Aching For Mother’s Milk

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If for some reason it’s not clear, all characters involved in sexual activity in this story are 18 and over. Enjoy.


My twenty-one year old son has difficulty turning his gaze away from my breasts. Not that he ever made attempts to do so in the past, but now that they’re constantly leaking milk, it seems even harder for him not to gawk. You couldn’t blame him; after knocking me up, my already heaving tits have only gotten bigger. The doctor says the leaking is normal, something many mothers go through, but it’s hard to imagine that the size of my breasts had no impact on that front – it was as if they were already at capacity, and the stores of milk released themselves at a slow drip, drip, drip, just to alleviate the pressure.

I could be reading the paper in the morning and finish an article to find droplets of milk on the paper before me, my top damp where my nipples stood at attention. James would be sitting before me, a devilish smile on his face. “Just move your coffee cup over a few inches over and you can save yourself the half and half,” he’d say.

Once when watching a movie with James’ head in my lap, the smallest touch of his head nestled against my bosom caused me to moan, and I found my tits leaking in relief, forming a small circle of moisture on his shoulder the size of a quarter. He’d said it was fine, but for me it was embarrassing, and I jumped up to get a paper towel to wipe him off.

“I think it’s sexy,” he said.

“Stop,” I said. “Remember how we said this would go. You said you’d be a good boy.” After James had knocked me up, I made him promise that he would pretend it was Robert’s, my boyfriend’s, child, for he had desperately wanted one, and it would make it easier for James to finish school without having to help me so much. Although Robert and I had only had sex once after James’ and I had started together, it was a few weeks before I found out about my pregnancy, so our story was at least plausible. James agreed to it all under one condition: that I didn’t wear a bra. He wanted to peek at the outline of my tits, the nipples poking through whatever I was wearing, whenever possible, and see the tits he had made expand, that would give nectar to the child he’d helped seed.

I agreed. But I had to sell the act, and James couldn’t stand it. Whenever Robert was over he would constantly touch my swollen belly, and in public he was only more wanting in showing me off, kissing me at lunch, holding hands wherever we might be. James loathed it, but like the good boy he was, said nothing.

But the milk. I could tell the milk was doing him in, even after the pregnancy was over. Although my tits sagged a bit now with all the milk, they retained enough perkiness to stand at attention, and their sheer bust plus his infatuation with their offerings left James’ constantly hard around the house. I’d enter the kitchen and find him there in merely his briefs, his massive dick standing at attention as he casually ate cereal and nodded to me. “Morning, mom.” I wasn’t the only one leaking, either. His dick was always so desperate for my tits and pussy that I could always make out the wet cotton near the opening of his briefs where his pre-cum had collected.

He’d ask to get frisky, but Robert had been making more and more surprise appearances the last few months after the pregnancy, and the doctor made strict guidelines as to feeding the baby, and I feared James might leave me dry if he’d had his way with me.

“Not today, mister,” I said, trying to work past him to the cabinet. He purposefully stood still, making no motion to get out of my way, and as I reached up for a bowl his dick propped up against my thigh, sliding up to greet the tips of my short-shorts.

“Mom, I thought you said not today?” he grinned mischievously.

“I can’t control that massive thing,” I said, flicking him away. I could feel the smallest trace of his cum having leaked onto my thigh, and I’d be in denial if I said I wasn’t the slightest bit excited. I hadn’t had sex since the pregnancy, and I’d found myself growing aroused more often than usual.

“Don’t forget our meeting today,” James said. His dick shrunk into a long, limp can lining the side of his briefs, and he hopped onto the counter in one movement.

“I haven’t. Robert should be here soon to watch the baby.” Robert had gone part time since the baby was born, and was always on-call at times like this when I needed him to be.

“Good.” James had decided to go to school online, a program attached to the local community college. At the end of term they wanted him to check in on his financial aid through their offices on campus, and he’d asked me to come along.

“Let me just get dressed,” I said. “I’ll have to prepare a bottle.”

“Can’t pump both tits, at once,” James winked. “Does that mean you got room for me?”

“Jesus James. You’re too horny for your own good.”

“I’m not the only one.” He hopped off the counter and stood before me, towered over me in fact, the length mobil seks hikayeleri of his dick now pressed into my inner thigh. He took his hand and put it at the entrance of my short-shorts, ran it ever so close to my pussy, and my legs inadvertently opened to him, locked in place, my mouth ever-so-slightly agape in pleasure. His other hand attached itself to my nipple, pinching it, a dribbling of milk leaking through the fabric and onto his hand. He sucked his finger clean of the milk, and when he pulled his other hand away from my pussy, a spot of my juices came with it.

“That’s… enough,” I said.

“For now.” He put his bowl in the sink — “Clean that for me?” — and went off to his room without waiting for my response.

A bit later, the front door rang, and Robert was there.

“Hey, hon!” he said, coming in. He was cute in his suit, only slightly shorter than myself at 5’8″, and had a little rope of grey hair that swung across his forehead.

“We’re just heading off,” I said. “Bottle’s on the nightstand.”

“Great,” Robert said. “Oh, honey,” he added meekly, “you’re leaking, FYI.”

I looked down to find my tits suffocated, leaking through the tight button down I’d put on.

“Crap,” I said.

“You could do with a bra, really. I don’t want you going out like that anyway.”

“She looks fine.” James had appeared in the hallway, his shadow so long that Robert looked around as if to wonder who turned off the light in the room.

“James, hey there, pal” Robert said.

“She’s beautiful as she is,” James went on. He had put on his black jeans and a white v-neck tight enough to detail his abs. He merely grunted at Robert, his chin, cut like a quality diamond, jutted out in contempt for a moment.

“Right,” Robert said, moving out of the way as James walked straight through his path towards the garage. “I just figured she might do with, you know, a little cover . . .” Robert’s head was down, but his eyes were on me, pleading to side with him.

“I’ll just bring a sweater along just in case,” I said. “It goes with my skirt anyway. Good thought, babe.” I grabbed one off the bed, pecked Robert goodbye, and trailed James out the door.

I let James drive, and I could tell he was peeved. He wouldn’t talk for a majority of the drive, but kept his massive hand on my thigh, holding what he considered to be his.

“He was only looking out for my best interests,” I said.

“No, he just thinks you’re too much woman for him, which you are. I hate how he’s always trying to dress you down.”

“Well, jeeze, honey, I was leaking, after all.”

“You wouldn’t be if you let me take care of you like I want.”

He could be quite stubborn, so I figured it best to leave it at that, and we merely listened to the radio as we passed through town and parked at the community college. When we got out James told me to leave the sweater, and for his sake I did so, rolling my eyes at the thought of it being such a big deal. Before us sat a number of large, nondescript buildings, big hunks of metal, and upon taking it in, James simply grabbed my hand and had me follow him, which was for the best, as I’d surely have gotten lost at some point left on my own.

Kids my son’s age watched both of us, and I figured they thought it was odd seeing a young man holding his mom’s hand like that, but then I realized they surely thought us to be some sort of couple. After just conceiving, I got quite the kick out of being treated so young, and I played the part — walking with the sex appeal of a model on the catwalk, lips pouty, brushing my long blonde hair back and letting my tits make themselves known. That last bit wasn’t hard, as I could practically feel them ready to burst through my top, as if all the buttons might shoot forward like bullets, like in a movie or something. All of the boys were practically dropping their backpacks looking at me, and the girls gazed on cattily, eyes fierce, as if I’d encroached on one of the boys they wanted for themselves.

“It’s on the third floor,” James said.

He led me into an elevator, and it was already packed to the brim.

“Finals,” James said, sighing. We packed in, and the only way we could fit into the puzzle of bodies was by James pushing against the wall, and me going face-to-face with him. He smirked at the bonus of having my tits squashed up against his chest — my unabating nipples poking into this bulging pecs — but said nothing.

I turned and looked back to find a student on the opposite side of the elevator pushing buttons for it to close, continually jabbing one in particular. The door wouldn’t budge.

“Fucking community college can’t even pay for a proper elevator,” the kid said.

Everyone groaned as he tried mashing as many buttons as possible.

I looked back to find James biting his lower lip. Only then could I feel between my legs his enormous shaft rearing itself, flopping up and meeting my panties between my skirt.

I mouthed, “No”, as clearly as I could. The next thing I knew James was casually leaning in then out, in then out, his dick like a violin bow playing my pussy. When he moved forward my chest would crush into his chest, my sensitive nipples responding with the slightest release of milk and a shock of pleasure that surged through me.

The kids in the elevator were growing upset. “Forget it,” one said, and when he went off the rest followed suit, yelling about their finals and how they were about to begin.

“We better go,” I said, trying to catch my breath.

I tried to turn but he grabbed my wrist.

“I took this elevator with the janitor once, back when I came to register.”

He held me by the wrist, walked over to the panel of buttons.

“He said that kids get on here and push every button, overloading the system. You just have to let it reset . . .” Moment by moment, each illuminated button canceled out until none of them were aglow. “. . . and then give it another go.” James pushed one button — to arrows facing one another — and we heard a loud ping as the doors closed, the elevator standing still.

“James, I know what you’re thinking, but we’re in a public elevator. We can’t.” he was already unzipping his pants, and his beautiful uncut cock — so big he had to assist it in escaping his briefs — stood before me, rock hard, as if asking for me to grab it.

“Finals will start in, oh, five minutes. And I think my counselor will be fine with us being a bit late.”

He stood before me and I couldn’t resist putting a hand against his shirt, and before I knew it that hand was beneath his shirt, running down his chest, touching the lip of his briefs.

“You know we both want it,” he said.

When his cock touched my hand I felt a rush of saliva enter my mouth, and I realized how badly I wanted his cock in my mouth, to feed on it, feel its heat at the back of my throat.

“Take it off,” he said. When I didn’t immediately respond, still dazed by the fever of sex that had overtaken me, he quickly unbuttoned my top, my massive breasts springing to attention. I didn’t give him time to take me quite yet — I squatted down quickly and began licking the tip of his dick, running my tongue along the shaft. When I reached the head again, I engulfed as much as I could, and he groaned in ecstasy.

“Just like that,” he said.

He guided my head with one of his hands, and with the other he cupped my hanging breast, gently squeezing it like a massive, cushiony stress ball, giving more and more intensity as I swallowed more and more of his massive cock.

Then he took control. He pulled me up, spun me against the wall, and set me back down again into the squatting position. He carefully collected my hair, twirled it, and held it with his fist with some force and began using my mouth as if it was a pussy. He crammed his dick into my mouth again and again, and with each exit I gagged and watched long strings of saliva expand, running from my mouth to his shaft. I looked down to my pussy dripping onto the elevator floor, and I began flicking my clit and finally fingering myself.

Suddenly, the elevator door began to open.

James rushed to the panel and once again clicked the button for the doors to close. Just as quick as they’d opened, they began to close.

“Under maintenance,” James said, with some force. I knew what sounded like gruffness in his voice was merely pure lust, but the aggressive tone did the trick, as the person quickly walked away.

James pulled off his shirt, returned to me, his enormous, bobbing dick covered in slick saliva, long rivulets of it dripping onto the ground. He grabbed my hair again and pulled me up, looked me over. He only glanced at my tits before he lunged at them, his lips suckling at them savagely, without abandon, and now it was me grabbing his hair, forcing him to feed, to use my tits like he did when he was a boy.

“That’s right,” I said. “Drink mommy’s milk, honey.”

It gushed out, streamed out of his mouth and onto his cheeks, fell onto his chest, some of it even dripping onto his cock. He was devoted to my tits, but I wanted to please him anyway I could, and began stroking his cock slowly, with the care of a doting mother, using some of my milk as lubricant.

“Take your time, sweetie,” I said.

He lay me down, then in the only corner of the elevator we had left unsullied. He practically had to force himself off of my tits, and when he did so, he smeared more milk onto his dick, and held my tits together, making an entryway for them.

“Fuck mommy’s tits,” I said.

I wanted him to have my body however he wanted it. He’d waited so long, and left me with a child, and now our bodies were each others, meant to be shared. His cock fit perfectly between my tits, squishing through them as they continued to leak, continued to oil up his cock as if that was their sole purpose. He grabbed both mounds with both hands and I tried to catch the bulbous head of his cock as it plunged further and further through my cavernous cleavage. Each time it made entry into my mouth it would escape with a popping noise, reeling back before coming to meet my mouth again.

“I’m going to fuck you, mom,” he said. His blue eyes pierced mine. I knew this was what he wanted more than anything, and nothing would get in the way of him getting it — I for one wasn’t going to stop him. Not now — not ever.

“Do it,” I said. “Right here. Fuck me, James.”

His dick slipped out from between my tits and he angled it against my pussy; I’d shaved recently, but the little baby hairs that had grown since then were drenched in my juices, and the moisture made them cling to his waitng cock, like they were trying to pull him into me.

When he entered me I yelped, overcome by pleasure, and it was all I could do not to scream his name. I made do by carving into his back with my fingernails, stroking his hair, whispering into his ear how bad I wanted him.

Each time he entered me the elevator was filled with the large thwapping sound of his body crushing into mine; my legs were held in the air, as if I was giving birth, and each pump of his engorged cock into my pussy reminded me of why I’d let him fuck me to begin with, why I’d let him cum in me… and how bad I wanted him to do it again.

“Let mommy make you cum,” I said.

He rolled over and let me mount him. Our eyes met. The veins in his dick were practically pulsating, and it lay across his six-pack waiting to be handled. I furiously grinded myself against it, running its expansive ridge against my clit. I felt myself tense as an enormous orgasm overtook me, left me totally indisposed, and I leaned upward, to take away the pleasure, just for a moment, just to catch my breath…when I came down I did so directly upon his waiting cock. I howled in delight at the suddenness, riding him like it would be our last time together, my tits thrashing wildly about.

James put his back against the wall, and we were face to face, my chest against his, and the lack of room left me merely grinding against his dick, short thrusts in rhythm, him pushing his hips up to meet my pussy just as I pulled down to meet his cock. He put one of my tits into his mouth but the sheer weight of it coupled with the dripping milk caused it to fall out and plop against my chest. He tried a second time, grabbing more tit-flesh with his teeth, and this time found purchase, milking it for all it was worth, suckling endlessly.

“Cum for mommy,” I said. “Make mommy pregnant again. Give me another baby, James. Give me your seed, baby. Give mommy that thick seed.”

He kept pumping into me, taking my other tit with his other hand, both nipples in his mouth at once, his tongue circling both of them, then sucking them simultaneously.

“Let mommy make milk for you forever, babe. I’m yours forever. Dump your load in me.”

I felt his dick twitch and burn and I put all my weight against it, grinded it until its head reached my deepest parts. He pulled my hair from behind, my massive tits pushing forward into his face, jets of milk gushing into his mouth as his dick pumped me full of semen. Streams and streams of his cum flooded out of my cunt and formed a pool on the elevator floor.

He let both of my nipples go at once, my reddened, swollen tits plopping out of his mouth. His dick was warm inside of me as it deflated, and suddenly it released from my clenched pussy, plopping into the shallow mess of cum beneath us.

“Let me clean that off for you, sweetie.”

I crawled back a bit, picked his drooping, spent cock up from the floor and licked it clean, covering every centimeter, sucking on the head for any cum that might not have made it all the way out.

“Thanks, mom.”

“It’s a mom’s job, honey. It’s what you have me for.”

I kissed his chest affectionately, moving upwards, and grabbed his shirt and watched as he put it on.

Just then, another DING echoed through the elevator. The door didn’t open, but rather, we started going upwards.

“Shit,” James said, sluggishly. He was like a caveman after sex, lazy and ready to doze off, and he barely made an effort to move. There was no time too, anyway. By the time I got to my shirt, and was getting the buttons on, the door had already opened.

“Ms. Porter!” James said, with so much vigor I was shocked he could’ve mustered it.

“James?!” The woman said. “So this is where you’ve been?! What is this?!”

“Mom,” James said, “Meet Ms. Porter. My counselor.”

I was too shocked for words. Yes, the situation was awfully awkward, and yes, I was made quite a bit uncomfortable . . . but all of that was secondary to the real reason I couldn’t speak in the moment. Ms. Porter was the first woman I’d ever seen who might have been bustier than me. As thin, no less! She was in a pantsuit, her enormous tits held so compactly that they were leaking over her ruffled top, while her nipples jutted out of the cotton for all to see. She put her hand on her hip and stepped forward to make a show of disgust, but it only caused her breasts to jiggle mightily as she shook her head, and I noticed my son’s dick growing beside me, as if I hadn’t taken a full load of his cum in my pussy just moments earlier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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