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Sarah was a little livid to say the least. It was bad enough that she was stuck living with her parents now she was eighteen. But for them not to go out as they’d said they would was as annoying as hell.

Her groin had ached all day at her new shop job. Every time a cute guy had come in, even confusingly, for a couple of pretty girls and especially Helen on the adjacent till. But that’s what happened when hormones ran wild in teenagers.

And tonight she’d expected to be at home on her own where she could have a mammoth session alone without having to worry she would be heard. Too bad. She still needed to ease that ache and watching TV hadn’t helped. Too many young pop stars gyrating on the little black and white TV.

“I’m going to bed mum.” She announced when she finally couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Bit early love?”

“I know. Tiring day.”

“Never mind. It’s Sunday tomorrow. See you in the morning.”

Her dad gave a warm smile and turned his attention back to the TV as Sarah skipped up the stairs. Some boring war film was about to take his attention.

She closed the bedroom door and glanced around at the posters on her wall. David Cassidy, Donny Osmond and several other names popular this year. Then there was David Bowie. Androgynous and she just wasn’t sure what to make of that.

“Which one tonight?” She whispered to herself.

Maybe one day soon she’d have a real boyfriend and the posters could come down. Perhaps Robert from the stock room. He kept eying her up. If only he’d pluck up courage to ask her. She made herself a promise. Give him one more week and if he didn’t, she’d ask him. It was nineteen seventy three after all. Girls were supposed to be more forward. But for now it would be just her and her imagination.

She glanced back at the door wishing it had a lock for peace of mind. But thankfully her mum and dad never came in without knocking.

She glanced at the turntable in the corner of her room wondering if she should put a record on. But then she’d said she was tired. No. Just be quiet as usual she decided.

By now her pussy was burning and she needed relief. Sarah turned the main light out and left only the small table lamp on. Then she started removing her clothing. First the top went then her flared jeans. She. considered with out with underware before deciding they had to go as well. Knickers and bra were off in moments.

Next she studied herself in the Escort Beylikdüzü wardrobe mirror to see what Robert would see. Long slender legs and tits that stuck out with little pointy pink nipples. Tits excited her. She always felt guilt the way her eyes were drawn to them when she saw another girl. Like the two in the shop earlier.

Then there was her secret garden. A trimmed triangle of fair hair just a little darker than the curls on her head. And a nice round arse. A few guys had slapped it so she knew it looked good.

She also had a pretty face she thought. Everyone told her so.

Robert liked her. Would he still like her naked? She tingled with the thought and rubbed at her nipples. But what about him? What did he look like naked? Was he hairy? Sarah wasn’t that keen on hairy. Smooth was nicer. Boys should be more like girls.

She sighed at the idea of a real naked boy and fell back onto her divan. The mattress undulated for a moment.

Sarah started in her usual way, rubbing her hands over her tits and then down to the tops of her thighs. Letting her fingers brush lightly along the edge of her pubic hair. Then back up again. She squeezed the firm mounds on her chest watching her nipples swell and redden even more. Then she gave them a rub between her fingers. The first tiny suppressed moan escaped through her lips and she moved down to the burning pussy hidden below her bush.

She found the slit that would take her to heaven and started running her middle finger up and down. The palm of her hand pressed on the little magic button near the top, still sheathed under protective folds of skin. Pleasant shudders ran through her body like mini earthquakes and she bit her lip to stop a cry.

This was why she’d wanted the house to herself. Better to just let it out than have to worry about mum and dad. But then she could hear the sound of the TV drifting up. She got braver.

Sarah spread her legs a little and let her finger part those soft damp lips, finding the velvet of pink young flesh hidden just inside. Then up over her hard little nub. She let the cry come out louder but panicked a little. Her finger stopped and she listened. Just the TV still.

Slightly frustrated she rolled over onto her knees and with her face in the pillow she pushed her peachy arse into the air. A hand went up into the gap between spread thighs and began to work her pussy again.

Up and Beyoğlu escort down the slit, in and out of her tunnel, then over her clit. Gently rocking she imagined being taken from behind. She gave long low moans as her skin tingled all over and tiny jolts shot out from her pleasure point.

Sarah put both hands round the back of her raised arse and spread her pussy to the cooler air and imagined a cock pushing at the edge.

What would it really be like? Was it true that it hurt the first time. Her longtime friend said it hadn’t, but then Julie was full of shit when it came to boys. She wondered if Helen knew. Probably not. She looked a good girl like her and had never mentioned a boyfriend.

Sarah pushed a finger in and soaked it with her juice before bringing it round to her mouth. It tasted so good she wanted more.

She rolled again and raised her knees before letting them fall open. Fingers went deeper and she finger fucked herself for a moment, before sucking her fingers again.

Did a boys stuff taste this good? What was it like to have a cock in your mouth? That one worried her a little. Cocks were so ugly.

Her hands went down, massaging the tops of her inner thighs before finding her pussy and rubbing again. Faster, answering the call of her hormones. All thoughts of her parents downstairs deserted her as the need grew. It consumed her and drove her fingers on in their relentless circling and rubbing of that one tiny spot that could take her to heights of enjoyment nothing else could.

She opened her eyes and could see David Cassidy smiling out of the wall at her. She rubbed harder, wanting to cum. She was young and tender, reaching the edge shouldn’t be this hard. David just wasn’t doing it. Often the posters didn’t. She needed a real fucking.

Sarah kept going, bringing a hand up to squeeze a pert little nipple until it hurt. Pain and pleasure mixed in her body and she kept on, almost desperate to feel that sensation of abandonment to animal instinct.

She closed her eyes to concentrate and turned her thoughts to Robert. Still she teetered on the edge without going over into the bliss of orgasm.

“Please cum.” She begged herself as frustration expanded.

But then another face pushed Robert away. She saw her new friend from the tills. Helen. Young, bright. Dressed in her smart uniform with her long hair tied back and large tits that gapped her blouse. Bomonti escort bayan

Sarah came so hard she screamed out. Her body jerked and bounced on the bed as she pushed two fingers deep inside her tunnel while thighs clamped tight pushing her hand down onto her throbbing clit.



Are you alright?”

Christ. That was her mum calling from the bottom of the stairs. In horror she realised she’d been heard.

“Yes mum. I’m fine.” She shouted back trying to control her erratic breathing as her body continued to tremble.

Oh God. What if she knew what she’d been doing? If only they had gone out like they’d promised.

She pulled the bed covers over herself just in case and lay back staring at the artexed ceiling. Her mind was else where again.

Why had she so suddenly thought of Helen? And why had it been so good?

Sarah felt sudden confusion. No it would be fine. Robert would ask her out and this silly notion would be forgotten.

Exhausted she started to drift into sleep. But all her certainties were crumbling as she faced the fact that she fancied Helen way more than she did Robert.

Sarah woke with a start. The foggy dream world mixing with the real. No. It wasn’t a dream. It’d been too vivid. A memory. One she’d forgotten for so long. The moment she’d accepted who she was. The moment a life journey had begun through both difficulties and joy.

She hadn’t thought of Robert in over forty years. But she had thought of that other eighteen year old girl, Helen. She’d thought of her every single day.

Sarah turned her head and in the soft morning light she could see Helen still sleeping next to her. Her hair had greyed and wrinkles cracked from the side of her eyes making interesting patterns on her skin. But she still loved her with the same enthusiasm that had carried them through so much hostility and prejudice. The same unquestioning love that had eventually won over confused and sceptical parents.

She leant over and kissed her on the cheek. Helen opened her eyes and smiled.

“What was that for?”

“Oh nothing really. Just a memory springing to mind about the first time I realised I loved you.”

Helen gave a little giggle, just like she had when Sarah had first touched her, testing her, only to be rewarded with her every wish.

“Sarah. You’re an idiot sometimes. Forty six years and you’re suddenly thinking about that shop on the highstreet?”

“Not the shop. Just the pretty girl on the till next to me. And how you drove me wild.”

“I thought you were going to ask the young lad in the stock room out. I was so pissed at him. Can’t even remember his name. But then you asked me. Just out of the blue. It made me so happy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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