A Wolf’s Taboo Ch. 01

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Damian and Crystal sat on the three seated rough sewn brown couch, side by side. Their mother, Susanne, gathered the last bit of materials for work. Susanne walked from one end of the kitchen to the living room and back to the kitchen. For a woman in her mid forties she had the body of a woman half her age and the looks of a woman a decade younger.

She had long brown hair that flowed behind her as she walked. Her large C cup breasts jiggled as she hurried from fridge to freezer bag. Susanne gathered the last bit of food that she needed for her twelve hour shift at the hospital and zipped up her bag. She wore a dark purple nurse top with matching purple bottoms.

“Okay you too. Have a good day and be safe. Get to work on time. I love you both.” She said as she hurried out the door.

“Love you too mom.” Crystal said hurriedly just before the front door closed. Crystal, like her mother, had brown hair only she kept it shoulder length. Unlike her mother though she did not have large breasts. What Crystal did inherit was her mother’s hourglass figure and her perfectly sculpted ass. Damian on the other hand had inherited their late father’s features.

A lean and muscular figure with broad shoulders and nearly black hair and pecan tan skin. Unlike his father though who had brown eyes, Damian had blue eyes, sapphire blue eyes. Growing up their father was always away on trips for business and their mother had to work extra shifts to keep things afloat. Which left Damian who was now 23 and Crystal who was now 21; alone most of the time.

Alone to adventure the city and forests around them. Alone to explore their large house and…to explore each other.

“That could’ve been bad.” Crystal exhaled as she heard their mother’s car leave the driveway.

“It’s fine.” Damian said assuredly as he slid his middle and ring finger in and out of his sister’s moist pussy.

“What if she…would’ve caught us?” She asked between labored breaths of pleasure.

“She wouldn’t have” Damian growled as he leaned in and started kissing her neck. Crystal let out a soft whine of pleasure as she felt his tender lips caress her soft skin. He kissed under her jaw line and down her neck to her shoulder and across her chest.

Crystal felt hot all over. A warmth that was like her blood had started boiling and she needed to release the pressure. Damian could sense his teasing touches were pushing his sister to the brink of need. He liked it when she was on the edge of losing herself in pleasure. Damian slowly slipped off her tank top and pulled it up and over her shoulders and head.

He continued kissing her chest downward and paid close attention to Crystal’s B cup breasts. While their mother had large breasts that verged on being a D cup, Crystal had small breasts with very large nipples. Very large ‘sensitive’ nipples. He coiled and swirled his long tongue around her pink nipple and quickly it grew.

“Dammit Damian thats…ah…no fair.” She whined as her nipple sent a shiver of pleasure across her body. Crystal hatred how large her nipples got when she was aroused but she didn’t hate how much her brother loved them. He softly nibbled on both her nipples and pulled on them gently. Even as he toyed with his sister’s breasts he never stopped finger fucking her now sopping wet pussy.

Using his thumb he started rubbing her exposed clitoris. Crystal tossed her osmaniye seks hikayeleri head back and let loose a moan of pleasure.

“Dammit that feels good.” She moaned.

Damian snarled as he took her left nipple into his mouth, suctioned his lips around it and then bit down and started sucking and licking.

“Fuck!” She shouted. Crystal couldn’t take the combination of pain and pleasure in two of her three most sensitive spots.

Damian felt her hips start to shift and he could feel her vagina tighten around his fingers. He curled his fingers into a hook and started fucking her pussy vigorously.

“Son of bitch! Fuck me! Yes!” Crystal shouted and arched her back. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum! Holy shit I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She screamed and a rush of cum poured into his hand just before she flopped to the couch in exhaustion. Damian pulled away and smiled. She looked down at her left nipple which had a red ring of teeth marks around it.

Quickly each tooth indentation turned a dark red color and would surely turn purple. Crystal loved the way her brother marked her as his own. She turned over onto her knees and pulled down her shorts and stuck out her pussy which was dripping.

“Sorry sis.” Damian smirked. “I’ve got the early morning shift today.”

“So you just give me one little orgasm and then leave?” She asked angrily.

“Yup.” He winked and headed up the stairs to his room.

“Bastard!” She shouted.

“You love me.” He laughed.

Crystal huffed angrily because she did love him. It had only been a year since they started becoming physical with each other. She had dated a hand full of other guys during high school and college but none of them could give her what she needed. Only her brother could do that.

Damian got dressed in his usual black slacks with a black button up and a silvery-gray vest. He slid on his black boots and laced them up and went back down stairs. Crystal had put her shorts back on and sat on the couch with her arms folded.

“I’ll see you tonight.” He smiled.

“You better fucking pick up where you left off.” She shouted at him as he closed the door and walked out. Crystal got up and went across the living room and down a side hall which led to her bedroom. She put on a pair of knee ripped jeans and a tight fitting red top which had a velvet rose on the front. She applied a little make up to her eyes and cheeks and hurried out the door to start her day.

Damian parked in the south side of the mall and walked in with a shoulder bag on his left side. Without his two inch high boots he stood at an even six foot two. His shoulders swayed as he walked and his practically black hair jostled slightly. It wasn’t as though he tried to draw attention to himself, it just so happened that he was usually the tallest and most muscular person in the room.

He walked into the mall which had only just opened for the day and went up the stairs to the first store at the end of the hall. ‘Gothic Desires’ was a one of a kind store run by a one of a kind woman. The store sold gothic attire of both off brand and name brand. It had jewelry and clothes and cups and all matter of things that would peak people’s attention. It also had things that peaked people’s arousal.

The store was lit with fluorescent lights in the front and the further back the store went, the dimmer the light got. The walls had all been lined with black boards and the ceiling was covered in animatronic bats that flapped their wings and flew around on wires. The cashier desk sat in the middle of the store and had a perfect three-sixty view of everything so that no one could steal.

Loud rock and metal music played on the speakers which were in every corner of the store. Near the back of the store were a set of three rooms. One room was for customers to rent for their personal enjoyment. The owner, Raegan; a thirty six year old woman with black hair and pale skin and green eyes walked out from the back.

Like most days she wore a mid length black dress with sewed in metal rings along the seams and a lace top which only just hid her large breasts from view. Due to her black hair she was nicknamed ‘Raven’ and while she didn’t particularly enjoy it she had grown accustomed to it over the years.

“Morning Damian.” She said happily as she started setting up the cashier’s stand and counting the drawer.

“Good morning Rae. How was your weekend?” He asked.

“Good. Took my wife out to the falls on Saturday.” She replied and slid the drawer into the register.

“Oh? How’d that go?” He asked, eyebrow raised.

Raegan smirked and turned back towards her office and just before she walked in she looked back at him and winked. Damian just chuckled and went back to setting up his room.

His room was the average size of a large walk in closet. Seven feet wide and about ten feet long. It was just enough space for him to set up a small single bed with enough space to walk around it. A shelf full of oils and aromatherapy fragrances and a shelf full of various sex toys that the store sold. He took pride in his work room, it was where he conducted his business and he took pride in his business.

Crystal parked out front of the old-town downtown district. It was six blocks of all brick roads and paved sidewalks. Antique stores and bookstores and a whole host of various shops that were rarely seen in the more rural parts of the city.

She walked along the cobblestone road and up to her favorite cafe which happened to sit adjacent to her work. As she walked in, a small bell jingled and the fresh aroma of coffee and tea hit her senses. It took her a moment to recover from the freshly ground coffee. ‘Cobblestone Cafe’ was one of the original structures when the town had first been built.

On its walls it had black and white pictures of the town nearly fifty years prior. Crystal enjoyed looking at the pictures and seeing just how much things had changed. As she walked in she noticed her friend waving at her from the back of the room.

“Hey Riley.” Crystal said.

Riley Beckwith had long natural red hair and freckled pale skin and turquoise eyes. Riley had the look of a girl who had not aged past sixteen though she was two years older than Crystal. She wore a long black dress with a black and silver buckled belt.

Resting on the seat next to her was a black shoulder bag and on that was a wide brimmed black sun hat with a silver ribbon around it. She was a good looking girl with gentle curves and a feminine physique that most women wanted.

“You look a little agitated this morning. What happened?” Riley asked as she sipped her cup of vanilla chai tea with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

“Just my brother.” Crystal said.

“Oh yeah? Did he leave you high and dry again?”

“Not exactly. It was more of a one and done deal this time.” Crystal huffed.

“I hate those!” Riley said as she made a face like she had just bitten into a sour lemon; “they damn well know that after one orgasm we are only just getting started.”

“That’s why he does it too. Bastard.” She cursed and waved down the waiter.

“How are you doing with things? I know it’s only been about a year right?” Riley asked.

Yeah” Crystal blushed, “It’s not awkward anymore, not like it used to be.”

“I’m glad. Truly I am. Despite the taboo that most put on the relationship I think it’s fine. You should be allowed to love who you want.” Riley smiled.

“Thanks Riley, that means a lot to me.” Crystal smiled. Riley had been the only person she had confided in about her feelings for her brother and to her surprise, Riley had fully supported it.

“Oh! Hey!” Riley shouted, taking Crystal and the waiter by surprise.

“Your coffee miss. Autumn blend with vanilla cream and three sugars.” The waiter said and hurried off.

“Sorry, I just remembered something from yesterday I was meaning to ask you about.” Riley took another drink of her tea and shivered as the warm liquid rushed through her. “I heard the eastern pack is gathering. Know anything about it?”

“Olivia is moving again?” Crystal asked.

“I’ll take that as a no I guess. Yeah, she is moving in and I guess she is pacing the border.” Riley said.

“I am surprised my brother never said anything about it to me.”

“Are you sure he knows?” Riley asked.

“He should. He is next in line to be pack leader.” Crystal replied.

“So why is it that Olivia keeps invading? Don’t you think she would have learned from the last time? She got her ass handed to her on a silver platter.” Riley chuckled.

“I think it’s because she believes that since she has the special gene that she will eventually dominate the west.” Crystal replied as she sipped her coffee.

“Yeah but you’re brother has it too doesn’t he?” Riley asked. Crystal nodded. “Aren’t they equals then?”

“Not really how it works.” Crystal said and downed the last of her coffee. “The gene doesn’t decide who is more or less. It’s the person carrying the gene. It’s like someone who has a gun right? Just because they have a gun doesn’t make them unstoppable, they have to know how to use it.” Crystal explained.

“So Olivia doesn’t know how to use the gene?” Riley asked.

“Pretty much. But I know she is getting better at it. If my brother doesn’t get really good soon too it might be an issue.”

“Speaking of issues isn’t tonight a new moon?” Riley asked.

“Shit. It is.” Crystal cursed under her breath.

“Have you had a chance to try out that thing you talked about wanting to do?” Riley asked, lips turned up in a smirk.

“No not yet. My mom keeps Damian locked up and there is only one key and one door.”

“That sucks. Well can you do me a favor if I do you one?” Riley asked.

“What is it?” Crystal asked skeptically.

Riley handed Crystal a small digital camera and along with it was a piece of paper.

“Please take some pictures for me. I want to see it, him, I mean. Oh and that piece of paper has an unlocking spell. It should work on most locks except for combination locks.”

“I’ll get you a few pictures if the spell works.” Crystal said and put both things into her bag and got up.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow Riley.”

“See ya.” Riley waved.

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