A Twin Desire Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — I appreciate the feedback from the first chapter. I planned to take this into a family group sex setting but realized from the comments I would be making a mistake. I didn’t realize when I was writing that I created a very romantic love story. To include others would spoil that. Good feedback.

With the new direction, there will be challenges. Secrets abound and must be exposed. Ah, but that is for later chapters. The 2nd day of fun is here and there won’t be anything that will stop the young siblings from a full day of exploration.

Chapter 02 — The Honeymoon


Was I dreaming? It had to be a dream. My “little” sister seduced me. She sucked my cock. I ate her pussy. I fucked her. It was GLORIOUS! Her athletic body under my body. Her perfect tits bobbing back and forth in rhythm with my thrusting cock. Her loving eyes looking into my eyes. If I was dreaming, this was my best dream ever.

I started to wake up. I was lying on my back and tried to roll onto my side. I couldn’t. Some mystical force was holding me in place. I tried again. This time the force holding me down was more powerful. I could hear Barb’s voice in the distance.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw tits. Naked tits. In front of me. Close enough to reach out and fondle. Such nice, well-shaped, perfect sized tits. I closed my eyes tight as if those perfect titties weren’t staring me in the face. I opened my eyes again and there sat the most perfect set of tits I’ve ever seen.

Attached to the tits was a torso which my eyes followed down to the junction between the thighs. There it was. A neatly trimmed pussy lying flat against my aching bladder. The tits nor the pussy was moving. Just hanging out, toying with my foggy mind.

I followed the torso back up, past the tits to the neck and then the head. My eyes popped open wide. There, sitting on me, was my twin sister. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she had been asleep just moments before. The fog in my brain didn’t allow me to conclude that my sister’s head and face sat atop the tits and pussy weighing me down.

She was looking down at me with a sly smile but a finger over her lips in a “shhh” gesture. I noticed her other hand was next to her face. It was then I realized she was talking on the phone. At about the same time, the fog cleared, and my brain suddenly remembered that 2+2 equals 4. My sister is naked, her tits in my face, her naked pussy is sitting on my … WHAT??? My cock is INSIDE her pussy. I opened my mouth to speak and speak I did.

“What the hell, Barb?” I blurted. Barb’s eyes went wide with fear as she panicked and began trying to get me to be quiet.

“Yeah, he’s awake now, MOM,” she said, emphasizing “MOM”, still trying to get me under control. “Oh, he’s pissed because my stuff is all over. I’m still the messy daughter you know and love,” she said, her eyes bugging out trying to get me to be quiet. “Yeah, he still thinks he’s my big brother. Always trying to make me clean up after myself.”

“Well this isn’t a hotel, ya know,” I blurted, then realized how stupid that was. “Your mother doesn’t live here. Clean up after yourself. Geez.” I’m sure mom TOTALLY bought it.

“Okay, I will. Yes, mother, we’ll be safe. Okay. Love you too. Bye.”

As she hung up the phone, she gave me a look that would kill any sub-standard human being. I was immune from the effects of this look. If not, I’d have been dead as a child.

“Jesus, bro, did you have to wake up just then?” she scolded and smacked my chest hard enough to sting. “You almost gave me a heart attack. Do you have ANY CLUE what it’s like to be talking to mom with a cock buried inside you?”

Did she just ask me … “Um … no,” I said as I had to think twice about what she asked me. “And I don’t think it’s ever something I want to understand, thanks for asking.”

She smacked me again. Then the joke hit her and she giggled and slapped me again.

“OUCH, damn it. Quit smacking me,” I said.

She smirked. It was now her turn to torture me. Patting my head softly, she mocked, “Oh, poor baby. Getting beat up by his naked widdow sissy?” she said in baby voice. I knew I was whooped. Any response would have brought more torment. She could sometimes be as relentless as I am. Besides, there was something a bit more pressing on my mind.

“Speaking of naked, what the fuck, sissy?” I stated, mocking her by sneering ‘sissy’. Using my hands to draw her attention to what she already knew; she was naked, sitting on my cock. “Why are you naked? Why is my … thing … in …” I pointed at her pussy, “there?”

From the time I opened my eyes until now, she had sat motionless and upright. To answer my question, she leaned in over me, hovered her face over mine, licked my lips as she started pulling off my morning wood, then kissed me with plenty of tongue, as her pussy slipped back down. I was still in a bit of shock, but ….

“HOLY FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” I moaned as the friction nevşehir seks hikayeleri took over my mind. “Barb, you’re … you’re … you’re…”

She cupped my cheeks, kissed my forehead softly, and whispered, “fucking you? Is that the word you’re looking for?”

“LANGUAGE!” I scolded. She sneered at me again. God damn, her sneer is so fuckin sexy, I realized. “But, yes. You’re fucking me.” Suddenly, all the dreams became clear. We really did make love during the night. The dreams were real. I fucked my sister. Or she fucked me. I wasn’t quite sure yet who did the fucking. Somebody got fucked.

“And it feels sooooooo fuuuuuuckin good, Bri,” she moaned as she continued slowly rising and falling on my cock. “And technically, I’m making love to you. Fucking sounds so … so … vile. Making love sounds like love.”

Whatever it was, I was overcome. My senses were being overloaded with extremely pleasurable stimulation. Barb reached for my wrists which she took and pushed over my head. She pinned me down.

“THOSE TITS!” I screamed in my head, then realized the words came out of my mouth at the same time. Those glorious, fabulous, perfect tits! Those glorious, fabulous, perfect, naked SISTER tits!

Meh. Who was I to complain? I did what I’d imagined doing for years. I took the left one in my mouth and bathed it with saliva. I couldn’t speak with her boob in my mouth, so I simply moaned as I licked and sucked. I moved to the nipple and gave a little tweak with my teeth, which made Barb jump and giggle. I moved to the right breast and did the same, bathing it with love, saliva, and little nibbles. Barb continued slowly working her pussy up and down my cock. On her up strokes, she didn’t stop until the head just barely remained inside. On her down strokes, she pushed all the way to the base.

“Oh, god, yes, Bri. Make love to me. I love how you make me feel,” she said in almost a whisper. “Your hard cock is AMAAAAAAAZING!”

She continued holding my arms over my head as I continued my oral ministrations on her tits. Her tight pussy sliding up and down my cock was sending waves of orgasmic bliss through my body.

“God, Barb, you feel so good sliding up and down on me. I love having these titties hanging in my face,” I said as I continued salivating all over her perfect tits.

Barb’s head was tilted backward as she moaned and slowly rode my cock. She responded to my words with moans. I loved hearing her moan. Each moan escaping from deep within her only added to the pleasure flowing through my body.

“Baby sister?” I questioned.


“Not complaining or nuthin, but how did this start?” I asked.


Feeling Brian’s cum filling my pussy, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more complete.

I wasn’t worried about getting pregnant. Taking his cum into my womb felt so right. Even though I’m on the pill, I had never let any of my boyfriends cum inside me, but I never really enjoyed having it shot all over my body. I do enjoy a good shot in the mouth, which all my boyfriends seemed to appreciate. The flavor of a man’s cum is not as bad all my girlfriends said it would be.

After his orgasm, Brian shifted and laid down beside me. I shifted to keep his still-hard cock inside me. We kissed and cuddled for a bit but I could see he was losing the battle of fatigue. I told him I love him and gave him permission to “love” me any time he chose. He was soon lightly snoring.

As I lie there, sleep wasn’t forthcoming. I was beaming. I made love to my brother. In return, my brother made love to me and fucked me good. It was right. It was good. It was everything I’ve ever wanted. Now as he lie next to me asleep, his hair a mess, his face scrunched up, his body pressing down on mine, and his cock still nestled snuggly in its new home, I felt unconditionally happy.

He shifted his weight as he slept which moved his cock a little. When it moved, it sent pleasure through my nether regions. I gasped a bit. I began wondering if I could get him to shift again. It didn’t take long to realize that I didn’t need him to shift. I could shift. So, I began shifting. Shifting, as in grinding.

I could create just enough movement to slide him in and out of me about a quarter inch at a time. Each movement scraped my clit across his pubic bone causing me exceeding amounts of pleasure. It probably wasn’t doing much for him, but I felt every millimeter in and out. Within five minutes, I was writhing in an orgasm.

“He’ll never understand how lucky he is,” I thought to myself. “Giving me orgasms with no effort.” I was feeling very pleased with myself in the moment. My pussy too.

Pleased with my ingenuity, I kept humping against his pelvis until I had three more small orgasms. By then, my muscles were getting tired, maybe sore, so I gave it up and fell into a very deserved deep sleep.

Sometime in our sleep, we disengaged. Brian had rolled off and away from me and was lying on his back. When I woke up, I was sprawled across him. My body was snuggled tightly against his, my right arm was slung over his chest, my right leg over his waist. His morning boner was nestled under my leg. We were somehow glued to each other. Literally glued. When I tried to move, I couldn’t move. Our sweat and love juices had dried and locked us together. I worked my way free without waking him, softly rolled off the bed, stood for a moment to admire his naked handsomeness, then went to the bathroom.

As I passed the mirror, I saw someone I didn’t recognize. She looked like me, but she was different. This was no longer daddy’s little girl; Brian’s little sister. This was a woman. This was a woman of the world. This was a … woman who was about to pee on the floor. Luckily, I didn’t need to pull off clothing and made it before my bladder burst.

I ran a little hot water on a small towel and cleaned myself up a bit. My hair? GOD! My hair! It was ‘amazing sex’ hair. I dragged my brush through it enough to detangle the unruliest parts, put the brush down, admired my own reflection in the mirror, played a little with my tits and nipples, taking a little extra time on the button down under, then went back to the bedroom.

Walking in and seeing Brian lying on his back, his big boner rising and falling in rhythm with is breathing, and his innocent looking face nearly brought me to tears. I couldn’t believe how much I am in love with him. I realized I have always been in love with him. Just not IN LOVE with him. And yet, I was IN LOVE with him all this time. (I don’t make any sense to me either.)

I padded back to my side of the bed and, for the first time, I noticed the time. It was 10:13 am. We were supposed to be outta there between five and six. My first thought was one of panic. I thought about waking Brian, hurriedly packing our stuff and getting the hell out of there.

My second thought was much better. I put my phone down, went to the door and hung the ‘Do Not Disturb’ placard and crawled back into bed. Fuck going home today. Fuck the world today. This was going to be FUCK MY BROTHER DAY!

One bad thing about my brother; when he sleeps, he’s out. He’s difficult to wake up. I wanted to mount and ride him. I began playing with his nipples. Nothing. I flicked his cock. No response. I squeezed his balls. No effect.

I had a sudden realization. He’s on his back. He has a big boner already. I don’t need him awake. I’ll simply rape him. It’ll only be rape until he wakes up and joins in, right? I can do that. Raping him seemed so naughty … and fun. My juices were flowing.

I gently stepped over him and squatted down. I reached for his cock and pointed it at my hungry pussy and slowly sat down on him. HOLY FUCK! What a feeling. Even though he was sound asleep, his cock was pulsating. I could feel his every heartbeat in my pussy. The feeling was indescribable.

I sat for several minutes just enjoying the feeling of being filled up so deliciously. I moved slightly a few times just to try a new angle. He slept. Peacefully.

I heard a familiar buzzing. OH SHIT! MY PHONE! I reached for it and had to pull away from that glorious cock a few inches to grab it.

“FUCK!” I screamed silently. “Mom!” Why now? FUCK!” Then, in my own mind, I scolded, “LANGUAGE!” Dad would be so pleased. He’d also be pissed off that I would have such language swimming around in my head.

I sat back up and slowly descended back onto Brian’s cock. When I was sure he hadn’t awakened, I pushed the green button.

“Hi mom,” I said quietly but with more cheer than I should have.

“Hi honey,” she said back. “Where are you? Should be somewhere near Vegas by now, I suppose.”

“Well,” I said with a lot of apprehension, “we’re not quite in Vegas yet. In fact, I don’t think we’re going to make it to Vegas today.” I wasn’t prepared for this conversation yet.

Mom became concerned. “What happened? Are you and Brian okay?”

“We’re fine, mom,” I said, hopefully without giving away just how ‘fine’ we were. “We didn’t set an alarm and we kinda … slept in…” my voice trailed up as if I were asking a question.

“You slept in? Can’t say I blame you for that, although it wasn’t very responsible,” she said with a bit too much ‘judgy’ in her voice. I shrugged and rolled my eyes, loud enough for her to hear. Mom will be mom.

“We got in late and neither of us slept much,” I justified without lying. Score one for me. “Do you think dad would care if we stayed an extra night? Neither of us got a lot of sleep this week with studying, tests, coaches making sure we left for the holidays in the best shape possible, and then getting ready to leave. We’re both pretty tired. Brian’s still asleep. I just woke up fifteen, twenty minutes ago.”

“Well, damn it,” she replied with disappointment. “I was really looking forward to seeing you both tonight. You know how much I miss you two,” she said. I felt Brian shift below me. I panicked a bit. I didn’t want him waking up with his cock in me and say something about what was going on before he realized I was on the phone with mom. Thankfully, he was still asleep.

“I do know that, mom,” I replied in my ‘annoyed teenager’ voice. “You know we miss you too,” I lied. Not a huge lie. We do miss her… doing our laundry, cleaning up after us, cooking our meals. You know. Being a mom.

“WHAT THE HELL, BARB!” came the voice below me. The voice of the man whose cock was buried deep inside me. The one man my mom would not approve having his cock buried deep inside me. I had to shut him up.

“Yeah, he’s awake now, MOM.”


As Barb began telling me how my cock became embedded in her pussy while I was asleep, my cock got harder and harder. Something I had never experienced before was having sex on a full bladder. My bladder was aching to be emptied but, HOLY SHIT, the pain simply increased all the sexual pleasure I was feeling. Here and there, Barb would grind down on me creating a whole new sensation of pain and pleasure.

As she spoke, my eyes were closed as I imagined what she was describing. Along with the bladder pain, my imagination was also creating more pleasure. Plus, she was pinning my arms over my head, so I had her marvelous tits to lick, suck, and nibble.

When she got to the phone call from mom, we were both laughing. I was suddenly struck with the thought that our relationship hadn’t changed. We were still the same two kids who were born on the same day, to the same mother and father, and grew up together. We had simply moved into a new dimension of the same relationship. We were talking as we always had. We were simply naked and talking while my cock was buried in her sweet pussy.

“Ya know, sis, honesty is always the best policy,” I said as she finished her story. “When mom called, you should have answered and told her you couldn’t talk because you were fucking your brother.”

Barb giggled as she continued riding me slowly. She put her thumb and little finger in the shape of a phone to her face and mimicked, “Hi mom. Could you call back in a half hour? Why? Well, I think by then I’ll have as much of Brian’s cum in my cunt as I can get.” She paused as if listening to the reaction. “OF COURSE WE’RE FUCKING! WHAT ELSE WOULD WE BE DOING? Have you ever seen his cock? It’s AMAAAAAAAZING!” She paused again. “Fine! Don’t call me back. PRUDE! Bye.”

She looked into my eyes and laughed as she faked hanging up. “Mom said ‘If I’m really fucking my brother, DO NOT come home’,” she laughed. “I guess we’re living in Wells, Nevada now.”

“Well, I’m glad you called her a prude. That’ll teach her,” I said as I began increasing the pace of thrusting into her. “Now it’s time to teach you something.” She moaned and met my rhythm.


As I slowly rode Brian’s manhood, we started laughing at me talking to mom while his cock was buried in my pussy. Brian has always had a dry, sarcasm in his sense of humor. Some people don’t get it, but I usually find him to be quite funny. It’s also fun when someone doesn’t get it. I love carrying his joke to a finale when he’s leading someone down the path.

As we laughed and made jokes, I continued holding his arms over his head. His cock moving slowly in and out of me along with his mouth on my titties was sending shocks of pleasure through me. Talking and laughing was icing on the cake. I have never felt so at ease with a lover. He is everything I’ve been looking for in a man. And he’s my best friend.

When I decided to make love with Brian, I knew would treat me sweetly. Aside from a lifetime of teasing and making fun of me, whenever it mattered, Brian always treated me good. Like when we were learning to ride a bike. He picked it up faster than I did. His teasing drove me CRAZY for three days when dad put my training wheels back on. As a 5-year-old girl, I cried to mom and dad a lot. Being good parents, they told me to suck it up and be tough. They knew saying something to an annoying 5-year-old boy wouldn’t go well for me.

“Look at the baby with her baby wheels,” he’d mock. “Baby wheels. Baby wheels. Barbie needs her baby wheels,” was a chant I heard over and over. I tried not to cry in front of him. It only made it worse. Dad didn’t have time to take them off for three days.

When dad came home from work on that third day, he immediately removed the training wheels and I was trying again. Brain was laughing at me as I wobbled my way down the driveway. Suddenly, I swerved out of control and down I went. I landed hard on my left knee and elbow.

Dad had gone into the house for a few minutes so when I went down, I was alone. I was alone with Brian, my tormenter, my enemy. As I laid on the cement crying, I knew I was about to be hit with another barrage of teasing. I was surprised when Brian was by my side, wiping my tears, rubbing the soreness out of my injuries. I told him to go get dad, but he refused and said he wouldn’t leave me. He sat me up, sat beside me and held me in both arms until dad came out and found us. I don’t know if I’ve ever told him how much that meant to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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