The New Girl

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Note: This is my first shot at writing so your feedback is highly appreciated. All characters in this story are above the age of 18 years.


I had somehow finished all my entrance exams by late May, so I was reaping the fruits of my self proclaimed ‘labour’. Most of my mornings were spent watching television and playing video games, but the best part was the soccer matches that I played with my friends in the evening.

On one such warm evening as I was enjoying a game of soccer, a big truck came in through the gates of the society, apparently someone was moving in. Then I remembered my mom had told me that the other apartment on our floor had finally been sold.

Eight months ago the family living there had to move to Auckland and they were finding it really hard to sell the apartment. I was pretty fond of the Ahujas, they had a little son who used to spend a lot of time playing with me, I was his unofficial babysitter since he used to spend more time with me than the babysitter who was hired for him. I was really bummed out about that since I hated interacting with new people and I could practically see me being dragged by my mother to meet our new neighbours. Anyways the game took my mind of it and I continued playing.

An hour later after we were done playing a car came in. As I was heading back home, I saw the family step out of the car, I implied that these were my new neighbours.

Soon the girl turned to face me and I was awestruck, that was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was slim and had an athletic body. She had worn a pair of denims that held her tight ass. Her hair came down almost to her waist. Regardless of such a striking figure, the thing that caught my attention was her face, damn…she was like an angel. I kept on staring at her, luckily for me no one except her noticed that, even she started staring at me. I hate romantic movies but it did feel like an eternity as our eyes remained locked to each other. I was lost in those two hazel pearls.

I snapped out of my trance as I felt my friend’s hand on my shoulder “Dude, if you’re gonna stare at least TRY to be subtle.” My protests fell on deaf ears as he waved off my lies. He laughed and went away.

As I continued my embarrassment filled journey to the elevator, I saw her following me, my heart just skipped a beat, her parents were still at the car. Seemed like i was gonna talk to this gorgeous woman. As we both got into the elevator she greeted me with a Hi, I think I managed to mumble a Hi back because I saw a smile develop across her face.

“Are you moving into 401?” I was finally managing some words.

“Yes, I’m Sandhya nice to meet you.”

“Hi, I’m Rohan I live in 402.” Completely oblivious to the fact that I was sweating like the Niagara falls I extended my hand to her, before I realised it she shook my hand in return and again I entered a trance as her soft dainty hand enclasped mine. I somehow managed to return to my senses as the elevator reached our floor. I bid her farewell and went to my home.

My dad caught my dazed state and inquired about the reason I told him it was nothing and went for a shower. It was one long shower.

After I came out my mother asked me if I would like to visit the new neighbours and was really shocked with my enthusiastic response. So, I tagged along with her to visit our new neighbours.

Mrs Das welcomed us. After the usual pleasantries were exchanged she offered us some tea and snacks, Mr Das and Sandhya also joined the conversation, I was determined to not make a fool out of me this time so I was very casual and avoided matching her gaze which would have begun my descent into that beautiful abyss. So, it seemed like the Das family liked us since we were invited to dinner the next day.

The next morning my mother asked me to do some grocery shopping, and fortunately for me Sandhya was there at the shop too. She was wearing a green top which tightly hugged her body and accentuated her breasts and hips, and oh god those hips…perfectly shaped with practically no fat and the denims that she was wearing didn’t fail to compliment her well shaped tight ass either.

“Hi Rohan.”


Seems I was getting better at talking to her, usually I didn’t have any problem with talking to girls but I just choked for words the first time that I saw her.

“Getting to know the local shops?”.

“Yeah, since mom and dad are out I have to cook my lunch myself.” I can relate to that, even both of my parents worked so I was familiar with ‘learn to cook or starve concept.

“I know, it’s such a drag, but beats going hungry any day.”

“Damn right” and once again I was witness to that beautiful smile.

“Let’s go to a restaurant, I know some pretty good places around here.” Shit what did I do, I practically asked her out on a date, I scared her off, great going buddy. But to my surprise she did agree to have lunch with me. I agreed to pick her Manavgat escort up at 1.

I didn’t wanna seem like a desperate guy by dressing like I was going to the Oscars, so I put on a game of thrones t-shirt pulled, on a pair of jeans and knocked on her door at around 1. She must have took a bath just a few mins ago because as soon as she opened the door a sweet strawberry fragrance came rushing out. She was standing in a pair of shorts which showcased those flawless legs, and was massaging her wet hair with a towel, those jet black hair flowing down her left shoulder made me imagine what those Greek goddesses must have looked like. I don’t remember being allergic to strawberries but that day they sure left me intoxicated.

“Sorry Rohan, I just took a bath I’ll be ready in 10 minutes.”

What made this woman even more special was that she did get ready in 10 minutes. We went to a local restaurant named ‘The shack’ that served the best chicken in the city. We started talking, looking at my game of thrones t-shirt she revealed that she was a big game of thrones fan too. Like me, even she happened to be a movie buff we discussed movies at length right from Hollywood classics like fight club and the Shawshank redemption to the spicy Bollywood movies that our country is quite famous for. By the time that we were done with our lunch and discussions it was almost 4, I suggested a visit to the beach nearby, the afternoon breeze does have this amazing effect on me I just pause my life for a few minutes and just enjoy that cool breeze rejuvenate me.

Sandhya seemed to be having the same effect on her, she had just closed her eyes was absorbing the calm of that moment. The wind ruffled through her hair, and her breasts shuddered every time that sweet breeze touched the soft spot on her neck. Just remembering that sight makes me smile even today. She opened her eyes and beamed the brightest smile at me.

“Thanks, Rohan.”

“What for?”, I asked with surprise.

“For this amazing day. I was really worried about moving here, I’m not that fond of meeting new people to be honest but I think it’s really awesome that I met you I think I’m really gonna have a great time here.”

I patted her shoulder in response, got up and helped her up. We got talking about such great locations in our country. She loved travelling as much as I did, she had been to Kerala, Rajasthan, Himalayas, Bengal, northeast and also Kashmir. Since I had been to all these places too we again got engrossed in a conversation about these beautiful places. The walk back to our apartments which usually took around 20 minutes stretched to a whole hour. I had the time of my life. After getting back, we were waiting for the elevator.

“Fuck.” She sounded worried.

“What happened?”

“My mom has called me like 15 times, I forgot to inform her that’d I’d be out for so long.”

I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t checked my phone either. Since I used to go for classes all time, I had developed a habit to put my phone in silent mode. So usually I had a few missed calls, some unread messages and that’d be the end of it, but since I didn’t show up for soccer and hadn’t informed my mother about my whereabouts there were a dozen of missed calls from my friends and my parents. We both rushed home and began explaining.

A few months passed and our friendship was blossoming, I had found a best friend in her. Don’t get me wrong, I still had that surge of feelings every time I saw her and she beamed that glorious smile at me. But I had really started enjoying her company as a friend. She was funny, smart interesting and had a laid back attitude towards life, just like me, maybe I was falling in love with her, maybe I wasn’t…But whatever it was I was sure as hell that I had no intention of screwing that up. I started my college around the month of August, like every Indian I also got into the national profession of engineering. It was pretty nice, my grades helped me secure a decent college in my city. She was a year older than me and was already studying psychology at a reputed arts college.

One day, as I returned home, I found that it was locked, apparently my mother went shopping and took the keys with her. I had many places I could go to in the building but I decided to go to Sandhya’s place since it was the closest. I rang her doorbell and waited for her to answer the door. In a few seconds the door opened and Sandhya greeted me with her usual smile.

“So…parents abandoned you again?” she said with a grin.

“You’re one to talk.” She chuckled.

“Make yourself comfortable, want something to eat?”

“No, I’m good just give me some water.” She was dressed in a white tank top and a pair of black shorts, nothing too tight but the way her ass swayed as she went back to the kitchen it would have made any guy drool. I was sitting on the couch and as she bent to offer me water I saw cleavage… And damn…She wasn’t wearing a Manavgat escort bayan bra. I couldn’t stop staring at those luscious melons, her breasts were so perfect. Her nipples seemed like they could cut through glass, I was too engrossed with staring at her breasts that I didn’t consider the possibility that she could be enjoying this. She pulled herself up maybe I saw her smile, maybe it was a grin, I was too high to distinguish reality from imagination. Don’t get me wrong here, I had dated a girl before her and had made out with her…I was no stranger to breasts but with Sandhya, her angelic face, those black curls running down her shoulders and accentuating her lightly tanned skin all these sent my endocrine glands in a frenzy. She must have noticed me staring at her breasts, but as she went back to the kitchen, I saw a different grace in her walk, it almost seemed like she was proud or maybe it was the ‘Sandhya’ drug taking it’s toll out on my brain. After she back we chatted for a while, somehow I snapped back to reality. I left after an hour after talking about our usual topics.

Since that day there was a flirtatious element to our relationship. And I was also entertaining the possibility that she might be into me, it’s just because she was her usual self but she used to complement me more often and flirted sometimes. I had accepted my feelings for her but I was reluctant to express them, because in the short time that we had known each other I found a best friend in her and I didn’t wanna do anything to put that friendship in jeopardy. A few more months went by and our friendship blossomed even more, we even went to a few movies together, just the two of us. Obviously there were a few of those moments when I couldn’t help being marvelled by that amazing body which rivalled that of the Greek goddesses, and somehow I was getting the feeling that she was enjoying it too, but it was too tough to be sure.

Every year we had a Christmas party in our building, so all of the people in the building got together on such few occasions. Even us kids used to hang out every year, now with everyone being busy with their studies there wasn’t enough time to hang out with each other, so everyone really looked forward to this Christmas meet.

Around 7 all of us gathered at the club in our building. I hadn’t seen much of my friends for a long time, so I was really enjoying the party.

Sandhya looked gorgeous that day, she had worn a red skirt with her hair carefully let loose on her left shoulder. Her parents had gone to their native place so she came alone to the party. She didn’t wear much make up, she didn’t need to but that’s the thing I liked about her the most. I like natural beauty, not something that is misled with all that layers of make up. I’ve always been an admirer of natural beauty, the scars, the flaws, the imperfections these things turn me on the most, because that exhibits your innermost self, your uniqueness, your story.

Like always for a moment I was left speechless by that mesmerising angel who had lit up my life. All eyes were on her, people couldn’t stop staring at her, this kinda made her awkward, she searched for me in the crowd with those hazel eyes and gave me that angelic smile when she found me, which in spite of having seen a billion times didn’t fail to melt my heart. She came towards me and started talking, she knew some of them I introduced her to the remaining ones and since all of my friends knew about my feelings towards her, nobody tried to flirt with her. I never confessed about my feelings for her but was told repeatedly by my friends that my actions showed how deeply I cared for her, honestly I don’t know how they got there maybe they were right.

As the evening phased into the night, I was tired and was really looking forward to hitting the bed. My parents left for Greece in the afternoon so I had the house to myself, they deserved a break. At around 11 all of us bid goodbye to each other and were returning to our homes, the elevator stopped on the fourth floor and Sandhya and I got out.

I hugged her and was returning to my house when she said “You’re so careless Rohan.”

I turned around, surprised what was that supposed to mean.

She saw my confused look and continued “There’s a mustard stain on your shirt collar.” I remembered that I had collided with a waiter accidentally while I was getting some water, I failed to notice the mustard that had been spilt during the collision.

“Oh, don’t worry I’ll take care of it.”

“Do you know how to get rid of mustard stains?” There was a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

I sheepishly replied “I’ll Google it.”

“The longer you take the harder it’ll be to remove the stains, come on in I’ll take care of it.”

I followed her inside the house.

She returned with a cloth in her hand, it was dipped in vinegar “Relax, it’s not gonna sting.”

“I know that.”

I extended my hand to take the cloth Escort manavgat from her hands, she pushed it away “I’ll do it, you’ll most probably make a mess out of it.” I was sitting on the couch, so she put her left knee in between my legs, held my left shoulder, leaned against my torso and started running rubbing my collar with the cloth. Her hot breath against my neck was creating sensations out of this world. Her breasts were rubbing against my chest as she moved. In a while, she pulled back from my neck and looked into my eyes, the world seemed to stop, the only things that mattered at that moment were those hazel eyes, I was lost, all my senses were lost, the concept of time was lost to me. As I regained some of my senses I saw her moving her lips towards mine, and every fiber of my being shouted to meet her lips with mine. I moved forward and we locked lips, it was the most passionate thing I had experienced in my life. I don’t know how long that kiss lasted all that I could remember which happened during that kiss were her nails running through my scalp as her fingers penetrated deeper and deeper through my hair.

After an eternity, we broke the kiss. As we looked into each others eyes again all we felt was bliss. I can come up with no words to describe that kiss, it just felt so right and so pure. Again, we brought our faces together as our lips sought the other pair. By now she had straddled me, and her hands now held my head as she sucked my tongue. My hands found her back and pulled her even closer. Her breasts felt so good mashed up against my chest, her nipples were piercing my flesh like broken glass.

As we broke our kiss she said “Rohan, I wanna do it in my bed.”

I didn’t have to be told twice, I picked her up in my arms and carried her to her room, all the while kissing her. As I approached her bed, I lowered her onto her bed. She pulled me closer and ripped my shirt open, she then started kissing my neck, mixing those kisses with soft nibbles leaving a trail of saliva across my neck. I was on cloud 9. It was the hottest thing I had experienced. It was my turn to return the favour.

I pulled her top over her head and was greeted by the sight of those luscious mounds being held by a black bra. Her nipples would have torn through the fabric if I hadn’t released those melons from that black prison. I threw the bra on the floor as soon as I got it off. My hands found the back of her thighs and I pulled them, as a result she fell down on the bed. The sight of those sharp nipples mounted on those brown areolas sent me into a frenzy. I devoured those breasts which made her moan very loudly, I thought these were enough to wake the dead, but I didn’t care anymore, my entire focus was on satisfying this gorgeous woman.

Her moaning had reached new levels, I took her skirt off and then pulled off her panties in a repeat of the swift motion with which I had got her skirt off. I tweaked her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers as my mouth turned to the new pastures which her panties had uncovered. As I bent to dive into this newfound treasure I revelled in the newly discovered smell of her vaginal opening. I pulled her small frame to the side of the bed and I knelt down which brought my face near her pussy which was bursting with her vaginal juices. I spread her legs apart and held her thighs between my biceps and forearms. I filled my lungs with the smell of her pussy and penetrated her love hole with my tongue. I was getting addicted to that smell.

I sent my tongue into overdrive as I began an assault on the walls of her pussy with my tongue. The breast sucking and nipple tweaking had already filled her up with ecstacy and a half a minute of my assault on her pussy sent her over the edge, she shuddered in my arms for a few seconds and shouted at the top of her voice, after that she collapsed in my arms.

I climbed on top of her to be greeted by her beautiful smile, apparently I had succeeded in satisfying her because her face was full of satisfaction and happiness. She pulled my face down and kissed me with passionately, god she was so hot I didn’t leave a stone unturned in discovering every part of that majestic beauty lying in front of me. My hands roamed all over her body.

She said “Now it’s my turn.”

“The thing is it’s my first time.” I was a bit concerned about that.

“Mine too and I want it to be you.” With that she kissed me again.

“Hey, and about the protection I don’t have any right now.”

“Don’t worry I’ll take the pill tomorrow.”

She then pushed me on my back, and got on top of me. With the same swiftness with which I had got off her skirt, she stripped me of my belt, jeans, boxers and had me naked in a matter of seconds. My erection was pointing at the ceiling and throbbing. She grabbed that in her soft hands, I still remember how it felt when she held it.

Tightening her grip around my rod, she said “I want you Rohan, NOW!!”

With that announcement she pulled herself up slightly and impaled herself on my wood. She let out a sharp cry as blood trickled down my cock, I had torn her hymen.

“Sandhya are you alright, we can stop if you’re in pain.”

She opened her eyes as a content smile spread across her face “Never better.”

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