The Dressing Room

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Big Tits

I never advocate anyone breaking the law. So if you are under 18 and reading this, get off my page and get off of Lit. If you read this story and get ideas about acting it out, don’t. I think in most states it would constitute a felony, but I did not consult with an attorney to reach that conclusion. Better to leave the fantasy in your mind than to be found out…or is it?


We walked the store, first apart, looking at things, but then magnetically pulled back to each other’s side. You showed me the things you picked; I smiled because some of the items were the same as mine. “These are pretty,” you commented on my other selections. We browsed further, sharing a secret smile when we noticed a younger couple in their 20s shopping together, their hands clasped tightly as if nervous. She would turn into him every once in a while, as if she was trying to hide.

As you ran your hand down my back, resting it just above my ass, you leaned in to whisper “I’m proud of you for not hiding.” Your breath tickled my ear, sending shivers down my back. My eyes lit up at hearing you were pleased.

After browsing for a bit longer, together this time, we made our way to the dressing room. You sat on the stool in the corner of the room and watched me. I turned my back to hang the items on the hook and glanced over my shoulder at you. You had a slight smile on your face, as if you were trying to be serious and failing. My hands were in front of me, hidden from you. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and slid it down my back, my hair falling against my shoulders. I turned to glance at you again, to see if you were watching me. You had shifted forward, elbows on knees, hands clasped in front of you. I hoped they were clasped because you were fighting the impulse to reach out and touch me.

“You are so beautiful,” I heard you softly whisper, knowing you were again admiring my lower back, my shoulder blades, my hair cascading over my shoulders.

I smiled back at you as I looked over my shoulder. “You’re making me blush, my kind sir.”

I unbuttoned üsküdar escort my jeans, why I’m not sure since I was trying on bras. My thumbs, hooked into the waist at my sides, slowly began to inch downward as I again turned to look at you. I watched you watching me as I slid my jeans further down, shifting so my left hip was slightly raised. I saw a glint in your eyes as I moved to slide the jeans further. When they were to the floor, and I was bent at the waist, I peeked again at you. I saw what I thought was hunger. Or perhaps it was surprise.

“What are those plain string bikini panties doing there?” you asked, your tone the serious one you use to make my knees weak.

I arched back up, running my hands across my legs, over my ass. Reaching my arms behind me, I unhooked my bra and slid the strap off my left shoulder, then my right. I held it in place for a moment and turned to see you. With a slight nod from you, I dropped the bra. My nipples were hard even though the store was warm. I turned to reach for one of the things we had picked together. As I moved to put it on, I stepped closer to you. You could smell the scent of me, the musky smell that says “I want you.”

You watched me try on the new item, turning to admire myself, perhaps mentally scolding me when I frowned at the parts of my body that I’m still working on. I was relishing the black lace against my skin as I checked the fit of the bra. “I like it” you murmured quietly. You laughed with me when I bent over to shake my shoulders to make sure I wouldn’t unnecessarily pop out.

Finding the item acceptable, I moved to take it off. You stood and walked the two steps to me and reached behind to unclasp it for me. I slid it away as you bent to kiss me lightly, tenderly. With your hands upon my shoulders, you suddenly moved me roughly against the wall. Your mouth fell to my breasts, one hand pinning my shoulder against the wall, the other kneading my naked breast, pulling, tugging at my nipple. Keeping your hand there, şerfali escort you moved your mouth to my ear and said, in a rough whisper, “Beg,” your fingers digging into me at the force of the word.

My knees grew weak at the pleasurable pain you were inflicting upon me. I remained silent as my mouth found yours and locked on, hungry for the taste of you. You returned the kiss, roughly searching with your tongue, as your knee ground into my clit. You released my nipple. Still pinning my shoulder to the wall, you tenderly trailed your fingers toward my panties, causing my skin to prickle. Gently you slid your finger into the waist band. And then you roughly ripped the panties from me, the string bikini giving away at your strength.

“Naked and mine, all mine,” you hissed.

Keeping me pinned, you unbuttoned your belt and your slacks with one hand, our lips pressed together. You broke contact, and again whispered “Beg.” I remained steadfast in my silence. Your cock finally free brushed the fire between my legs, almost teasingly. Your free hand slid to my clit and began a light feather circling. Unable to resist, I whispered, “Please fuck me sir.”

You smiled slightly, but kept the gentle circling, contrasted with the strength of you still pinning my shoulder to the wall. Your smile took on that evil glint in your eye as you said “Beg, slut.”

You reached further into me, sliding a finger along my slit. I was wet and as you brought your finger to my mouth, you held it just before my lips, out of my reach. As you held the moment a bit longer, I flicked my tongue out to try to catch a taste, but you only moved it out of my reach. I pleaded “I need it, please let me taste.” You slid your finger into my mouth and our lips joined again. Your cock brushed against me again.

You grabbed my thigh, shoving my legs apart. Holding me against the wall, your other hand returned to my pussy and reached further back, playing lightly along my ass, finding the other pleasure zones so easily. I wrapped my leg around you, trying to propel you into me but you pulled against the pressure. “Fuck me, I need you to fuck me, please sir, please,” I begged, my voice taking on a hungry whine. You smiled and slid your cock into me, filling me, fulfilling me. I moaned, my head falling forward at the feeling of completeness when our bodies melded as one.

You began to grind roughly against me; I responded in kind. The hand pinning my shoulder was suddenly covering my mouth, as if you meant to stifle my moans. “My good cunt” you roughly whispered as you thrust into me. The grinding became unbearable and my eyes pleaded with you as I tried to get a muffled “Please” out. You did not release me, but only thrust harder. I thought about biting your hand so I could be free to beg, but I didn’t want to hurt you. And still you ground against me, thrusting into me, impaling me on your cock. My one foot was on tip toes. My calf began to burn and when you finally released my mouth I said in a heated rush, “Please, sir, let me cum.”

You did not answer but continued to fuck me. I realized you were watching us in the mirror and I turned to look with you. I grew weak again from being able to see your ass flex with each thrust and unable to contain myself, I said in a loud pant, “Please fucking let me cum.”

You leaned into my ear and said “you are my sweet girl, cum now.” I flooded my juices all over your cock and you slammed into me a few more times before I felt you begin to throb inside me, filling me with your cum. We were spent and you held me there against the wall, resting your forehead on my shoulder, my hand trailing light streaks down your back, across your gorgeous ass. I felt the light, tender kisses you placed upon my shoulder, up my neck, across my cheek, ending in a tenderly passionate kiss at my lips.

After we recovered our breathing, you slid out of me, taking my ripped panties to wipe yourself clean. I put my jeans back on, not bothering to do the same, so that I could feel your cum drip down my thigh. And then we realized someone was right outside the door, listening. We smiled at each other as I quickly finished dressing. Grabbing the only bra I tried on, we exited the room and smiled knowingly at the young couple standing outside our door, listening to us.

© 2011 Chiara_searches

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