A Missouri Summer Ch. 01

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The only thing that raced through 18-year-old Ryan’s head as he stepped off the empty train car onto the bustling and very hot Kansas City station platform was the fact that the remainder of his summer would be nothing short of hell. His parents were going on a second honeymoon to Fiji and decided to ship their freshly-graduated son off to live with his hippy Aunt Kimberly. As he lugged his numerous bags over to a bench in the refreshing shade, his thoughts turned to his friends and what they might be doing now back in Pittsburgh. He imagined his best friend, Kyle and Kyle’s girlfriend Angela hanging by the pool, without him. It was bad enough that Jessica, his girlfriend of 4 years had left him 2 weeks after graduation, but now his last summer before college was going to spend here in boring Missouri.

Just then, as he looked up, Ryan’s eyes made contact with those of a gorgeous lady wearing sunglasses. She was looking around for someone, and he didn’t want to seem rude, so he returned this gaze to the crack in the sidewalk. A little later, he glanced up again and this time got a nice look at the woman.

She was breathtaking. Her long, smooth blonde hair was draped down to her flawless ass, which was barely concealed in revealing mini-skirt. She had a pair of dazzling green eyes and full, pink lips as well as two perfectly straight and glittery rows of teeth. Every inch of her soft skin was tanned to perfection and as his eyes wandered south, his eyes met with the lady’s best assets.

To say that her breasts were spectacular would be an understatement. They were beyond magnificent. For starters, they were just the right size, a DDD cup, Ryan estimated. He was almost positive that they were natural, as they bounced and jiggled with her every move. Through the tight belly shirt that she wore, he could see two erect nipples poking through the thin fabric. He had an instant hard-on.

Ryan quickly looked back at the ground as she neared. Why was she coming towards him? She was getting closer and closer until finally, her shadow swept over the crack in the sidewalk that he was gazing at. He glanced up as she smiled and lowered her sunglasses.

“Little Ryan?”

He gulped as he recognized some of Kimberly’s features in this beautiful woman’s face.

“Aunt Kimberly? Is that you?

She giggled and nodded. Ryan stood up and she tugged him into a tight embrace, mashing her soft, wonderful boobs into his frail, skinny chest.

“Oh my God, you’re so tall!”

Ryan blushed and replied.

“You look great!”

She smiled and looked him over, noticing his obvious erection and grinning a little more. He reddened even deeper and picked up his bags. She led the way to the parking lot and his eyes were glued to her succulent butt the entire way.

Aunt Kimberly opened the back door of her SUV and after Ryan tossed his bags into the car and got into the passenger seat, they were on their way.

As they cruised through the quiet residential neighborhoods, Ryan and his Aunt discussed what had happened since they had last seen each other at his 9th birthday party. Kimberly had obviously given up on her radical, environmentalist ways and had gotten into modeling. Ryan was planning on going to college in Hawaii. They both agreed that that was a good plan.

When they had pulled into the driveway of Kimberly’s house, Ryan’s jaw dropped. It was HUGE! It was modeled after a Mexican hacienda, complete with a stone pool and artificial palm trees branching off into kayseri seks hikayeleri the lush gardens. They hopped out of the car and Ryan dragged his bags into the house and upstairs to the guest bedroom. Like the rest of Aunt Kimberly’s mansion, it was luxurious.

He had barely begun to unpack when Kimberly’s head peeked into Ryan room and told him that she had ordered pizza and if he needed her, she’d be out by the pool. He nodded and continued to slowly organize his clothes into the dresser beside his bed. As he walked through the room and glanced out the window overlooking the pool, he noticed his Aunt sunbathing. She had donned a skintight blue thong bikini and had untied her top as she lied down. Sporting a huge boner, Ryan dug frantically through his bag for his binoculars, which he used to zoom in on his aunt’s delicious body. As the lenses slowly snaked over her round ass and long, sexy legs, he had begun to stroke his dick, groaning in pleasure. This was so hot.

Ryan was nearing orgasm, but he didn’t want to waste it here. He allowed himself to calm down and headed down the hall to his aunt’s bedroom. He immediately found her dresser and starting digging through the drawers until he had found her collection of lingerie. He grinned and picked up a black, lacy bra. As he read the tag, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“38DDD, holy shit…” he muttered as he rubbed the soft fabric against his face and inhaled the familiar perfume that he had smelled on the ride home. After looking outside to make sure that Aunt Kimberly was still by the pool, Ryan pulled down his jeans and wrapped the cups of the bra around his throbbing member. Rapidly pumping in and out, he grinned in contentment as he gripped the nearby table. He was on the brink of a powerful orgasm, and he didn’t want to leave any evidence. So, removing the bra and snatching a tissue, he shot hot ropes of cum all over. Heaving deep breaths of bliss, he collapsed on a close-by armchair.

The next morning, Ryan crawled out of bed and pulled on a bathrobe before going downstairs to get some breakfast. As he ate his Cocoa Puffs, he watched Kimberly water her plants outside. She had on a bandana-like belly shirt that exposed her perfectly toned tummy as well as a pair of tight denim shorts. She bent over frequently, allowing her mammoth mammories to hang lusciously and display an alluring cleavage line. Her hair was tied back in a pony-tail and she wasn’t wearing shoes. She pulled open the sliding door and took a sip of her iced-tea before turning to Ryan.

“Hey, I was wondering something.”

He looked up.


“Did you leave a girlfriend back home?”

Ryan shook his head.

“We broke up just before I left.”

She frowned and sat down.

“Aw, that’s sad. Have you tried to look for anybody else?”

“Well, sort of. I’ve looked around, but none of the girls at my school have what I’m looking for.”

“And what’s that?”

“Well, for starters, she has to be smart and funny.”

“Yeah, yeah, the obvious stuff. What about her body?”

“I’ve always been a big fan of…um, chests.”

She smiled as though she had gotten what she had wanted.

“So my nephew is a boob-man.”

He shrugged.

“You could say that.”

“What kind of size are we talking here?”

“Probably a D cup or above.”

“Wow. You like ‘em big, huh?”

“Yep. Natural too, those fake ones are gross.”

She nodded.

“Definitely. I’m an all-natural and I couldn’t imagine having implants. They’re all hard and…ick.”

“I know what you mean. Soft tits are the best, especially when you are allowed to play with them.”

“Your girlfriend let you play with hers?”

He nodded.

“Yeah, but she was only a B cup. I’d prefer something more like…”

“Mine?” Kimberly asked with a horny smile.


She nodded and looked down at her chest.

“They’re nice. All of my boyfriends like to squeeze them and stuff.”

She looked up.

“So, let me recap here for a second. You’re a boob-man who likes big naturals, but you’ve never played with a pair before?”

Ryan nodded, his heart racing.

“Well then, I guess we have no choice.”

In a single moment, Aunt Kimberly had ripped open her shirt and allowed her colossal tits to spring free. They were amazing. Each was just as tan as the rest of her body and was topped with an erect nipple. She shook them back and forth and moved closer to Ryan, presenting them to him.

“Go on, big boy, give ‘em a squeeze.”

He obeyed and placed a hand on the warm surface of her chest, starting to roll the soft skin around in his hands and mash them together.

“Mmm, these are nice. This doesn’t hurt at all?”

She shook her head.

“Nope. Suck on them, Ryan, it actually feels good.”

Immediately, her nephew had dove his face into her breasts and took a mouthful of boob into his trembling mouth. His heart was racing, but he didn’t stop.

“These…taste…so good…Aunt Kimberly…”

She seized the back of his head and pushed it further into her cleavage.

“Keep sucking…harder…”

He nodded into her boobs and took a hard nipple into his mouth and started tonguing it rapidly. Meanwhile, Kimberly had begun stroking her pussy and massaging his rigid member, which was now creating a noticeable tent in his pants. Finally, after Ryan had developed two nice-sized hickeys on each of his aunt’s breasts, Kimberly orgasmed and moaned softly into her nephew’s ear.

Ryan continued feasting on his aunt’s rack until she had caught her breath and stood up. Even then, he sadly removed his mouth after a final squeeze. She smiled and put her shirt back on.

“We’ll play when I get home. I’ve got a shoot.”

He nodded and swallowed hard as she pulled him into a soft, sensual kiss. As she grabbed her purse and walked off, Ryan smacked her butt and yelled.

“Hurry home!”

She grinned and put on her sunglasses before leaving.

That afternoon, Ryan masturbated more times than he could count. He used his aunt’s bras, her panties, her lingerie, and even pictures of her that he had found scattered around the house. Kimberly said that she would return at 6, so he stopped at 5:30 and went outside to the pool. He figured that he didn’t have to wear a suit, and instead stripped naked before diving in and wading around, keeping a watchful eye on the driveway for any sign of his aunt.

At about 6:15, he heard a sharp scream from the front of the house that he recognized as Kimberly’s. It was followed by a man’s voice.

“Shut up, you filthy bitch! I’ll kill you if you don’t suck me off right now!”

Ryan knew what he had to do and seized a pool skimmer before racing off to the driveway, completely nude. He hid in the bushes and watched as his aunt performed oral on a fat man’s thick penis. He was immediately enraged as he noticed the tears streaming down her face. She saw him, as the man had his back to Ryan, and with an eye movement, she told him to attack. He nodded and crept behind the guy, who was now pumping back and forth into Kimberly’s lips. She pretended to enjoy it as Ryan got closer, groaning sensually and sucking harder than before. The man smirked sickeningly.

“Yeah, that’s it, you fucking whore…Do it like that…”

That did it. With a loud yell, Ryan jumped the guy and swung the side of the stick into his head. He fell to the ground, with a bloody lip and grunted in agony.

“You stupid son of a bitch…I can’t breathe…”

Kimberly thought quick and snatched her cell phone. She frantically dialed 911 as Ryan held the fat man down. The police arrived within minutes and after a little questioning, they took the guy off. Ryan was sitting there, on the swing, shivering and wrapped in a towel when Kimberly approached and put an arm around him.

“It’s okay, baby. You did it, and you have no idea how proud I am.”

Ryan gulped and looked up.

“Who the hell was that guy?”

She rolled her eyes and sighed.

“He’s been following me for a while now. I’ve seen him at a few of my shoots, but this is the first time that he’s ever come near me.”

She smiled and kissed him on the head.

“I don’t know where I’d be if you weren’t here, Ryan.”

He beamed proudly as they swung back and forth. He was staring at her chest, and after a while, he motioned at them.

“Is it okay if I…”

She nodded.

“Go ahead.”

He smiled and began gently playing with her tits. He picked them up and jiggled them around before squeezing them a little and running his fingers over the nipples. They made small talk for a while.

“What did you model today?”

“Oh, just a few bikinis and stuff. Then, they had had me do some bras. It was an easy day.”

Ryan grinned.

“I bet you looked hot.”

She returned the smile.

“Wanna see the pictures?”

He nodded enthusiastically as she retrieved the photos from her purse and began showing them to her nephew. Aunt Kimberly looked gorgeous, like a bronze goddess.

“Oh god, these are getting me so horny.” Ryan whispered. “Do you mind if I, um…”

“Oh, honey, I’ll take care of it.”

Ryan’s eyes lit up.

“You mean that you’d actually…”

“Just take off the towel and I’ll take care of the rest.”

He tossed off the beach towel and sat up in the chair. Kimberly had positioned herself on the ground and pulled her hair back. She smiled as her nephew proudly displayed his throbbing dick. She seized it in her hand and began to slowly trace her tongue around the head and up and down the shaft. Ryan shuddered in ecstasy.

“Oh, that’s…wow…”

Kimberly closed her eyes and she thrust the entire pole into her mouth and pumped it in and out, getting more and more rapid by the moment. Ryan had begun massaging her soft, flowing hair as he approached climax. When he on the verge of a vigorous orgasm, and his aunt was well-aware. She sucked harder and faster than ever before. As he gripped her shoulders and trembled, shooting his semen into her open mouth, Ryan bellowed loudly. Luckily, there were no neighbors for miles, so they could scream as loud as they wanted to. Kimberly continued to suck on his limp dong until she had swallowed every last drop.

That concluded one of Ryan’s favorite sexual encounters with his aunt, but throughout the summer, he’d have many, many more. Pittsburgh was the last place that he wanted to be now that he could be satisfied any time that he wanted every day by his sex-loving aunt. This year was shaping up to be a good one.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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