Rise of the Nymph Queen Ch. 01

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“Oh… God,” thought Sue Myers, as she squirmed in her chair, “I can’t stand it, I’m sooooo horny!” Nervously, she crossed and un-crossed her long legs, smoothing her short, flirty skirt over her lap to keep from showing too much to the class under her desk, trying to resist the urge to just lift it up and show it all. To pull her panties to the side and frig off right there in front of (well, actually behind) the whole class.

As she sat there, half heartedly listening to Mr. Dominick go on and on and on about calculus problems (which she could do in her sleep) she did her best not to look like a bitch in heat, and thought about the changes she seemed to be going through.

Sue was pretty enough to be captain of the cheerleading squad, but too smart for any of the other girls to like. For that matter, she was way too pretty for any of the other girls to like, anyhow. She was the hot, nerdy girl of the school. At 5’9″ tall, with long, curly red hair cascading down her slender back, high, firm 38c tits, a narrow waist, curvy, wide hips, and piercing green eyes that she liked to emphasize with a little extra black eyeliner, Sue was a dream come true. But it was only recently that she’d come to know it.

“Oooohhh, I don’t know what’s going on with me,” Sue mused, chewing her pouty lower lip, getting a little of her bright red lipstick on her teeth, trying not to be obvious as she clenched her thighs together, “I’ve just been so damn turned on all the time! It’s crazy!”

It was true, in the past few weeks Sue Myers had gone from nerdy, pretty, average schoolgirl, to wild, wanton slut. It seemed she always had a case of hot pants! She’d taken to wearing a pad all the time (although she never had a period because her Mom had her on the shot). Her pussy was just constantly dripping wet! And she’d given up on bras too, the damn things rubbed her nipples maddeningly ’til she couldn’t stand it; better to have everyone see how hard her pink eraser like nubs were through her blouses, and the way her firm, c-cup globes bounced as she walked, than not even be able to think straight.

At first, she’d tried to ignore it. That worked for about the first day, day and a half. Then she started resorting to masturbation. For about a week, that kept her satisfied… well, almost. But by the end she was doing it so much she could hardly believe it… nearly 20 times a day. She even played hooky from school so she could diddle her sweet teen pussy all day long. Then, after a while, even everything she could do with her fingers, her vibrator, that big dildo she bought the day she turned 18, the showerhead, even her hairbrush handle and that big, long candle her Mom kept in the hallway, just wasn’t enough. She needed something alive inside her! Something besides her own fingers.

She’d been walking home from school last Friday when she’d had her first opportunity. She’d been dressing sluttier and sluttier lately, she wasn’t sure why. She just felt compelled to wear shorter and shorter skirts, tighter and tighter blouses, lower and lower necklines. That day she was wearing the shortest skirt she’d ever had on, and it both excited and embarrassed her the way it kept flaring up in the wind, revealing the little thong undies she’d just taken to wearing. They barely covered her mound, and didn’t cover her tight, perfect ass at all. So she’d been walking along the sidewalk, unable to control the saucy way she swung her hips with each step, feeling like a whore on the street corner, and strangely… loving it.

The man had pulled up along side her, driving slow with his window down. Fat, middle aged, and unshaven, he was the last kind of man she would ever normally look at, or even notice. In fact, a week before she’d have told him to go to hell and called him names just for talking to her. But that day, for some reason, she leveled a look at him with her pretty green eyes she’d never used on a guy before. A look she wasn’t even consciously aware she was capable of. A look that almost gave the poor guy a heart attack.

“Hey, baby,” he’d said as he rudely leered at her from the car, “you wanna go for a ride?”

To both of their surprise Sue had answered, “Yeah, maybe…” As if in a dream she got into the car, feeling as if she wasn’t doing this, someone else was, and leaned right over and kissed the dirty old pervert right on the cheek, like he was a favorite uncle, or something. “Take me somewhere,” she said with a nod and a wave at the road. Not believing his luck, but definitely not about to argue with it, he’d driven straight to the nearest motel.

Once inside, Sue made no pretenses of being nervous or self conscious, which normally would have been exactly how she’d have actually felt in a small, fleabag hotel room with a strange, sleazy man. And she wasn’t at all afraid. She just took her clothes off, and took his clothes off, and walked over to the bed. In the next few hours she did things with that man she’d thought she would Escort Büyükçekmece never let any guy do. She sucked his cock. She ate his cum. She fucked him, of course, but brutally, roughly, not romantically like she’d always fantasized. And she let him fuck her up the ass, too. She loved all of it, and just wanted more.

From the hotel she called her house and told her Mom she was hanging out with friends, and would be home “later”. Then she asked Gus, for that was the guy’s name, if he knew any good bars where a girl might find some more ‘old guys’ looking for a good time. By the time bookish, beautiful, apple of her Daddy’s eye Sue Myers got home it was 3 a.m., she was drunk, had gotten fucked by a stranger for the first time, in a hotel room for the first time, and had been gangbanged by at least seven other complete strangers, all at least her own Father’s age, on a pool table in a dive bar, complete with people watching. And for the first time in over a week, she felt satisfied. For the first time in her life, she felt truly alive.

Sue’s Dad Ron Myers had watched his pretty daughter climb out of the back of a taxi cab, and was relieved to see she hadn’t been out with a boy. Probably her friends had done some drinking, he knew what it was like at that age, and Sue had decided taking a taxi was safer than letting one of the guys, or even one of the other girls drive her home. His little girl had always been sensible, and would never have ridden with someone who’d been drinking, or been out so late with a guy (even on a pre-planned date, much less something spontaneous). Still, you can’t be the Father to a girl who looks like Sue and not lay awake at night worrying about it when she’s not home yet. Once again, Ron saw his fears were unfounded, and with a slight, proud smile he downed the last of his whiskey, and flipped on the porch light for his daughter, before heading up the stairs to go to bed.

That had been a week ago. Since then, Sue had gone all the way with her boyfriend Steve, and by that I mean she really went all the way. She’d seduced the school principle and three of the male teachers, and had fucked half the guys on the football team, the track team, and even a bunch of guys from the band (since it turned out the band geeks were really, really easy). The entire school was awash with whispers about what a slut she was all of a sudden, though no one said anything to her out loud, yet. Sue found she didn’t care, that she was proud of all the cock she was attracting, and anyhow she’d never been popular, being too pretty and too smart for her own good, she only made the other girls jealous. The few girl friends she did have, though, were loyal. Plus, in the last week she’d also fucked every guy friend she had.

But that wasn’t all. She’d walked past the firehouse on 43rd and Jackson every day when she’d walked home from school for three and a half years now. How many times had she looked at the buff, clean cut looking firemen out washing and polishing their trucks in the afternoon sun with a twinge of lust? Probably more than a thousand. On Tuesday of week two, she walked in, and asked the first fireman she came across to teach her “how to slide down a fireman’s pole.” By the time she strutted out a few hours later, her little purse swinging as she happily strode across the wide cement driveway the fire trucks roll out from, her hips swaying provocatively, she’d shown her appreciation to every one of the brave young men of Fire House 23 for all the danger they’d faced to keep the city from burning down. And she, herself, had played with every fire hose in the building.

And she’d done her civic duty in a few other ways, too. On Wednesday after she helped out a few of the guys after football practice, she’d taken turns with a street cop and his partner in the back seat of their squad car, parked down in an alley not far from the school. In the middle of the night that night, she was awoke by some flashing yellow lights through her window, and wound up lending a helping hand to a couple of guys from the street department, down in the rain drainage tunnel. One of those two had trouble getting off, so she tried a trick she’d heard about from one of her friends. Suffice it to say, by the time she crawled back above ground just before sunrise, her night shirt just a bit dirty, she had two new reasons never to think of the term “man hole” in quite the same way.

On Thursday, while she played hooky for the second time in her life, she’d helped a five man crew of roofers working across the street to really enjoy their lunch break. Taking them a pitcher of lemonade, high school babe Sue made sure the guy behind her got a good look at her bare ass and pussy under her short denim mini skirt, letting each of the hard working construction studs look down her loosely tied white top at her clearly hard nipples, as she poured each man a well deserved glass of ice cold lemonade. These Çatalca escort boys deserved it, she thought, after working so hard in the sun. Afterwards, she rushed back across the street so she could catch a shower to rinse off all the cum rolling down her thighs, and streaked across her back.

And now it was Friday, and poor Sue had two more hours of classes left before she could get out of there, and find some lucky guys to give it to her hard like she needed it. Like she needed it bad. Unlike the last few days, she hadn’t been able to corner the principle in his office, or a teacher in his classroom during lunch, or the boy’s gym coach in the visiting team locker room. She hadn’t been able to get one of the band guys into a practice room, her guidance counselor had another kid in his office, and the janitor was too busy to take her in the mop closet. She hadn’t gotten the school newspaper photographer alone in the darkroom, to see if something develops, and she hadn’t gotten the physics nerd to show her the laser science room, to see if she could make it shoot. In fact, she hadn’t been able to get even a single cock into her pussy, ass, mouth, or even her hands all day long! She was feeling really, really frustrated.

Maybe she would just walk into the boy’s locker room for the next gym session? The coach always gave the guys a good 20 minutes to shower up and change after they played whatever game the coach had planned. She could just go in while they were on the field, strip off and put her clothes in one of the lockers, and be waiting naked for all those sweaty, naked guys to come join her in the showers… “Dammit,” she thought, “that won’t work… 7th hour gym is for Juniors.” So far, she’d kept satisfying her lust to legal adult men, restraining herself to other students who, like her, had hit 18 (which was most of the class by this point in their Senior year). And she planned to keep it that way. Still, that might not be a bad idea for tomorrow night, when the guys on the Senior Varsity Football team get back in from the big home game…

Just thinking about that idea was enough to completely drown out Mr. Dominick and his boring math talk with images of sweaty, muscular football players covered in grass stains and mud, with hot water streaming down their bodies and over her curvy, soft flesh as all those calloused hands reached out for her, all those thick cocks standing out from the sweaty nests of pubic hair, on flat, hard abbed stomachs. As she thought about how they would roughly push her up against the tiles, steam swirling all around, strong hands lifting her off the ground, pulling her thighs apart, groping her ass, inner thighs, and tits, she sat quietly clenching her thighs together with a steady rhythm in the back of the class. As she imagined the first guy pushing his cock into her, his long, thick manhood (as she imagined it would be) spreading her thick, red and swollen cunt lips open as he surged into her she began to slide her thighs together, which were slick with her fluids despite the pad in her panties.

Looking around the classroom to be sure everyone was paying attention to the teacher but her, she crossed her arms over her heaving breasts, hoping it just looked like she was cold, and tossed her hair to hang over them too. Under the camouflage of her long mane, she began to tweak and pull on her nipples through her blouse, and massage the soft tissue of her tit flesh deeply. She felt a flush rise to her face as she started to tremble, and she did her best to keep her breathing quiet. Closing her eyes, she envisioned herself being pressed against the barrel chest of the hunky jock who she was pretending was just then sliding into her ’til his cock head rested against her cervix deep inside, while her clit ground against the root of his stalk. She imagined her pert breasts squashed against his muscular pecs as yet another Senior Varsity stud, perhaps that 19 year old Todd Macfarlane that sometimes rode his Dad’s Harley to school, pressed her forward so he could spread her ass cheeks, and force his manhood into her poor, tight sphincter.

She imagined open mouthed kisses all over her throat from the guy in front of her, and sucking, hickey giving kisses all over the back of her neck and her shoulder blades from the guy behind her. She imagined her ass being gripped in strong fingers that pulled her into every punishing, penetrating thrust from the shaft entering her from the front, and equally strong fingers mauling her firm, jiggling boobs, pulling her roughly into each thrust of the cock sodomizing her tight, stretched little rosebud. In her mind she felt her hair, soaking wet and wild, yanked hard from behind, by which of the men ravaging her she didn’t know, so they could bounce her body between them without losing control. As her eyes flicked from side to side she saw the rest of the guys on the team all standing there, under their shower heads in a circle around Esenler escort bayan her, stroking their big, throbbing boners as the warm water splashed on her face.

Suddenly it was too much. She could almost feel the cocks inside her, from her fantasy, as they burst open inside her, squirting her trembling, convulsing insides with their hot, sticky loads. She could almost feel the millions of tiny, squirming sperms lashing their strong tails and wiggling wildly inside her, invading her. Her whole body tensing up, she could stand it no more and started to have a huge orgasm. Totally forgetting where she was, or what was real, and what was fantasy, she screamed in ecstacy, a ragged, sharp scream, as her pussy squished out it’s slick, pungent juices onto her chair and the insides of her thighs, soaking the back of her skirt.

“Oh! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH AHH” she screamed, then hyperventilated sexily, going “Haaa-haaa-haaa-haaa” before being hit by another hot wave of white hot pleasure, causing her to scream again.

When it was all done, she sat trembling in her desk in the back of Mr. Dominick’s 6th hour college prep math class, and all eyes were on her. With a shaking hand, she embarrassedly pulled her hair out of her face, and tucked it behind her ears, as she self consciously un-crossed her legs, and pulled her skirt down as far as she could manage.

“I… I don’t feel very well,” she said, avoiding the eyes of her classmates, “I think I need to see the nurse…”

Nodding, Mr. Dominick waved his hand toward the door, his mouth hanging open like every other guy in the room. To her burning embarrassment, she noticed there was the beginning of a tent in her Math teacher’s trousers, despite the fact that he was like a hundred years old. She suspected there were other tents being pitched in the room too, though there was no way to tell since they were all seated, looking over their shoulders at her. She also noticed the narrow eyed glares she was getting from most of the other girls in the class, except for the few hiding their snickers behind their hands. A few whispered back and forth, and as Sue stood, and walked backwards out the door, she thought she heard some girl whisper, “sounded like she was feeling pretty good to me…”

Mortified, Sue burst through the door and into the hall. Tears streaming down her face she ran through the halls and out into the street, and didn’t stop running until she made it all the way home, completely forgetting about her plan to visit the firehouse again. Once there, she threw herself onto the bed in her room, sobbing, burying her face in her dolls and stuffed animals.

In the next room, Brad Myer’s thought he heard a thump. Taking his headphones off, he was thrust back into the world of real sounds, instead of Gangsta Rap music. The stylings of Snoop Dogg reduced to a tinny, rhythmic noise from the headphones around his neck, Brad tried to determine if someone else was in the house with him. He thought he heard crying… could it be coming from Sue’s room? Ever the protective Big Brother, Brad rolled off his bed, and strolled out into the hall. He walked the few steps over to his sister’s room, and finding the door open, he looked in to see his little sister laying across the bed, her long, lean body wracked with sobs.

“Sue,” he said in a questioning tone, “what are you doing home? Are you ok?”

The teenage girl sniffled and looked up at the sound of her big brother’s voice. Brad’s presence had always been comforting to her. Like most girls with brother’s a year or so older, her Big Brother had always been her Protector, and on hearing Brad’s voice, Sue suddenly felt better.

Brad Myers was a clean cut surfer, skateboarder, snowboarder guy, and basically when he wasn’t working odd jobs for pocket money, he was on some kind of board or another, usually without a shirt on, accounting for his rich, golden tan. He had sunny blonde hair and chiseled features, for good looks ran in the family. His eyes were blue, like his Dad’s, but since he was a little high the pupils were huge, giving the young man a look of naiveté despite the fact that he was 20 years old. As his sister looked up from her bed, tears having drawn black rivers of mascara down over her cheeks, he stood shirtless, his toned chest and belly rippled and tan, wearing board shorts and with his headphone cord drawing a line from his neck, to his waist. On his feet he wore flip flop shoes. All in all the picture of a California beach bum.

As Sue looked at him, the sweet look of concern on his handsome face, she felt that bothersome, persistent feeling again. Deep inside she began to itch once more. “Jesus,” she thought, “he’s your own Brother for Chrissakes!” Still, he’d always stood up for her… he really did deserve a reward for that, now didn’t he?

“What happened, Sis,” he said, “did some dumb jerk call you names or something?”

Smiling broadly all of a sudden, Sue stretched her long, bare legs out in front of her, watching her brother’s eyes widen a bit in spite of himself, and patted the bed beside her lightly with her hand. Pouting, pushing her lower lip out a little, she said in her best distressed little girl voice, “Oh, Brad.. come here Big Brother and I’ll tell you all about it…”

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