The Groom’s Sister Ch. 02

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Note: if you haven’t already, read The Groom’s Sister Ch. 01, which is a prequel to this story.


The morning after my friend Rob’s wedding, I woke up with his oldest sister Kathy lying next to me in the hotel bed. I was happy both that the previous night hadn’t been a dream and that she hadn’t changed her mind in the middle of the night about what had happened and slipped away. When she opened her eyes and saw me smiling at her, she smiled back and kissed me which quickly progressed to making out. Since we were naked, I couldn’t resist fondling her big boobs as our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths.

As my cock was stiffening, she must have felt it against her thigh so she reached down to stroke it, making sure it continued to stiffen. As long as she was stroking my cock, I figured I’d see how wet her pussy was so I slipped my hand down between her legs, which she parted for me. I found that her pussy was overflowing with juices so I alternately slipped a finger in and out of it and lightly caressed her clit. She hadn’t had any issues achieving an orgasm the previous night and that trend continued as she pulled her mouth from mine so that she could moan continuously.

I’d been considering, since I was hard and she was wet, that I might just go ahead and fuck her but, since she seemed to be building quickly toward an orgasm already, I figured I’d just follow through with that first. She was on her back and I was on my side but the covers had slid down about to our waists so, as I was caressing her clit, I could also gaze at her tits. I started thinking about maybe just fucking them once she’d cum but, as I was still dipping my finger into her pussy, there was no way I could just not fuck her with it already so hot and wet. Since we weren’t making out and her tits were exposed, I lowered my head and ran my tongue over her nipples, which actually seemed to get her even more worked up. I’d been doing it for my own indulgence but I was happy that it was having a positive effect on her, too.

She was moaning louder and breathing harder the longer I was stimulating her but, when she started tensing up, I knew she was almost there. I was happy not just to have awakened next to her but also to be able to immediately start her day with a high level of pleasure. She briefly went silent then all the tension left her body as she cried out and started shaking. I didn’t stop what I was doing and was pleased that this orgasm appeared to be at least as long and intensely pleasurable as the ones the previous night.

Once I was sure she’d finished cumming, I first licked her flavor off of my finger then got up on my knees, pushing the covers further down. With her body fully exposed, there was enough sunlight coming in around the curtains that I could admire it before I lowered myself over her. My cock was like a steel rod but it slid easily into her snug, slippery pussy as we both moaned. I brought my lips to hers and we were quickly making out again as I slid my cock in and out of her snug, slippery pussy.

We had not bothered with the missionary position the previous night and, although it really wasn’t one of my favorites, I kind of liked feeling her body below me and her tits between us. I kept the pace pretty slow so we could continue making out while she was raising her hips in sync with my thrusting. Her pussy was very snug while being quite slippery so the feeling of fucking her was absolutely incredible. The previous night had been more about being so fired up that we needed to get off but this was more about being together and being close. It was a great way to start Avcılar Escort off the day.

Of course, as we continued making love, I couldn’t help but gradually pick up the pace. I knew we’d have a lot of time available to spend together that day so I was perfectly fine with fucking in the missionary position until I blew my load deep inside her. It didn’t really come as a surprise, however, when it sounded like she was getting close to cumming again and it appeared that she’d be getting there before I did. I already had an idea of how I’d switch things up if she came before I did but there wasn’t really anything more I could do to try to make it happen so I just continued to fuck her.

She’d pulled her mouth from mine and was moaning continuously but when she pulled me tighter against her, I knew she was just about there. A moment later, she cried out and I could feel her body trembling below mine. I continued to slide my cock in and out of her now even hotter and wetter pussy until I was sure she’d finished cumming. Once again, it was another long and apparently highly pleasurable orgasm.

When she let out a sigh and released her grip on me, I raised up then slipped my cock out of her. I moved up to straddle her and lay my cock between her sumptuous tits, bringing them together against it then starting to fuck them. She still had a bit of a glazed look in her eyes but a content smile on her face when I glanced up from her tits. As much as I was savoring the pleasurable feeling of fucking them, I still appreciated the opportunity to actually see them, too. Of course I also appreciated the feel of them in my hands and was gently caressing her hard, thick nipples as I fucked them. I don’t know if any of this was doing anything for her but, since she’d already had two orgasms since she woke up, I wasn’t feeling any guilt about that.

My orgasm was gradually building but I maintained a slow, steady pace so as not to cause her any discomfort by fucking her tits harder or faster. This was good for me, too, because it drew out the pleasure I was experiencing for longer. Eventually, though, my cock was swelling even more as I was on the verge of cumming. She’d lost some of the glazed look by this point and was watching my cockhead as it peeked repeatedly from between her tits.

She must have been able to tell from my expression or my movements that I was getting close, though, because she stuck out her tongue just moments before I started spewing. I hit her upper lip and her tongue with the first couple of shots before my spurts began to weaken but I continued fucking her tits until I was completely spent. When I released her tits and moved off of her, she started to spread my jizz around then lick it off of her fingers.

“Looks like we’re going to have to shower again,” I noted even though she was doing a commendable job of cleaning my cum off of her chest.

“Good hygiene is important,” she replied but we didn’t get up right away, enjoying the freedom to lie around for a bit before we had to get moving. There was a brunch later that morning for the newlyweds, the wedding party and some family members but we were good on time and were even expecting to have time to deal with however worked up we ended up getting in the shower. When we did finally drag our asses out of bed, watching her boobs bouncing and swinging then following her ass as she headed for the bathroom, my cock was at half-mast again by the time we were stepping into the shower. She got the water going and wet herself down first again then I took my turn while she got the body Beylikdüzü Escort wash.

While I thoroughly washed her tits again, she raised my cock from half-mast to fully rigid. Since we had that brunch, we actually needed to make sure we were thoroughly clean, not just our favorite of each other’s parts. When I was working on getting her long legs clean and her trim, dark brown bush was right there in front of my face, I couldn’t resist cleaning her slit with my tongue. She didn’t try to stop me, instead holding onto my head and pressing her pussy toward my face. I slurped at her slit and her clit but didn’t slip a finger into her since my hands were full of soapy lather. Instead, I was lathering up her ass cheeks while eating her pussy, eventually also lathering up her ass crack.

She was moaning continuously, the sound echoing through the bathroom, so she was obviously building to yet another orgasm. When my soapy finger between her ass cheeks passed over her asshole, she seemed to moan a little louder but definitely didn’t give any indication that I should stop. I didn’t give it much thought, really, and just ended up slipping my soapy finger into her ass without any difficulty. Just a moment later, she cried out and her body started shaking as she suddenly started cumming.

I continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her asshole a few times since she didn’t seem to object. It appeared to be another of her typically long and intensely pleasurable orgasms so I kept up what I was doing until she went still and silent. After slipping my finger gently out of her asshole, I stood and she immediately grabbed me and jammed her tongue in my mouth, obviously even more fired up now.

“I want to feel this in my ass now,” she said, gripping my cock after we’d made out for a moment.

“As you wish,” I replied, genuinely caught by surprise despite the fact that my finger had just been embedded in her ass. She grabbed the body wash again and, after she thoroughly lathered up my cock again, she turned so that I could thoroughly lather her ass crack. Once she was ready, she braced herself against the shower wall as I lined up my cockhead with her asshole. With a slight push, I slid easily into her as she let out a moan. Holding her waist, I slowly slid my cock in and out of her ass, relishing the pleasure I was feeling as I did so. I didn’t have to wonder whether it was also pleasurable for her because it probably wasn’t two minutes after my cock slipped into her ass before she cried out and started shaking.

She made no indication for me to stop so I continued to fuck her ass while I slipped my hands up to cup her tits. I hadn’t even considered, despite all of the highly satisfying sexual activity that had already occurred, that I might be fucking her ass at some point. I was pretty psyched not only about the opportunity but also that she was so into it. When she had another orgasm not long after the first, it was becoming pretty clear why.

While her pussy was quite snug, her asshole had an even tighter grip and, with all of the soapy lather to lubricate it, it wasn’t going to be long before I was blowing a load. Since she’d already cum twice, three times if you included while I was eating her pussy, I wasn’t concerned about cumming too quickly but I was a little nervous about fucking her harder and causing her discomfort. She allayed that fear as she started pushing backwards and set a faster pace herself. The faster pace had my orgasm building faster but I was totally fine with that as I was looking forward Esenyurt Escort to another satisfying climax in a new and different place.

I continued to fondle her tits while relishing the tight grip of her ass even as I finally exploded into her. As my throbbing cock began to spasm while I shot my spunk into her ass, she cried out again and started shaking one more time. I didn’t stop fucking her ass until I was fully spent and beginning to soften, then slipped out of her and she turned back to me.

“I didn’t think I could enjoy fucking you any more,” she said, “but that was out of this world!”

She threw her arms around my neck and stuck her tongue in my mouth again. I dropped my hands to her ass and just caressed her smooth cheeks this time as we were making out. When we parted, we finished up our shower because we’d been in there a while and had no idea how much time had passed. Once we had dried off, we checked the time and, though we weren’t running behind, we did need to kick it in.

“What do you think?” Kathy said as she held the sundress she was planning to wear in front of herself.

“Man, I thought I loved sundresses before,” I replied, “but seeing one on you I may be stiff all the way through brunch.”

“Then I probably shouldn’t show you the underwear I picked to wear under it,” she said. She showed me anyway before she put it on and it was at least as sexy as what she’d worn under her bridesmaid dress, aside from the lack of stockings and garter belt.

“I’m not sure whether knowing you have that on under your sundress is going to be any less arousing than if I thought you were naked under it,” I said, “so maybe you’ll need to take off your underwear halfway through brunch.”

“How about we just plan on going to my apartment after brunch,” she suggested, “and you can take it off yourself.”

“If you let me take some photos to bring back home with me,” I countered, “then you’ve got a deal.”

“Take all the photos you want as long as you keep them to yourself,” she replied, “How long before you head back home anyway?”

“I’ve got a flight on Wednesday morning,” I said, “Going see some family and other friends as long as I’m in town.”

“You’re staying here?” she asked.

“Yeah, they gave me the wedding rate for the entire stay,” I said.

“I was just thinking that, if you want, you could crash at my apartment for the next couple of nights,” she suggested.

“I’d love that,” I replied, “but won’t you have to work?”

“Sure but I’d make sure I’m free at night,” she said, “and I could meet you there at lunchtime.”

“You are one horny bitch,” I said, making her laugh as I took her in my arms, “but I love it.”

As she was pulling on her sexy underwear followed by her sundress, I was taking a bunch of photos but, when she started working on her hair and makeup, I got dressed myself then headed down to the front desk. They were fine with me canceling my reservation and there was no penalty so I headed back upstairs and packed up all of my stuff again.

After brunch, we went to her apartment and I fucked her in her sundress, both with her panties still on and after I’d stripped them off. We spent the rest of that day and night naked, though. She made sure we had enough time for sex before she headed to work on Monday morning and we did meet at lunchtime for a little afternoon delight. By the time I took off on Wednesday morning, it was obvious that we had some intense sexual chemistry and really just chemistry in general.

We’d started planning for her to come visit me as soon as we could get it all scheduled out. We weren’t worried about her family knowing anymore with the stigma of me being a friend of her little brother being pretty much gone. It wasn’t even a full year after Rob’s wedding that I took a position with my company in an office that was just a short commute from Kathy’s apartment. Then Kathy’s apartment became our apartment.

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