Samantha’s First Experience Pt. 06

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Please go read part 1 through 5 before reading this…


Jennifer and I continued seeing each other through late May of that year. I couldn’t tell you how many times we slept together; all I know is I had more sex with her than I did with some of my boyfriends. At times I had considered making things more permanent with each other by coming out to our families and more friends, asking her to move in with me, or maybe even considering marriage. I truly loved her. I truly loved our sexual experiences and for almost a full year I had no men in my life. We did go on weekends away and had romantic nights at hotels. We did what most normal couples in a loving relationship did. Except for one big key component I wasn’t getting dick. We used a lot of toys, strap on’s, vibrators and butt plugs and it was fun, but it wasn’t the man, the dick, or the cum I needed.

I think Jennifer was starting to feel the same, so after some lengthy conversations we decided it was time to part ways and start dating other people. I was heartbroken, not because of the lack of sex, but the lack of her, her companionship and our time together. I had spent 6 months in a lesbian relationship, hiding it from almost everyone, enjoying her pussy, our time together, our friendship, but reality hit and I needed to move on.

Romantically, I spent all summer alone. I did hang out with my friends, went to the bars and spent time with family, but nothing helped with my loneliness. I did go on dates with a couple of guys but never found one I was truly interested in. I was still healing and trying to come to terms of my own sexuality. Was I a lesbian? Was I Bi-Sexual? Or was it just the universe interjecting itself and putting Jennifer in my life to try something new? I wasn’t sure, but time would be the better judge of where I was headed.

On a late September night, I was home grading papers and getting prepared for the remainder of my week. I decided to take a break and was thumbing through my phone. I was truly bored and lonely and started scrolling through my contact list. The first person I had in my list was Ashley. I stared at it for a while, thinking of reaching out to her, but she was Jen’s friend, co-worker and was married. I surely wasn’t going to reach out to her, just to have someone to talk to. I did think of her and the night the three of us had and it brought a smile to my face, but I wasn’t going to cross any lines that I shouldn’t. I stumbled across an old number for a sorority sister named Linda I went to college with. I hadn’t talked to her in years, and even then, we all knew she was a lesbian, so maybe she could help me talk through the things I was trying to figure out. I sent a message, but as the night dragged on, I never heard back. I don’t even know if it was still her phone number. As I got ready for bed, the better part of my judgment and discretion went out the window and I sent Ashley a message. I wrote;

“Hey Ashley, it’s Samantha, Jennifer’s old girlfriend. I was thumbing through my phone and saw I still had your number. I was thinking about you and was hoping things are good with you. I don’t know if you heard, Jennifer and I split in late May, so I don’t talk to her much anymore, I hope she’s doing okay, cause I’m not.”

A few days went by without a response from Ashley, so I figured she didn’t want to talk to me. Sunday night I was home just watching a movie when my phone went off. I grabbed it and saw it was a message from Ashley. She wrote;

“Samantha, I am so sorry for the delay in responding to you. The kids have been sick and we have been slammed at work, transitioning to a new computerized learning system. I was so happy you reached out. Yes, Jennifer did tell me you both split just before the semester ended. I was sorry to hear that. I thought you guys were good together. I haven’t talked to Jennifer all summer and since school started a few weeks back, they transferred me to a satellite location so I’m not even in the same building as her. I’m sorry you’re not doing well with it, I’m sure she’s not either. If you need to talk or vent, I am here for you. You both did me a huge favor, so the least I can do is be there for you if you’re down.”

I reply; “Thank you Ashley I appreciate. I’m just having a hard time because I am alone and don’t know if I should continue dating girls or go back to boys. My relationship with Jennifer threw me for a loop and I’m just feeling sorry for myself.”

Over the next week Ashley and I continued our conversation. She was so nice to me listening to my problems, while she had her own life to lead. And even though Ashley only had limited lesbian experiences, I felt at least she would know how torn I was. Ashely asked me to meet her for dinner mid-week by suggesting, “We can talk better in person than via text.”

I agree and we determine a place and time and I looked forward to meeting her. The night I’m supposed to meet her, I can’t decide what to wear. I realize this is not a date, but I’d like to be appropriate Ankara escort for the evening. I finally decide on an old pair of blue jeans and a light-colored summer short sleeve shirt and gym shoes. As I am pulling into the lot, I see Ashely walking into the restaurant. She is wearing brown Khaki shorts, a women’s light pink polo style shirt and flats. I find somewhere to park and greet her in the foyer of the restaurant. I give her a big hug and it is wonderful to see her again. Her smile is warming and she greets me kindly. We are seated and begin our time together. We chat through dinner and I tell her about my issues and my concerns and she listens intensely, just hearing me out before offering advice or making judgements. As the night concludes we walk out into the parking lot. Ashley invites me to sit in her car and talk more. I agree and enter into her passenger side. Ashely has a big monster SUV with dark tinted windows an she’s parked towards the back of the parking lot. Through more conversation Ashely tells me, “Just let your heart be the judge of who you want, it’s always right.”

As she said that, I just burst into tears. My emotions finally got the best of me and I finally had to let it out. My hands went right to my face covering my eyes and I leaned forward and just began sobbing. I mouthed the words, “I don’t know what my heart wants.”

Ashley leans over and puts her arms around me. She’s there comforting me, telling me it’s going to be okay, just as a mother would comfort a child who going through a rough time. I sat in her car and cried for the better part of 10 minutes listening to her speaking words of praise, faith and trust. At that moment she was the best friend I had. Actually, the only friend who would understand what I was going through. Ashely pulled me closer into her arms wrapping me in her bosom. Ashely says, “Can I tell you something.”

“Yes of course,” I reply.

“You know some time back; you and Jen probably saved my marriage as well as my word and honor.”

Confused by this I ask, “How?”

Ashley says, “I made promised to my husband I probably wasn’t going to keep. I never suspected I’d be interested in sleeping with a woman, yet both of you made me realize it was okay to like the same sex, to fantasize or even desire the same sex. And though it all, even though you both didn’t know me very well, you went out of your way to show me things I had never experienced. And in the long run introduced me to a lifestyle I have become more interested in. And after some experiences, my husband’s quite fond of it too.”

Ashley chuckles and says, “Don’t’ be scared of being Bi-Sexual or a Lesbian, just love who you love and the heart will take care of the rest.”

“I’m not scare of being Bi-Sexual or a Lesbian, I’m scared of being alone and not knowing what I want,” I reply.

I feel Ashley pull me in closer and I feel her kiss the top of my head.

Ashley whispers, “I know you’re hurting and I know it’s been hard without Jen, but I would guess she’s hurting too.”

I look up at Ashley and I thank her for her compassion and kind words. She wipes a tear from my eye, pulls me in tighter to her and kisses me on my forehead. I smile as we cuddle in the car. My arms wrapped around her arms as she lets me release my emotions. I feel Ashley stroking my hair as her cheek rests up against my top of my head. I look up at her and I place a soft kiss on her lips. “Thank you for this,” I whisper.

As my head began to lean back down, Ashley lifts my chin back up gently with her left hand and pulls my face up towards her. She looks me deep in my eyes and leans in for a kiss. Our lips touch and I am already under her spell. Our lips part and our tongues touch for the first time. We softly and gently begin kissing each other. Almost cautiously and shy like, but start to get more involved. I pull from our kiss, stopping myself saying to her, “You’re married, we shouldn’t be doing this.”

Ashely responds, “I just told you few minutes ago it’s a lifestyle I am becoming more interested in. I’ve had long conversations with my husband and he say’s I can date any woman I want as long as he’s involved sexually somewhere along the way.”

Ashly follows up by saying, “Samantha, I have something to admit to you. When I suspected you and Jennifer were together, you were the only two girls I knew who were possibly in a lesbian relationship. I was in a panic with my promise to my husband and whether or not I could do it. I was so scared when I sent Jen that message and I was so glad, she was open and honest in answering me. Truthfully, Jennifer was pretty and sexy, but as we started hanging out and getting to know each other more, it was you that I wanted. You were the reason I said yes, not her.”

Hearing those words made my heart leap. I quickly thought back about the night Jennifer and I had sex in front of her. How bad I wanted to be with her. How bad I wanted to eat her out and make love to her. How badly I wanted to kiss Ankara escort bayan her and feel our bodies intertwined. I leaned upwards immediately and started kissing Ashley again. This time there was no reservations and I wasn’t holding back. As our tongues swirled around each other’s mouth, my hand rubs along the side of her face, as her hand rubbing along the side of my neck and my upper chest. My pussy starts throbbing and I want her more now than I did before. Ashley pulled from our kiss, pulled her shirt over her head, looked into my eyes and said, “Touch me.”

I grab Ashley and kiss her deeply again. I slid my hand down into her bra, finally getting to feel her big voluptuous tits. Which were fucking amazing! They are the biggest tits I have ever felt. Large, plump, heavy and just fabulous. I pulled her left tit out of the bar cup releasing it and leaned my head down and swirl my tongue around her nipple. I am in awe of how big and sexy they are. Ashley moans softly as I suck on her nipple. I reach my hand down in-between her legs and start rubbing her pussy over her pants. I feel her body react to my touch and I think back to seeing her pussy when Jen and I had sex for her. How hot it was, how sexy her hair patch looked, how bad I wanted to eat her out. I unbutton her Khakis and unzipped them sliding my hand down onto her panties. Ashley pulls my head up from her breast and pulls me in for a kiss. We are deeply making out as my hand rubs up and down her panties. My pussy is throbbing and becoming soaking wet.

Ashley leans me back a bit and I feel her hand pulling at my jean button. Ashley gets it open and unzips my jeans and I feel her hand dive deep into my pants rubbing up and down my thong. I moan in pleasure as her hand is touching me. I slide my hand out of her Khakis and start trying to pull them further down. Ashley starts to lift her hips to help me, but maybe panic or concern of our location sets in and she moans through our kiss, “Ught ugh.”

She pulls from our kiss and says, “Not here. I don’t want to get naked in the car.”

I understand her fears and wishes so I stop trying to get her pants off more. As our lips meet again, I slide my hand back down into her pants pushing my hand deep into her panties. Since she adjusted her pants a bit, I now have a little more room to maneuver. I feel the cute little patch of hair is still there, while the clit down is perfectly shaved. Ashley’s pussy is full and plump and soaking wet. I get to her lips and part them with my fingers and slide one deep inside her. She is pulsing and is soaking wet as my finger glides deep into her. She moans in pleasure as I start thrusting my hand back and forth. I work on pleasuring her more. Our mouths still touching, partially kissing as our moans become more absorbed and more intense. I feel Ashley pull her hand back a bit, manipulate the tip of my panties out of the way and slide her hand deep into my panties. Felling her hand on my pussy makes my body tingle.

Ashley is sitting in the driver’s seat leaning on her right hip, while I’m on the passenger side leaning left. We continue kissing and leaning towards each other, with our arms crossed over and our hands rammed down each other’s pants, finger fucking each other to orgasm. As we continue this hot, sexy make out session, our passions ignite more as we bring ourselves closer to orgasm. Ashley whispers to me, “Take your shirt off, I want to see your tits.”

I pull my hand from inside her pants, look around the parking lot to make sure no one is watching and with both hands grab the bottom of my shirt and slide it over my head. I unhook my bra, pull it off and throw it on the floor of her car. Ashely’s head dips down and she starts kissing, licking and sucking on my nipples. While her hand continues rubbing up and down my wet pussy. I lean back in pleasure, both of my hands resting on the top of her head, as I feel her breath excite every nerve in my body. I edge my jeans further down and let her see the hot sexy thong I am wearing. The more Ashley sucks on my nipples and plays with my pussy, the wetter I get. I feel her slide a finger deep inside me. I gasp for air and moan out in pleasure. With a bit more room, she is able to finger me more easily. Ashley brings me to orgasm rather quickly, especially considering it has been months since someone has played with my pussy. I am moaning aloud in the car, “OMG, Ashley OMG.”

I want her to push her fingers deep inside me. I want her to rips my panties off and ram her hand into me as fast as she can, making me scream for more. As Ashley continues fingering me, I feel pleasures I haven’t felt tin months. I love seeing a beautiful woman with her hand in between my legs while her fingers sliding in and out of me. I pull her in for another deep kiss as her fingers are working my pussy to orgasm. As I get close, I start moaning to Ashley, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.”

Ashley’s eyes are focused in on mine as she brings me closer and closer with every thrust.

Within Escort Ankara seconds I orgasm all over her fingers, my legs shake and my body quivers. I am so relieved I have finally found someone to touch me again and bring me to orgasm. I pull Ashley’s hand from my pants and push her upright and back onto her car seat. I lean in towards her, kissing her deeply, my hands cup, caress and touch her hot tits. I slide my hand back down into her panties, feeling she is even wetter than before. I break from our kiss and dip my head back down and start sucking on her nipples again. I can’t get over how big, plump and sexy they are. I could spend hours just playing with her tits. I keep sucking on her nipples while my fingers slide up and down her soaking wet pussy lips. On occasion I slide a finger deep into and swirl it around making her moan aloud. I am getting her so turn on, so wet and bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Surprisingly, Ashley grabs at her shorts with both hands, lifts her hips and slides them down to her feet. Ashley pulls the lever on the side of her seat, laying her seat way down and back. She pulls me down towards her almost pulling me on top of her. She spreads her legs further and I even better access to her pussy. I continue sliding a finger in and out of her as she lays back in pleasure. Ashley’s pussy is the wettest, sloppiest, stickiest pussy I have ever felt and I love it. Jen and I have never had children, so to finger someone who has given birth to two children and feeling how wide and open her pussy is, is so sexy it’s driving me crazy.

As I continue on, I slide two fingers inside of her, then three. My hand is soaking wet and I want to eat her out so bad. In my mind I am trying to figure out a way to slide the panties aside and let my tongue enter into that wide-open pussy. I go back and forth between ramming two or three fingers deep inside of her, to rubbing her clit, back to sliding fingers in and out of her. Our faces pressed up against each other, our lips touching, but not parted, as I feel Ashley breathing heavily. Soft longing moans with high-pitched orgasmic sounds from deep inside her. Her body is quivering as her hand caresses my face, her other hand resting on my arm. I can feel her body starting to shake as I bring her closer and closer. Finally, she is thrusting her hips and moaning through her mouth, “I’m going to cum.”

Her body lurches upwards as her legs begin shaking and Ashley is now having her first big orgasm with me. She is moaning, “OMG, OMG, OMG!”

“Samantha, OMG.”

As she starts to come down form her orgasm, I withdraw my fingers and just softly and gently rub up and down her sloppy wet pussy. We kiss deeply as her hand holds the side of my face while her other hand cups my breast. When she is finally expelled, I pull my hand from her panties and I start licking my fingers. I want to taste her! Ashley pulls me in closer and we both are licking, sucking, tonguing and kissing around my wet fingers tasting her pussy. Ashley pulls me in for one last deep kiss. When we break from that, we just hug and hold each other for a while. Our bodies just touching, with warmth and comfort as we held onto each other tightly.

Finally, I lean back onto my seat and set it back a bit so I am more reclined. We are both just sitting there holding hands and catching our breaths. As I sit in quiet with her, I realize just how beautiful and sexy she is. Her tits sagging over her bra, which is still hooked in back. Her legs thick and full, but not making her seems heavy or overweight. I can only imagine how much her husband loves being in-between her legs. As we slowly rub and touch each other’s fingers I am in absolute shock this happened and happy that I contacted her and met up with her.

Ashley pulls her hand from mine and starts rubbing up and down my left thigh. She compliments me on my thin sexy legs and the cute panties I am wearing. As I feel her hand rubbing up and down my legs and just looking over at her I start getting turned on again. I tell her, “If you keep rubbing up and down my legs like that, we’re gonna be going again.”

Ashley smiles and says, “I have no problem with that.”

I see Ashley start rubbing on her pussy over her panties. Just seeing her masturbate looking at me gets me turned on. Ashley says to me, “I want to see your pussy.”

I lift my hips and slide my panties down and off. I shift my hips to face her more, spread my legs further, lean my seat all the way back and start rubbing up and down my pussy. When Ashley finally gets a full good look, she lets out an excited gasp and slides her hand deep into her own panties. We both stare at each other as we rub our fingers and hands up and down our pussies. Our eyes in constant stare with each other and we both masturbate ourselves towards orgasm, just like we did months ago at Jen’s house. As I start to get close, Ashley Says to me, “I want to put my fingers in you as you cum.”

I shake my head yes and keep working my pussy harder watching her hand finger fucking herself, seeing her panties moving up and down and in and out, knowing it’s watching me that’s getting her off. As I feel myself close to orgasm, I start moaning, “Ashely, I’m going to cum.”

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