Anna’s Awakening

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It was only a little knock but I felt so shaken afterwards I couldn’t move. I stood at the side of the road in the pouring rain just staring at the folded trim on my car. If the other driver hadn’t taken me by the arm and led me to the passenger seat of his car I would probably still be standing by the roadside now. He spoke softly, whispering reassurances that the damage to my car was minor and nonexistent to his car. He reached out a hand which encompassed mine and gently squeezed and reminded me that no one was hurt and everything was fine. His voice was so deep and reassuring I calmed down immediately. I looked up into his friendly face, his eyes were dark brown with soft folds at the corners when he smiled and his dark hair was flecked with grey at the temples. He offered me a lift home as he thought I shouldn’t drive and I gladly accepted.

As he pulled away the stereo blared into life blasting my favourite AC/DC track which I started singing along to. An amused look passed across his face.

“Aren’t you a bit young to be a classic rock fan?” he enquired.

He was so easy to talk to I found myself telling him my name was Anna, that I was 22, a hotel receptionist and a classic rock geek ever since my dad took me to see Marillion when I was 3. He told me he was David, 48, divorced with two sons who were a few years younger than me and that I had the music taste of a middle aged man, which made me laugh. It didn’t take long to get back to my flat and conversation was flowing so easily it seemed only natural to invite him in for a coffee.

As soon as we walked into the living room I saw something on the coffee table and cringed.

“I haven’t seen a copy of Forum for years!” David exclaimed.

I nearly died of embarrassment I stood there blushing and stammered out an explanation of why I had a copy of Forum sitting in the middle of the lounge. I’d bought it as a joke present for my friend Fran who was getting married but then I’d forgotten to take it to the hen night and it had been sitting on the coffee table ever since. I think he enjoyed my embarrassment and he joked that I must have read it cover to cover which was when I began to really blush. To hide my humiliation I began to babble admitting I’d leafed through the magazine and read one or two of the stories. He smiled again and asked me if there was a story I’d particularly enjoyed. He asked in such a frank manner that I found my feelings of shame fading and I wanted to answer him in the same frank honest way.

I told him I’d enjoyed reading a story called “Daddy’s little girl,” which is a fantasy tale of a young woman in love with an older man who by day treated her as his daughter and by night used her for his perverted sexual pleasures. David just frowned and didn’t say anything and for the first time I felt an awkward moment between us. I excused myself to make the coffee and rushed to the kitchen. When I walked back into the room he had the magazine in his hand and I was sure he was reading “Daddy’s little girl.” He looked up at me over the pages and took his coffee.

“Well Anna, what would you say if I told you I have done all of the things that happen in this story?” he asked quite seriously sipping his drink.

I felt shocked at first, he looked so respectable but I was excited by his admission. I looked into his eyes

“Are you dominant?” I wondered aloud.

David explained that about 15 years ago he and his wife had looked for something to spice up their flagging marriage and had encountered bondage, dominance and sadomasochism. It hadn’t taken them long to realise they both naturally enjoyed playing sexually dominant roles. His wife felt she needed to express her sadistic side and he gave his blessing for her to explore her sexuality with masochistic male friend. Six months later she handed him divorce papers citing irreconcilable differences Pendik Escort as she walked out of the door. Since the divorce he had had a few submissive girlfriends and rather more submissive playmates. He had been shopping and socialising at several fetish markets and enjoyed the occasional evening out at kinky clubs.

“What about you?” he asked.

I told him I’d had a few boyfriends and rather less one night stands. I’d no experience of being submissive and the kinkiest that I had ever been was using one of my vibrators to bring myself to orgasm whilst I imagined being the girl in the story. I couldn’t believe how exciting it felt talking so candidly to a relative stranger. He teased me for letting my coffee go cold and asked if there was something else on my mind. I broke his gaze and stared into my coffee cup. He moved suddenly reaching for my hand and drawing me towards him. When I didn’t resist his advance he directed me to stand with my back to him so we could both look in the mirror hanging on the wall. He wrapped his arms around me and told me he saw a beautiful young woman in the mirror. He told me he saw a look of unfulfilled hunger in my eyes as he talked to me about his experience of dominance and submission. He told me that my body looked so fragile in his arms it made him want to control me. He wanted to use me as his toy and train me to feel pleasure when he inflicted pain.

He asked me to kneel at his feet. I thought it was a strange for a moment but I was lost listening to his hypnotic voice and complied with his request. He explained that I had been a careless girl causing the car crash and that I needed to be punished so that I would remember to drive more carefully in the future. He asked me to come forward and bend over his lap with my bottom in the air. His lap felt warm and comforting and I felt safe with his body pressed against mine. As he pulled at the hem of my skirt I felt excitement shoot through me. I was wearing hold-up stockings and a black g-string under my conservative work skirt and I wondered what he would think as he exposed my buttocks.

He lent forward and whispered in my ear “You are a dirty little girl.”

I moaned. The idea of being his little girl made me melt inside. His hand caressed and kneaded my cheeks. Then he pulled away and sat up straight and I knew it was coming.

First I felt the heavy weight then I felt the sharp sting of his slap. I reacted instinctively and flinched. His left hand came down and twisted in my hair holding my head firmly with my face pressed to his leg. He told me to relax and that I must take my punishment which I deserved for being a careless driver. Deep inside I knew he was right, I had been reckless and deserved every smack he gave me. His right hand collided with my bottom again this time he gave me six quick slaps to each cheek. I held my breath and gritted my teeth trying to control my natural instincts. He began to spank me in a slow steady rhythm alternating buttock with each slap. The stinging sensation from one slap wasn’t gone before he struck me again. My breathing was coming in short gasps and the heat was building on my buttocks I couldn’t help but wiggle my hips to try and soften the impact. As I wiggled I felt the bulge in his trousers against my stomach which excited me even more.

His blows were slowly getting heavier and I didn’t know if I could remain silent much longer. The weight of his hand on my bottom seemed to knock the air out of my lungs and I made a low hoarse cry.

“Good girl, take it for me,” he growled.

He struck the same cheek again heavily and the sensation was beyond pain. It was heat rippling like an earthquake through my body. Every nerve was on fire my belly felt full and hot tingles were rushing down to my pussy and up over my chest and nipples. Again he struck and my body Anadolu Yakası Escort was filled to bursting with his energy. And again his hand fell and I screamed. No stifled moan or sob this time a real guttural shriek of desire and longing.

His left hand pulled at my hair lifting my head and bringing me back to a kneeling position.

“Are you alright little girl?” he asked softly.

I looked into his deep brown eyes and whispered “more.”

He wrapped his arms around me pulling me to him and laughed “take it easy little girl, I don’t want to break you!”

“Please,” I moaned as I bent over his lap again.

He lent away from me and I felt him tugging at his waist as he explained he would use his belt for a final ten lashes on my already cherry red bottom and that I must count each stroke out loud. Each lash sent a new wave of fire through my body. By the eighth stroke I was trembling fiercely and on the ninth and tenth strokes I screamed again. He let me lie limply over his lap panting while he blew cool air over my throbbing cheeks.

I felt his hard cock pressing into my stomach and I wriggled my body against it. He responded by reaching for his fly and pushing my head towards his crotch. I opened my mouth obediently and he guided the head of his cock between my lips. As he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth it pushed my jaw wide open. It felt smooth and hard and filled my mouth until I found it hard to breath. His hand kept a firm pressure on the back of my neck.

“You are such a good girl swallowing all eight inches of my cock,” he growled again.

I couldn’t hold my breath any longer and began to tense up and struggle but he released the pressure on my neck and my head bobbed up.

“Now little girl show me how much you enjoyed your spanking,” he commanded.

I shut my eyes and reached out with both of my hands. His cock was so hard it twitched and bucked as I encircled the base with my thumb and forefinger my other hand cupped his soft sack. I flicked my tongue over the head before sucking his cock to the back of my throat. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as his blows had given me. I ran my teeth gently over the taught skin of his glans as his cock withdrew from my mouth and he groaned his appreciation. He rested his hand on the back of my neck again encouraging me to suck his cock deep into my mouth. As his cock reached the back of my throat his fingers pulled the hair at the nape of my neck and jerked my head back. He pushed and pulled me forcing his cock in and out of my mouth while saliva dribbled from my lips and I moaned gently.

I felt like he was reading the secret desires from my mind by making me behave in such a wild abandoned way. I’d always been too shy with other men to let go and revel in the pleasure of a hard cock between my lips. With the guidance of his hand on my neck and the encouragement of his occasional groans I began to loose myself in my task. As his cock filled my throat I franticly curled my tongue from side to side and as his shaft withdrew I tightened my lips as firmly as I could. I felt as if the only reason for my existence was to pleasure his cock with my mouth.

He murmured “You really are daddy’s good little girl.”

His words sent a chill through my whole body, my nipples stiffened and a spark exploded in my pussy.

He pulled my head back sharply and kissed me long and hard as his hand found its way between my legs. His fingers worked at the thin material of my knickers massaging my pussy lips beneath.

“Your knickers are rather wet little girl, I think it would be a good idea if you showed me those vibrators you told me about earlier,” his deep voice rumbled.

I stood up shakily and took his hand to lead him to the bedroom. Excitement coursed through me. I was taking a strange man to my bedroom İstanbul Escort and I knew I would do anything he asked of me. We stood at the end of the bed looking into my open underwear draw. Nestled between my stockings was a slim line pink glitter vibrator, a friendly looking blue mini bullet and an unused bottle of lubricant that had come free with the toys.

He moved towards me and kissed me again. His hands moved expertly over my body releasing my skirt blouse and bra pulling them away from me.

“Give me your knickers,” he suddenly barked.

I took a step away from him and slowly bent to pull my knickers down then I picked them up and handed them to him. He took his time examining the crutch I could see how wet the scrap of fabric was. My face felt hot and red with shame as he looked closely at the slimy mess I’d made. He sniffed at the wet patch then extended his tongue and licked it.

“You taste sweet little girl, come here and taste yourself,” he commanded.

I moved towards him and he held my knickers to my mouth. I opened my lips reluctantly but he insistently pushed them apart with the wet material. My knickers did taste sweet on my tongue as he stuffed them into my mouth. He lent down to the draw containing my vibrators and pulled out one of the stockings.

He stretched the nylon stocking across my mouth and pulled it tight behind my neck so I couldn’t spit my knickers out. His warm loving arms guided me gently onto the bed where he worked quickly tying my wrists with more stockings to the headboard. He pulled another stocking over my head squashing my face. Looking through the nylon with half open eyes filled the world with dark shows. For a moment feelings of panic began to rise up inside me. I tugged at my wrist restraints and thrashed my head from side to side trying to see clearly. My frantic movements did nothing but tighten the stockings binding my wrists. I tried to call out but my knickers filled my mouth and only a faint mumble escaped my lips. I knew I was completely helpless now, even if I wanted him to stop I’d no way to communicate my wishes.

David must have sensed me beginning to panic. I felt the weight of his body on the bed beside me and the heat of his breath through my nylon mask as he began to whisper in my ear. He called me his little girl and promised me he would take care of me. His words had an instantly calming affect. His tone was so sincere I knew I could trust him. I relaxed and pushed my body towards him as he described the way he intended to explore me with his hands and mouth. I slowly wriggled my hips as I listened to him tell me that he was going to kiss and caress every part of my body before he untied me. His hands danced from my breasts across my stomach and slowly approached my pussy. His light caress tickled my flesh and made me ache for a firmer touch. He told me how beautiful my pussy lips looked neatly folded together hiding my cunt away. He began roughly massaging them between his thick fingers. I squeaked into my gag as jolt of pleasure shot through my tingling cunt. I opened my legs wider for him and pushed my pelvis forward towards his hand. No one had ever touched me like he did. He alternated hard pinches and soft caresses with firm stroking and gentle slaps. Every movement he made served to stoke the fire burning between my legs.

“Can you hear that little girl” he murmured.

I heard a squelching sound come from my cunt as he pulled on my lips. The wet sucking noise repulsed me and made me feel deeply ashamed. He growled in my ear that he loved the fact he could hear how turned on I was. He revelled in the fact he could make my cunt dripping wet. His fingers began to tease my wet hole as he spoke. With his words my shame turned to pride. My cunt was wet and ready for him to use. I wished his probing fingers would push deeper. I wriggled to the limit of my bonds but he withdrew his hand and continued teasing me with the tips of his fingers. I let out a long low moan that was muffled by my gag. I was at the point of desperation by the time he slipped his fingers into my aching wet cunt and then I heard my vibrator begin to buzz…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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