Slutty Wives

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Big Tits

Slutty Wives

By : DickThePimp

“You don’t mind if Carrie and I go out tonight, baby?”

“No, babe. It’s cool. Kaia’s gonna hang out.”

“I’m glad she’s gonna be here to take care of my baby. Mmmmmmmm.”

“Me too. Hahaha.”

My wife… the hottest wife ever… Kelly (Porn Queen Kelly Madison) crawled up in my lap while I chilled on the sofa. I hurt my back the other day so I’ve been taking it easy since. We were chillin’ at home last night, watching some TV after dinner, and snuggling on the couch til Kelly and her best friend Carrie (Carrie Heffernan/The King Of Queens/Leah Remini) left to hit the club for some girl’s night out action.

Carrie is my sister in law. She’s married to my half brother Spence (The King Of Queens). Cool chick. We used to fool around when she was married to her last husband Doug. She dumped him and married Spence a couple of years ago. Don’t tell Spence, but I’ve even fucked her a few times since they’ve been together. OK… a couple more than a few. Carrie’s probably a little too hot for Spence, but he dicks her down real good so they’re pretty happily hitched.

Kelly and I have been married for 32 years. Our daughter Kaia takes right after her. Blonde. Thin. Gorgeous, smooth, supple legs. Huge natural jugs. Both are beyond perfect.

Kelly and I have a beautiful relationship. We’re soulmates. Sexually, and otherwise. We both are thrill seekers. Kelly was wild when I met her, and she’s still wild… or slutty… now. We fuck in public all the time. She flashes others all the time. She let our 72 year old next door neighbor Bob finger her pussy… and ass… the other night after she gave him a lap dance as a thank you. He came over and fixed the step to the basement that I tripped on. Nice guy.

My wife being a slut turns me on. She doesn’t tell me what she does… most of the time… cause I don’t want her too. It’s more exciting not knowing. The whole thrill of the unknown. Some times I change my mind and get her to spill the horny beans though.

Spence knows about Carrie’s wild past, but he thinks she’s calmed down now. Poor guy. He’s never been known as the most perceptive guy so we just let him think what he wants to think.

“Hey, mama. Heyyyyy, daddy. How are you feeling?”

Kaia strolled in while Kelly and I were fondling each other during Wheel Of Fortune. She had me all boner strapped and ready to rock. Kaia leaned over and smiles so sweet at daddy, kissing me three times. I pulled her down on me. Gotta get them titties on me as much as possible. Awesome, awesome titties. Just like mama. Kaia rubber them all over my chest, grinning mischievously and kissing me a few more times too. She’s got the sweetest lips. Always glossy and smooth, sweet as sugar and tender as can be.

“Mmmmmmm. Daddy’s all hard for me. Yum. Hehehehe.” Kaia giggled.

“I think it was for me, but I won’t argue with you, baby. MWAH!” Kelly grinned, kissing Kaia nice and deep while I roughly squeezed both pairs of huge, bouncy boobs. My hands happily going full boar, grasping, cupping, shaking, and manhandling the four greatest tits on earth.

Kaia and Kelly both cooed and moaned in appreciation. Kelly’s black spandex, zip up mini dress melding perfectly to her extremely busty form. The cool material feeling so good in my hands. Kaia’s white tank top so thin and her thumping pink nipples so rock hard they were trembling non stop against my palms.

I watched my blonde bombshell wife and daughter heartedly make out as I titty molested them both. They were swapping spit and tongue fucking, grinding against each other and all. I couldn’t stop grinning, my cock thumping in my thin, white sweatpants the whole funky, fabulous time.

I started sucking Kelly’s 34FFs while she feed them to me as Kaia slid my foot long cock right up her dripping wet cock. Her pussy vibrated so beautifully as my cock slowly inched it’s way up her pink folds. She leaned back on me, smiling right at me as her honey sweet pussy eagerly enveloped my entire, foot long twitching rod.

Kelly and I tongue fucked furiously as Kaia rode me, grinding fast, then slow, then bouncing hard on my cock. She squirted twice, drenching my balls with her divinely sweet pussy milk.

“Daddyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! GOD! WHAT A COCK!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!”

Watching my daughter gets so much pleasure from my massive dick made me smile so proud… as Kelly passionately kissed me, her creamy pink lips devouring mine in the most carnally heated and beautiful way ever.

Kelly devoured my rod when Kaia let it slip from her pussy cream dripping snatch. She jumped up on my face, grinding my mouth as I sucked her twat mercilessly, my tongue dancing deep inside it. Kelly bobbed fast and hard on my cock her voluptuous lips wrapped air tight on my rod, sliding so smoothly up and down it.

I could hear her growling wildly as she sucked me off, her huge titties hanging from her unzipped top, rubbing perfectly on my thighs.

Kaia’s Küçükçekmece Escort pussy squirting once more into my mouth as I sucked relentlessly on it, my tongue darting back and forth across her pulsating pink folds, her pussy vibrating non stop as it pumped out her sex cream violently into my anxiously sucking mouth.

I reached up and roughly squeezed her bare titties under her tank top. GOD! WHAT A PAIR OF TITS! Kelly did an awesome job with her. So big and bouncy and squeezable. My thumbs dancing across the rock hard nips as I continually squeezed the massive flesh while I eagerly sucked her super sweet pussy dry.

Kaia leaned her head back and smiles wide, moaning loudly, her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as I worked over her heaving 32F tits and her still squirting, clean shaven pussy.

Kelly rode me next, wildly bouncing on me. My hands making the journey to her massive melons as Kaia turned around and started sucking on her mother’s 34FF uber jugs. God… what a sight! My two honeys smiling, happily sucking and fucking. Awesome! So awesome!

My cock was lurching hard inside Kelly’s cunt, so ready to cum dump in there. Her pussy was quaking even harder, thumping on my twelve inches mercilessly as it sucked it in so deep every time she bounced on it.

Kelly squirted so hard, her cum exploding from her twat like it was blasted out of a cannon. She screamed so loud as her pussy milk pounded against my balls and thighs, shooting non stop out of her violently spasming cunt around my thick thumping dick.

“Oh my God! You guys started without me!” Carrie announced, running over to the couch and kneeling by it. “I call cum!” She giggled at Kelly. She wanted my jizz, calling dibs before Kelly could. Kelly laughed, rubbing my chest, rocking fast and furious on my cock, then slamming down on it, her pussy thumping even harder around my ready to explode rod.

Kelly sat up allowing Carrie to quickly grab my cock and suck it in half way, my cock stretching her lips wide from its immense girth. Carrie’s spit rolled down my thumping shaft as she furiously sucked it, long brown hair swinging around as she went. Her tongue intensely licking under my thick shaft as she sucked me off.

That did it. I cum dumped right down her throat. Carrie had about eight inches in her mouth and throat and she just relaxed, letting my cock lurch violently down her gullet, not gagging at all. My cock blasted my thick, extra gooey, extra creamy white dick milk right down her quick sucking gullet, wave after wave of rich sperm pellets pumping into her cum staged stomach. Carrie cooed and moaned blissfully the whole time, so happy to be eating my semen, enjoying the taste of Kaia and Kelly’s cumming pussies on it as well. She sucked me totally and completely dry.

“God…. Mmmmmmmmmmm… so damn good! Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Best cum ever, baby.” Carrie softly caressed my face as she turned her head to look up at me. I winked back as she kept softly sucking me, her tongue dirty dancing all across my very, very happy cock.

After Carrie finished with my dick, Kelly, Kaia, and Carrie all kissed, tongue fucking and spit swapping sloppily, putting on a very hot show for me as I filmed it with my phone. Kelly played with Kaia and Carrie’s jugs as well. I snuck in some very cool titty groping myself.

All three honeys kissed me nice and deep and loving. One at a time, then all three at the same time. Awesome four-way kiss.

Carrie and Kelly got up and went to the bathroom… Kelly getting in a real nice cock rub and kiss on it before she did… to fix their makeup before they went out. Kaia and I chilled on the couch, snuggling perfectly, a huge smile on my face.

Kaia gave me a bunch of soft kisses on my right cheek as I held tight. Her uber boobs perfectly rubbing on my side and chest. My right hand resting right on her right booty cheek, gripping gently. My daughter is so amazing beautiful and such a sweetheart too. Kelly and I are so proud of her. She kept on softly kissing my cheek, sweetly smiling the hole time. I couldn’t stop smiling myself. Awesome way to relax at home. My messed up back wasn’t even bothering me at the time. My daughter doing her job so very well.

Spence came over right before Kelly and Carrie went out. He had to work late so he couldn’t come over with Carrie earlier… thankfully.

“See you later my handsome king.” Kelly cupped my face and kissed me, smiling her naughty, loving smile. She caressed my face, then picked up on my grinning lips, winking at me too. She kissed Kaia as well, then me once more.

“Take care of my king, Kaia. I don’t want him to hurt at all. Make sure he feels as good as possible the whole evening, baby.” Kelly winked at me, blowing em a huge, sexy kiss. She blew Kaia as kiss too and waved at us.

“I will, mama. Don’t worry.” Kaia grinned, licking the right side of my face. I just groaned with delight, grinning Maltepe Escort from ear to ear.

“Bye, Spence.” Kelly waved at my brother. He waved back. Carrie was kissing him. Carrie came over and kissed my cheek, whispering in my ear.

“I wanna suck you off again when we get back. Have your dick ready for me, stud.” Carrie used her sluttiest voice on me, and kissed my cheek again, naughty winking and grinning at me too. I chuckled and winked back.

They waved again and I waved back, then Kelly and Carrie headed out to their uber for girls night out.

“Oh my God, dude. You won’t believe this…” Spence was excited. He wanted to let me in on a surprise at work, right after the girls left.

“This chick at work, Dana… she sucked me off during lunch. Right there under the table and all. It was freaking awesome!”

Kaia and I looked at each other and laughed. Spence has been known to exaggerate from time to time so we didn’t know if this was another example or not.

Spence kept rubbing his bulge throughout the evening. We ordered a pizza… and he kept playing with himself. We ordered some beer… more Spence self dick fondling. Kaia and I got a kick out of it, laughing between us. We made out a couple of times… which didn’t stop Spence from fondling himself. It was funny as fuck. No matter what we did or he did… he kept playing with himself.

Finally… Kaia had enough. “Spence… just whip it out and jerk off. You keep playing with yourself so you might as well whip it out and show it off. Woohoo!” She teased him, cheering him on. We laughed.

Spence shrugged his shoulders and finally whipped out his fat dick. Kaia was impressed. She could see why Carrie dumped her last husband for him.

Kelly sent me a pic of her and Carrie flashing the uber driver. “He’s cute so we decided to flash him. Hehe.” She texted. I didn’t show Spence the pic. I showed Kaia though. She giggled.

Kaia and I ate some pizza… really good pizza, sausage and pepperoni and olives… and watched some TV… and watched Spence jerk his dick while he fondly recalled the supposed lunch break blowjob from work. More laughing. Dude’s a trip.

“She went right under the table and started sucking me off. Everybody was watching. God… it was freaking awesome!” Spence couldn’t stop goofy grinning while he slowly jerked his extra thick meat. Kaia kept checking it out as she ate. It’s a helluva thick sausage for sure.

“Nice sausage, Spence.” Kaia smirked. She playfully sucked in the end of her piece of pizza to tease her uncle even more. Kaia winked at me as I watched and grinned. Such a beautiful tease she is.

“Thanks.” Spence chuckled, still slowly jerking his meat as he described the blowjob in full, kinky detail for us as we ate. I downed three pieces of pizza, the stopped, finishing off my third beer as well. A big belch which made Kaia giggle thrown in for good measure.

“She couldn’t get enough of my cock. She sucked me off the whole lunch break. I came twice. She drank it all and kept sucking. She couldn’t get enough of ol’ Spence. It was so damn awesome!” Spence was extra happy, beaming with pride, as he described his alleged lunch time bj while he jerked his dick.

I had Kaia sitting in my lap, my right arm around her waist as she finished off another piece of pizza, leaning back into me as we watched some Netflix and chilled… the fun way. My hands made their way to her titties from behind, groping away through her tank top, then under it, as Kaia cooed happily and Spence kept babbling.

Kelly texted me another pic. Kaia had my phone so she saw it first. She showed me. Kelly was letting some old dude feel her up at the bar. He was sitting next to her, reaching around and grinning from ear to ear as he groped my wife’s massive titties through her thin black top as Kelly drank a glass of white wine. Kaia and I both got a chuckle outta that.

Kelly also sent me… or us… a pic of Carrie jerking off another old guy at a table. Carrie was just calmly sitting there, hand under the table jerking that thick old meat as she blew Kelly kisses. Again… we didn’t show Spence. Kaia and I did look at each other and shake our eyebrows at each other, then shared a very nice kiss as I kept up the thorough, bare breast massage I was giving her.

Spence kept talking… and jerking off. He really was oblivious to us, and anything else, as he so happily described getting sucked off at work… allegedly.

A little later, I went to the bathroom with Spence still babbling about the bj. Kaia just smirked and shook her head at him, really wanting him to shut up. I leaned over and kissed her, grinning back, then headed to the bathroom, taking my time there cause of my screwed up back.

As I sat on the toilet, I texted Kelly. She told me about Carrie sucking off the bartender right there behind the bar when he was on his break. That made me laugh. She also told me the old guy Mecidiyeköy Escort that was feeling her up earlier offered her $200 to fuck her ass. We both thought that was on the low side and laughed about it.

About twenty minutes later, back in the living room, I walked in and saw Kaia stretched out on the sofa grinning at me, waving me over. She was also jerking Spence’s fat dick while he stood at the end of the sofa.

“It was the only thing that would shut him up. Hehehe.” Kaia giggled. I chuckled myself. I walked over and leaned over on the couch, pulling my girl’s pink short shorts off… pink g string too. I dive in and ate her pussy so good, lapping at her clit, sucking and chewing on it, fingerling her with two fingers at the same time. Kaia moaned loudly, writhing contently on the sofa as she jerked off ol’ Spence… who thankfully wasn’t saying anything… just groaning and growling from the handjob. His dick was so hard and jumping in Kaia’s very skilled hand.

I sucked her silky labia, running my tongue up and down her slit, sliding in and tongue lashing her pulsating pink folds as I tapped on her clit softly, but faster and faster.

She came in my mouth, moaning so beautifully as she squirted. I sucked it all out, my tongue lapping her milky cream up inside her quaking twat as I kept up the soft, but fast tapping on her thumping clit.

She leaned up and started licking the bottom of Spence’s huge, hairless balls, giggling as he growled with delight. Her hand sped up on his cock jerking faster. It lurched more and more in her hand as she picked his balls some more, giggling and writhing from me sucking her pussy clean.

“Oh shit!” Spence started cumming on the carpet. Kaia jerked it all out as he shook, and made all kinds of goofy cum faces, sweating and mumbling to himself as well. Kaia and I laughed as I moved up to her pussy and slid my hard cock in, fucking my daughter slowly, long, deep thrusts in and out as she finished jerking out Spence’s thick load.

“Mmmmmmmmmm… fuck me, daddy. Fuck me so good. God! I love your huge cock. Mmmmmmmmmmm.” Kaia blew me sexy kisses. I grinned and winked back, grasping her huge, jiggly jugs under her tank top, squeezing away as I fucked my amazingly gorgeous daughter senseless. My dick throbbed so hard inside her. That sweet pussy wrapped so tight around it, vibrating all over it as I kept thrusting deep and hard up it.

Kaia looked up at Spence dick and saw a drop of cum hanging from the tip. She leaned up and licked it off, gulping it down and smacking her lips… then Spence’s dick, waving him away. He winced a little, then went to get some stuff to clean up his cum from my carpet.

As Spence cleaned up, I pulled out of Kaia’s cunt, rubbed some lube from the counter behind the couch on my cock, and pushed against her tight anal ring. Kaia picked her lips at me, smiling so sweet. I pushed in, slowly gliding up that tight ass. She took in about eight inches of my cock as I fucked her slowly, deep and slow. Kaia moaned and groaned so happily as my cock spread and fucked her ass so deep. She closed her beautiful eyes and smiled, making me smile so wide as my cock kept up the deep, steady ass fucking for another ten minutes.

I finally pulled out and slowly… my damn back… straddled her ample chest. She wrapped those huge, heaving tits around my cock and pumped it with them, licking and playfully chewing on my crown. It didn’t take much to make me pop. I came hard into Kaia’s wide open mouth. She kept it open to let me see my cum shoot right in. She quickly drank it down as each sperm pellet blasted against her tonsils and all over her lapping tongue. She closed her lips around my dick and sucked out the last remnants of cum, massaging my balls as she sucked me clean, smiling so beautifully at me the whole time. I held her right hand and gently rubbed her fingers as she sucked my cock and played with my balls with her left hand. It was a beautiful, loving experience… and so fucking hot too!

A little later, Kaia and I were snuggling on the couch, watching TV… Spence went home… when Kelly texted me again. It was a bunch of pictures of Carrie getting ass fucked in the bathroom by the old guy from earlier, as well as Kelly getting butt fucked by the old guy who offered to pay her. Seems like the old guy got up to $400 bucks so my wife agreed.

She was posing for her camera, making slutty kiss faces at it as she took that big old cock balls deep up her perfect and jiggly, 53 year old milf ass. She was bent over the sink getting railed from behind by the horny old geezer.

She wrote me, “it’s so fucking good! I love his cock! I invited him over tomorrow. I want you both to fuck my ass.” She added a bunch of kisses and hearts for me. Such a sweet slut.

She filmed Carrie on her knees letting both old pervs piss in her mouth by the urinals. Kelly cheered her on as she filmed.

Kaia and I looked over the video and the pics and both of us liked them. Kaia liked the old guy’s dick too. Both of them. She texted her mom to invite both over tomorrow so she can watch all of us fuck Kelly. My wife loved that idea, giving Kaia several thumbs up emojis.

Later on, as Carrie blew me again, drinking my piss before she did, Kelly told us Kaia and I about her and Carrie double blowing their cute uber driver as a tip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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