The Joy of Submitting

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I had recently answered an ad seeking a submissive cocksucker. I am a total bottom and had experimented with cross-dressing but never really got into the dom-sub thing. However, the ad intrigued me and I submitted myself to a hung black man in his hotel room. The experience was exhilarating and I yearned for more despite being apprehensive about the possible dangers. My apprehension held me back for a few months from trying to repeat the experience. Then I spotted an ad for a feminine, submissive, panty boy. I was intrigued – the guy was in his mid-fifties, 6′-2″, 195 lbs with a 7.5″ cock. I overcame my reluctance and responded. We set up the meeting in a few e-mails.

Once again I was meeting a business traveler at his hotel. I sat in the bar sipping my scotch when I saw Ted enter. I recognized him from the USC tee-shirt he told me he would be wearing. I waved him over and he ordered a drink. Ted was in consulting and traveled extensively. He was a married bi who played on the road – much the same way I did when I was married. After a few minutes he suggested we just take our drinks to his room. I eagerly followed him.

Once inside, he peremptorily ordered me to strip to my panties. I finished my scotch in one gulp and complied. I was wearing a crimson red thong under my boxers that I had purchased for the occasion. My cock was straining at the material, so excited was I to be doing this. “On your knees, slut!” I obeyed and I eagerly anticipated seeing gaziantep escort his cock. I undid his pants and slid them down. There was a huge bulge in his “tighty whities” and I pulled them down and his hard cock sprung free. I took his cock in my hands and began to lick it. He was very thick and it stretched my lips as I took it deep in my mouth. My tongue and lips massaged his cock as I began to move up and down on his shaft. I would pull back to his mushroom head and let my tongue play over his piss slit and glans. Soon he oozed pre-cum and I used this as a massage oil, spreading it all over his cock head before working my way down his shaft again. He began to grab my head and face fuck me. I tried hard to stifle my gag reflex and when I couldn’t, he pulled his cock out and slapped me across the face with it. Actually, I love that, it makes me feel so slutty.

“You’re going to suck a big load out of this cock, slut, and then make me hard again so I can pound that sissy ass of yours!” I was so excited by this that the front of my thong was soaked with pre-cum. I resumed my oral efforts determined to serve my top well. I must worship his cock and reap a big reward in my mouth. My mouth, lips and tongue worked together with one goal – to please the big cock fucking my face. I fondled his balls as I sucked and slurped. I could tell he was getting close. I wanted to swallow every drop but my master had other ideas. escort gaziantep As he began to cum, he pulled out and sprayed all over my face. “You really look like a cum slut now.” I smiled and took his cock back in my mouth so I could drain every drop. I also ran my tongue around my lips to capture what I could. I saw a light flash and saw that he had taken a picture of me looking like a slut in a porn video. I knew I had to get a copy of that picture.

He told me that I would continue to wear his cum on my face while I sucked him again. He wanted to look down on my slutty, cum filled face while I continued to worship his cock. I have to admit that I am a skilled cocksucker and it did not take long for me to make his tool rigidly erect again.

“That’s good slut, now I will take your ass.” He ordered me to take my panties off and lean against the bed. I felt his finger start to apply a dollop of lube. He worked it in and out and soon added another finger. He loosened me up and then I felt his cock enter. It was slow going at first and hurt more than usual because he wasn’t trying to be gentle. When his cock was completely buried in my ass he grabbed my hips and began slamming it in and out. It hurt a little but still gave me such an erotic feeling. I was serving my master and he was using me for his pleasure. Meanwhile, some of the cum on my face was dripping in the direction of my lips and I was able gaziantep escort bayan to capture it with my tongue. I was acting like a cheap whore and loving every second of it.

Suddenly, he pulled out and ordered me to lie on my back with my butt at the edge. He grabbed my legs and resumed pounding my ass. He told me that he liked looking at my cum stained face while he fucked me. I smiled. “Oh, you are a good little slut and I like pounding your sissy ass.”

It must have been about 15 minutes of solid fucking but it seemed much longer. My cock was spilling precum which I would collect with my fingers so I could lick it off. He laughed at that. “You like the taste of pre-cum, your going to get a good taste of my cum now.” He pulled out, “on your knees, now!” I quickly complied and took his cock in my mouth. Once more he grabbed my head and drove his cock deep in my throat. I managed to keep pretty good suction on it with my lips and tongue. Spurts of hot cum began to fill my mouth. I sucked hard to draw out every drop. While I was doing that he gave me permission to cum and it didn’t take too many strokes for me to shoot a big load into my panties.

I cleaned up and got dressed and we shared a drink. The dom-sub games were over and we were just two guys talking about nothing in particular. As I was leaving, he told me that, unfortunately, he didn’t visit my city too often but if he managed another trip here he would contact me. I told him I would be up for that anytime.

As I drove back to my condo, I pondered what I had just experienced. I usually preferred a more equal relationship with my sex partners but I couldn’t deny the powerful eroticism I felt submitting to an alpha male. I knew it was something I wouldn’t care for all the time but something I would definitely love on occasion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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