The Appointment

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Her hands were sweating. She looked down at her legs and noticed that her legs were shaking too. Glendora looked out the window as she rode the bus to her appointed stop. “Oh Master! Why couldn’t you be here with me?” Glendora was dressed as her Master had told her to dress. She wore the black dress he loved. Her shoes were the open sandals that showed off her sexy toes. Beneath it she wore her thong. Even now she could feel how wet she was becoming. Her bra had holes where her nipples poked thru. She felt like everyone on the bus knew what she was thinking and feeling. The bus pulled up to her stop and she got off. Walking the two blocks, she walked up to the door with the address she was told to look for.

Standing at the door, Glendora lifted her hand to knock. She was told not to ring the bell. Her hand was shaking so hard, she closed her hand into a fist. She felt her nails dig into her palm. Just as she was about to lift her hand again to knock, the door opened. Standing before her was the woman her Master had told her to meet. Glendora had only conversed with the woman 4 times. She was here because her Master wanted her here. The woman was black. She was 57 years old. She had a nice figure and a very pretty smile. “I guess that your name is Glendora? I’ve talked with your Master. Please come in?” Glendora walked into the woman’s apartment on shaky legs. The woman’s apartment was very neat and clean. She handed Glendora a drink. “Your Master said that you enjoyed a rum and coke.”

Glendora looked from the woman to the glass. “Don’t worry,” she said with a laugh. “I am not going to give you anything to hurt you.” Saying that, the woman took the glass and took a big gulp then handed the drink to Glendora. Glendora sipped the drink “I will stop saying your Master and will just refer to him as Master. Master told me that one of your fantasies was to be made to service a woman at his command. Is that right?” Glendora looked up at the woman. “Yes.” Her voice was whisper quiet. “Well Glendora, I am the woman he chose to have you service. I am very clean and very discrete. But I have his assurance that you will do as I tell you to. You will obey me won’t you Glendora?”

Glendora opened her mouth to reply. But no sound would come out. There was no question as to whether she would obey or not. She already knew by the fact that she sat before her that she would obey this woman. The phone rang and the woman walked to get it. Glendora couldn’t help but watch the soft sway of her wide hips. She wore a tight dress that showed off her shape. At least Master had picked a woman who looked very appealing to Glendora. The woman turned as she talked and looked directly at Glendora. “Yes, she’s sitting here right now. Would you like to talk to her?” she held the phone out to Glendora and smiled as Glendora walked toward her. Glendora took the phone and gasped as she heard Master’s voice on the phone. He said only a few words to her. “Don’t embarrass me! You know what I expect from you. Sylvia will not hurt you. But she will enjoy you. Is that understood slut?”

Glendora swallowed the lump that was in her throat. She wanted to tell him how much she wanted him there. But she knew that he was testing her. Was she his slave or wasn’t she? She looked at Sylvia, and answered him. “Yes Master. I won’t disappoint you. I will do whatever she tells me to. Bye Master.” Glendora hung up the phone and turned to Sylvia. Sylvia caressed her face. “Such a sweet young thing. Are you ready for me, my sweet?” Glendora shivered as Sylvia slid her hands down across Glendora’s tits. Sylvia lifted Glendora’s head up to look at her. “Master told beşiktaş escort me that you are a hot, nasty little slut. He told me how you lick his asshole and take his entire dick down your throat. Well, I have a very wet pussy that would love your attention.”

Glendora watched as Sylvia hiked her skirt up. The panties she wore had a split up the middle. Sylvia had worn a pair of high heels to meet Glendora. She sat in the chair and spread her legs wide. “Now slut, come show me how well you use your tongue.” Glendora’s hand shook as she set her drink down. She turned to look at Sylvia. The woman had a very hairy cunt. “Get over here and lick me. Now!” Glendora shook as she walked closer to the woman. She could feel the lips of her pussy throbbing. Obediently she knelt before the woman. Sylvia lifted her leg and pulled the swollen lips of her pussy open. It smelled sweet from the douche she had used. Grabbing Glendora by the back of her neck, she pulled her in close. Glendora couldn’t believe how wet Sylvia already was.

Like a hungry bitch dog in heat, Glendora licked and sucked Sylvia’s pussy. Both women moaned as the smell, juice and lust grew intense. Before she allowed Glendora to bring her to a climax, Sylvia stopped her. Glendora groaned in frustration. Her own pussy was throbbing like crazy. “That was very good. Your Master was right when he told me that you were a very eager cunt-licker. Now take the rest of your clothes off and let me see what you look like.” Glendora stood up. She could feel the cream from Sylvia’s cunt drip down her chin. Her hands shook, but this time it was with passion. Sylvia stared at her as she undressed. Glendora watched the older woman. Her breath caught in her throat as Sylvia, her eyes glued on Glendora, slowly fingered her pussy. Glendora soon stood before the older woman as naked as the say she was born.

Sylvia licked her lips in anticipation of the fun to come. “Damn! You are one fine healthy whore. I’m gonna have to thank your Master in a special way for sending you to me. Come over here and let me look at you.” Glendora stood before the woman. Sylvia let her hands roam over Glendora’s body. Glendora shook when the woman’s fingers slid inside her dripping cunt. “You’re a wet little bitch! Bend over and spread your cheeks.” Glendora spread her legs for balance and bent at the waist. Then grasping a cheek in each hand, she spread them wide. “Oh! You’ve got a very dark asshole. Has Master fucked you in the ass yet?” Glendora was about to answer when she felt Sylvia’s fingertip rubbing her asshole. Trembling too much to answer right away, Glendora felt the finger slide in about two inches. She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

“Well? I asked you a question you cheap little slut. Has master fucked you in this tight asshole yet?” Glendora was breathing very hard. She swallowed then whispered her answer. “Yes.” Sylvia shoved her entire finger in and Glendora screamed. “When you answer me you piece of shit, I want whole sentences. And you address me as Miss.” Glendora was shaking so hard, she thought she might fall. “Yes Miss. Master shoved his fat dick all the way up my ass.” Sylvia pulled her finger out and Glendora moaned. “What else does your Master do to you?” Afraid that Sylvia might know everything that Master does to her, she began to tell her. “He calls me at work and makes me cum while he talks dirty to me. Then I have to go into the bathroom and finger myself till I cum. I also have to drink some of my pee every time I go.”

Glendora felt a warm breeze blowing between her crack. “Don’t move.” Sylvia bent her beşyol escort head and Glendora almost screamed. The older woman was using her tongue on Glendora’s asshole. Just licking around the rim at first, she became more insistent as the tip pushed deeper in. in no time flat, Glendora was moaning and pushing her ass back hard to meet the driving tongue. Sylvia had a very long tongue. It felt like it was in her ass at least two inches. Only Master had ever tongue fucked her ass this way. then Glendora felt Sylvia’s fingers sliding into her cunt. The sensations were too much for the young slut. “I’m gonna cum if you keep it up Miss. Can I cum, please?” Sylvia pulled her tongue and her fingers from Glendora’s shaking body. “No bitch, you can’t cum yet. If you do, I’ll send you home and tell your Master what a disappointment you were to me.”

Glendora was kept in that position for a few minutes. The throbbing in her pussy was incredible. Only master had ever made her feel this way before. Sylvia walked around to her front and made her stand up. They were looking into each other’s eyes. “Kiss me.” It was an order Glendora couldn’t resist. Her arms went around Sylvia as their lips met. The older woman’s softer tits pressed into Glendora’s harder ones. When the kiss broke, Sylvia held her close as she whispered in her ear. “Do you like the taste when Master makes you taste your piss?” Glendora felt like she would cum any minute. “Uhuh. I mean yes Miss.” Sylvia moaned into her ear. “And have you been drinking lots of water all morning?” “Yes Miss.” “Would you let me drink it too?” Sylvia could feel the young woman trembling. “Yes Miss. If you wanted to?”

Sylvia hugged Glendora tight. Then grabbing her hand pulled her into her bedroom. Sylvia lay on the bed on her back. She made Glendora straddle her head. Holding the young woman by her hips, Sylvia slowly lowered Glendora’s cunt down to her mouth. That incredibly long tongue felt even longer as it worked in and out of her pussy. Glendora couldn’t hold back any longer. With a cry of release, she came. Her hot crème flooded Sylvia’s mouth and the older woman sucked it like a hungry dog. Then Glendora felt the woman fasten her lips on her clit. Just like Master did when he wanted to drink from her, Sylvia sucked hard as she pulled on the sensitive button. Shaking with lust, Glendora felt her damn break. Sylvia, her mouth pressed hard against Glendora’s cunt swallowed as fast as she could. To her credit, she didn’t waste a drop. Glendora didn’t know how the woman was able to drink so much.

When Sylvia urged Glendora to get up, the poor young woman was shaking so much she could hardly move. “Did you like that, Glendora?” Glendora was so drained, all she could do was nod her head. Sylvia kissed her on the lips. “Don’t worry sweet baby, you’ll do the same thing for me later.” Sylvia got up and went to her closet. When she turned around, she held a strapon dick in her hand. It was about the same size as Master’s. looking closer, Glendora saw that there was an equal amount of dick on both sides of the leather that held it. She watched fascinated as Sylvia pushed one end up into her cunt as she strapped it on. Then with about 8 inches of fake dick sticking out she advanced on Glendora.

“Open wide you hot slut. I’m gonna fuck that sweet pussy.” Obediently, Glendora opened her legs. Sylvia got between them and pointed the dick at Glendora’s pussy. Glendora was shaking. Suddenly Sylvia shoved the dick in and fucked the young girl fast and hard. Master only fucked her this way when he was punishing her. But this woman didn’t know beykent escort that. The fake dick hurt Glendora. But true to her Master, she didn’t utter a sound. Suddenly the woman held onto Glendora and rolled over. “Now fuck it. Work your nasty pussy up and down and fuck it. And no matter what happens, you had better not turn your head around. Do you understand me you pig fucker?” Glendora, her eyes showing he fright nodded her head yes. She didn’t know what was about to happen but she didn’t like the way it sounded. Then she heard the door open behind her. when she went to turn her head, the woman slapped her face. “I said don’t move bitch!”

Glendora felt a hand rubbing her back. Then it slid down to the crack of her ass and a finger pushed in. She grunted but kept working her pussy up and down on the dildo. “A friend of mine sent this slut over for me to fuck. I invited you to fuck her too. Why don’t you shove your fat dick up her ass while she fucks my strapon?” Sylvia pulled Glendora down on her and reaching down spread her cheeks apart. Glendora felt the man get up on the bed and lean against her back. She was shaking so hard. She didn’t expect this to happen. the woman grabbed her and kissed her hard. “Now you slut fucker, my boyfriend is gonna fuck you in that big ass of yours. You had better not give us any trouble.” Glendora felt the man spreading some kind of gel around her asshole. “Please Ms. Let me go to the bathroom first?”

Sylvia laughed. “If you have to shit, he’ll plug your hole for you. if you have to piss, do it while I’m fucking this pussy. Your Master told me what a nasty little whore you are.” Glendora felt the man push the head of his dick against her asshole. She tensed up in anticipation. The man slapped her across the ass. Just as she cried out, he pushed the big fat head of his dick in her. Glendora cried as he worked his dick in deeper. Master’s dick never hurt her asshole this much. Oh if only he were here. She could go thru all this if she had him for strength. The man behind her was grunting as he fucked her ass. She could feel both dicks rubbing against each other. Suddenly the man grabbed her by her nipples and pulled her over. She lay on top of him on her back. Sylvia pulled the strapon off and made Glendora suck it clean. Then she climbed up on the bed.

“Now you hot slut, it’s time for you to drink my pussy. And you had better have more hot piss to give me to. The woman placed her pussy over Glendora’s mouth. Just as she lowered her pussy down, she began to suck Glendora’s cunt again. With the fat dick pulsing in her ass, she couldn’t help but let her piss shoot from her pussy. Just as the woman began to drink, she flooded Glendora’s mouth with her own hot seed. Then the man whispered in Glendora’s ear. “You made me proud! I’m glad to tell the world you’re my slave.” It was her Master! Glendora sucked the woman so hard she screamed. Glendora was so happy that the man fucking her ass was her Master. She wanted to finish drinking Sylvia so she could talk to him. As soon as Sylvia lifted herself off of them, Master rolled her back over on her stomach.

“Now Slave, give your ass to your Master the way he loves it. Glendora got up on her knees and pushed her ass back every time Master plunged his dick in. Nothing had ever felt so good to her. Her master was fucking her in the ass. “Oh Master! I’ve missed you so. But I did what you told me to do. I came here and pleased her just like you wanted me to. Fuck my ass Master. Please let me please you?” Sylvia grabbed a dildo and was busy fucking her own pussy as she watched. “Get over here and lick my asshole you old slut. And when I take my dick out of this slave’s ass, both of you will get on your knees and clean it.

Glendora smiled as she heard these words. Master had always threatened to make her do just that. Somehow, with Sylvia as his slave doing it too, it didn’t seem so bad. In fact, she wanted to do it. What would he make her do next?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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