She was a career girl, doing an apprenticeship as a chartered accounted, and her fiancé, Dean, who accompanied her was a chartered accountant.

When she greeted Mel, trish was very wary, still remembering her threat. For a second, Edi saw anger cloud Mel’s face, and he prepared to jump between them. However, Mel only fell over her sister to hug her heartily. Trish was almost crying with joy as she hugged her sister back. Edi realized that the two sisters loved and hated each other very much.

When she greeted Edi, Trish seemed very nervous. Edi had a feeling that she disliked him. He decided that maybe she inhaled too much moonshine fumes as a kid and ignored her.

One moment Trish was sitting in Mel’s lap and they were chatting happily. The next, the two sisters were quarreling about something no one else could follow. James, their father rolled his eyes and groaned wearily. Mel’s mother, Val, dragged her daughters into the kitchen, and after a while, one could hear laughter and excited chatter.

Mel’s father and Dean cross examined Edi. They asked him how he intended to fend for his family. James, Mel’s dad was like the chief interrogator, and the bad cop. Dean played good cop, but Edi did not trust him one bit. Warily, and confidently, he answered the questions as good as he could. Finally, James seemed satisfied. He told Edi that if he ever ran into trouble, he should contact him, and he would see if they could find something in town. After that, he hardly talked to Dean or Edi.

Dean was the kind of guy who liked talking about himself, his plans, how much money he would be making and what he would be buying. Edi nodded and grunted at the right places, letting him talk. Dean told him that he was a divorcee. He had two kids with his ex wife and had had a vasectomy. Edi wondered to himself if Trish had no intention of having her own children.

The ladies made a hearty supper. Afterwards, they all sat in the living room, around a fire and drank beer and wine. Val put on some of her favorite records and literary forced everybody to dance, and the merry-making went on till late into the night.

As she got drunk, Val could not hide her fascination with Edi. She liked that he was polite and charming and so besotted with her daughter. He kept pulling Mel onto his lap, and stroking her belly, which carried their two month old embryo. She found his dark, exotic African features alluring. His deep, soft voice was rather sexy, and his accent sweet.

She kept pulling him to dance with her, and Edi found her gazing at him with big, beguiled eyes. When he smiled at her, she blushed like a sweet teenager, and looked away quickly. Edi found Mel’s mom real hot! Edi caught Trish watching him fixedly on several occasions. At one point he chuckled, as he saw Mel watching Trish watching him. Mel was frowning.

At one point, Edi made for the bathroom. He opened the door just as Trish was coming out. They bumped into each other and he caught her. Their faces were only inches from one another. Her face was very different from Mel’s. Where his wife had a round, sweet face, with a dimpled smile, Trish’s was long, with sharp features, and in contrast to Mel’s hazel eyes, hers were vivid green. She looked very different from Mel, yet somehow, she was almost like a carbon copy of her.

As Edi looked into her eyes, she looked back into his. Then something funny started happening. He felt a warmth start to spread around his heart. His stomach felt light. Trish’s eyes got dreamy. Her lips started trembling. It was like some strong, unseen force was drawing them together.

“Oh no!!!” she gave an anguished cry.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his voice gruffly.

“Of course I am not alright!” she gasped, rubbed his belly and brushed past him. He looked after her.

As they lay in bed later that night, Edi was amused when Mel informed him that her mother and Trish had been curious and wanted to know if the rumor about black men was true, that they had huge cocks and could fuck for hours. Mel told them that as far as he was concerned, the rumor was true, and watched their eyes grow all big.

Edi jokingly warned Mel that if she got her moms and sister horny, they would probably end up all greedy for the black African spear and he would fuck the shit out of them. They both laughed, and then Mel started getting pissed.

“Nobody fucking apologized about what they said!”

“So what, they are nice enough to me. Just forget about it. Everyone makes mistakes!”

“No! Fuck them! It aint over!” Mel growled.

“What you gonna do. Burn the house down whilst they sleep. They are your fucking family. Family is family!”

“When we visited your family and they were so nice to me, I felt so ashamed Edi. I wanna punish them!”

“Let avrupa yakası escort it be baby girl,” Edi said and kissed her, whilst stroking her wet pussy. Mel always got wet when she was pissed. She was so soaked that he slid his cock easily into her, and fucked his wife slowly, whilst her parents slept nearby.

Mel started screaming loud, to let them hear her take a black cock, but Edi felt embarrassed and gagged her mouth. After a while, she was caught up in the throes of her orgasm, and forgot about her vengeance for a while.

Chapter 3

The following day, Mel was to drive with her father, who had some business to attend to 200 miles away. They’d be gone all day. Mel was looking forward to spending some time with her dad. Val, Mel’s mother was to take Edi horse riding. She was a passionate jockey and riding instructor. She and several other partners owned a riding school.

Mel had an evil plan. Just before she and her father left, she went into her parents bedroom, to Val, who was preparing herself for riding. Usually, Val went riding in jeans. However, started rummaging in her drawers and selected a pair of thin, tight, white, stretch riding pants, and a pitch black g-string.

“You should put these on Momma,” Mel said, smiling naughtily.

“What the hell! Your husband will think I’m a slut!” Val exclaimed, giggling dirtily.

“He has a fetish for thick asses, like yours and mine. Haven’t you seen him stealing looks. Give him something to look at. And have a lil fun with him, will you?” she winked.

“Mel, I don’t want to get your husband all excited when we are alone in the bush.”

“Come on, I see you ogling him all the time. Remember you were asking what its like with a black guy, well, find out for yourself then,” Mel laughed naughtily, slapping her mom’s ass.

“Mel, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were suggesting something very raunchy and unbecoming for a mother,” Val gasped, her eyes twinkling with excitement.

“Well, lets just say, if something were to happen today, and only today, I wouldn’t take it hard,” Mel said, and kissed her mother’s cheeks. “You have him all to yourself, the whole day. Make sure you utilize it, and show him what a naughty, slut Momma you are,” Mel patted her Momma’s thick ass, and kissed her affectionately. Val was a little bemused as her daughter walked out.

Mel went to Edi who was till lying in bed. She tickled him awake and kissed him, her hand sliding under the sheet, to cup his lolling cock.

“Edi, I want you to have fun with my mom,” she suggested naughtily. “I mean, really have fun, o.k?”

“Like how?” he asked sleepily.

“Like, do all the things with her that go through your mind when you ogle her,” Mel cooed, kissing him as her hand stroked his cock under the blanket.

“Yeah, and then you fucking kill me, right?” he laughed dirtily.

“I want you to stuff her mouth full of black cock, and fuck her hard, for all the shit she said about you…” she growled, her eyes blazing with anger as she squeezed his cock making it harden fast.

“You want me to punish her for me or for you?” Edi laughed.

“She is curious about your dick big time. And I know you wanna fuck her,” she kissed him, sucking on his lips. “Fuck that stupid bitch Edi! Do it!”

“You sure about this?”

“Ah ha. Fuck her up the ass and make her scream like a slut!!! And tell me all about it when I get back!” She kissed him frenziedly, wanking his cock. She was obviously so horny from the idea. And so was Edi, he tried to pull her into the bed.

“No!” she said pushing him back. “Save this dick for my mom. If you don’t fuck her Edi, I will beat the hell out of you!”

“You really sure about this Mel?” Edi asked seriously, his hard dick causing a tent in the sheet.

“Yeah! But only today! If you ever do it again afterwards, I will kill you!” Mel said, kissed him again and left the room, grinning wickedly.

Chapter 4

Val watched her husband and her daughter drive off through the window. Smiling naughtily, and feeling rather flirty, slipped on the g-string and the white trousers. She wore a sleeveless riding top, that clung to her big breasts. As she gazed at herself in the mirror, Val giggled. Her black g-sting showed plain as day through the thin white material.

Val and Edi had fun on the range. Edi had never ridden a horse and he was nervous about the big animals. Val enjoyed making fun of him. She showed him how to saddle a horse. As she helped him mount a big horse, she put her hands on the firm ass that was cupped in a pair of tight jeans. She gave him a lingering squeeze, and gave that ass a smack, chuckling that it was good to see that her daughter had such prime beef to come home to.

They walked the horses around the nice countryside for several miles, enjoying the fresh, clean air. Val rode in front of Edi, bending her ass and standing up in the saddle just to let him have a good view of her money maker and catch a peek of her g-string. Edi’s eyes were on Momma’s big booty most of the time, fuck the greenery. The raunchy sight his girlfriend’s mom was presenting him had his dick on hard all the fucking time. He fantasized of leaping from his horse, onto hers, John Wayne style, and just sticking his dick into her. His cock was so hard and hot, it would have just ripped through his pants, her pants and her thong like a hot ass knife through butter. (come on guys, have you never had such wild, horny fantasies?) Damn!

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