The Down Low

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Tyrell James was 23 years old. He was happily married to Shawna, and they had two children. And a third on the way. Tyrell worked as a construction worker during the day and that was good. He liked working with his hands and he made good money to support his wife. Tomorrow was valentines day. Tonight was going to be for him and his boy Dom to hang out. Shawna had agreed to let him go out as long as he did something nice for her for Vday. He was planning on giving her a necklace and then eating her cunt til she soaked his face.

But tonight was for him. He kissed her goodnight and hugged his babies and crawled into the low seats of Dom’s beat up car. The tinted windows were peeling but the radio was high class and the music thudded through him with every beat. This always made him feel warm and safe. But he didn’t say that. Dom was his best friend. They had been good friend since high school, and they hung out every week. Dom was 22, and his hair was long and he kept it in dreads. Tyrell would never admit this but the smell of Dom’s hair wax always made him happy. Dom started the car and without looking over at him grinned.

“You down?” He asked. Tyrell understood and nodded.

“Yeah, I’m down. You want to go find someone?” Tyrell asked. It was the usual way of it. That was how they did this. Dom shrugged.

“We can…I’m feeling kinda lazy though. Just us cool?” Tyrell nodded.

“That’s what’s up.” They started towards the hotel that Dom was staying at. His last girlfriend had kicked him out. Wasn’t anything new. Dom had lived in the hotel more often then anywhere else.

“You want to get drinks before we go to the spot?” Dom asked, Tyrell nodded. He always felt better after a beer. Dom turned into the liquor store and asked him what he wanted. Tyrell frowned. He usually went in as well. He listed off his beer of choice and Dom nodded. Dom went inside and came back with a six pack of coronas and a brown paper bag. Looked like a forty. Dom didn’t usually drink forties. Tyrell shrugged it off as Dom drove to his hotel. They got out of the car and Tyrell reached into the back seat to grab the camera case. Dom shook his head.

“Nah bro, not tonight.” Tyrell frowned at Dom.

“Thought you were down?” He asked. Dom nodded.

“I am…just…not…just us? No camera?” Dom said. And Tyrell nodded. This was weird. Seriously weird. They had been doing this for years. And it was weird enough for them not to find someone Maltepe Escort but to not get it on film….that made it seem like they were doing it for fun. And he didn’t know if he was ok with that. But he just nodded and walked towards the room. Dom carried the brown paper bag and the six pack inside and waited til Tyrell was through the door and closed it behind him before turning on the lights. Tyrell went completely still. The bed was covered in flower petals and there were candles all over the room. It looked like something you do for a girl you really want to fuck on Valentines day. He stared at Dom who was grabbing the bottle out of the brown paper sack, it was champagne. Looked like the nice expensive shit too, not Andre or anything. He put it in the ice bucket and turned around to look at Tyrell. He could tell he was embarrassed. He shrugged.

“Dude…what’s going down?” Tyrell asked. Dom shrugged. Tyrell tried to figure this out, sure him and Tyrell had been fucking for almost ten years. But never just for fun. Always for money, or to prove a point to some little white queer boy who thought he could take them. And almost always on camera, so they could sell it to underground sites. Never shit like this. Not romantic chick shit. And Tyrell actually didn’t know how he felt about this. Part of him wanted to punch Dom in the face and call him a fag. Another part of him kind of wanted to kiss him for being so sweet. He really didn’t know which instinct to go with.

“It’s…well it’s Valentines Day. And since I don’t got a bitch to treat right tonight…thought I’d give you the honor.” He shrugged. Tyrell was still stunned. He shook his head.

“I aint a bitch, Dom.” Dome shook his head frantically.

“No Ty, didn’t mean it like that…just….dude it was fucking stupid. I’m sorry…My cousin is in town and he is queer as fuck and he was telling me about his boyfriend and shit and I was…I don’t know. I was being stupid.” Dom turned around and grabbed a beer and downed it. Tyrell stared at him.

“Dude…are you trying to be romantic? Cause I thought…This is really gay.” Tyrell said. Dom laughed. He fucking laughed.

“Yeah. So is the fact that I can’t get it up unless I’m riding your dick. But that was never a problem.” Tyrell gapes at him. Dom is staring at the wall.

“You mean…you think you are actually a fag?” Tyrell is getting very uncomfortable. This was not how the game went. This was not Kartal Escort gay, didn’t matter if he sometimes closed his eyes and pictured it was Dom when he was taking Shawna in the ass. It wasn’t gay, he still fucked women. Dom nodded once.

“I’m…I’m leaving town next week.” Tyrell frowned.

“What? Where are you going?” This was his homie, his best friend. No matter how queer he was all of a sudden he wasn’t going to just let him go without saying goodbye.

“Some place in Cali. Like…San Francisco, or LA. I’m…I’m gunna…get off the downlow.” Tyrell sits down hard on the bed. Flower petals puff into the air. He looks around the room.

“What…you are just gunna leave?” He asks after he finds his voice again. Dom nods.

“You know what will go down if I come out here. We have been boys since grade school. Everyone will assume…and I didn’t want you to have to deal with that.” Dom finally meets his eyes, he’s crying. Tyrell bites his lip. He stands up and walks over and kisses him. In all these years he can only remember a handful of times that they kissed. But he kisses him now, like he will die if he doesn’t. Dom buries a hand in his braids and he grabs a handful of Dom’s dreads and they kiss, moving slowly back towards the bed. He couldn’t believe he was losing him. Couldn’t believe that Dom would leave. And that he was doing it for him. Tyrell couldn’t think of anything he wanted more then for Dom to be happy. And so he pulled him onto the bed and kissed him and rutted their hips together and did all the shit he had never done because it would have been to gay. He pulled Dom’s shirt off and then his own and licked down over the salty cafe colored skin that he sometimes imagined when fucking his wife. And he licked at the dark nipples and felt his cock twitch at the gasp he got from that. And he sunk down onto his knees and pulled Dom’s jeans off.

He mouthed at his thick cock through the fabric of his boxers and Dom practically keened. He had never done this before. Dom had done it to him but he had always refused. But not now, no reason to now. So he took him in hand and stroked his thick cock, peeling the foreskin back and licking at the nearly purple black skin of the head. Dom was panting and he heard his name and he wanted to keep hearing it. He wanted to be the one who Dom got to walk down the street hand in hand with in the capital of queertown. He wanted to come home everyday and kiss Dom Kurtköy Escort and have no one care. And he wanted to say chick things like I love you. He reached for the lube in the end table and slicked his fingers. He started with two, neither one of them was new to this part. But the way Dom clenched around his fingers was still as exciting as it was when they were teenagers. And just because it was easier to fit four fingers into him now didn’t mean he didn’t feel tighter then anything else ever had when Tyrell finally slid his cock into him. And even though he had never admitted it before, seeing Dom naked was a bigger turn on then anything his wife or any other bitch had ever done.

He thrust slow and sweet, so different from usual, where it was vicious and fast and sweaty. Now it was slow and he could hear every moan as he hit Dom’s prostate and he actually looked him in the eye and leaned down and kissed him. And when Dom came, he didn’t just scream, he screamed his name. That sent Tyrell over the edge groaning and coming, filling him up. They had forgotten a condom. But they both knew who the other had been with. And for the first time instead of immediately getting up and cleaning off Tyrell curled up behind him on the bed. He shifted Dom over til they were spooning and kissed the back of his neck.

“I don’t want you to go.” he whispered. Dom nodded.

“Yeah, but I can’t be happy here, I can’t hide anymore.” Tyrell bit his lip and nodded.

“I’ll go with you.” Dom froze up.

“What about Shawna and the kids?” Tyrell shook his head.

“None of em are mine. I got em all tested when she got pregnant this time, cause I had been using condoms, and there is only a few times a girl can swear it must have broke. Not one of em is mine. I love em…but still. She makes money. And her parents will help.” Dom frowns.

“Why would you go with me? You know everyone will think…” Tyrell nods.

“Well…they will be right.” Dom grins and looks over his shoulder at him.

“Dude, are you actually serious?” Tyrell smiles.

“Yeah. I’m actually serious. I’ve been kinda in love with you since 7th grade. I’m not giving you up just because you want to tell people you’re gay.” Dom looks like he is about to cry again and leans in and kisses him. Tyrell has never felt simultaneously more manly and more like a fucking bitch in his life. But he would do a lot of things to get more of those kisses.

“I love you too Ty. Thank you.” Tyrell nods and wipes a tear from his face.

“But don’t ever cover the bed in rose petals again. I am not a chick.” Tyrell says with a stern look and Dom busts up laughing. And for once Tyrell would happily admit that being with Dom makes him happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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