Pants Optional

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I slid into the warm water, letting it crawl up over my thighs, between my legs, then past my belly. The crawl felt more like a caress once the water slipped past my nipples, which had already hardened in the cool evening air. They puckered more at the water’s touch, a dueling sensation of relaxation and arousal.

I was familiar with this tightrope of tension. It usually accompanied the soft hum of my faithful vibrator. Milo’s cock and strong, hard body usually snapped the tightrope and send me plummeting into ecstasy with no safety net. But I’d never experienced this feeling in my current situation, for this was my first time.

Well, I wasn’t sure if it would be my first time. I sure hoped it would be, but I wasn’t sure if my feelings would be reciprocated. I didn’t want to ruin a good thing with River, my business partner who also happened to be my best friend.

Ten years is a long time for women to remain friends. This is the longest relationship I’ve ever had with a woman that hasn’t ended in a catfight, a grudge match, or straight-up ghosting. We’d both been hurt by girl friendships in the past, so we promised up front that we’d always be honest with each other, no matter how difficult things got. So far, we’d been able to keep that promise — through weddings, births, family drama, COVID, all of which we weathered together. Not without bumps and bruises, of course, but we’ve overcome quite a bit together.

Even with all of our history, I was scared to death to share how I had fallen in love with her. Not just as a friend, but as someone I fantasized about quite frequently. Someone that Milo knew would push me over the edge if he talked about her tits when I rode his cock. Fantasizing about her tits in my mouth and her ass in his face was… mind-blowing.

Anyway, back to why I was in the hot tub. This weekend, Milo was gone on a camping trip with his brothers. I was home alone, trying to catch up on work for our side hustle. My bed felt empty, I was bored, and I’d just sworn off alcohol for a while. Getting tipsy wasn’t an option, and my ass hurt from sitting and watching TV. I stood up and stretched in front of the picture window, letting the exhibitionist in me hope that someone would walk by and see my dark nipples strain against my sheer white shirt, my thong peek out from under the hem.

I glanced outside and pouted slightly. No audience. As I turned toward the kitchen to grab a drink of water, my phone buzzed.

Hey. What’re you up to?

My heart leapt as I saw the sender ID. River.

Eh, not much. Milo is gone for the weekend so I’m trying to bang out some busy work.

I selected a clean mason jar from the cabinet and held it under the faucet, turning the water on.

Mind if I join you? I have a lot of catch-up to do, too.

Normally, this would be a very benign text. Best friends hang out spontaneously all the time. No subtext, no weirdness. But because of the amazing sex with Milo that morning before he left to go camping, during which River had made a fantasy guest appearance, my mind was already deep in the gutter.

Totally! Just know that it’s no-pants zone at my house. 😉

This could also be considered an innocent text, because we both preferred to be as unclothed as possible when we were lounging around. We frequently undressed in front of each other and had seen each other naked plenty of times (hello, childbirth). But again, my motive was ulterior.

Lol I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉 Be there in 10.

“Don’t overthink it, Elisha,” I muttered to myself, even as my clitoris started to tingle. “Down, girl.”

I settled istanbul travesti into the couch with my water and a snack and tried to focus on spreadsheets, but my sex drive was hijacking my brain. I finally put my computer down and went to find my vibrator to ease the tension.

The smooth pink phallic toy played along my inner thighs, and I worked it toward my inner folds, which glistened with need for penetration. Pressing it between my closely shaved lips, I pushed just the tip in while the shaft stimulated my clit. I groaned and flipped over, grinding my hips into the bed to push me toward climax. I licked my lips, thinking about River’s nipple sliding between my teeth, and moaned as I heard her gasp…

Wait. Gasp?

Mid-moan, I looked up at an amused River standing in the doorway. My cheeks flushed a deep crimson, and I quickly sat up and tried to conceal the wet spot I’d made on the bed. I smiled sheepishly and turned the vibrator off. “Milo’s gone, and I was having trouble concentrating…”

River laughed lightly and finished unbuttoning her pants, letting them slide down her light cream legs into a puddle on the floor. “Girl, no judgment. Trevor and I haven’t had sex for two months and the vibrator you gave me has been my best friend.”

I laughed, remembering how I’d had to teach her to make herself climax. I hadn’t been there, of course, but I’d had to give her pointers over the phone while she played with settings and made herself wet…

Are you sure she doesn’t want you? A little voice in the back of my head poked my bisexuality toward the metaphorical closet doors. She’s definitely still staring…

The voice was right. River was sans pants, as I’d ordered, and she’d managed to forget her bra at home, too. She was dressed similarly to me, in fact, with a sheer light-colored shirt and underwear, although she preferred briefs that just rode above the soft crease where her ass met her legs.

What I wouldn’t give to let her finish the job…

An awkward silence hung between us for a minute before she said, “Well? Should we get to work?”


“Uh, sure.” I slid my vibrator back into its silk drawstring sheath and stowed it in my bedside table.

River sashayed up the stairs, and I was starting to get frustrated by her coyness. Did she want me? Did she not? Are we just this comfortable with each other as friends, or do we both want something and we’re both being pussies about it (pun intended)?

After talking spreadsheets and business cards and emails and cold calls for a few hours, we looked up and were shocked to realize that it was dark outside. “That went by fast,” River said, glancing at her watch. “It’s already 11.”

I stood up and stretched again, now very aware of my audience of one. I felt her eyes on me but studiously chose to ignore the attention. “Want to get some fresh air? I can uncover the hot tub and we can skinny dip.”

River laughed. “Won’t your neighbors see you?”

I shook my head. “Nah. The trees are great privacy barriers and all our neighbors are old, so they’re definitely in bed asleep by now. Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time the hot tub has seen my naked ass.”

River smirked again. “Let me guess. You and Milo recreated your first date and fucked in it the day you moved in, didn’t you?”

I shot her a sly grin. “You know it. And let me tell you, the hardest part was trying to keep the rest of the neighborhood from getting jealous.”

River stood up as well and pressed her hands into her back, arching and moaning as her back cracked. I tried not to moan, too, for different reasons, istanbul travestileri so I turned to the freezer and grabbed a couple ice cream bars. “To the hot tub?”

“Skinny dip or bust!” River agreed, and we walked out to the deck, not bothering to take towels or sandals.

I stripped first, dropping my thong on the deck and stepping out of it. I grabbed the hem of my shirt with both hands and pulled it over my head, exposing my tits to the cold air that came with late summer nights. They hardened immediately, increasing their suckability and making my silhouette from the porch light that much more curvy.

And this is where you found me at the beginning… naked, letting water invade my intimate spaces, exposed. But now you know the rest of the story: That River was there, too. Me, not wanting to ruin a good thing, our friendship. Her, making it extremely hard to not think about ruining it. Over. And over. And over…

River copied my striptease by removing her underwear first and pulling her T-shirt slowly over her head. Her nipples matched mine in hardness, and I shivered to think what it would feel like to brush them together. She slid into the water slowly, her eyes cast down. She sucked in her breath slightly. “It’s kind of cold for a hot tub,” she said, shivering.

“Yeah, well, it’ll warm up in a second,” I said, fiddling with the dials. The hot tub had come with the house, and it was old, so it was a miracle that it was warm at all. I felt the jets pump out warm water, and I pressed my back into one. “Ice cream?”

The water pulsed around River’s breasts, just above the nipples, where I could see her cleavage and a distorted view of her beautiful body beneath the swirling surface. She took an ice cream bar from me and wrapped her lips around it, smiling as she did. “These are my favorite,” she said, biting a piece off. As she did, a piece of the chocolate shell broke off and landed on her clavicle. “Oops.”

Instinctively, I slid across the hot tub and thumbed the chocolate off her body. I licked it off my finger, then blushed hard for the second time that day. “Oh wow, that was forward. I am so sorry.”

Fuck. I crossed the line. Now what?

She caught her breath in her throat again, but this time it wasn’t from the water temperature. She looked straight into my eyes, waited for me to catch her gaze, then deliberately did a visual scan of my body before meeting my eyes again.

A moment passed, one that felt like years to me but probably was only a couple seconds. River closed the gap between us and slid the tip of her nose across my throat and up my neck to my ear.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for you to make the first move?” she whispered, so soft that I barely heard it above the pulsing jets. I felt my stomach tighten as I felt her fingers start to travel the well-worn path of my vibrator, up my inner thigh toward my pussy, wet once again with the anticipation of a fantasy about to come true.

My first time. Our first time.

I tried to restrain myself, to savor the moment, but years of pent-up desire beat out my self-control. I pressed into her, my mouth finding hers as her fingers worked into my pussy folds. Her lips melted open and our tongues touched for the first time, and a mutual moan filled the steamy air surrounding us. I drank her in, the sweetness of her mouth and her body everything I had dreamed it would be. She moved her index finger in a come hither motion inside my vagina, making my vision swim.

“How do you know how to…” I asked as I pulled back for air from our kiss, but she stopped me with another travesti istanbul pull of her finger that drove me to the edge. A gutteral moan escaped from my throat, releasing more repressed desire.

A dominant animal-like hunger rose inside me, and I did nothing to stop it from lunging out and grabbing River’s hips, pulling her on top of me as I spread my legs and introduced our clitorises to each other. They met each other hungrily, sliding back and forth, becoming one.

River rode me hard, her head thrown backward and her tits presented for my perusal. I snatched one between my teeth gently and suckling it the way Milo sucked mine when I rode him. She pressed her flesh into me as she moaned loudly, not caring who heard or who saw her creamy, tiny tits getting absolutely ravished by her best friend.

The water sloshed around us in rhythm to River’s thrusts, an irony that didn’t escape me even in the midst of my first orgasm. She was wild, rushing, and untamed, just as her name suggested. We came together, pressing our hard tits together and moaning as metaphorical waves of pleasure crashed over us and literal jets of water pulsed into the ecstasy below the surface.

I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t want to be done. I didn’t ever want to separate from this person who had melted into me and made me open the closet doors to the sexuality I’d hidden for so long. She was the missing piece… she was my confidante, my friend, and now my lover. Our relationship finally felt complete.

“Please don’t stop…” I pleaded, burying my face into the nape of her neck as she nibbled my ear.

“Oh please, bitch, I haven’t even gotten started,” she growled, and the coarseness of her language startled me for a second. She’d never called me a bitch before, but the way she said it now… I’d gladly be her bitch for the rest of my life, husband or no. In fact, I’m sure he’d agree.

River flipped off my lap and pulled me onto hers so my back faced the stars and prickled against the night air. “Return the favor,” she growled, pulling my head down and sucking my lower lip into her hungry mouth.

I spread my legs until I found her sweet spot, then undulated my hips, mimicking a lap dance. I slid up and down, then left and right, making her gasp and moan with every movement. I moved faster, pulling her face into my tits and sliding my nipples back and forth across her greedy tongue. She tried to capture one with her teeth, but I broke free and felt a rush of pleasure in the pain that her bite had caused. Water spilled over the sides of the hot tub, loudly proclaiming the incredible fucking that was occurring inside.

“Baby… please… let me cum…” she moaned, arching her back and pressing her hips into mine as they thrashed her sexy body. “Ungh… bite my tits, baby… OHHHH!”

She exploded, and I felt a rush of cum against my clit as I bit down hard on her left tit. She screamed, definitely bringing attention to the fact that this house was witnessing some pretty amazing sex. I didn’t try to stifle her, just riding her wave until I met her at the top and fell over the edge.

“Fuck me, River, yeah, that’s my little bitch, let me ride your pussy… fuck YES, YES, ungh, YESSS!”

I collapsed on top of her, the roiling water slowing to a slosh as our ecstasy melted into satisfied, soft moans. I rolled off of her and looked up at the night sky, breathing hard and not caring that my body was completely exposed to the plane flying overhead. I hoped that they saw us, me and River, best friends and lovers, sprawled in a pool of water and feminine cum.

I looked over at River and smiled. “You are… incredible.”

She traced my face with her fingers and pulled my earlobe into her mouth.

“Want to set up the video camera and record it this time?”

I groaned and laughed at the same time. “Pictures or it didn’t happen, right?”

Milo’s going to love this…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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