Another Naked Foot Day at the Beach

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This is an Nude Day contest story. Please vote, make a comment and add me and/or this story to your favorite list.


“What do you wanna do today?” Josh looked at his friend, David. “I’m bored. I’m tired of just hangin’ around the house, but it’s too hot to do anything else.”

“I figured we’d go downtown,” said David.

“Downtown? I don’t wanna go downtown,” said Josh. “It’s too hot and hotter there with all those people and all those tall, granite buildings and no shade.”

“Precisely why we should go?”

“Why in the Hell would you want to roast in the concrete jungle downtown, when we could go to the beach and, at least, jump in the water, when we got too hot?”

“Because, duh, dummy, today is Nude Day. Today is the one day in the year of naked women’s tits, asses, and pussies publically displayed and legally exposed for our viewing pleasure,” said David rubbing his hands together with excitement. “No matter if it’s illegal to be so exposed all the other days of the year, today Nude Day celebrators are given a free pass, so long as it’s a woman and not a man exposing himself.”

“Where downtown? I don’t want to be endlessly walking around in the hot sun looking for naked women in the way we did last year,” said Josh.

“No matter where we go downtown, the park, a bar, or just aimlessly walking around, there’s always naked or semi-naked chicks out and about on Nude Day. Some brave soul is always walking around naked or taking off her blouse and bra. Then, of course, there’s the Nude Day parade. I don’t want to miss that public display of skin.”

“Nude Day parade? Last year the Nude Day parade was filled with gay men and lesbian women, not that there’s anything wrong with gay men and lesbian women, but I’d rather go to the beach,” said Josh.

“The beach? We always go to the beach. You always want to go to the beach. The beach, the beach, the beach, I’m tired of going to the beach. Why the beach?”

“I love walking the beach with my bare feet walking on the hot sand, while hearing the ocean in the background. It’s so calm and beautiful.”

“That’s bullshit,” said David. “You just want to go to the beach because of your foot fetish. You just want to see women’s naked feet, never mind seeing their tits, asses, and pussies.”

“So? At least I’m not leering at women, while hoping they strip naked one day a year on Nude Day. At least with my foot fetish, something that I can enjoy 365 days a year, whether women are barefoot, in high heels, open toed shoes, or flip flops, I’m more respectful of women,” said Josh agreeing with himself by nodding his head. “You spend all your time staring at women’s breasts and undressing them with their eyes, while the worst that I do is compliment them on their shoes and/or ask them if they’d like a foot massage,” said Josh, while clutching his hands to his chest, as if he was about to have an orgasm. “Ah, naked feet, lots of naked feet and toes. The beach is my Nirvana, my foot fetish Heaven. I love walking the beach. There’s not a better place to see more naked, women’s feet than at the beach.”

“Seriously, though and I realize that feet are your fetish, but aren’t you tired of seeing, touching, feeling, and smelling women’s feet? You work as a shoe salesman 40 hours a week, I’d think you’d be sick to death of women’s feet.”

“What are you nuts? Just as you never tire of seeing tits, I never tire of seeing, touching, feeling, and smelling women’s feet. I love women’s feet, whether naked feet or feet that are shrouded in white gym socks, or masked by pantyhose. Women’s feet are my passion,” said Josh looking as if he was going to have an orgasm in his pants.

“I dunno. I just don’t get it. I can’t see how you can even compare a woman’s foot to a woman’s breast. Give me tits any day to feet,” said David. “Definitely, I’d much rather suck a nipple than a toe.”

“Actually, working in a shoe store is not only about feet. You’d love working there. I get a lot of down blouses with women leaning down to look at their new shoes,” said Josh with a smile. “I get women, who come into the store, women who are so very modest, that you’d think their knees were cemented together. Then, I get the opposite women, who purposely flash me their panties, that is, if they’re even wearing any,” said Josh with a laugh. “If only they knew that I’m more interested in their feet than their tits, their panties, and their pussies, how shocked they’d be? If only they knew that what I really want is to suck their toes and lick their feet and not finger their pussies and lick their cunts.”

“Feet, feet, feet, it’s always about feet with you. Give it a rest. Seriously, Josh, don’t you ever get tired of women’s feet? Women have other and better parts than feet.”

“Not to me they don’t. I never get tired of seeing, feeling, and licking women’s feet. I live for women’s feet, in the way that you live for seeing, feeling, and sucking on women’s breasts,” said Josh.

“Oh, God, I just love tits. Don’t get batman seks hikayeleri me started on tits,” said David. “No matter if they’re A cup, B cup, C cup, D cup, or, God help me, double D cup,” said David clutching his chest. “I love tits in the way you love feet.”

“I wish I could feel and lick every foot and suck on every toe that attracts my attention,” said Josh. “I’d be in Heaven.”

“And I wish I could feel every breast and suck on every nipple,” said David. “I’d be the happiest man alive.”

“God, open toed shoes and sandals drive me mad with desire!” Josh grabbed his crotch. “Seeing a women’s toe peeking out her shoe is much like you seeing a women’s cleavage peeking out her blouse.”

“Tube tops and low cut tops make me wild with lust!” David grabbed his crotch. “Every time I see a tube top, I want to pull it down to expose her breasts.”

“Yet, you do realize, of course, unlike you, who are attracted to every woman, who has breasts, no matter what she looks like, I’m more selective in my search for the perfect feet and toes. Not every foot sexually appeals to me,” said Josh with a look of a fashion designer rejecting a model for a crooked seam.

“That’s not true, Josh. I’m a connoisseur of breasts, too. My rule of thumb is that women must have two of them,” he said with a laugh. “All kidding aside, I don’t like them too big or too small or hanging too far down and/or breasts that aren’t shapely. Breasts that are flat and flabby don’t do anything for me either,” said David. “My favorite tits are firm, C cup breasts with big nipples. With her shoulders back and her chest puffed out, breasts that are displayed proudly are what makes me horny and what makes me glad that I was born a heterosexual man.”

“Much like you with your specific selection of breasts, there are some feet that do nothing for me. Fat feet, feet with cracked and yellowed toenails, and calloused feet with bunions are gross. Yuck,” said Josh. “Give me the delicate foot but not one that’s deformed by being squished in a high heel shoe all day. A smallish size six to size seven shapely foot is a work of art. I can just see Michelangelo sculpting the perfect woman’s foot, while touching, feeling, and licking her feet, as he created his masterpieces. You know,” said Josh leaning into his friend, as if about to tell him a secret. “Japanese women have the best feet. Matter of fact, Asian women have better feet than American women. As they do with the rest of their body, Asian women take better care of their feet.”

“Gees, don’t get me started on tits,” said David. “I love tits, areolas, and nipples. The bigger the tits the better, so long as they aren’t too big and disproportionate to the woman’s body, as are Dolly Parton’s and Pamela Anderson’s tits. Their tits are just too big. Tits make me crazy with lustful desire. They make my hands twitch and my fingers ache,” he said raising his hands shoulder high and opening and closing them. “Whenever I see a beautiful rack, my lips take the shape of a goldfish,” he said puckering his lips, as if he was a baby breastfeeding. “Playing with a women’s tits and fingering her nipples, while she sucks my cock is better than winning the lottery.”

“Feet do that to me,” said Josh, holding his hands at thigh level, while opening and closing them. “Sometimes, without the woman even knowing, I stare at her feet, especially whenever I find the perfect pair that’s so blatantly exposed in an open toed shoe or sandal. If only they knew I was lusting over their feet. I’ve always wondered if there are women, who find their feet as sexually arousing and sensually seductive, as I do. Yeah, sure, lots of women love a foot massage, but I’m looking for that one special woman, who wants as much attention paid to her feet, as I’ll willing to give.”

“I still can’t believe that I was turned down for that mammography job they posted at the hospital. I am a male nurse, after all. It isn’t as if I’m just a guy walking in off the street with a breast fetish applying for a mammography job. I’d love nothing better than to position women’s breasts through two panes of glass, while squeezing them. Oh, my God, I’m getting an erection just thinking about seeing and touching so many tits every day. I swear, I’d work for nothing.”

“Which is why they’d never hire a man to give women a mammography test,” said Josh with a laugh.

“Lesbians have it made,” said David. “Lesbians could give mammography tests to women and no one would suspect them of getting aroused from seeing, touching, and feeling so many breasts. I betcha doctors get aroused seeing, touching, and feeling so many breasts, too. I betcha doctors go home and masturbate over all the tits they’ve seen.”

“Too bad you didn’t continue with your education and go to medical school,” said Josh. “The guys who have it made are plastic surgeons, those who do breast implants and breast augmentation surgeries. They see, touch, and feel tits all day long. Maybe you could work for one of them.”

“Nah, applied and denied, I’ve already looked into that. They only hire beautiful women,” said David looking at his friend with curiosity. “So, why are you suddenly on the foot fetish kick again? I thought you were cured of your foot fetish. What happened with Doctor McCracken that you were seeing for a while?”

“Doctor McCracken is more twisted than I am. We share the same foot fetish, but he’s a cross dresser. He even showed me his collection of women’s shoes,” said Josh with a laugh. “Admittedly, it was fun going through his collection of shoes, but at size 12, watching him modeling women’s shoes did nothing for me,” said Josh making a sour face. “Watching him model those ridiculously huge gun boats that he had for shoes made me feel, as if I was in a Woody Allen spoof of a movie,” said Josh laughing.

“No way! I never pegged old McCracken for a cross dresser. He’s 6’5″ tall. Not a good looking man, looking a bit like Howard Sterns, he must make for one ugly woman.”

“Yeah, I can’t even imagine him dressed in drag. You should see his closet, though. His closet is filled with flats, pumps, sandals, sneakers, espadrilles, flip flops, and heels, especially stilettos. Oh, my God, I love stilettos. He doesn’t want his wife to know, which is the reason why he keeps his shoe collection under lock and key at his office,” said Josh with a laugh. “I told my Mom that he cured my foot fetish, which is why I’m telling her that I’m going downtown with you to see naked and semi-naked women for Nude Day and to watch the Nude Day parade, instead of going to the beach to see feet. She’d think me more normal wanting to see naked women than just wanting to see naked feet.”

“Are you still giving your Mom foot massages?”

“Oh, God, yeah. Every night I get an erection, while rubbing her feet. She always raises her skirt higher than necessary, whenever I give her a foot massage. I suspect she knows that I’m aroused massaging her feet, because she rests her heel against my throbbing cock and subtly wiggles it around, as if giving me a foot hand job,” said Josh with a laugh. “I love rubbing my swollen cock against her soft feet, only I can’t help but get the feeling that she wants me to massage more than just her feet, if you know what I mean.”

“Gees, Josh. That’s incest. Next you’ll be telling me that you took a bath with your Mom, while washing her feet.”

“Oh, God, I’d love to be naked with her in the bathtub, while washing her feet,” said Josh closing his eyes and looking, as if he was imagining the scenario. “She’s always flashing me her panty in up skirts, her naked pussy in up nightgowns, her bra in down blouses, and breasts in down nightgowns.”

“Not that I’d ever want to see any part of her, but I’ve never seen any part of my Mom,” said David. “Your Mom is hot. My Mom is not.”

“I can’t tell you how many times my Mom has caught me masturbating. Whenever she sees my erect cock, she stares at it, before closing my bedroom door without saying anything. I’ve heard her masturbating a few times and, figuring she was masturbating over me, I was tempted to open her bedroom door and watch her play with her pussy, while I massaged her feet.”

“Tell your Mom that I’ll massage her breasts. She has a great rack. I’d love to see, feel, fondle, and caress her big tits, before sucking her big nipples.”

“Hey, that’s my mother you’re talking about.”

“Sorry,” said David falling quiet for a moment. “I’m just curious.”

“Curious about what?”

“Have you seen them?”

“Seen what?”

“Your Mom’s tits?”

“Gees, David, you’re such a pervert, when it comes tits.”

“C’mon tell me. Have you seen them?”

“Yeah, I have. So?”

“No way. How did you get to see them?” With his eyes bugging out of his head, David straightened his posture and was at full attention to hear about Josh seeing his mother’s tits. Even though I’ve tried to sneak a peek, I’ve never seen my Mom’s tits,” said David with obvious disappointment that was quickly replaced by the sexual excitement of what Josh said.

“My Mom is always flashing me her breasts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen her big tits.”

“No way. Oh, my God. Be still my heart,” said David clutching his chest again, as if he was having a heart attack.

“I’ll be sitting on her bed talking to her and suddenly, she’ll stand and remove her bathrobe and put on her bra, while looking at me in her mirror.”

“Is she naked?”

“No, she’s wearing panties, but still, her naked tits are right there, three feet away from me,” said Josh.

“You lucky bastard. I can’t believe you saw your Mom’s tits. What do they look like? Tell me.”

“I’m not going to tell you about my Mom’s tits. You’ll start masturbating. Tell me about your Mom’s feet and then maybe I’ll tell you about my Mom’s tits.”

“My Mom’s feet? What’s to tell? They’re two feet with ten toes. All feet look alike to me, except for men’s feet. Men’s feet are gross. They all have hair growing out of them.”

“Your Mom looks like she’d have nice feet. I’d love to cum all over your mom’s feet,” said Josh looking up at his friend.

“Fuck you, Josh. And I’d love to cum all over your Mom’s breasts,” said David fingering his cock through his pants.

“Did you ever give your Mom a foot massage?”

“Me give my Mom a foot massage? What are you nuts? No. That’s gross. I’d never touch my Mom’s feet. Yuck. I’d rather eat nails.”

“I’ll let you massage my Mom’s breasts, if you let me massage her feet,” said Josh.

“Yeah, sure, right. As if that would ever happen. Me massaging your Mom’s breasts and you massaging my Mom’s feet isn’t up to us,” said David, suddenly studying his friend. “If only we could and if only they would, how do we get our Mom’s to go along with that?”

“We can get them drunk,” said Josh with seriousness.

“My Mom doesn’t drink,” said David.

“Oh, well. It’s a good thing there are as many breasts out there, as there are feet,” said Josh.

“C’mon, Josh I really wanted to go to the Nude Day festivities downtown,” said David. “Please?”

“In the way that most women strip practically naked at the beach, we’ll see more at the beach than we’d ever see downtown, especially if we go off the beaten path.”

“Off the beaten path? What do you mean, off the beaten path?”

“If we walk along the other end of the beach, past the fence,” said Josh with a sinister grin, “we’ll see topless, maybe even naked women.”

“We can’t walk there. That’s all private, Josh. We’re not supposed to be there. We’ll be arrested for trespassing.”

“I know it’s all private, but feet are feet to me, whether on a public beach or a private beach. The real difference is for you. The women on that private beach sun topless and naked. So long as we keep walking, they won’t bother us. Who knows, we may even get lucky.”

“Okay, let’s go. I really need to see some tits today.”

Josh and David walked along the pubic beach and continued all the way down the beach and past the fence that held the sign, Private, No Trespassing. As soon as they entered the privately declared domain, everything changed. It was as if they were at a different beach. The sand was whiter and cleaner. The homes were bigger and more luxurious. Then, they saw what they hoped they’d see, naked women.

Oblivious to them staring, they saw a few topless women sunbathing, but they were either at a distance from them, facing the other way, or lying on their stomachs. They couldn’t make out much of the details of their naked breasts or their naked feet. With the private beach much smaller than the public beach, about to come to the end of the private beach and turn around to return the other way to walk the length of the public beach again, an older woman lying out naked and holding up a martini glass, called them over.

“Yoo-hoo! Hello?” She waved them over.

“Hi,” said Josh.

“Hi,” said David.

“Please don’t mind me. I’m a naked, old, drunken broad,” she said with a laugh, while brushing aside her shoulder length blonde hair. “Would you give me a hand?”

Immediately Josh looked down at her tanned feet and painted toes, while David stared at her big sagging breasts and exposed nipples.

“Sure,” said Josh.

“Sure,” said David.

“I’m sitting on this old, rickety, uncomfortable lawn chair because I don’t have a ladder high enough to reach my chaise lounge chair in the garage. The man who cleaned out my garage last fall stored the thing on a hook that’s too high up for me to reach. I don’t have anyone else to ask. My neighbors don’t like me because I’m a naked drunk. They’d never allow their husbands to help me for fear that I might steal them,” she said with a laugh, while staring at them. “Truth be told, I don’t want their old husbands. I’m into much younger men,” she said pausing, while laughing, “men more your age. All of my ex-husbands were younger than me, except for the last one, he was older, but damn, if I can remember his name,” she laughed.

“Sure no problem,” said Josh. “We’ll get your chair for you.”

Josh and David followed the woman to her garage and David gave Josh ten fingers up to reach her chaise lounge chair.

“Thank you. Thank you, so very much,” said the woman standing there in the buff, while sipping her martini. “I hope I’m not embarrassing you boys, but I was once a nudist. Now that I’m older, I really don’t give a care who sees me naked.”

“You have a great body,” said David staring at her breasts.

“You’re in wonderful shape,” said Josh staring down at her feet.

“Oh, pooh,” she said. “I’m old and wrinkled,” she said looking down to where David stared at her breasts and to where Josh stared at her feet. “If you don’t mind, can you just check the chair for spiders, before setting it up in front of my house on my private beach space? I hate spiders.”

“Sure,” said Josh.

“No problem,” said David.

Both men checked the chair for spiders, before lugging it to the beach.

“Thank you,” she said. “I so missed my chair. If I had my purse with me, I’d give you a tip.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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