After the Party

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Adriana Chechik

We’re back home and finally alone after some dressy affair. You had gotten dressed up into a gown, and I had put on something appropriate. It’s late when we get back, so I empty my pockets in the hallway and we walk straight through the house to get to the bedroom. Before I get to the nightstand and turn on the light, you make a small noise and I stop, turning to face you. The light coming in from the hallway behind you hides your features as you get closer. I notice your bare shoulders, not remembering when you took your jacket off, but now you’re standing facing me, smiling, with your hair hanging down loose …

I take a step toward you and I don’t see a yawn or the sense of being tired that you hinted at before we left the party; I see the smile you make when you like to play and have fun. I smile back and I lightly toss my jacket on the chair near the door before moving up to you.

My hands go to your waist, resting comfortably, and I look into your eyes, telling you how beautiful I think you are, how wonderful you were that evening and how I was the luckiest guy there because you were with me. You blush slightly and then I smile and lean in, kissing you.

You return the kiss, tasting my lips against yours, and your hands wander. Your fingertips brush over my shirt and around the top of my slacks, undoing the buttons on both as you go.

I lean back enough to glance down before looking back at you and smiling again, wider. You finish undoing the buttons of my shirt, and you tug up on the bottom of it, pulling it out of my pants. Once you get it free, then you push it back off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

The buttons on my pants aren’t enough, and you finish pulling the front open after loosening up the belt. You spread the front open and then push your hand inside, over my underwear … rubbing against my cock as you feel it get stiffer.

You grin, and then you move us around until my legs are bumped up against the mattress. You tell me to lie back, and I first sit, then move back over the bed until I am completely on the bedspread, lying down, just putting my elbows on the bed so I can keep my head up and watch.

You tug on my pants, getting them down my body and off my legs, then you pull them entirely free. You repeat the action, this time pulling my underwear off – each time, carelessly dropping the clothes to the ground behind you. As your fingers let go of my underwear, you look up at me and then sit on the bed, resting on your side as you lower your mouth. At first you just use your tongue to lick, but then you put your lips around me, tasting, playing, teasing. When you hear me moaning, you take me completely into you and I gasp loudly. I’m barely able to focus enough to hold your hair back as you suck, lick me …

Each movement of your head, each time you take me into you, you hear me sigh in pleasure. You can barely feel my hips lift … and I tense in pleasure each time. After what might have been 60 seconds and might have been 60 minutes, you start to use your hands and, impossibly, it feels even better. I gasp, crying almanbahis adres out your name as you suck … and then you feel it as I suddenly tense up more. My legs tighten up, my body gets stiffer and I barely have time to warn you, telling you ‘I’m coming’ before it happens, and you suck hard one final time, taking me completely into you, and you swallow as I explode into your mouth.

Gasping, my hand drifts away from your hair, letting it drop back down around your shoulders. You lift up and smile and then your body is right next to mine, over, resting on me … and your lips are hard against mine, pressing, needing me.

My brain struggles for a moment to focus and then my eyes clear up. You can see me really look at you again and my smile gets wider as you lift up, pulling off of me and you sit up on the bed. I sit up as well, then I slide, moving all the way to the foot of the bed. Looking down for a moment, I put my feet on the floor and then stand up, my hands out to you.

You raise an eyebrow, watching, but you extend a hand to me and follow me up and onto your feet. You follow my movements with your eyes as I walk around behind you, my hand brushing over your body. It’s my turn to be teasing and tempting. My fingertips caress your skin and I stop when I’m completely behind you. I wrap my arms around you, under your breasts, holding you to me. After the first squeeze, I relax a little, giving me enough freedom of movement to kiss your collarbone. Then the back of your neck. My lips continue moving down over your shoulders. My hands pull back to your sides, holding you loosely and I can feel how tense you are. Stepping back, I slide my hands up your back and to the top of the zipper. I pull the tab down, releasing you from the fabric, letting it fall …

You shrug a little, shift your body, and I watch as the dress slides a little. Then I help it along, my fingers moving along the top as I push, pressing carefully … then pull it down to the point where you can step out of it. One leg, then the other, your hand on my shoulder for balance. Then I set it carefully to the side and I move back behind you. You’re watching as I step back, waiting for the inevitable (and guaranteed) reaction when I see the fun, frilly underwear that you wore to surprise me. I know you don’t like to wear lingerie, but you know that I like it when you wear anything that’s playful.

Before turning back straight, you let your eyes drop and you see that it won’t be long and “the reaction” has already started. Trying to hide the smile, you straighten and look back in the original direction you were facing. With a couple of steps, I walk back to you, this time stopping in front of you. My hands reach out, touching your skin, then I start to caress you softly, pressing against you as my fingers move. I lean forward at first, then step closer, letting me kiss you, letting my tongue play against yours before pulling back and teasing all over your bare skin. I kiss your chin, your neck … my tongue flickers against the skin at your shoulder before I start to kiss down your chest. Now I can hear almanbahis adres the faint moans of pleasure as your body begins to feel overwhelmed and when I press firmly against your panties, I can hear you gasp.

You get into the feeling and almost start to grind against my hand and suddenly, you realize that you need to sit down – or at least get off of your legs. You make for the bed, but before I let you sit down, I squeeze your ass enough to get you to stop moving. The sudden pressure stops you from finishing the step, and I take advantage of the moment to slide my finger inside the top of your panties and pull them down, kissing your back, then kneeling as your underwear moves farther down your legs and over your knees, finally down to your ankles and off. At that point, I’m finally on my knees just behind your side.

I look up again and our eyes meet. I smile nicely, giving my consent and you finish turning and moving back against the bed, resting with your legs spread. You pull yourself up the mattress, sliding your ass against the blanket, pulling with your arms as your feet come off the floor and end up just over the edge of the bed. I crawl up after you, moving between your legs and resting my body between them on the bedcover. As you stop moving, I slide my hands under your legs and up each of your sides.

You stretch out, breathing in deeply and then letting your arms fall to the mattress. It’s been too long and you’re getting worked up just thinking about what I’m about to do. When I first put my tongue at your lips, you gasp again, quietly and then sigh as my tongue slides into you. Slow, even movements at first – each time, licking inside, then up and teasing your clit before pulling back and starting over. There’s a little variation, but not too much and you can feel yourself starting to ride the wave. As you start to squirm, my hands move from your sides to over your hips and they press down, keeping you from moving too far … and then as the pressure mounts, I have to actually push down with one hand … not that you notice, because I put my other hand just above your button and I start to rub. The added pressure plus my tongue moving in and out of you and you don’t know how much longer you can hold on. Your hands move to my scalp, your fingernails almost biting into my skin. On any other day, and you wouldn’t think about it – but now, you’re almost scratching as you squeeze and pull … and suddenly, you can’t think straight anymore. You scream, letting it all out at once.

My hands move back to your sides now, and I’m not sliding my tongue into you. Instead, I’m teasing, moving over, around … flicking into you only for a moment. Eventually, I just lean back and wait, my arms still under your legs, my hands resting comfortably, holding gently onto your sides. I know that you’re always a touch sensitive afterwards, so I don’t push it. After a few minutes, you look around, and then down at me, smiling. Your hands, previously just resting on the bedspread start to move. With one hand, you reach for me to pull and you lift yourself up onto your other almanbahis adresi elbow.

I move up and over you, smiling at you in the dim light. You can feel the bed shift as my hands rest on the mattress above either of your shoulders, my knees set to either side of your hips. You take your free hand and put it on my neck, pulling me to you and we kiss, teasing at first, then stronger, more passionately, and then you let go and I can feel your hand moving between us, down to my cock again.

Your fingers touch it, and when you realize I’m already hard again, they wrap around and squeeze gently. “Well ..?” you ask with a smile.

I grin and kiss you again, pressing you against the bed. I reach down with one hand and rub it against your pussy, feeling how wet you are and when you let go and take your hand away, I guide the head of my shaft between your lips, then slowly inside you … still maintaining the kiss and feeling you moan into me.

I put my hand back near your shoulder and lift my head up and watch you. You’ve gotten used to how I like to watch and slowly I begin to slide in and out of you. Filling you up, moving all the way in … then pulling back. Each time, moving slowly, surely … but also confidently, consistently, over and over again …

You lift your legs up, wanting to spread them apart – and I stop moving long enough to move my legs between yours. After a moment of distraction and a giggle or two, you glance back down, your eyes serious again. This time, I begin to slide into you faster. Shallow, fast movements – but now that your legs are free, you spread them apart, wrapping your feet around my legs and pulling, clenching … you squeeze my dick with your pussy each time, and you can see that I’m getting close too.

Each movement feels like it’s the one ‘just before’, and your hands are digging into my back now, holding, pulling me down … my lips touching your shoulder and then teasing your breast before I lift up enough to kiss you, to see into your eyes.

Faster. Harder against you, into you. Again.

And then suddenly, your hands clench against my shoulder blades and I gasp – you feel my back clench, but you can also feel me push hard into you that last time, swelling, then exploding inside you … cumming into you.

And as if on cue, you ride it into your own orgasm. I can barely move as each of your limbs locks around me. Rather than fight it, I wait for the moment to pass and I slowly lower myself against you, resting, breathing hard at first and then slowly it comes easier, calmer.

You open your eyes, looking up at me and smiling. I catch the shift in your body and I look back at you, our eyes meeting. I say quietly, but earnestly, “I love you” and I smile – the whole-body, deep in the eyes kind of smile. Comfortable, relaxed, enjoying the moment … you fold your arm, letting your fingers touch, play in my hair and you smile back. Your look floats around my head, taking in my eyes, my hair, my body … and then you look back at me and smile – not the playful smile from before, but your own relaxed and contented smile. “I love you too,” you say, and you kiss me gently before lying your head back.

At one point, I grab a corner of the blanket and pull it over our legs … and the contentment and warmth stays with us until after we fall asleep.

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