Sun Hee’s Cruel Tease Ch. 01

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Note: If you are new to Sun Hee’s story, you can safely start here, but if you like the story, I encourage you to go back to chapter one of “Sun Hee.” This new chapter is written as a reboot, reintroducing all the important characters and main plot, and then picking up where the old series left off. The story is about Sun Hee, a young Korean college student studying in America. She’s a sweet but naughty girl who meets a nice American boy, and as they date, she discovers that she likes teasing and denying him. She quickly learns just how much she can use her sexuality to torture our poor narrator. Her Korean friends also really know how to be cruel. The story revolves around femdom and tease & denial, though many other fetishes are brought in as well, so hopefully there is a little something for everyone. Comments and feedback are welcome, and please vote. Enjoy.


Here I was walking across campus hand in hand with my Korean girlfriend Sun Hee — and I was on top of the world!

We were finally back together. After falling out and taking a break, after she had gone home to Korea for the long winter holiday, and after much uncertainty and soul searching, here we were back together again. The past didn’t matter, or rather, it was part of us now.

“I’m so happy being with you again,” I said to Sun Hee as she walked beside me.

Sun Hee looked up at me suddenly bashful and a little awkward. “Yeah?” she asked, blinking at me through her big dark eyes. “I like hearing that. I’m happy too.”

It was true, and I couldn’t be more excited. We were soul mates. This was destiny. Sun Hee was the love of my life and the girl I wanted to be with more than anything. Sun Hee looked down at her feet, and while I couldn’t see her face I could tell she was blushing. She seemed almost embarrassed by the naked sincerity of my love for her.

She squeezed me hand a little tighter, and I squeezed back.

At just 5’4”, Sun Hee was this really pretty Korean girl with a cute little pixie nose and impossibly big brown eyes. Her hair was long and dark with highlights of golden brown that sparkled in the warm Southern California sun. When we first met last semester she had been this really reserved and dorky girl, confined to her bubble among other Korean international students, but slowly she was discovering new sides of herself and new experiences. If you saw her then, among all those other Korean students, she would have blended in with the crowd, but still there was something special about her.

Today she wore her hair tied up in two slightly nerdy pigtails that bounced against her narrow shoulders. A light breeze teased loose strands of hair against the rims of her too-large glasses. The oversized glasses were in fashion in Korea, something I had never seen before, and I liked the way they made her look both bookish and sexy at the same time. And it made her eyes seem even larger than usual. The careful makeup she wore, dark cat eyes at the corner of her eyes, made her face even more dramatic.

She looked beautiful.

“You like my outfit?” Sun Hee teased. She had caught me looking, and she had come to like the heat she stirred in me.

As usual she dressed nicely, both more formally and more modestly than a typical American college student would. Her sleeveless white dress shirt was tucked into her surprisingly short maroon pencil skirt, and the high waist of her skirt really showed off Sun Hee’s narrow waist. An extra wide woven belt further accentuated her hips, and her skirt was adorned by this single long tassel hanging down the side, a style I had never seen before in American clothing.

The tassel swayed and tossed in a most enticing way as she walked, her high heels clicking on the sidewalk, and the way her short skirt hugged tightly to her slender and promising thighs hinted at a sensuality at odds with Sun Hee’s studious and girlish demeanor.

I was thinking about what was between her legs, I couldn’t help it, and my pulse was pounding in my ears.

“You look really sexy, baby.” Smiling, I slipped my arm around her waist, feeling just how tiny she was, and pulled her tight against me. Her tailored shirt and short pencil skirt hugged every curve of her body, and the heat of her felt amazing. I planted a kiss at the base of her ear, inhaling the sweet scent of her perfume, and growled, “Makes me want to do things with you.”

Sun Hee shrieked and giggled. Both hands pushed against me as she squirmed and wriggled away, acting outraged by my public affection but secretly pleased. This kind of attention was still new to her. She was a shy girl struggling with all the peer pressure and expectations growing up in a conservative and highly patriarchal culture, but she was slowly learning to like the power sex gave her over men and she loved to tease me. She liked feeling the heat she stirred in me.

Sometimes, like now, Sun Hee would shock me by doing something extremely playful and naughty. There was a rebelliousness urfa escort to her that left me helpless.

Still giggling, Sun Hee pushed away, holding me at arm’s length and dodging as I tried to get my arms around her again. She held one hand over her mouth, hiding her laughter, as the other arm pushed me back. Her pigtails danced and teased, and the way her hips turned and swayed as she kept dancing away from me was incredibly enticing, the short red skirt flexing and stretching around her narrow thighs and pert little ass.

Then she did something that made me freeze in place.

Her hand dropped down to the collar of her shirt, and her fingers teased at the little white button there on her blouse, tempting my eyes with the hint of her cleavage just visible. She teased at the button, knowing what that would do to me, tracing the curve of the button with her fingertips. “Is this what you want?”

“Baby,” I gasped, watching her intently.

Her other arm was still outstretched, holding me away, but I felt immobilized anyway by the way her fingers teased at her blouse. The fact we were in the middle of the campus sidewalk only made this more shocking and surprising. Other students milled around us, minding their own business, but a few glanced our way.

My Korean girl bit her lip as she threatened to pop the button, her lips full and sensual. She looked so awkward and sexy at the same time. Even her body language seemed a bit foreign, just a little stiff and self-conscious, slightly hesitant, and the way she held her elbows shyly against her narrow waist even as she teased at her blouse hinted at something vulnerable and mysterious, something different and deeper about Sun Hee, and deeply beguiling.

“You like that, baby?” Sun Hee teased. “You want to see more?”

Yes, I wanted to see more! Sun Hee’s breasts were impressively large for a Korean girl, at least a C or D cup. Perky and round, they swelled and pressed against the thin fabric of her fitted shirt, and the high waist of her skirt, pulled tight right up underneath her breasts, greatly accentuated the way her firm tits jutted from her tiny frame. I ached to get Sun Hee alone and slowly unbutton that shirt. I ached to see once again the full glory of the way her pendulous tits hung firm and proud, straining against her bra.

But I knew Sun Hee was just teasing. My pulse hammered in my veins even as I felt sure she wouldn’t do anything. By Korean standards showing even a little bit of cleavage was considered immodest, and we were in public. Students were all around us. But she had eyes only for me, looking deep into my eyes and seeing the hunger there.

Impulsively Sun Hee popped open the top button — and then just as quickly her hands moved down to open the second button too. Pop… pop!

The full slope of her gorgeous, almond colored breasts suddenly sprang into view — along with the lacey curves of her bra and a mouth-watering view of the valley between her large and perky tits. With her blouse suddenly unbuttoned down to the little pink bow at the base of her bra, the view was astonishing. Her skin was so smooth, the plunge of soft flesh between her breasts so intoxicating.

She laughed delightedly as I dropped my jaw, genuinely shocked by her daring. “Holy shit, Sun Hee,” I stammered.

“You like that?” she asked, still giggling. She even teased the tips of her fingers along the sloping curve of her breasts, drawing visible goosebumps on her skin, and let her finger drop down against the remaining button, pulling even more of her cleavage into view. Her shoulders twisted side to side, shimmying her nearly exposed breasts back and forth, making her heavy tits sway and bounce underneath her shirt in a most intoxicating way — before abruptly covering herself again in sudden awkward embarrassment, blushing furiously.

That was often the way with her: sudden rash action, followed by uncertainty and nervousness.

But we were nearing lunch hour, and Sun Hee had to know her little display would not go unnoticed. It’s not like she was really flashing that much. American girls regularly showed as much or more cleavage. What made it so hot was how out of character it was, seeing this cute little Korean girl acting naughty. A group of three or four guys passing just a few feet away had obviously seen everything, and one in particular stared at Sun Hee with open interest, his sexual hunger written all over his face. He made no effort to conceal the way he looked my Korean girlfriend up and down, appraising every curve of her tight little body.

“Looking fine, baby!” he called out, drawing out the word “f-i-i-ne.”

Sun Hee blushed furiously and buried her face in my shoulder, giggling with nervous embarrassment. Her hand clutched at mine, squeezing tightly, and I squeezed tightly back. But her nipples were hard was she pressed against me, and when she looked up, I caught Sun Hee sneaking escort urfa a glance back over her shoulder as the guy walked by. And then she sneaked another look.

Up ahead the guys were talking and laughing. The way they glanced back at my girl made it clear they were talking about her.

Her hand gripped tighter in mine.

While she then quickly recovered her modesty, I noticed she had done up only one button, leaving the other button open and exposed. She decided she liked the looks.

“Did you see the way he was looking at me?” Sun Hee asked, her eyes big and wet. I knew she was turned on, and I was turned on too.

Actually, I often saw the way men looked at Sun Hee. They stole glances at her firm breasts, and their eyes followed her perky little ass and enjoyed the way her skirts stretched tightly across her narrow little hips. Sometimes their looks were covert, and sometimes men brazenly checked Sun Hee out right in front of me. In truth, the attention she gained stirred confusing feelings.

But Sun Hee wasn’t just hot. She was also smart and interesting. She actually cared about her classes and cared about learning new things, and honestly that was what I liked most about her. It was her curiosity about the world that first drew me to her. An international student studying abroad, daring to come to a foreign country to study when most of the other college students here were only a few miles from the sheltered safety of their parents’ homes, Sun Hee was learning to take risks. She chafed at the way her fellow Korean students stayed within the bubble of their conservative and conformist social values and expected her to do the same. She longed to break free and explore new places, meet new people, and have new experiences, and it thrilled me that of all the American guys she had quietly, or not so quietly, rebuffed, I was the one she liked enough, trusted enough, and felt comfortable enough to come out of her shell.

My heart swelled with love as I pulled her close. As my arms tightened around her, Sun Hee smiled up at me, her dark brown eyes wide and open in that knowing way she had, as if she could somehow see into my very soul and read my thoughts, and she snugged closer against me. I could feel her bra strap under my hand as I held her tight, her hip bones pressed against mine, and my whole body felt powerfully, acutely aware of Sun Hee’s pussy right there against me.

Everything in this moment was perfect. I was with this perfect little girl, and I longed to have sex with her. I longed to feel her breasts naked and hot against me and her slender little thighs spread apart for me — and to feel her wet little pussy open.

There was just one problem.

Inside my pants, wrapped around my penis and imprisoning my arousal, helplessly preventing any erection or release, was this tiny little plastic cage.

I wore Sun Hee’s chastity cage.

You see, the problem was that Sun Hee did want to explore new ideas and have new experiences; they just included things that I had never imagined possible before. She was innocent, but not so innocent as she seemed.

That night we first met, deliciously and deliriously falling in love, she was this shy and studious Korean girl eager to talk about philosophy and art and life, and I was this good guy who had met the girl of his dreams. Things quickly became physical, yet even as we hurtled toward passionate and explosive sex, I held back. Mistaking her shyness for inexperience I chose to forgo my opportunity. I didn’t want to spoil her innocence, and so the night passed chastely.

I thought I was doing the right thing by not pushing her, but as it turned out, I was too patient and missed my chance.

In fact Sun Hee was not so innocent, and she became fascinated by my hesitation. Other guys she had been with had taken sex for granted, and she always ended up giving them access to her bare little pussy the way they expected. But with me she discovered a power and domination that she had never experienced before. The way Sun Hee made me squirm and beg as she withheld her pussy from me delighted her, and she soon learned that the more she teased and denied me, the more hopelessly I fell under her spell. Having grown up in a culture where she always felt helpless and at the mercy of men, this discovery that she could make me defer to her was a revelation. Sun Hee soon came to exult in her newfound power and domination.

Then, to my shock and confusion, Sun Hee took things a step further. She presented me with a chastity cage, and when, submissively, I allowed her to place it around my penis, my fate was sealed.

I was helplessly chaste to her.

So here we were, walking together toward the student center. The rings of Sun Hee’s little chastity cage curled tightly around the sensitive and intimate flesh of my penis and balls just as Sun Hee’s tiny little fingers curled around my hand. The heat of her body next urfa escort bayan to me was a surreal combination of comfort and torture. Every glance at her — the curve of her ear poking through her hair, the slight openness of her lips, the rounded heft of her breasts, the perfect honey of her skin — was an agony of frustrated desire.

And she knew it!

“It’s so funny,” Sun Hee said, looking up at me. “Every time I simply smile at you, I can see in your face that your chastity cage gets a little tighter.”

Hearing her say it out loud made me groan in frustration. I had dated Sun Hee now for over three months, on and off, sure, but we had been together in some fashion for three months, and I still had not had sex with her.

I hated it. I hated it — and I loved it.

Sun Hee loved it too.

Her cute little mouth quirked a smile as though she was reading my mind, and she leaned up on her toes to plant a kiss on my cheek — while inside my plastic prison my poor little cock pulsed with need and desire, denied. Hopelessly denied.

“I love seeing how much you want my pussy,” Sun Hee whispered, “And knowing you don’t get to have it.” She stroked my shoulder as leaned up onto her toes to whisper into my ear, enjoying the way she made my whole body tremble.

Sun Hee’s naughty little teases were an undeniable source of fun for both of us, a whole new dimension of our sexuality to explore together, yet it was a source of tension too. For all her shyness and innocence, Sun Hee was an intensely sexual girl. She needed sex. She was absolutely adamant that I stay chaste for her, she loved seeing me constantly horny for her too much to give that up and she loved the control she wielded over me, yet if I wasn’t getting any that meant she wasn’t getting any either.

It was a problem. And it had broken us up once already. In the weeks leading up to our break, she had been flirting shamelessly with an older student, Sebastian. She couldn’t seem to help herself, but she felt bad about it. Eventually she got fed up with my jealousy, and after she broke things off, I still don’t know if she slept with him or not. But there was another guy she did sleep with, and Sun Hee did nothing to hide it from me.

When I found out she had slept with another man, and on the first date even, it felt like a dagger in my heart. She hadn’t cheated on me, not exactly. We were on a break when it happened. But the whole thing left me confused. And strangely aroused — which was more confusing still.

Worse, even after the breakup she expected me to stay chaste for her. Sun Hee insisted I keep wearing her cage even as she enjoyed herself on a date with this other guy, and even now, as I thought about it, my poor trapped cock throbbed with jealousy.

It amused her to see how I submitted. But she felt guilty about it too. That guilt was always there for her, underlying her teasing and her cruelty, and actually, I think sometimes the guilt was part of what drove her cruelty, as if by acting cruel toward me she could somehow channel or process those conflicted feelings. Because she loved me, too. First and last, Sun Hee loved me.

The situation was a struggle for us, and we still didn’t quite know what to do. The feelings we had for each other were intense, but we were still so young, and ultimately, despite everything that had happened between us, still so inexperienced, that we didn’t know how to make things work.

I squeezed Sun Hee’s hand and she squeezed back, both comforted by each other’s presence. We were here for each other and ready to make a go of things again, come what may, and neither of us were going to let go this time.

Until we arrived at the outdoor patio area of the student union, and Sun Hee abruptly let go of my hand…

Ok, so there wasn’t just one problem, there were three.

Sun Hee’s three friends — Jin Sook, SooYoung, and Min Ha — waited for us at one of the patio tables, enjoying the gorgeous weather on this mild Monday afternoon in January, and cock-blockers in their own way, her friends did not approve of us. Koreans tended to be pretty shy about public affection and they were extremely private about sex. In a culture that emphasized conformity, Sun Hee dating a white guy was something of a scandal, and all the changes in Sun Hee’s personality — her growing confidence, her rebelliousness, her spontaneousness — they viewed with skepticism and judgment. Especially Jin Sook.

Jin Sook, the rich and intimidating alpha girl of the group, sat under one of the big yellow umbrellas drinking something bright and colorful served in an fancy highball glass, with fresh fruit and an elaborate lime garnish. Her posture conveyed a confusing combination of languor and coiled energy, like a snake about the strike, and behind her Gucci sunglasses, her eyes were flat and unreadable.

Meanwhile SooYoung lay sprawled on the chaise lounge next to her, and the painfully shy and waif-like Min Ha perched across the table, left in the sun because the other two girls had monopolized all the shade from the umbrella.

Sun Hee called out an excited greeting to her friends in Korean and playfully hopped into the chaise lounge next to her friend SooYoung and cuddled up against her, leaving me standing awkwardly.

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