The Adventures of Miss Jones Ch. 02

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The alarm went off but she was already awake, nervously anticipating her first day at work. She’d been shopping on Saturday and bought some new work clothes. A smart business suit – skirt and jacket – that fitted her curves nicely. Some silk blouses and a trip to her favourite lingerie shop where she’d bought several matching silk pantie and bra sets. Different colours for different days of the week, she decided. Some nice stockings too. Hold ups were her preferred option and she chose several black pairs and others to match the lingerie.

After her shower, she was feeling particularly horny. She had rubbed herself a little and brushed against her nipples as the hot water cascaded over her, but it wasn’t satisfying. It wasn’t the same as having a man do it for her. She was basically sex-starved. She hadn’t been fucked for three weeks, since her interview with Mr Smith in early August, and it was 1st of September now. She hadn’t been able to start her new job straight away as Mr Smith had been away for a few weeks. She began fantasising about having a nice stiff cock to play with or a wet tongue on her pussy…

No! She had to put those thoughts aside and concentrate on her new job…. maybe she could go out on Friday night with some friends and see who they could pick up. She got dressed for work and on a whim decided to go to work without panties on.


“Welcome to your new job, Miss Jones. Here’s your desk outside my office. The main roles are managing my diary, meeting and greeting any clients, playing hostess in a way. By the way you are looking fabulous! Been shopping? Good!

I like plenty of coffee in the mornings. Keep them coming fairly often. There’s not too much on today but tomorrow’s busy so we need to prepare. Give yourself an hour to familiarise yourself with the people I’m meeting tomorrow and we’ll have a chat at ten. Okay?”


“Coffee, Mr Smith? You said we’d have a chat later.”

A chat? She needed more than a chat. She needed a fuck. A stiff cock. Ever since she started at 9, she had been fantasising about him. He looked like he’d been on holiday since their last “encounter”, he looked slim and attractive and, well, very fuckable. If she had worn panties then they would have been wet already.

“Thank you, Miss Jones. You make excellent coffee – do have a seat.”

He was looking through some papers as she sat maltepe escort the other side of his desk and there was quiet for a moment or two.

“Is there anything else I can get, Mr Smith? Biscuits, or, er, …”

She left her sentence incomplete.

“Since you mention it, yes, there is something else. I’m feeling a little tense this morning…”

“What do you think would be the best way to relieve your tension, Mr Smith? I’m sure there’s something I could do for you…”

As she spoke she was already moving round to his side of the desk, rotating his swivel chair to the side, kneeling in front of him, loosening his trousers. the moment she looked at his crotch she knew he was stiff and wearing no pants either. Within a few seconds she had his cock out.

“Oh Mr Smith! It’s gorgeous! I want to suck it so much!”

“You’ve seen it before…”

“But I love it even more now you’ve shaved it smooth!”

She ran her hands up and down the shaft, caressing his balls, absolutely adoring the smoothness of it.

“Miss Jones, suck my cock. Suck it well and make me come. I’m sure that’s what I need to ease my tension. “

She didn’t need to be told twice. The tip was in her mouth in an instant as she sucked him happily. What a great job she had! On her first morning she was inherent knees with a tasty cock in her mouth. In her last job, she’d had to leave for doing the very same thing for a tense and rather gorgeous colleague. But this was the boss’s cock, so there was no chance of getting sacked here. She was soon bobbing her head up and down on his cock, holding his shaft on one hand and his balls in the other. She wanted to make him come straight away. This wasn’t a time for a long slow blow job, this was a time to make him come and ease his tension. She wondered, while she sucked, if he’d come recently and could she manage to swallow the lot? She’d find out very soon. She sucked harder and concentrated on the tip, moving her hand up and down the shaft in the opposite direction, willing him to come. She was soon rewarded; his gasps built up in volume and urgency and with a final warning he filled her mouth with delicious salty come. She swallowed the lot greedily. Delicious!

“Thank you, Miss Jones. That was superb. I think I might be able to concentrate on my papers now.”

“Mr Smith, you are VERY welcome, it pendik escort was my pleasure.”

“Miss Jones, I need to attend a conference in Berlin next month. the dates are in the electronic calendar. Please can you sort out some flights and hotels? I’d like you to come along too.”

“Certainly, Mr Smith, I’ll get onto it right away.”


She booked the flights business class, no problem. But what about the hotel? Should she book a double room for them? That might be a bit much, so she found a nice hotel on the Kurfurstendam with adjoining rooms, his a larger room with a work area and hers a smaller one next door joined a by an internal door. He could come and visit her in the night if he liked, she mused to herself.


“Miss jones, in my office please. “

She joined him very quickly, hoping he was feeling horny again.

“I like to eat healthily you see, so today I’ve brought some fresh fruit. What I’d like from you is somewhere to eat it from.”

“Mr Smith, I don’t understand. shall I fetch a plate?”

He smiled.

“Oh no, the plate is already here! I notice you aren’t wearing any underwear today. I like that! Slip off your skirt and lie back on my desk. Spread your legs nice and wide.”

She began to understand what he meant now. Her skirt was rapidly round her ankles and she sprang back onto the table, opening her legs very wide.

What did he have planned for lunch?

He took a banana out of the lunch box and she watched him peel it slowly. She knew exactly where it was going and and she was already wet for it. He slid the banana deep into her pussy and it filled her up so nicely. He didn’t fuck her with it but left it inside her, stretching her perfectly. Next she felt something cold all around her pussy. He showed her the carton – it was double cream. Next she felt a few slight pressures and she felt him pop something into her mouth. Strawberry! So that was it – he was going to eat strawberries and cream off her, and she was the plate. Not that healthy, she thought, unless the double cream was low fat, but certainly fun.

He settled down to eating his ‘healthy’ lunch, sucking off the strawberries one by one, making sure his lips or tongue made contact with her. When they’d gone he started to lick off the cream too. That was the best part for her, feeling his tongue licking the kaynarca escort cream off her pussy was amazing. Sadly the cream had all but disappeared. There was still a little left on her pussy lips and her clit, but the banana was sticking a little way out of her, so he nibbled a bit off. She could feel his nose nuzzling her clit as he ate some of the banana. Then he licked at her pussy lips. It was too much for her to take any more and she could feel a big orgasm building up. His tongue touched her so beautifully that she could no longer control her feelings or actions. She began gasping and breathing very quickly as she got closer. As he sucked at the tip of her clit to eat up the last bit of cream, her orgasm exploded. She writhed around, holding his hair, keeping his face against her, and closing her legs on his head without having the faintest idea what she was doing until she came with a shudder and a moan. After a little while she calmed down enough to release him.

“Mr Smith, that was incredible! So good! I’m sorry if I hurt you, I really didn’t know what I was doing.”

“Miss Jones, it was my pleasure. I had a delicious lunch.”

“Mr Smith, am I doing well at my new job, so far? You wouldn’t want me to resign would you?”

“Heavens no! On your first day? I should hope not.”

“Mr Smith, if I don’t feel your stiff cock inside me, I might have to consider it.”

“Miss Jones, I can’t have unhappy employees, now can I?” he replied, loosening his belt. His stiff cock sprang free, he slid easily into her and a second later she was getting fucked good and hard.


She could hardly speak for the pounding he was giving her. She just felt him banging in and out, on and on, relentlessly, giving her exactly what she wanted. Was she a sex starved woman who needed to get fucked several times a day to be happy? Or just a person in a new job trying to impress their new boss? Maybe both. Who cares, she thought as he fucked her some more. He didn’t slow up once as he fucked her harder and harder and when he came it was a bit of a surprise – just a gasp of satisfaction from him and a withdrawal. He was immediately back to his normal business manner.

“I’m afraid lunchtime’s over, Miss Jones, back to work now. Please look over the schedule for tomorrow. Check that the boardroom is booked, that catering have got everything ready and email out the directions to everyone who’s coming. That should take the rest of the day, so you can finish at 5. Okay? Have you enjoyed your first day?”

“Oh yes, enormously. I hope I’ve been a helpful assistant.”

“You certainly have!”

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