Rachel is Forced… Shaquisha Style

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This story is about forced lesbian sex, if this doesn’t interest you then don’t read it. This is also a sequel so for background please read Rachel is Forced in the Lesbian section.

Shawna lifted her naked, sweaty body off of Rachel’s face and went to greet her girls in the living room. “Stay there baby girl, don’t worry I’ll send someone in to keep you company. Ha ha, you better be a good lil bitch.” Rachel was so exhausted and was just trying to get air now that Shawna’s pussy and ass were off her face, she didn’t even register what she was hearing.

“Hey girls, damn I have some good news for you. Oh fuck you brought a ton of bitches!” Shawna greeted her roommates, Shaquisha and Renee, and then saw the 5 other girls they had brought with them.

“Well you told us to make it a party so we brought our craziest hos, where are all the men!? And why are we in Rachel’s apartment!? Girl you better start explaining, cuz we got enough drama with The Bitch, we don’t need to piss her off anymore!” Renee had always been the most respectful, but that was mostly because she didn’t want an eviction on her already messed up credit.

“Don’t worry miss thang, I’ve taken care of everything, we never have to worry about Rachel being on our ass ever again! I fucking took naked pics of her earlier and after I told her about them she agreed to do anything and everything I say… well almost everything, I have to be a little demanding about a few things. She’s fucking in her room right now with my pussy juice on her face! I just gave her the best face fuck of her life and she licked me like a pro! I know you guys have been with girls before so I wanted to share her with you, and these bitches you brought can get some too! It’s perfect, what do you think!?” Shawna was so excited to tell them about her accomplishment, and she loved the looks of lust she saw on some of the girl’s faces as they thought of the pretty white girl licking their pussies.

“Wait, so you’re blackmailing her into being our sex slave!? That’s fucking amazing, and we can have all the parties we want right?” Now Shaquisha was more excited that Shawna.

“All the parties we want, make all the noise we want, and get cheaper rent… she’s completely our bitch!” Shawna was glad they were accepting her plan, she had been scared they would think she was crazy.

“I want to go first! I’ve been horny all day and I haven’t had sex since this morning, I could use a tongue bath. You girls put on a movie and have some drinks out here, I’m going to get me some of that white bitch!” Shaquisha was beyond ready, she liked to have 2 or 3 orgasms a day and she hadn’t even cum that morning with Jamal. He came so quick watching her huge ass bouncing up and down on his dick that she hadn’t even got hers! She hadn’t showered since their morning session so she hoped this white girl wasn’t too picky about smells or taste.

“Now make sure she knows what’s up, like I said you have to be in control, and if she gets to crazy just mecidiyeköy escort remind her of the pictures and her job ok? No go wear that bitch down, she deserves it, and nothing is off limits!” Shawna wished she could watch but knew Shaquisha wasn’t into ‘group activities’. Instead she grabbed a drink and watched her friend go into the bedroom, thinking that next time she would set up a video camera so she could watch the action later. She joined all the girls in the living room as they were talking about what they would do to Rachel, she loved that they were getting tipsy, it meant the night would get even more interesting!

Rachel heard the door to her room open and saw Shaquisha walk in wearing a super tight and short mini dress, looking like she just came from the club. For a second she thought that the nice black girl was there to comfort her or tell her the deal was off, but then she saw her licking her lips and knew she was there for a completely different reason. “Please Shaquisha, tell Shawna to just let me go, I’ll give you guys anything you want just please don’t hurt me or make me have sex with any more girls. I’m not into that and I would do anything else!”

“Don’t worry baby girl, you won’t be having sex with anymore girls. Ha ha, I’m all woman, and we won’t be letting up anytime soon. You’re our new play toy, we have at least 20 girls who can’t wait to get at you, you’re gonna be everyone’s bitch. I’m even thinking of moving in here with you, I’m tired of having 2 roommates. Plus if I live here you can service me whenever I want; in the morning when I wake up, on my lunch break and a few times at night. I love getting my pussy licked and I here you’re pretty good, we’ll see about that. Now go wash off your face, you have that nasty bitch’s pussy juice all over, you look a hot mess!”

Rachel got up and turned on the sink in her bathroom, took a hot was cloth and wiped off her face, she was grateful to feel clean for at least a few minutes. Shaquisha whistled, loving the white girls’ naked body. “Damn girl you almost have a body like a black girl, you’re ass just isn’t quite there yet. Get back over here so you can see what a real black woman looks like, I have curves Shawna couldn’t even dream about. I want you to start out by turning me on, get on top of me and start by kissing and biting my neck. I was getting some good lovin this morning but it was cut short so I need you to finish up. I haven’t showered yet so you better clean me up with that hot little tongue.”

Rachel blushed at the compliment and felt her face heat up at the thought of having to clean this girl up after she had already had sex that day. She just wanted to go to sleep and forget this day had ever happened but she knew that she would be up all night; she could hear more girls coming into her apartment and could tell they were all ready to use and abuse her. When she reached the bed Shaquisha lay down and pulled Rachel on top of her. The black girl was easily 4 inches taller than her and taksim escort her large breasts and hips made her seem a lot larger too; Rachel felt like a doll on top of her. “Kiss me now.” Rachel felt her face pulled hard into a rough kiss, a tongue was almost immediately pushed into her mouth and was playing with hers. Shaquisha was biting her bottom lip and then she grabbed her face and pulled it to her neck. “Kiss my neck and then my chest, but not my tits yet, just grab em.” Rachel started kissing and gently biting her neck and felt the black vixen take her left hand and guide it to her breasts. Shaquisha squeezed her own hand around Rachel’s making her massage the huge tits, she then took Rachel’s other hand a slid it under her ass cheeks. Shaquisha was getting extremely turned on as Rachel continued her ministrations, she loved that the white girl was doing anything she was told to do and it felt great having her curves massaged exactly how she likes. She spread her legs apart and pushed the top of Rachel’s head down. “Pull my tits out, lick my nipples you little slut. Hmmm yes, bite them a little, make me wet. Who said you could stop grabbing my ass!? Keep going bitch, slide your fingers between my ass cheeks, feel that g string? Yeah that’s for later, I’m getting your dessert ready for you. Ooh fuck, slide your fingers down, yes! Hmm put your fingers up my gushy cunt, is that 2 fingers? Put 3 in, don’t be scared bitch, you’re just getting it ready for your face.” Shaquisha’s body was writhing around like crazy, she was surprised that the white girl was turning her on so much. Rachel was trying to finger her exactly how she liked it herself, she figured if Shaquisha came from being fingered she might not make Rachel lick her pussy.

“Ok enough of that, stop trying to make me cum so soon, I want you to lick me first. Slide your self down between my legs, get your face right in front of my pussy and don’t move!” Shaquisha looked down and loved the way this position looked, her chocolate thighs spread wide with a beautiful white face looking up from between them. She sat up so that her g string clad pussy was pressing against her bitch’s face and pulled her dress off. She grabbed her own breasts and rolled her nipples between her fingers and suddenly slammed her thighs together around Rachel’s startled face. This pushed her unwilling face even deeper into the black cunt and her nose was pressed against the clit. The smell was strong because she hadn’t showered that day and had sex that morning and Rachel was nervous about being the one to lick the pussy clean. Shaquisha used one hand to hold her head while she started grinding her hips against it. She stopped suddenly and lifted her legs straight in the air and slid her black g string off, Rachel was now looking straight into the bare black twat. It was shaved, unlike Shawnas, which gave her an even more detailed look at the second pussy she had ever seen.

“Start licking, lick up all that pussy juice. Hhmmm fuck yes, get your face deeper beşiktaş escort in it, I want your face as deep in this pussy as it can go.” Rachel was getting a good whiff of Shaquisha’s pussy and wanted desperately to lick it clean so she wouldn’t have to smell in anymore. She slid her tongue along the sides of the pussy and down between her asshole and pussy, she then slid her tongue inside the black twat and felt her face get sucked in. Shaquisha pulled her face into her pussy and started rolling her hips, loving the feeling of the tongue in her cunt. “Come on white bitch, deeper, lick me deeper. You’re not there yet, ugghhh fuck you need to be deeper.” Rachel felt like she was a deep as she could go but suddenly Shaquisha pulled back and told Rachel to roll over. She was on her back looking up and saw the familiar pussy coming towards her face. Shaquisha used one hand to spread her pussy lips and the other to pull Rachel’s head in to her gushy cunt.

“Oh fuck, that’s better! Keep licking, I’m so close, now stick your tongue out!” Rachel stuck her tongue out and Shaquisha lifted herself up a little and moved forward so that her ass over Rachel’s tongue. “Yes lick my ass, you’re a dirty slut, licking a black girls ass, trying to make her cum! I’m gonna move myself over your face and you fucking lick whatever’s in front of you! Yes, lick there, hmmm lick that asshole, now stick it in my fuckhole, get that pussy juice, now my clit! Suck it! Now my fucking ass again you white slut, lick it clean, put that tongue deep in my ass.” Shaquisha was going crazy on the white girls face, her tongue was in her ass, her nose was up her pussy and Shaquisha was grinding so her clit was rubbing all over her face. She was starting to cum and she literally face fucked the poor girl, she pulled her head up and even deeper into her cunt and rubbed her face raw on her ass and pussy. Rachel felt cum running down her face, up her nose, down her mouth and throat, and even into her hair. Shaquisha collapsed onto the bed on her stomach, with her ass resting on Rachel’s face. After a few minutes Shaquisha got up and straddled Rachel’s stomach, looking at the worn out white girl and loving the cum stained face.

“Now here’s what’s gonna happen, these girls are going to use you one by one and you’re going to do everything they want, no questions and no resistance. Then when they’ve all had their turn I will be moving in. You’re going to be my slave; you will cook and clean for me, wash me, lick my pussy, ass and anything else I tell you to lick. You’re going to sleep with your face between my thighs and whenever you feel my pussy lips pressing against you just start licking. You’re going to make me cum at least 4 times a day, if I’m getting ready for bed and I’ve only cum twice that day you better beg me to let you lick me. When I have friends over the first thing you are to ask them is if they would like their pussy or ass licked, and then you’ll do whatever they tell you to. I will also be having a party here in a week, just for my girls and you will be the entertainment. Now go clean yourself up, I’m going to send more girls in and you better get them off quickly because you’re going to make me cum on your face again before I go to sleep.

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