Submissive Employee

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The day I took her interview, I knew she can be taken advantage of. She had recently got shifted to Jaipur. Her husband took a new job that required them to shift to the city from Delhi. She was looking for a job as she was getting bored sitting at home the whole day while her husband remained in office. Her innocent face and lovely fair and slim body ensured she got the job.

It is now more than 8 months since she joined and I had already worked my way to get her confidence and support. As a result, even though I was her boss in office, outside office we would chat like friends.

We occasionally went for a lunch together. She had told her husband about me but only as a boss.

The fact that her husband was very orthodox made my chances very bright. She was a fun loving and adventurous woman at heart. At 27 years of age, she had not seen much of the world outside her family. We talked about a lot of things, and whenever I got a chance I used to direct the conversations towards sex, relationships and other related things that I hoped would charge up her desires.

Gradually, our discussions started to cross the boundaries. We used to share how our spouses were in bed. I fascinated her with all my stories of sex adventures with my wife, girlfriends and at times complete strangers. I used to make them up according to the occasion, but managed to convince her as being real experiences. I never missed the opportunity to point it out to her that given her beautiful figure and cute face, it is really a shame that her fantasies would remain all but unfulfilled at her age. I could sense regret at times and knew I was able to manipulate her slowly towards desperation.

Most of the days after office, I used to give her a lift in my car to her place. One such day, on our way back home, I decided to take my chance. With a flirting tone, I said, “Sonali, tomorrow my wife is going out of town on an office trip for 2 days and I would be alone at home. What do you say? It’s Saturday tomorrow. Your husband has to go to office. You can come to my place and we can have some fun.”

She gave a very cute smile and with the same flirting tone replied, “And what is your idea of having fun?”

I played innocent, “Nothing. Maybe we can watch a movie. I have a bottle of champagne at my place that I am waiting to open. Don’t want to have it alone.”

She smiled again and said, “You know, I wanted to see your place for a long time now. And I never had champagne, so your offer is very tempting. Let me see. Ajay normally leaves at around 8 in the morning. I have some home chores to finish. I think I can come by 11.”

I was feeling ecstatic. I glanced at her lovely body. Her boobs were pressed by the seat belt and it was forcing her cleavage to sneak above her salwar. I could smell the lovely perfume and imagined her body without the clothes.

“Try to make it by 10.” I replied. “I will select a good movie and we can have lunch at my place only.”

“Ok”. She was all innocence.

The next day, after my wife left, I was busy arranging the house. I made sure all the necessary things like the wine bottle, few CDs of adult movie, latest edition of the Debonair and of course the packet of flavored condoms was all nearby.

She called me around 10.30 to ask for directions to my home and reached just before 11. She was wearing baggy green top and tight jeans. It was as liberal dressing as I had seen her before. She never wore skirt or any other dress that displayed her legs bare.

I welcomed her and offered her juice to make her relax. We then spend the next 1 hour exploring the house and small talk. I was searching for my opportunity to get the conversation to something sexy. At last, we settled on our couch to watch the movie. I had selected the movie on unconventional relationships and submissive girl.

As planned, I started commenting with my views. She also started giving her views on such relationships and I was happy to see that finally the conversation was heading the way I wanted and that she is a perfect subbi.

After the movie, we continued with the conversation. I playfully took her hands and started to caress them. “You know I always wanted a submissive girl for me.

“You are just taking the opportunity to ask me for it.” She laughed.

It was of course true, but the fact that she did not pull her hands out of mine gave me the confidence that I required. I started pulling her towards me. “Why are you sitting so stiff? Relax. Come near me. I love the perfume you are wearing.”

“Sir, malatya escort what exactly do you have in your mind?” She shifted towards me uncomfortably. I could sense the debate that was going inside her. I knew this was the time to direct her. I decided to make the most of the moment.

I put one arm around her and said, “Wow! I had always wondered how it would feel to have my arms around you. Now I know.”

She didn’t say anything and simply smiled. “You know there are other things that I wonder also.” I continued. I was waiting for her to say something.

“Sir, please understand. I am very uncomfortable with these things.” She was looking really uncomfortable. But I was not going to let go of this opportunity.

I continued, “I wonder, how it would feel to hug you tightly in my arms. I also wonder, how it would feel to have my lips on your.”

She was suddenly shaken. She tried to get away and pulled her hand out of mine. I held them tightly. “Sonali, don’t worry. You know I won’t force you to do anything. A little fun is all that I am looking for.” I pulled her back into my arms. This time it was not a casual wrap around her shoulder. This time I held her tightly.

She was silent. All she said was, “No sir, please.”

I could now feel her body on mine and thinking about the next possibilities had already got me turned on. I was sure she can feel my erect dick over my track pants. I could smell her hair and could see my warm breath over on her shoulder was already giving her goose bumps. “Sonali, please allow me one kiss.”

“No sir, please.”

“I promise just one. Just a small one. Please Sonali, please don’t disappoint me.” I decided to take my lips near her and see if she responds.

I gently brushed my lips over her upper lips. She was silent. She did not move. I placed my lips on her and give a small peck. I slowly started parting my lips and tried to get her lower lips inside me. She was responding. I could feel her arms gently tightening now around me. Her lower lip was now inside my mouth. I started gently sucking them. I then gently ran my tongue over them.

She was stiff. I now took her lower lips out and repeated the process with her upper lips. In the meantime I was running both my hands all around her back. Every time my hands touched her bra strap, I paused and deliberately squeezed them, making her aware of my hands over her bra strap.

I continued with sucking her lips. I could feel she was responding more openly now. Even her hands have started exploring my back. I ran my right hand again over her bra strap and with one effortless motion unhooked her strap from over her top. This was a technique I had practiced and perfected with my wife.

She was suddenly aware. She took her lips out of mine and looked up at me. I kept my face expressionless. “No sir, please.” That’s all she could say.

I again tried to get her lips inside mine. She moved her face around and tried to avoid my lips. She was also trying to get her free from my grip. A slacked my grip slightly and as soon as she turned and was about to escape, I held her from behind.

Now I started kissing all over her shoulder and my hands were exploring her belly area. She held my hands tightly, making sure I could not move them higher, aware that her bra had been undone and was dangling inside her top.

I suddenly dropped my hands lower and before she knew anything, my hands had found its way inside her top and had started to explore her belly again. Only this time it was the feeling of her warm skin on my bare hands that I know would do the trick.

“No sir, please.” She continued.

My hands were now finding its way up. With one smart move I managed to free one of my hands and held her left boob. Her bra was still covering them. Nevertheless, the feel of her soft boob ran a feel of ecstasy over my body. I was hoping she felt the same way too. Her hands were now trying to get my hands free from her boob. In the process she was allowing my hand to press her boob all over.

She realized, it was not helping and turned around to face me again. She succeeded in freeing her boobs but before she could say anything I arrested her lips again inside mine. Now I decided to explore down south with my hands.

Before wasting any more time, I ran my hands over her butts. I could feel a sigh escape her and knew she was slowly submitting herself to me. With one hand I started gently pressing her butts and with the other I continued to explore malatya escort bayan her bare back from under her top.

Then with both hands I took her top and started removing them over her head. She resisted slightly, almost on instinct. It gave me a moment to reflect on what I was doing. I was removing the top from the body of one of the most beautiful girl in office. Her lovely fair body was about to be opened up for my pleasure.

“Sonali, It is not possible for me to stop now. Please don’t resist.” My voice was hoarse, and it had the desired effect.

“No sir, please. Don’t open my top. I will be naked.” Her voice was also sounding different.

I obviously didn’t listen to her and pulled her top over her head. I threw it away and with renewed vigor attacked her lips again.

This time my hands was exploring all over her body. I followed her undone bra strap to her shoulder and started sliding it down her arms. She did not resist. Her body was tightly embraced with me. I knew I had to part her away from me a little to allow the top to fall off. She knew it too, and was hence holding on to my body tightly.

Poor girl, she had no idea of the bag of tricks I had accumulated over the years. I slowly moved my hands on her butts and over her jeans gave her a tight pinch.

“Ouch!” Her body reacted instinctively. Her hands followed to the area where I had pinched and her body parted from mine. It was all that was needed. Her bra dropped by itself from her boobs. It took a moment for her to realize that she was standing topless in front of her boss.

It gave me my chance to feast my eyes on the wonderful sight. Her medium sized firm boobs were way better than what I had imagined they would be. My eyes were stuck on those. After her initial shock of the pinch was over, she realized the situation and attempted to cover them.

I held her hands firmly and stopped her. “Oh Sonali! Let me take a better look at them. They are lovely. The best, I should say.” Her struggling had now reduced. I steadied her hands by her side and slowly moved my hands over her boobs. Both my palms covering each of her boobs.

While fondling them, I was also scanning her face for reactions. I could sense a wave being built inside her. Her eyes were closed and her body was swinging in rhythm to my pressing her boobs.

Suddenly like a breaking of a dam. She gave a muted shout of “Sir” and attacked my lips. I had to free her boobs and let her take over. She was now fast turning wild. While sucking my lips, her hands were now trying to get my shirt off. She was struggling with some of the buttons. I let her struggle and did not offer any help.

She was in no mood to waste any time struggling. With one firm jerk, she tore the remaining buttons and was planting kisses all over my neck and chest.
It was my turn to sit back and enjoy. Her hands were now exploring inside my pants. She touched my dick from over my underwear and then suddenly her hands were inside it holding my erect dick in her hands.

For a moment, she looked at me and I could see the mix of surprise, ecstasy and lust on her face. I smiled and allowed her to play with my dick before pulling her hands out.

I pushed her away slightly allowing her to sober up a little. “So Sonali? How does your boss’s dick feel in your hands?” I was teasing her.

She was now returning to her senses and I could see the color of her face turn red. She was standing there topless in front of me. She was looking at my bare chest and was trying to hide her smile.

“I am now going to pull down your jeans and want you to stay absolutely still and allow me to enjoy the view.” I commanded.

“No sir, please. Don’t take my pants off. I don’t know what will happen. I am scared.” Her concern sounded genuine.

“Don’t worry, you can trust me. I will not create problems for you.” I reassured her. “Forget what will happen. Enjoy the moment now.”

I started approaching her. With every step towards her, she was taking a step back. “No sir, please.” She continued.

I caught hold of her by her waist, and started to undo the button of her jeans. She was not wearing any belt and her jeans had already slid slightly giving me a peek of her white panty.

She held her hands on mine. “No sir, please.” This time her plead was not sounding convincing. I took my time and slowly pulled her zip down. This allowed both of us to reflect on what was happening. I was pulling the zip down of my junior collegue, escort malatya one of the most desired beauties of our office.

Once the zip was completely down, I then slipped my hands inside her jeans. I started to feel her butts from over her soft panty. I then got on my knees and started pulling down her jeans. Her white printed panty was slowing coming to full view. She was holding the sides of the panty to stop it from sliding along with the jeans. Once the jeans were down the hips, it fell on her feet. She pulled her legs free from the fallen down jeans.

I continued to stay down on my knees and took a good view of her pussy from over her panty. Her attempt to place her long slender fingers over her panty was only adding to the view. Her red nail polish was contrasting with the little bright yellow flowers printed all over her panty.

I took my mouth near her pussy and for some moment enjoyed the sweet fragrance coming from there. Her panty was already wet and I couldn’t stop myself from feeling the wet spot from over her panty.

A shiver ran through her and I knew she now needed to get laid. After playing with her pussy from over the panty, I then started pulling her panty down. Her hands no longer were holding the panty up. They had let go of them and were playing with her hair.

As I was pulling the panty down, the pinnacle of pleasure was coming to full view. The part hidden behind her panty was even fairer than the rest of her body. It was flawless. The small bunch of pubic hair all over was the perfect contrast. The lips of her pussy were dark pink.

I pulled her panty down completely and helped her legs get out of it. I let go of her and enjoyed the scene. She was now in full mood and was enjoying the moment more than me. She was now standing naked in front of me and was making no attempt to hide her nudity. I think she knows that God had gifted her perfect figure that is every man’s desire.

I quickly got out of my pants and was also now fully naked. My dick was standing completely erect. I held her hands and directed her to the couch. I took my position on the couch to get an even better look at her exposed pussy.

I slowly ran my hands on the pussy lips and over the pubic hair. I parted her lips to reveal the pink sensitive skin on the inside. It resembled a pink rose.

“Sonali, your pussy looks like a pink rose.” I was mesmerized. She didn’t reply and just smiled. I continued, “I am now going to suck the nectar out of it.”

“No sir, I don’t like it.” She responded. “I don’t like oral sex. It is dirty. Don’t suck it.” She was ruining my fantasy. “You can do anything else.” She ended with a smile.

“Ok”, I thought. Let’s keep the pleasure of her juices for some other time. “Ok.” I said. “Then I am going to put my dick on it and watch it go inside the rose.”

She adjusted her body to be more comfortable, getting ready for the act. I placed the front of my dick over her pussy. The pre-cum juices already flowing out of it. She was looking at it as I was adjusting the angle and getting ready to push it inside.

Suddenly, she realized,” Sir, you must wear a condom. I am on the 6th day of my cycle”.

I knew she was talking of her menstrual cycle and I didn’t know what being on the 6th day signifies. I had arranged for a flavored condom earlier. It was inside the drawer but it was little far from the couch. I was in no mood to lose this moment and ignored her. I started to push my dick inside.

She realized what I was up to and started to worry. “No sir, please. Don’t put it in uncovered.”

Her plead fell onto deaf ears as all I could feel at that time was the sweet sensation on my dick. Her warm and moist pussy was slowing engulfing my dick. My dick started sliding without much problem, making me realize, how wet she had become.

She was now getting really worried. “No sir, please. Please don’t do it.”

I was now completely inside her and started pumping her. She continued with her pleading. I was in no mood to listen. I grabbed hold of her tightly so that she couldn’t move and continued pumping.

After minutes of endless ecstasy, I realized I was nearing my climax. A part of me was telling me not to ejaculate inside her. But the dominant part was not allowing me to stop. As I was fast approaching my climax, all my feeling was concentrated on the warm and juicy feeling on my dick.

I couldn’t see anything. I was not hearing anything. As I felt my dick grow to enormous proportions inside her, I got ready to blast her insides. I could feel my balls contract and with the final jerk, I shot my semen inside her. It was not over in one jerk, with the next several jerks more and more semen was now getting deposited inside her.

My mind was completely blank and all I could hear was a voice, which seemed to come from a long distance away. “No sir, please. No sir, please…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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