Teacher’s Pet Pt. 01

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“Tomorrow is the first day of junior year!” my roommate, Ellie, squealed as she threw a cheetah print pillow at my head. I dodged it and rolled over.

“Some of us are trying to print our class list and syallabi for tomorrow.” I sighed, managing to crack a small grin at her.

“You are such a nerd, Abby, nobody brings anything to class on the first day!” she continued to squeal and giggle. I sighed and rolled my eyes at her.

“Oooh, you’ve got Dr. Wolf for Advanced A&P? I heard he’s gorgeous but super strict.” Ellie said, looking over my shoulder to get a glimpse of my class list.

“Well, that’s great. I have to keep up my 3.9 GPA to get into medical school, El.” I replied, tossing my long brown hair out of my face.

“I’m just trying to help. You might have to sleep with him to get the grade you want.” She threw her hands up, grinning at me.

“Like I’ve ever had to do that before!” I threw her fuzzy pillow back at her. I zipped the papers up in my backpack and walked back to my room.

“You need to get some!” Ellie yelled from the living room.

El was probably right. It had been 6 months since my boyfriend dumped me for a blond sorority girl that cared more about her sisterhood than her actual grades. I didn’t give him the time he needed which was every waking moment of the day. I had better things to worry about like becoming a doctor. I had my vibrator and that was enough for now with boys.

Ellie is a liberal arts major and I am a biology pre-medicine major. We grew up together and decided to rent an apartment nearby our college, University of Tennessee. We even served food and drinks together at a nearby bar called Fieldhouse Social. Ellie will not admit it, but I make better tips than she does because I am naturally a 36DD and use them to my advantage while bar tending.

The next day, my alarm went off at 6:30 am. I had to make a good impression for the first day so I put on a cute pink sundress that hit my long 5’7 legs at mid thigh with a heather gray cardigan in case the classrooms were cold. I put on some thick black mascara and put on my new pink plumping lipstick. I curled my long brown hair to give it some natural waves that hit me at mid-back. Ellie overslept her alarm so I decided to be a good friend and wake her up.

“El, come on, you are going to miss class.” She shot up from her bed.

“Oh, shit. You look amazing, Dr. Wolf will definitely want to bang you.” Ellie said, pulling on a pair of sweatpants.

“You’re welcome for waking you up.” I said, walking to the door and slipping into my wedges. I grabbed my backpack, keys and left Ellie to get ready and drive separately.

I drove over to campus since I didn’t want to walk all the way in with high heeled wedges on and parked my car in the garage. I slid my backpack on over my cardigan and walked into the building. A line of students were already entering the classroom. I saw a few familiar faces and smiled.

“Hey, Abigail, sit next to me!” A familiar voice yelled from the pack of students. Once they cleared slightly, I could see her.

“Hey, Charity!” I smiled and gave her a hug. We had almost every class together and she was an over-achiever like myself.

“You ready for this?” She grinned nervously.

“Yeah, El said he’s a tough professor. Have you heard that too?” I asked, looking into her big brown eyes.

“Yeah! He’s failed a lot of biology students, let’s pray we make it through!” Charity sighed, clasping her hands together in prayer.

I laughed at her and looked toward the classroom. The line had cleared and we could move again. We walked to the front of the classroom and sat down. We liked to sit in the front to be able to pay attention to the professors. Dr. Wolf was already writing on the board and we still had 10 minutes before class started. I took my syllabus and a notebook out of my backpack and looked up. His ass was perfectly sculpted into his tight fitting black dress pants. He had black shiny hair that was long enough to move a little as he wrote.

Dr. Wolf turned to face the classroom and my heart fell into my stomach. He was stunning. My mouth almost fell open as he made eye contact with me. His eyes were a piercing blue and his jaw line could cut glass. I tried not to look him up and down but failed. His biceps were showing through the thin fabric of his dress shirt. His stomach looked tight as it led down to a bulge in the front of his pants. It seemed as though he caught my wandering eyes and I blushed, looking down at my notes. taksim escort I heard him shift a little in his clothes and open a laptop.

“Hello, class. My name is Dr. Elijah Wolf and I am here to teach you Advanced Anatomy and Physiology. Please pull out the syllabus I have written as guidelines for this class.” He said in a professional, deep, sexy voice.

Get it together, girl! I thought to myself, unable to look up from my notes. I stuck the end of my pen in my mouth to bite as I looked up. He was looking at me again, his body behind the stadium so that I could only see him from the abdomen up.

“I’m glad to see that some of you, like Ms. Lancaster here, came prepared for class today.” Wait, he knew my last name already? Everyone shifted in their seat to look at me. I continued biting and sucking on the end of my pen, completely flabbergasted.

“Teachers pet!” Charity whispered, jabbing me with her elbow.

“As you see here on the first page, I have my contact information listed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have pertaining to our studies. I am more than willing to meet with students that need extra guidance.” His icy blue eyes were on me again as he spoke. It felt as though it we were the only two people in the classroom. The 86 other students didn’t matter. I couldn’t even look at Charity, I just wanted to drink Dr. Wolf in with my eyes.

Dr. Wolf continued explaining classroom rules and etiquette in his deep, sultry voice. It suddenly felt very warm in the room, even with the air conditioner running. I shrugged out of my cardigan by leaning forward, exposing my long line of cleavage spilling out of the top of my dress. I heard Dr. Wolf pause so I looked up, my long brown hair framing my face. It looked like he was gripping the podium, his bright blue eyes on me again. I played with my hair by running my finger tips over my cleavage, twirling it in my fingers. What was I doing to him? Was he interested in me?

Dr. Wolf looked strained as he finished talking about the syllabus and onto the assigned reading. “Please read Chapter. 1 by tomorrow. Yes, it’s 70 pages long. Yes, it is required for class.” He flashed a quick smile of his pearly white teeth.

“I’ll see you all tomorrow. Class dismissed.” He said, shoving his laptop quickly into his messenger bag to hang across his body and cover his crotch. He ducked out of the room and into his nearby office.

“5 minutes early? Was he having a stroke?” Charity laughed, grabbing her purse. I gave her an awkward smile, trying to come back to reality.

“Abby, did you already know Dr. Wolf before class? He acted like he knew you and you two were long lost buds.” she stared at me, gauging my reaction.

“N-no, I’ve never met him before. Maybe he saw my picture on the student list.” I stammered, trying to get my fingers to zip my backpack closed.

“Wow, he’s really interested in you. Seems like he has an effect on you too.” I noticed a giant wet spot in the seat I was in. I quickly covered it up on my dress by putting my cardigan on, hoping no one would notice.

The day of classes dragged by, all I could think about was the gorgeous Dr. Wolf. I went to work that evening in a flirty mood, push-up bra on and made great tips. I walked home from work and got into my pajamas, ready to read for A&P. I looked at the first page and it was basically a review of things we learned from basic anatomy. Boring. I opened my phone and reached for the syllabus. Dr. Wolf included his cell phone number in ways to reach him for guidance.

“Good evening Dr. Wolf, this is Abigail Lancaster from A&P 2. I was just wondering what your suggestions were for studying for your exams? I’ve heard they are pretty tough and I want to be prepared.”

I held my breath and hit send. Did I really need the extra help? No. Did I really want to talk to Dr. Wolf? Yes. A moment later, my phone vibrated with a new message.

“Ms. Lancaster, you are an exemplary student. Come to my office after class tomorrow and I will show you how to be successful in this course.”

My jaw actually dropped that time. Alone in his office?! Logically, he is keeping our relationship strictly professional and I am just reading into his body language. What would a professor in his late 30’s/early 40’s want with a 21 year old biology student? I need to calm down and go to sleep. El was at her boyfriends dorm and I was all alone so I reached into my drawer and pulled out my topkapı escort rabbit g-spot vibrator.

I didn’t need any lubricant, I was wet all day thinking about Dr. Wolf. I parted my waxed smooth pussy lips and shoved my vibrator deep inside so that it rests on my gspot. I nestled the top bunny ears onto my swollen clit and turned it on. I instantly moaned and bucked my hips on the bed, fucking the vibrator with all of my might. I pinched and pulled on my hard nipples, my big tits bouncing with each buck of my hips.

I imagined being bent over Dr. Wolf’s desk and having him stand behind me, pounding my little pussy and making me cum. I moved the end of my vibrator in and out to mock Dr. Wolfs big cock sliding in and out of my needy cunt. I started breathing harder as I approached orgasm, wave after wave of pleasure hitting me all at once. I pulled my vibrator out and set it down on the bed. I then realized my phone was under my butt.

I looked in horror as I saw that an audio clip was butt-dialed to Dr. Wolf. I hit play on the clip. Sheets rustling, the humming of my vibrator and my moans. That’s it, I’m expelled! How could I be so careless?! No response from Dr. Wolf. I’ll have to think of some excuse tomorrow in his office.

The alarm went off at 6:30 again and I put on a little black dress with black boots to match. I wore my push up bra and gave myself a smokey eye. I have a lot of apologizing to do today, not a good way to start off the semester. I sighed to myself, starting my car. El stayed the night at her boyfriends house so I had no time to tell her about Dr. Wolf.

I arrived earlier than usual, bustling my way through the crowd to sit at my front seat. “You going out tonight, girl? You’re looking good!” Charity said, giving me a once-over.

“I just wanted to start the semester off dressing up.” I replied, pouting my lips at her and smiling. The room was quite loud with everyone talking about the reading assignment and how the class would be before the door slammed shut. Dr. Wolf looked stunning as usual in black dress pants and a blue pinstripe dress shirt which matched his eyes perfectly.

“I know that some of you were doing other things last night rather than reading the content.” His eyes were on me again, burning into me. I sat up straighter and cleared my throat. So, he did listen to my little message.

“However, today, we are getting down to business. Open your books to Chapter 2.” I could listen to him lecture for hours in his deep, masculine voice. I was turned on just by watching him teach and my mind wandered into the office again.

“Class dismissed. Ms. Lancaster, please see me in my office.” The class was mentally “ooohing me” for getting called into his office.

“You in trouble with Mr. Sexypants?” Charity asked, her curiosity peaked.

“No, I asked him about how to study for his exams. That’s all.” I quickly shoved my notes into my backpack and walked into the hallway. His office was beside the classroom and he had already went in and sat down.

I knocked out of courtesy and heard a deep “Come in.”

I stepped into his office and closed the door behind me. Before I could say anything, he stood up and locked the door, gently brushing his fingers down my hip. He stood directly in front of me and looked into my eyes. He was a few inches taller than me, a perfect kissing height.

“Ms. Lancaster, I’ve noticed you have trouble paying attention in my classes and completing my reading assignment.” He peered down at me, his breath hot on my skin. Standing this close to him gave me goosebumps. I blushed, breaking our gaze.

“I’m so sorry, Dr. Wolf. I- I don’t know whats wrong with me. I’m really a good student, I’ll make sure you see that.”

He smiled, showing his perfect pearl white teeth again. “I’m sure you will. Do you know what your little message did to me?” He looked down at his pants, his bulge pushing it’s way out to touch my thigh.

“I had to jack off, Abigail. I haven’t done that since I was in college myself.” Was this a dream? Was this unbelievably gorgeous intelligent man really wanting me?

“And when I first saw you, you made me so hard, I had to stand behind my podium so your classmates wouldn’t take pictures.”

I cleared my throat, partly unable to speak. “Dr…” I got out before his perfect lips were on mine. I slid my tongue into his mouth, craving his affections. He returned my need by swirling his tongue around mine, kissing tüyap escort me deeper. I slid my fingers up into his hair and slid my tongue in and out of his mouth to tease him. He suddenly broke away, unzipping his pants to release his massive bulge.

“Abigail, do you want this? I’ve never been so attracted to anyone before, let alone a student of mine.” My heart started pounding in my chest.

“Yes! I never have either. I won’t tell anyone about us.” I couldn’t take my eyes off of his large circumisized bulbous head on his cock.

“Oh, they’ll hear us. Take off your panties.” he demanded, pulling his pants all the way down his legs.

“I’m not wearing any.” I smiled darkly, beginning to pull up my dress.

“Ms. Lancaster, what are you doing to me? I’ve never fucked in my office before.” He touched my hands that were pulling up my dress and slid his hand up my thighs to my dripping wet pussy.

“Naughty girl. You’re already so wet.” He pushed my dress up to my hips and tasted his fingers. “Sit on my desk.” he commanded, his voice sounding darker.

I did as he asked and parted my legs slightly. He dove down quickly, spreading my legs and pushing his face into my pussy. I moaned loudly, feeling his hot tongue on my swollen clit. He opened my sex up with his index finger and slid in with ease, hooking his finger up to my gspot and rubbing it.

“Oh that feels so good, Dr. Wolf.” I moaned, tilting my head back. He tormented my little clit by licking around it in circles and sucking on it then directly lapping at it again. My legs shook with each lick and I felt like I was ready to explode.

“You may call me Elijah.” he said, wiping my pussy drool off of his lips as he stood up and took his shirt off, revealing his stunning chest and stomach. He then reached for my dress and pulled it off over my head.

“Your breasts are very distracting to me during lecture. I wanted to taste them since I saw you.” He quickly unclasped my bra and started rubbing my breasts with the palms of his hands. He then lowered his mouth and placed my erect nipple into it. noticeable wet spot was on the front by his cockhead, gleaming with precum.

“Fuck me, Dr. Wolf” I said, licking my lips and moving my hand over to touch his cock.

“Lay back on my desk and I’ll give you what you desire.” His blue eyes were filled with heat when he looked at me. I did as I was told, spreading my legs apart to expose myself to him.

“Good girl. You might just be teachers pet after all.” He stood in front of me and took his bulbous cockhead in one hand to part my wet pussy lips. With one quick movement, he pushed himself all the way inside of me. He grabbed my hips to anchor himself inside as deep as his cock could go. I moaned and dug my nails into his desk.

“Elijah, you feel so good. Fuck me, please.” I moaned again. He began rocking his hips back and forth, his hands exploring my hips and breasts.

“Turn over so that I can fuck you from behind and spank you for sending me dirty texts.” He pulled out of me and placed a hand under my ass, pushing me to the other side. I quickly flipped over and placed my heeled boots on the ground, spreading them apart.

“Like this, Dr. Wolf?” I looked back at him as he caressed my big bare ass.

“Don’t send any more unless you want me to come to your apartment and fuck your brains out. In that case, please do send them.” He raised his hand and slapped it across my ass, leaving a red handprint. “Secondly, only send them to me.” He repeated the same slap to my other ass cheek.

“Yes, sir.” I winced at the quick pain of spankings before feeling his large thick cock inside of me once again. He grabbed my hips tightly and began pounding me into his desk.

“You are so tight, Abby.” he groaned, pulling out and back in deeper. He licked his finger before placing it on my swollen clit, rubbing in circles. “I’m going to make you cum on me.”

The sensations were overwhelming my body, I moaned again and again. “The entire university is going to hear you, baby.” He leaned down and kissed up and down my neck. His expert fingers danced around my clit and directly on it as he became a little more rough, slapping his balls up against me.

“I don’t care if they hear me. You’re going to make me cum.” I said breathlessly, waves of pleasure taking over my body. My tight pussy convulsed around his large cock as I came. I arched my back and held onto the desk, not in control of my own body anymore.

He then quickly pulled out of me, cum erupting from his cock and shooting out all over my ass. “Oh Abby, that was everything I thought it would be and more. You are so beautiful when you cum.” he looked at me with soft eyes. I turned over and sat up on my elbows and kissed him deeply, slipping my tongue into his mouth again. He sighed and kissed me back, our tongues dancing together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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