St. Mary’s Girls: Friends , Lovers

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Concentrating on her homework, Shona was rudely interrupted as Jane stormed into their dormitory room. “Bastard!” sobbed Jane as she threw herself on her bed, burying her face in her pillow.

Shona turned towards her friend. “What is it? What’s wrong?” she asked, concern evident in her voice.

“Andy,” cried Jane, sniffing back tears, “he… he’s dumped me!”

“What?” demanded Shona angrily, crossing the room to sit next to Jane. “Surely not on your birthday?” she asked.

“Yes,” replied Jane bitterly, “On my fucking birthday. Of course, he had to make sure he’d given me one last shag before he told me.”

“No!” exclaimed Shona in a shocked tone.

“Oh yes,” Jane continued, “Hi, Jane. Happy birthday! Let’s go to bed and celebrate. Oh, and by the way, it’s over!”

“The wanker!” Shona replied angrily, reaching out to tenderly wipe away the tears from Jane’s cheeks.”

Seeing Jane’s anguish cut Shona deeply. They’d been friends since their first days at St. Mary’s Girl’s School and now they were inseparable. Three months older than Jane, who was supposed to be celebrating her birthday, Shona had already worked her way through a string of ‘boyfriends’ since losing her virginity, the brevity of her relationships, which never lasted more than a few weeks, was matched only by their intensity. Her almost insatiable appetite was already earning her a reputation as a ‘changing room pro’. Jane on the other hand, despite the discovery that she enjoyed sex every bit as much as her raven haired, Irish friend and the fact that she had made a name for herself as one of the two best cocksuckers in school (Shona was the other), had only slept with one other boy before meeting Andy at Shona’s birthday party three months before.

Shona gave her blonde friend’s shoulders an affectionate squeeze. “Wait there,” she said quietly as she got to her feet, “I’ve got something in my locker that’ll help you get over that bastard!” Jane sat up and watched, her eyes puffy and red, as her friend extracted a bundle from the back of her locker.

“Where did you get that?” Jane asked in amazement as Shona unwrapped the bundle to reveal a bottle a wine.

Shona smiled. Crossing the room quickly, she latched the door to prevent any unwanted intrusion. “I sort of… well… borrowed it when I was at home the other weekend. I figured that, what with your birthday coming up, we might want to celebrate,” she said. “As it turns out, we can drown your sorrows instead,” she added.

Jane smiled wanly. “I hope you’ve something to open it with,” she said.

Shona flashed her friend a wicked grin. “Of course I have,” she said, removing the Swiss Army penknife that lay hidden at the back of her locker and flicking open the corkscrew blade. “Go and get our mugs off the sink while I open this,” she urged.

Giggling, Shona sloshed a generous quantity of wine into each of their mugs. “Cheers!” she said, lifting her mug and tapping the rim against Jane’s.

Jane smiled weakly. “Yeah, cheers,” she said with a shrug before lifting the mug to her mouth.

Knocking their drinks back, Shona quickly refilled their mugs. Unaccustomed to alcohol, the girls found the wine going rapidly to their heads. Surrendering to the effects of the wine, Jane felt something give inside her. The tears she’d tried so hard to contain began to flow down her cheeks. “There, there,” said Shona consolingly as she put her arm around her friend’s shoulders, pulling Jane towards her. “There are plenty of other guys around and I’ve yet to find one who hasn’t wanted to share what’s inside their boxer shorts with me,” she admitted with a wicked grin.

“I know,” said Jane, wiping the tears from her eyes, “But I really liked Andy and I thought he liked me. All he really wanted, it seems, was to get inside my knickers.”

“At least he had taste,” Shona said with a smile. “Was he any good?” she enquired.

“I… I guess so,” replied Jane. “He was better than Rob, anyway.”

“Well then,” Shona said brightly, “with any luck your next shag will be even better than Andy. I know it’s hard but try to get him out of your system and move on to the next one. He obviously isn’t worth the effort.”

Jane took another sip of her wine. “Do you think it’s me?” she asked plaintively. “Is there something wrong with me?”

Shona hugged her friend tightly. “Don’t be silly,” she replied softly, “You’re wonderful. If I was a guy I’d be leaping on top of you now.”

Jane managed a small laugh. “Thank you,” she said softly, smiling weakly as she stared into her friend’s cool green eyes.”

Touched by Jane’s sadness and feeling slightly light-headed from the effects of the wine she had drunk, Shona felt something inside her stir, drawing her towards her friend. Ever since the first onset of adolescence, she had found herself being strongly attracted to other girls. She often found herself covertly staring at the bodies of her classmates as they showered after their P.E. classes, admiring the nubile forms of cevizli escort girls freshly awakened into young womanhood.

With the awakening of her sexuality, Shona had found her attraction turning to curiosity. Her curiosity had been satisfied when, on the school hockey team’s recent exchange tour in France she had allowed herself to be seduced by one of the senior girls on the team, opening her eyes to yet another avenue of sexual pleasure. Well known as a prick-teaser, Shona’s sexual appetite where boys were concerned was no secret. With her looks and her long brown hair, a generously curved figure that would have flattered a woman in her twenties combined with her exotic, softly lilting Irish accent meant that she had no shortage of male admirers. What not even Jane, her roommate and best friend since their first days at St. Mary’s, knew was that Shona’s admirers and sexual partners also included members of her own sex.

Shona felt herself sinking into the tear-filled gaze of Jane’s ice-blue eyes. She yearned to comfort her friend, to show Jane how much their friendship meant to her. Had she been sober, Shona would never have risked what happened next. Slowly, almost imperceptibly she leaned her head towards Jane. Their lips met briefly then Shona pulled away. “I… I’m s… sorry,” she spluttered, an embarrassed flush rising in her cheeks. “I… I…”

“It’s OK,” said Jane softly. “I don’t mind. I… I quite liked it.”

“Would you… Would you mind if I did it again?” Shona asked quietly.

“Do you want to?” Jane enquired.

“Y… yes,” Shona replied, nervously biting her lip.

“I… I think I’d like that,” Jane breathed, leaning into her friend’s embrace. Their lips met again. This time the kiss quickly became passionate. Shona’s tongue danced in Jane’s mouth.

“Oh, Shona!” Jane gasped, coming up for air, “That was wonderful! I’ve never kissed a girl like that before.”

“I have,” admitted Shona, “and more besides,” she added a little nervously.

“You have?” Jane asked, “When? You never told me!” she said accusingly.

“On the hockey tour, with Stephanie Miller,” Shona replied. “I’d been curious for a long time. Steph showed me how wonderful being with another girl can be. You’re disgusted with me now, aren’t you?” she asked, tears now brimming in her eyes too.

“No,” replied Jane, reaching up to wipe away her friend’s tears. “Upset that you never told me, but not disgusted. I’ve been curious too you know?”

“You have?” asked Shona, surprised at her friend’s reaction.

“Yes. I’ve watched you getting ready for bed every night and getting dressed every morning for so long and wondered what it would be like,” Jane admitted. “You always seemed so into boys that I never dared to mention it in case it shocked you and now I find out that you’ve been going with girls for almost as long as I have with boys,” she added with the faintest edge of anger in her voice.

“I… I’m sorry, ” Shona spluttered, her eyes downcast. “I didn’t know. I was so sure you’d hate me if you found out. I was so lonely when I first came to school here in England and you were my first friend. You mean so much to me and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing your friendship. Can you forgive me for being so silly?” she pleaded.

Hearing the anguish in her friend’s voice and despite her own sadness, Jane smiled. “I might,” she said coyly, “but only if you show me what I’ve been missing.”

“You sure?” Shona asked, indecision clearly evident in her voice.

“Of course I’m sure!” Jane replied emphatically. “Now shut up, stop worrying about it and kiss me again!” she demanded, pressing her body firmly against Shona’s.

Their lips met once more. This time Jane responded with a passion of her own. “Mmmmm,” she purred as she felt Shona’s hand slide up her body to gently caress her breasts through her blouse. Jane was surprised to discover that she was already wet, her knickers clung uncomfortably to her mound. She melted into Shona’s embrace as her friend kissed and lightly nibbled her neck.

Shona’s fingers moved quickly to undo the buttons of Jane’s blouse. Pushing the sleeves down over her arms, Shona leaned forward to kiss Jane’s shoulders. Her hands cupped Jane’s breasts, gently squeezing them through the soft material of her lacy white bra. Shona’s tongue traced a trail over the swell of Jane’s breasts. “Oh, Shona,” gasped Jane, “that feels so nice.”

As Shona’s lips and tongue worked their way along her cleavage, Jane reached behind herself to unclasp her bra. Sliding the straps down off her shoulders, she let her bra fall on to the bed.

Like Shona, Jane’s breasts were large, shapely, firm and ripe. Shona leaned forward, flicking her tongue over the nearest of Jane’s nipples, feeling it stiffen in response. “Yessssss!” sighed Jane as Shona sucked her nipple into the warm confines of her mouth, flicking her tongue lightly over the nipple. “Oh yes, Shona! Suck them… suck my tits!” she demanded.

Pressing erenköy escort Jane’s breasts firmly together, Shona worked her mouth back and forth, sucking first on one and then the other, her tongue coating Jane’s breasts with a warm film of saliva as she moved from one to the other. Her hands slid over their soft skin. As Shona sucked firmly on one nipple she teased the other with her fingers.

Jane could feel a familiar pressure mounting inside her. As Shona concentrated on her breasts, Jane hitched up her short plaid skirt and slid her fingers down the front of her knickers. Momentarily surprised at how wet she was, Jane slipped a long, delicate finger into her muffin. It was quickly joined by a second as she began to pump them in and out, twisting them around inside her, stretching the walls of her pussy as she teased her clit with her thumb. “Oooooooohhhhh mmmmmmmmm,” Jane moaned, throwing her head back and giving voice to her release as her orgasm began to wash over her.

Shona continued to concentrate on Jane’s breasts as she felt her friend’s body tremble next to hers. She could feel Jane’s heart pounding in her chest. “Oh, Shona Oooohhhhhh!!” Jane cried, becoming increasingly vocal as her climax intensified. Her body shook violently as powerful contractions gripped her womb.

Pulling her fingers from her muffin, Jane reluctantly pushed Shona away from her breasts. Smiling, Shona took Jane’s hand in hers and lifted it towards her mouth. “Oooooooh,” Jane sighed as Shona sucked her fingers into her mouth, licking her juices from them. Shona savoured the taste of her friend’s essence as she licked and sucked every trace from Jane’s fingers.

“You taste good,” Shona purred, licking her lips.

“Do I?” asked Jane, still recovering from the intense sensations of her climax.

“Yes you do,” replied Shona, smiling, “and now I want to taste you properly,” she added before kissing Jane passionately on the lips once more. As she responded to the kiss, Jane felt Shona’s hands begin to tug at her skirt. Wriggling her bum, Jane helped her friend ease it down over her hips. Pausing only briefly to kiss Jane’s breasts, Shona knelt between her friend’s legs, pulling at her knickers. Jane let them be removed, raising one leg then the other, feeling a growing excitement as Shona tossed the skimpy scrap of damp material to the floor.

Having been roommates for so long, Shona had seen Jane naked on many occasions. This time, however, it was different. For the first time Shona gazed upon Jane’s naked body with the eyes of a lover. As she reached out to run her fingers through the neatly trimmed patch of soft blonde curls on her friend’s mound, Shona felt a momentary pang, wishing that, like Jane, she too was about to experience the loving attentions of another girl for the first time.

Leaning forward, Shona slowly kissed and licked her way up the insides of Jane’s thighs. Jane squirmed with anticipation as she felt her friend’s warm breath on her moist lower lips. Shona, however, was in no mood to rush things. At the last instant, she pulled her mouth away, retreating with a string of delicately light kisses down Jane’s thigh only to begin her approach again. She allowed herself a small smile of satisfaction as Jane emitted a small sigh of anguish at having been denied the first touch of another girl’s tongue on her pussy.

Teasing, Shona allowed her mouth to approach, retreat then approach again, over and over, always pulling away at the very last moment. The teasing was driving Jane wild. Used to the more direct approach of boys who always went straight for their goal, she writhed on the bed, tossing her head from side to side in a tortured agony of anticipation. “Oh Shona!” she groaned, her hands cupping and squeezing her breasts, “I can’t stand this any more. Eat me! Eat my pussy!” she demanded.

“Mmmm, I thought you’d never ask,” replied Shona coyly, as her mouth began its upward journey once again.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Jane gasped as Shona’s tongue slipped between her moist labia and began to work its way gently up and down her slit. “Oh fuck, Shona! That’s sooooo good!” she cried as the touch of her friend’s tongue sent contractions rippling through the walls of her cunt. Accustomed as she was to the feeling of a lover’s mouth on her pussy, Jane was surprised at how different it felt with Shona. Instead of the frantic lashing of a tongue on her clit whipping her mercilessly towards orgasm, her friend was gently tender, working her tongue delicately over Jane’s lower lips as she explored every fold and crevice of her pussy.

As a result of Shona’s unexpectedly tender technique, Jane found herself cumming almost immediately. “Oh, Shona!” she cried as her body began to shake. “Oh fuck, yes! Eat me! Don’t stop!” she demanded.

Shona flicked her tongue lightly over the throbbing bulb of Jane’s clit, stopping to occasionally lap up the rich juices that flowed from her friend’s tunnel. Jane flinched with every touch of Shona’s tongue. esenyurt escort “Oooooooohhhhhh, mmmmmmm!!!!” she purred as electric shocks pulsed through her.

Not wanting the sensations to stop, Jane dug her fingers into Shona’s hair, pulling her friend’s mouth even more firmly against her mound as her hips bucked violently.

Shona sucked gently on Jane’s labia and clit, humming softly at the same time. The vibrations caused Jane’s orgasm to peak again, this time even more powerfully than before. “Yes! Oh fuck, yes!” she cried as tears, this time of pleasure and not sorrow, rolled down her cheeks.

Feeling Jane’s fingers loosen their grip on her hair, Shona sensed that she had driven her friend beyond the limits of her endurance. Reluctantly, she let her mouth move away from her friend’s pussy as she began to kiss her way back up Jane’s body. “Happy birthday!” she purred softly into Jane’s ear. Jane turned, smiling, towards her and their lips met once again.

Still lost in the throes of her climax, Jane found the taste of her own juices on Shona’s lips intoxicating. She found herself overwhelmed with the desire to give back to Shona what her friend had just given to her. Shedding her few remaining, unvoiced reservations, Jane knew that as soon as she had recovered her strength she would taste the juices of another girl’s pussy for the first time. She let the kiss that she shared with her best friend increase in passion, thanking Shona for the gift that she had just bestowed upon her.

“Oh, Shona!” Jane purred contentedly as she brought her breathing back under control, “That was amazing, the best birthday present you could have given me.” As she held on tight to her friend, basking in the afterglow of her experience, there was just the faintest edge to her voice as she said, “I still can’t believe that you never told me how wonderful being with another girl could be.”

Stroking Jane’s hair, Shona kissed her friend softly on the lips. “Well now you know,” she replied softly. “Anyway, isn’t it better to have found out through an experience like this than to have just had me describe it to you second hand?”

“Hmmm, I guess so,” Jane replied, giving Shona another quick kiss. Her fingers began to tug gently at the buttons of Shona’s blouse. “But so far,” she added, “I’ve only experienced half of it. Now I want to experience it all. I want to repay you for what you’ve just given me, Shona. Will you tell me what to do?” she asked.

Shona sat up. “Of course I will,” she replied. “It’s easy really. Just do to me the same things that you like having done to you,” she added, wriggling out of her blouse.

Sliding the straps of Shona’s bra down her shoulders as Shona reached behind her back to unfasten the clasp, Jane fastened her gaze briefly on her friend’s firm and shapely large breasts before lifting her hands to gently squeeze and cup them. “Your skin’s so soft,” Jane murmured as she leaned forward to flick her tongue over Shona’s stiffening nipples.

“Ahhhhhh, that’s it… gently now…” Shona moaned as Jane began to suck on one breast. “Not so hard…” she said, “you don’t have to suck like a guy, just play with them the way you’d like your own tits played with.”

“Sorry,” Jane apologised.

“You’re doing just fine,” Shona replied reassuringly.

Sucking on another girl’s breasts for the first time, Jane applied herself diligently to the task, being guided by Shona’s soft murmurings of pleasure as much as any directions that her friend offered.

Running one hand up the inside of Shona’s legs, Jane’s fingers found the damp gusset of her friend’s knickers. Slipping a finger inside, she toyed with Shona’s bush, her fingers occasionally, grazing her friend’s moist lower lips as her tongue explored the surface of her breasts.

“Ohhhhh, mmmmmmm,” Shona sighed as Jane pushed her fingers deeper between her labia. Jane felt the warmth of Shona’s juices coating her fingers. Pulling her hand from Shona’s knickers, Jane lifted her hand to her friend’s breast. Shona sighed as Jane used her fingers to coat her nipple with her own juices.

“Mmmmmmm,” Jane purred as her lips fastened around Shona nipple, savouring the taste of her friend’s juices that, moments before, she had applied with her fingers.

“Oh that’s good,” Shona sighed as Jane repeated the process, first with one breast and then with the other, spreading an ever increasing coating of her juices over their surface, “nobody’s ever done that before,” she added.

Staring deep into Shona’s smouldering green eyes, Jane smiled. “I like the way they taste when I do that,” she said.

“And I like the way it feels,” Shona replied, “it’s hard to believe you’ve never done this before.”

Jane smiled. “I haven’t done it but I have had guys do it to me and it always drives me wild,” she admitted. “Andy, the bastard, used to do it all the time and before that, I used to love it when Rob rubbed my juices into my tits as he ate my pussy. That always got me going,” she added before burying her face in Shona’s cleavage once again.

As Jane’s mouth explored every inch of her breasts, Shona reached down to unfasten her skirt. Wriggling as she sat on the bed, she managed to ease it down over her bum, letting it slide over her long, shapely legs to fall to the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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