A Body Re-awakened Ch. 04

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Jack rushed to grab the jumbo box of tissues beside his bed. Well, that was a bit messy, he grinned as he cleaned himself up. He had just cum to the best fantasy of Clare. Clare, he said the name in his head. Those voluptuous breasts, that pink wet pussy, she was all woman. He wanted to feel her, to touch her. His fantasy was one he had often made himself cum to. But this time one of the women in his “2 girls 1 guy” fantasy was Clare. They were all in Clare’s office. Clare and the other woman were getting hot and heavy, giving each other oral. He just sat and watched. In his fantasy he watched them undress each other. Slowly and sensually. Each girl peeling the clothes off the other. Licking and sucking and kissing as they went. And at the end, well, obviously he got to join in the fun. He idly wondered if she would be into it. How would he ever find out? He had been thinking about where they might go from here. He wanted to keep going with what they had been doing. He had an idea. This might be fun he thought. Jumping out of bed he began to put his plan together.


Clare sat in her favourite café staring out the window. Delicious thoughts of last night’s escapades still fresh in her mind. Who had she turned into in two short days?! She didn’t care. She was loving every hot sexy minute of it. It was Saturday. The college was mostly closed apart from a few classes. No opportunity to repeat the exploits of the previous two nights. Pity, she thought, she was constantly on the edge, turned on and distracted. She began to plan her weekend. She thought she might go shopping and then get take-out and a bottle of wine and chill that night.

Maybe if she was feeling like she needed some release she would watch something on her tablet in bed and get herself off and think of her hot watcher. She left the café and hopped into her car. She was vaguely aware of her phone pinging as she drove. She arrived at the shopping mall and went to her favourite shops. She picked up a few things and some staples for her bathroom and makeup bag. She decided to grab another coffee and a quick bite and as she was waiting for her food, she remembered her phone had pinged.

She had just brought the cup to her lips when she opened her email app and her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She had a new email. From a new contact. The email was from “Voyeur555”. Clare put down her cup. Her hands were shaking. Her heart was racing. She opened the email while holding her breath. It read:

“Hi Clare, I thoroughly enjoyed watching you these past two nights. You are a siren luring me to you. But it’s not a song you are singing, it’s the sight of you pleasuring yourself that has me caught in your spell. The college is closed today, so I wondered if maybe you would like to do something different, but similar? In the relative privacy of our own homes. I’ll wait for your reply, please don’t leave me waiting too long.


P.S My cock is hard just writing this email to you.”

Clare concentrated on her breathing. She squeezed her eyes shut and then opened them again and looked at her phone screen. Yup, she had read it correctly. Jack. His name was Jack. At some point a waitress had placed food in front of her, but she was too distracted to notice it. What did he mean by something different? Clare felt like she was high. This was like a drug. How could a short email affect her this way? She could feel that she was wet. That pull deep down in her groin was becoming all too familiar. Trying to keep her breathing somewhat normal, she began to reply to his email.

“Hi Jack, I was pleasantly surprised to get your email. You’re hard? Well, after reading your email I am wet. And, I’m in a public place which makes it all the more enjoyable. As it happens, I have nothing important planned tonight. What did you have in mind?


Her fingers shook as she typed and hit send. She figured she better eat something and try to distract herself while she waited for his response. She tried to catch up on her social media but just abandoned it when she realised, she had read the same twitter post three times in a row.

Ping! Clare dropped her phone in her haste to open her emails. A response from Jack was waiting when she managed to pick it back up.

“You kept me waiting there. I wondered if maybe you had a someone special waiting at home for you? Either way, I was very happy to read that you’re free tonight. Be ready at 8pm.”

Clare smiled wryly and thought, nope, no boyfriend or girlfriend or husband. She responded quickly.

“So sorry to keep you waiting. No significant other in my life right now. I’m getting more wet each second. I’ll be ready at 8pm, but for what?”

Clare didn’t have to wait long for his reply.

“Be naked, or very nearly naked. That’s all you need to know for now.”

Clare had to take more deep breaths. She gathered her bags and headed to her car. She drove home in a daze. It was mid-afternoon. She had hours bursa escort to wait. This was torture. But really it was the best type of torture. This guy was driving her crazy. She decided to do some jobs around the house. But the whole time she was acutely aware of the fizzing sensation between her legs. As afternoon turned into evening, she decided to take a nice bubble bath.

She filled a glass of prosecco and brought it into her bathroom. As she climbed beneath the steaming bubbles, she thought about all that she had experienced already with Jack. She lay bath and closed her eyes and replayed every minute of those two steamy nights in her mind. Without realising it her hands had travelled to her breasts. She was kneading her breasts. It felt good. She pulled at her erect nipples. She rolled them between her fingers, the whole time thinking of Jack’s hard cock and how much she wanted to climb onto of his lap and ride him.

She imagined taking his impressive length deep into her pussy. She imagined herself naked and with her hair trailing down her back and his hands holding her tightly. She arched her back and slid back down into the bath; the hot water splashed over her breasts. Over and over again, she pulled and squeezed and twisted her nipples. They were rock hard. She began to gyrate her hips under the water. She imagined Jack’s hard lean body under her soft curvy one. She imagined riding him faster until he finally he came inside her. The feeling of that hot rush of cum inside her tight cunt. And with that she lightly pressed down on her engorged clit. She arched her back high out of the water as she orgasmed. She let out a long low moan and ran her tongue around her lips.

She pressed down harder, ensuring her orgasm lasted longer. She slowly slid back under the bubbles. And relaxed. Her cheeks were flushed from the heat of the water and her fantasy. She lazed a while longer. Climbing out she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Water running down her breasts and legs. Hair piled up on top of her head. Nipples red and erect. A dewy glow to her face and skin. Hmmm, maybe she was a siren, she thought.


Jack looked at his screen and grinned. That’s it, its on, he thought. He had looked up Clare’s email address on the university directory and emailed her. Hoping against all hope that she would be up for his plan. And she was. He read over her last email. She was getting more wet every second. He shifted in his seat; he was semi hard already. He looked at the time. He had plenty of time to go to the gym and get in a good work out. Keep his mind distracted until later. He wondered if maybe he came across as a bit soppy in his email. Fuck it, he thought, this woman was a siren and he was hooked on her.

He spent nearly two hours in the gym. Working the machines and swimming, finishing up with a sauna. He got home around 7pm and grabbed a quick dinner. He wasn’t really hungry, but he knew he had to eat. He had a feeling in the pit of his stomach all day. Excitement he reckoned. As the time slowly crept towards 8pm he felt himself become a bit jittery. This woman had a hold on him for sure. At one minute to 8pm he took off his clothes and positioned himself on his bed. He had a studio apartment, no one to interrupt him.

At 8pm exactly he rang Clare on Facetime. After 3 rings she answered.

“Hallo?” She nearly whispered

“Hi Clare.” he said

“Hi Jack, its nice to hear your voice.” She said a little louder.

She had a deeper voice than he thought she would. It was slightly throaty. It was sexy. She went on.

“So, what did you have in mind for tonight?”

She was holding her screen so that he could just see her face. She had her lips painted red. Her hair was down. She had long dark lashes.

He cleared his throat.

“I thought you might like to know what I would do to you if you were here, in my bed with me.”

Her mouth made an O shape. And then she smiled.

“We’re going to have phone sex…?” She asked.

He felt maybe she thought it was cheesy.

“I love that idea, as long as I can tell you what I would do to you after.” she said.

He was relieved and really curious now about what she wanted to do to him.

Let’s get this started, he thought.

“What are you wearing?” he asked her

“Nothing but skin…” she replied and moved the phone back and downward.

He could see she was naked, from the waist up anyway. She was lying on a bed. The lighting was low and was casting a warm glow around her. Her full round breasts were clearly visible. Her nipples already looked puckered and hard. His cock, which was already warming up, got harder.

He began to tell her all the things he would do to her.

“If I were there with you, I would kiss every beautiful inch of you. I’d start at your feet and slowly kiss up your legs. I’d turn you over onto your stomach and kiss behind your knees and work my tongue up your thighs to your behind. I would bursa üniversiteli escort lick, and suck and bite your skin all the way up to your neck. I’d turn you over again onto your back. I would kiss your hot sexy mouth and suck on your tongue. Can you imagine what my tongue would feel like as it licks your skin down your neck and throat to your breasts? I’d put your nipple in my mouth, softly at first, getting to know the feel and taste of you. Then I’d suck harder and squeeze and pull your other one, just like I saw you do to yourself.”

Jack could see that Clare had closed her eyes and with one hand was squeezing one of her nipples. He stopped to watch her. He wrapped his hand around his cock and started to stroke it gently. Pre cum had started to flow and he was glad of the lubrication. He started to speak again.

“I would then start to kiss you all the way down to your hips. I’d spend ages kissing and licking you, getting closer to your clit and pussy, but not close enough. I’d run my fingers up your thighs and stroke you there until you begged me to touch you at your hot wet spot.”

Jack watched her; she was writhing on her bed. She licked her lips. And he saw her move her hand from her nipple towards her stomach, and out of his view.

“Clare, prop your phone up on something, I want to watch you, all of you.” he commanded.

Clare did as she was asked, with the minimum of fumbling, she propped her phone up on a table beside her bed. She moved across her bed until she was sure her whole body was in the frame. Jack could see she was fully naked. Mmmmm, he thought.

“Clare if I was with you now, I would run my fingers down your clit and into your pussy. Is it wet?”

He watched her move her fingers down her lips and slowly enter herself. Fuck this was so hot.

“Jack, I’m so wet, I’ve been wet all day just thinking about you.” She said slightly breathlessly.

His cock got even harder. He was running his hand up and down his shaft faster. The thoughts of her hot, wet cunt made his heartbeat quicken. She was pushing her finger in and out of her pussy. He wanted to do that to her and more.

“Clare, if I was there, I would put my face between your legs, so that you were sitting on my face. I would run my tongue down your clit to your pussy. Then use my tongue to lap up your juices. I would taste every last drop of you. Can you imagine the feeling of my tongue inside you? Can you imagine straddling my face and grinding on me until you nearly come?”

Jack looked at Clare. Her hips were grinding, and she was fingering her pussy with one hand and her other was squeezing and pulling her nipple.

Jack stroked himself faster. “Clare, I want you to make yourself come for me.” he said.

Clare turned slightly so that she was on her side at an angle. She looked at the screen and at Jack.

“Show me your cock, I want to see how hard you are.”

Jack did as he was asked.

Clare let out a moan. “I want to feel your cock in me!”

Clare continued fucking herself with her fingers. She then pulled her fingers out of her pussy and circle her clit.

“I’m close Jack, I’m going to come!”

“Oh Fuck, me too!” Jack grunted.

He watched his phone and saw Clare arch her back off the bed and heard her moan loud and long. He came so hard. Cum shot up over his stomach and chest. Hearing her and seeing her come like that was so hot.

Both of them lay there breathing heavily. Jack was so into this woman. He wondered what the fuck was happening to him. He shook his head.

“Good night Clare.” he said.

And ended the call.


What the fucking fuck was that! Clare wondered furiously. She was so confused. She lay on her bed still coming down from her amazing orgasm. She was seriously pissed. “Siren call” my ass. All he wanted was a voyeuristic booty call! Clare got up and hopped into the shower. She was all over the place. Her body still turned on and wanting, but her emotions were raging and angry. She was supposed to tell him what she wanted to do to him. He had ended the call early. She dried herself off and got into her comfy PJ’s. In a thoroughly bad mood, she tried to get some sleep.

Sunday passed in a daze of intermittent rage and confusion. But there was no way she was going to email or facetime him. She decluttered a room in her house and got her clothes and things ready for the week ahead. She felt utterly disappointed when by 9pm on Sunday night she had heard nothing from Jack.


Jack lay awake staring at the ceiling. He felt like a dick. He was a dick. What had made him end the call? He had laid awake all-night thinking about Clare. He reckoned she was probably pissed at him. He needed to fix it. But he didn’t know how. So many thoughts racing through his head. He was a young guy, he wanted things easy and uncomplicated. Clare was older than him. What else could they have in common karacabey escort other than kinky sex? He spent the whole of Sunday going back and forth in his head. What did he want? Did he want to get to know Clare? Could they be more? By Sunday night he was exhausted. He would sleep on it.


Clare dragged herself into work on Monday morning, late. She had slept through her alarm after a crappy night’s sleep. She saw a massive bunch of red roses on Teresa’s desk, one of the young admins. She nearly rolled her eyes but caught herself in time. It wasn’t the young woman’s fault that Clare was in a foul mood. She grabbed a few things and was on her way out the door to her class when Teresa shouted after her.

“Clare! These flowers were delivered for you first thing this morning.”

Clare nearly fell over spinning around to face the girl. She walked over to the roses. They were really beautiful. There was a card. Her heart beat faster. She opened it with trembling fingers.

It read

“Clare, you were amazing on Saturday. I was blown away. I’ll be at the usual place tonight at the usual time. I hope I’ll see you across the courtyard.


Clare felt her cheeks flush red. She could be high and mighty and not be in her office at the usual time. But the power this man had over her, she knew she had no choice. She would be there. Willing and wanting. It wasn’t all she wanted. But she was willing to take it.

The day dragged again. She had butterflies in her stomach all day. She couldn’t wait to see Jack. His beautiful body. His beautiful smile. His huge fucking cock, she thought with a wry smile.

She had a late class again and when it was finished, she slowly made her way to her office, wondering what sight, if any, would greet her. She quickly took stock of what she was wearing. Summer espadrilles, blue linen dress, not her usual button-down variety, but a cross front skater style that tied with a belted knot at the front. Her hair was piled high up on her head. She reached her office door and took a deep breath.


Jack woke before dawn on Monday morning. He had dreamed of her. He knew he wanted to see her again. He grabbed his phone and looked up flower delivery places nearby. He fired off an email, hoping against hope that the place he chose would be open early. Ten minutes later he had his answer. They could help him out. He wanted a dozen red roses delivered to Clare that morning to the university. With an invitation, to be at the same place, at the same time as the first two nights. This would work. They would have another hot night watching each other and things would feel ok again. With a clearer head and his task completed he jumped out of bed and got ready for his day.

His day dragged. He found his thoughts strayed to Clare many times during that day. Not just thinking about the amazing hot time they had had. He found he was thinking about her as a person. He had looked her up on the university website. And Facebook. And Instagram. And twitter. She was clever and funny. He liked what he saw.

As dusk was drawing in, he made his way to his office. He turned on his light and took his clothes off. He prayed she would turn up. He was nervous. A movement caught his eye. Her door had opened. His heart lifted. She had come. He watched her walk into the room. Her eyes were wide. She smiled a half smile at him. She closed the door and put her things on her desk. She walked to her window. Never once moving her gaze from his. She moved her hand to her hair and pulled at something. Her hair tumbled down her back and over her shoulders. Jack was transfixed by her movements. Still standing, she pulled at the knot at the front of her dress. Her dress fell open, framing her hot body. She shrugged her shoulders and her dress fell down her arms to the ground. And with smooth slow movements removed her bra and underwear. She stood before him naked and beautiful.

He walked to his window. He stretched out his hand and placed it on the glass. What the fuck was he doing, he thought. He wanted to touch this woman. He wanted to taste her, to feel her, to have her taste and feel him. He shook his head and smiled. Clare looked at him shaking his head and smiling, she had a perplexed look on her face. He mouthed a word at her, “Wait”, she frowned, and then smiled and nodded. He turned and grabbed his clothes, not bothering with socks or underwear, he threw on his trousers and t-shirt as quickly as he could. He ran out the door barefoot. He raced around the corridors until he got to her office. He burst through the door. He was breathless. She was still standing at the window. The late evening last light throwing an ethereal glow on her.

He walked to her. Neither spoke. Electricity between them. Neither knew who moved first, but all of sudden his hands were in her hair and her hands were grabbing his arms, lips and teeth clashing in furious passion. The second her tongue touched his mouth, his cocked jumped at the sensation. Her mouth was hot and sweet, she sucked his tongue eagerly. His hands travelled down her back to her gorgeous ass. He pushed her away from him, he was breathing heavily. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and threw in on the floor. He pulled his trousers off, releasing his rock-hard cock.

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