Summer Rain

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***Authors Note***

I have been asked so many times where the inspiration from a story comes from. I get story ideas from many different sources. Music always gets me thinking, as I think most songs tell a different story to every person who hears it. I also get ideas from other stories, films and perseonel experience. This story was actually derived from a dream. There is a adult actress named Cytherea, and after watching a film of hers I had an interesting dream. Unfortunatly, dreams usually end before they become a complete story, but they can be a powerful inspiration. I’ve tried to keep the descriptions of the characters to a minimum, as I hate to run down statistics when introducing each person. Those of you who know of Cytherea, then you will hopefully feel right at home. Those who don’t may want to do a quick websearch on her. She’s a cutie who squirts! I hope you all enjoy the story. Please vote and leave feedback. It’s always appreciated!


Matt finished tightening the last bolt and then stood back to admire his work. He had spent the better part of the morning putting his new grill together. The store would have installed the unit for a small fee but Matt had wanted the satisfaction of doing it on his own. He regretted that decision as soon as he opened the large crate, which contained over a hundred parts that were supposed to be a grill.

It was now almost noon and Matt stood in the hot sun, which was reflected brilliantly in his new grill. He gathered his tools and headed into the house for both a cold drink and a cool shower. The heat wasn’t too bad but the sun was beating down hard from a clear sky. Matt let out sigh as he stepped through the patio door and into the air-conditioned house. He and his wife Dawn had only purchased the house a month prior, and Matt had spent two weeks of his vacation upgrading. It was now nearing July, and he felt the house was ready for summer.

Matt grabbed a cold bottle of water from the refrigerator and quickly checked the television. Dawn wouldn’t be home for another six hours and he planned on spending the rest of the day relaxing in front of the tube. He finished the bottle of water and headed for the shower.

The cool water felt great and Matt emerged from the shower feeling like a new man. He stepped into a pair of shorts and decided to fix himself a bite to eat. It was while he was in the kitchen that he realized that he had left his cell phone out near the grill. It would surely bake in the noon sun, so he headed out retrieve it. Sure enough, he had actually left it sitting on the shiny steel lid of the grill, and it was already hot to the touch.

Matt was juggling his hot potato of a cell phone from hand to hand when his neighbor came out from her back door. She was actually the daughter of the couple that owned the house and her name was Callie. She had been part of the neighborhood welcoming committee and Matt had seen her around a lot, but had never exchanged anything more than pleasantries. Dawn was always the one to speak to people. She had found out that Callie was a junior in college, and it was cheaper for her to live at home.

“Hey Mr. Blake, how’s it going?” Callie called out to him. She was carrying a towel and a bunch of other items, but from what Matt could see, she was dressed in only a bikini.

“Pretty good Callie. How about you?” Matt responded. He was curious about getting a peak of her in a bikini, but even though he was barely thirty years old, he didn’t want to look like the perverted neighbor.

Callie dropped her items onto one of the lawn chairs on her patio. “I’m doing pretty good. I’m off for the summer and ready to enjoy a little sun.” She said.

Matt now had an unhindered view of Callie and he wasn’t disappointed. She was on the petite side and only a few inches over five feet tall. The bikini she wore could only be classified as skimpy, but her small breasts were covered entirely by the top. She already had tan, and Matt didn’t notice any bikini lines. All in all, she was a nice, compact package.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ve got a few days left on my vacation and now that I’ve finished the work I wanted to do around the house, I plan on enjoying it.” He told her.

Matt smiled and turned to head back into his house. “You enjoy the sun, I’m going to enjoy a cold drink and couch.” He told her.

“Oh, could you possibly give me a hand before you go inside?” Callie called to him before he made it to the door. Matt turned and smiled, even though he was looking forward to getting inside out of the hot sun.

“Sure, what do you need?” He asked as he began crossing his yard toward hers.

Callie dangled a tube of suntan lotion between her fingers and smiled. “No one else is home and I’d appreciate it if you could put a little lotion on my back?” She asked.

Matt didn’t think anything of her request, although he did wish that he had put on a bit more clothes before running outside. The shorts he was wearing were a bit small and thin. Dawn had tried to toss them out because they were so old, but Matt found them perfectly ankara escort comfortable. He knew that they weren’t in the best condition, but he only wore them around the house. This was the first time that he wished he had put on a better pair.

“Thank you.” Callie chirped as she handed Matt the tube of oil. She sat down on the lounge chair, but neither the height nor position of the chair allowed Matt access to her back. Callie took notice of the situation and hopped up off of the chair.

“Umm, Go ahead and sit down in the chair.” She instructed Matt. He did so without knowing what she was planning, but found out quickly. Callie sat further down on the lounger and scooted back toward him. Matt’s feet were on the ground and his legs spread, and he soon found Callie sitting between his thighs.

“Okay, that should give you better access.” Callie told him. She flipped her black hair forward and held it off of her neck so he could get her entire back. Matt squirted some of the oil into his hand and began rubbing it into her skin. He started with her neck and shoulders and slowly worked downward. Her skin was soft and moist as if she had just taken a shower and it soaked up the coconut-scented oil. He stopped when he reached her bikini bottoms and began to place the cap back on the tube.

“Hold on a moment. This is a tan through swimsuit. Can you put some under the strings?” Callie asked as she snaked a hand around her back and indicated the strings of the bikini top. Matt took a deep breath as he squirted more oil into his hand. He eased his fingers under the strings and spread the oil, and found himself sweating just as much from the situation as the sun. He cursed in his mind. Women must all get a perverse thrill about teasing a guy by having him rub slippery oil into their skin. ‘It’s just a necessity and not something sexual.’ They would say. That was all bullshit. It was just one of the many little ways that women tortured men.

Matt had quite enough of the situation. Dawn wouldn’t be home for a long time, and his cock was starting to stiffen. He shifted his weight to move, but Callie beat him to it.

“Thanks, I want to keep my tan nice an even. Let me move so you can get up.” She said as she dropped her hair. She reached back and placed a hand on each one of Matt’s thighs and used them to push herself up. She also pushed back, and her ass rubbed firmly against Matt’s crotch as she rose. He was surprised and his cock responded with a lurch that he hoped she did not feel.

“Oh wow, you need to put on some of this yourself. You’ve got one of those ‘construction worker’ tans.” Callie exclaimed. Matt hadn’t thought about it, but as he looked himself over he realized that she was right. His arms and face were noticeably darker than his chest and was a direct result from working on the grill all morning in the sun.

Before Matt could say anything Callie was already squirting oil into her hands. She slipped behind him and began rubbing it into his skin. He wasn’t prepared for her sudden action but liked how her hands felt moving over him. “Thanks Callie.” He said, somewhat at a loss for words.

“No problem. If you’re going to get a tan you might as well get a good one.” She said as she slipped back in front of him. Before he could respond, she had squirted more oil into her hand and began working down his chest. Matt was too taken off guard to even suck in his stomach. He was glad that he had been hitting the gym more frequently in the past year and had dropped a few problem pounds. Within less than a minute he found himself coated in oil.

“There you go, but I forgot you were going inside. Why don’t you sit outside with me for a while and give your tan a chance to even out?” She said, and indicated to the other lounge chair.

Matt really had been looking forward to relaxing on the couch, but with his skin coated in oil, he would have to shower again before he could. It also didn’t hurt that Callie was cute and he was enjoying her company. “Alright, I guess I can sit out for a while.” He said as he sat down on the open chair.

“That’s great. It gets kind of boring with nobody around the house.” She said as she took a seat on her own chair. “Most of my friends are either working or taking summer classes. I used to spend my summers with my best friend Linda. Her parents used to own your house, and she’s spending the summer at their new place.” Callie explained.

“Why didn’t you invite her over for the summer?” Matt asked. He had reclined in the chair and was basking in the sun with his eyes closed. He figured being unable to see Callie would be the best way to ward off his threatening erection.

“Linda’s dad got her a summer intern position near where they now live. She wouldn’t be able to travel to work each day from here. It’s a real bummer. Linda and I have been best friends since kindergarten. She said.

Matt let Callie talk and concentrated on relaxing. He found out more about her in the next two hours than he thought he ever would. He would occasionally sneak a peek ankara escort bayan at her, but eventually stopped when he and his cock started noticing the small beads of sweat rolling down her slick skin.

The time passed quickly and Matt became thirsty. He decided to go inside and grab a bottle of water. “I’m going to grab something to drink, do you want anything?” He asked Callie. He couldn’t help but notice how her skin glistened and how she had developed an almost bronze tan.

“I’ll go with you if you don’t mind. I could use a few seconds in some cool air.” She said as she climbed from her chair. Her face was flushed underneath the darkened skin and Matt briefly wondered if her nipples were colored the same. He quickly brushed those thoughts aside and headed for his house.

The air felt even cooler than before when he stepped inside and the change in lighting made everything seem as if it were tinged with blue. Matt felt invigorated as he walked across the cold tile of the kitchen floor. He retrieved two bottles of water and passed one to Callie who stood leaning against the kitchen counter. The same blue effect made her appear even darker than she was, and the sweat that rolled down her stomach was vividly clear.

“You guys have really done a nice job with your house. It was always nice, but Linda’s parents weren’t much with updating the décor.” Callie commented as she opened her bottle and took a drink.

“We just did some painting and redecorating. The only places we really changed were two of the bedrooms. We turned one of the smaller rooms into an office. We keep our computers in there, along with our exercise equipment. We did a little construction in the Master bedroom and added a Jacuzzi tub to the master bath.” Matt explained. He was proud of the work they had put into the house, and even prouder that he had performed or at least supervised all of the upgrades.

Callie was nodding her head as she listened. “That sounds great. I wish I could convince my parents to do a little with our house, but unfortunately, they won’t budge.” She said. Callie stepped a bit further into the kitchen and stood in the doorway leading to the family room. “Linda and I sure had a lot of fun in this house. One year, her parakeet got loose and we trapped it in that corner, but neither of us were tall enough to fetch him down.” She said as she pointed to a higher corner in the next room.

Callie began giving Matt a tour of his own house. He followed her and didn’t mind at all. He was more than occupied with the sight of her ass as it wiggled in her bikini bottoms. It reminded him of a small apple, and he would have loved to take a bite.

“Could I see what you guys did with the bedrooms?” Callie asked, and began climbing the stairs as Matt nodded his approval. She quickly glanced at the two smaller rooms before heading to the master bedroom. Matt was beginning to suspect that she was acting too friendly, but wasn’t going to blow the moment. There wasn’t any harm in letting her play her teasing role. He continued to watch the swing of her hips and knew that he wasn’t one of her college friends. He was older, and while he wasn’t old enough to be her father, he was certainly old enough to appreciate such an attractive girl.

The biggest change to the Master bedroom was the addition of a raised section of flooring on which the bed set. The platform was ten inches high, and made the bed the focal point of the room.

“You know, this was room was where I first had…” Callie, said but her voice trailed off before she finished the statement.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.” Matt replied. He was pretty sure that she was teasing him now, but he wanted to see how far she would go.

Callie turned around and Matt immediately noticed two things; the wicked smile on her face and her hard nipples poking through the material of her bikini. “I had sex for the first time in this room. It was with a boy that Linda and I shared for a while. Her parents were away for the weekend and we invited him over. We made a mess of the sheets, but it was so fun.” She told him.

“Well, that definitely sounds like fun. You always think fondly of that first time, whether it was good or bad. This was a nice room before we changed it, so you couldn’t have hoped for a better place.” Matt said, keeping his cool.

“That’s true, where was your first time at?” Callie asked. She stepped up to the bed and sat down on the edge.

Matt could take whatever she had to dish out. If she thought she were going to make him back down, then she was seriously wrong.

“It was a girlfriends house. Her parents were home but asleep, and we had to keep things as quiet as possible. They had a basement which they only used for storage, so we snuck down there.” He explained.

“Wow, that’s hot. Was it any good?” Callie asked. Matt didn’t fail to notice that Callie was slowly rubbing her hands over the bedspread, and had crossed her legs repeatedly while He was talking.

“It was alright. But first time sex for a guy, escort ankara unless he blows way too soon is always good. It’s not until you get some experience that you realize that the first was not the best. There wasn’t any place to lie down, so we ended up trying to emulate porn stars and fuck standing up. It’s not that easy with experience and it’s down right difficult for a virgin.” Matt explained.

“That’s true. I masturbated a lot, so I knew at least what I wanted, and Linda and I had played some girl games, but the guy didn’t know too much. We had to instruct him a lot. I think he was just a garnish to the dish instead of the whole meal.” Callie said. She lifted her arms and stretched, causing her nipples to press even harder against the fabric covering them.

“This bed is so comfortable, I could fall asleep right now, but I don’t think Dawn would want to find me in her bed when she came home.” Callie said. She had returned to running her hands over the bed, and was looking down instead of making eye contact. Matt decided to see just how far she would go.

“I’m not sure about that. I don’t think Dawn would be too pissed if she found a cute young woman in her bed. It would all depend on what the girl was willing to do.” He said with a slight laugh. She had made it obvious that she had played around in some form with her friend, but how far would she go?

“Wow, then I just may take a nap. What time does Dawn get home?” Callie asked. The smile on her face was mischievous, but her eyes were serious.

“She’s not due until around seven o’clock. You can’t possibly want to sleep that long and besides, where would I take a nap?” Matt asked. He was looking at her with all the intensity he could muster.

Callie stood up and shrugged her shoulders. “That’s true. I couldn’t impose on you. I should probably be getting back outside and finish working on my tan.

Matt had begun to wonder if she was going to back down, but she had done so at the last minute. He smirked and followed her as she walked past him, but he almost tripped over her when she stopped in the doorway. Callie spun around and she was so close that he could smell her coconut oil mixed with the hint of her sweat.

“Unless…you want to keep me company in that soft bed until Dawn comes home.” Callie said.

Matt studied her face and was undecided as of what to say. She certainly seemed as if she were serious, but he was hesitant to make the first move. As things turned, he didn’t need to make that move. Callie kept looking at him as she slid a hand over his crotch. She wrapped her hand around his cock and gave it a squeeze.

“Should I take this as a ‘yes’?” Callie asked as she began stroking his stiffening cock through his shorts. “If Dawn wouldn’t mind me in the bed then she probably wouldn’t mind me playing with one of her toys.”

Matt’s imagination had been churning away for hours and his cock was rapidly responding to the massage it was receiving. He didn’t make a move to stop Callie, but he wasn’t moving forward either. Dawn had played around with a few girls in college, but none since they had gotten married. He knew that she liked the sex, but was hesitant about a third person affecting their emotional bond. He also remembered that Dawn had made quite a few comments on how Callie looked and even a few about Callie being her ‘type’.

Callie continued stroking while Matt contemplated what to do. It seemed like hours to him as he tried to make a choice, but it was only a few seconds. Callie on her part wasn’t dumb, and she kept encouraging the decision she wanted by keeping the pressure on his now rock-hard cock. She finally forced the decision when she unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop to the floor. Her hand felt hot as she wrapped it around his shaft and Matt quickly made up his mind.

Matt grabbed Callie’s free hand in his and guided her toward the bed as she continued to stroke his cock. Once there, he slipped his hands behind her and untied the bikini top. The small piece of cloth dropped to the floor and Matt’s mouth started to water. He was right about the color of her nipples. The cherry red tips were glossed over in light brown, giving them a fiery and warm appearance. Matt knew that he had to taste them. He dipped his head down and captured one of the stiff peaks in his mouth and suckled it like a ripe piece of fruit, which got him a low moan from Callie.

“Oh yeah.” She sighed as she ran her free hand through his hair. She would swear that his cock grew even harder in her hand. Matt slowed down to enjoy everything and began slowly licking her breasts. She was small, and he made full circles around each mound before sucking or licking the nipple. She tasted of a mixture between coconut oil and perspiration, and was both sweet and slightly salty. Her body was warm from the sun and almost radiated heat in the cool room.

Callie pulled away, slipped down onto the bed and Matt was ready to follow. He stopped as her breath rushed over his cock. He was just in time to watch as her tongue stretched out from between her parted lips. Matt watched as Callie slowly flicked her tongue against the slit of his cock and come away with a clear drop of Precum. She looked up at him as she used her tongue to paint her lips with his fluid, making them even glossier than they already were. She leaned forward and keeping her lips tightly pursed, dabbed his leaking cock against them.

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