Sandal Tales 08: Reunion

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I could not believe that we were going to meet again after so long. I was very nervous. We had not seen each other in years. What would she be like? What would she see in me?

I remembered her curvaceous body, her breasts so full and round with nipples that would get so hard to my tongue. I remembered her lovely legs. Her ankles were so slender and when she indulged me and wore sexy sandals with straps around those ankles – oh my. I began to get hard just thinking of it.

The place was perfect. The used bookstore was in a large old house. The upstairs of the store was usually unoccupied. It had a couch and chairs in a reading area in one room. It had another room off to the side that was always a bit of a mess with more old and odd books and less common ones that meant fewer visitors. And the narrow stairs were so creaky in the old building that it provided plenty of warning of someone coming up.

I was the first one there. Waiting upstairs my heart was pounding. What if she didn’t even come? Then I heard someone coming up the old staircase. Would it be her? I heard hard shoes on the wooden steps… then in the hallway.

Oh my god! It was her. She walked slowly into the reading room as I took her in with my eyes. A flowery summer dress with thin straps over the shoulders. The movement of her breasts with each step spoke to me of there being sancak escort no bra to confine them. She wore no stockings and had a pair of the sexiest high heeled sandals I believe I had ever seen. Wooden platforms but not too tall. Perhaps a 3 inch heel. A delicious curve to them gently holding her feet and three straps over each foot and one surrounding her ankles to hold them in place. Oh my!

My eyes met hers as she came into the room and I stood. It was as if we had never been apart. She came right up and her arms flowed around me and mine around her. Our lips met and opened. Our tongues said hello. As my arms slid down her back I felt no lines underneath. My cock became so hard to strain against my jeans as I realized the dress was all she had on. I felt no bra or panties underneath. Oh! Naughty girl!

We stood looking at each other. We said nothing. She looked so good – if anything even though there were a few more years she looked younger and more vital and sexy than ever. Her eyes never left mine as her hand went to my jeans and she felt of my hardness. I saw that her dress unbuttoned from the front and I release first one button and then another. She suddenly giggled and looked coy and shy. “Not here, you silly man.” she said. But instead I nodded towards the other room and sarıyer escort led her by the hand. We went through the doorway to be among the musty books that few came to look at.

We kissed again. In the corner of this room we were behind a shelf of books that partially blocked anyone’s view should they come in. And there was always the creaky floor and stairs to warn us of an arrival…

I unbuttoned more buttons. Her dress came apart more as my hands moved in and gently held her breasts. She closed her eyes and leaned towards me – giving herself to me. Meanwhile her hands reached out and found the button on my jeans. She unbuttoned then unzipped and pulled them apart. It was now my turn to surprise. Her hands found my hardness and pulled it free as she realized I had no underwear to get in the way.

I could not wait. Neither could she. I didn’t want to let go of her breasts but I did and turned her around away from me. As if reading my mind she leaned forward against the bookshelves- putting her hands and arms up to steady herself against them. I lifted her dress from behind. She pushed her round bottom towards me and spread her legs. Holding my cock in my hand it was almost magnetically led to the warm wetness of her shaved pussy. It was so wet it instantly covered the head of my sefaköy escort cock and thusly I slid into her so easily and so deep with my first thrust. And there we were. That is where our reunion was to be. She pushed at me as I drove into her over and over. We were so very hot that we both knew it would be no time at all. In a moment of heat I unbuttoned the remaining buttons of her dress with my arms around her and pulled it wide open. She was now all but naked were anyone to come in….

The luck of our lust was with us. Nobody came. I slowed and my movements became more deliberate as did hers. She arched her back and I pushed against her. My hands found her hips to pull her even tighter to me and as I gave her all of my cock. And together we came. I could feel her pussy contracting against me and her wetness running down my balls. She was trembling as she came and whimpered to keep from making more noise. I could hold no longer and my hardness began pulsing inside her as my sperm flowed into her. We stilled and held tight. I was holding deep in her with my cock moving all of its own as her tight little pussy did the same in return. Oh my…

We were a jumble of nervous activity in making ourselves presentable. We were both very much aware of how carried away we had instantly become. Had anyone walked in we would have been quite a site – for neither one of us would have been able to stop. We kissed gently. We knew we could not leave together should anyone happen to see. We touched forheads and said gentle goodbyes. She left first across the creaky floor and down the narrow steps. I took in her sexy moves beneath the flowery dress and was already dreaming of our next clandestine encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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