Another Taste of Perfection Ch. 01

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I’m in a dark corner of a dark club somewhere in Chicago. I’m in the corner mainly because I’m out of the way here. I hate clubs. But O loves them. She toasts me from the dance floor and I raise my drink in return.

I’m only here because I promised her I would come out and it was her turn to pick the place. A couple of guys have stopped by to ask me if I want a drink. Which is why I haven’t taken even a sip of mine. I am so not interested in dating right now.

I’m reading an email from my agent when my night – and possibly my entire life changes. Someone sits down in the chair across from me.

“I already have a drink,” I shout over the music, “But thanks!” I don’t look up.

“Are you always this personable?” A silky voice answers.

My eyes meet hers and I’m frozen in time. I feel my cheeks getting hot and she grins.

“I’m sorry!”

“It’s totally okay. I’ve been watching you get hit on all night,” she laughs.

I giggle nervously, “Yeah, vultures.”

We both laugh again and my breath gets caught in my throat, “Wait, you’ve been watching me?”

She throws her head back in laughter. It’s then that I really see the rest of her. I’d been so stuck on her eyes. They’re incredible. Like looking at the ocean on a grey day.

She’s slender all over. Long fingers. Beautiful raven hair down past her breasts. Her lips are full and shiny pink. They look wet and I find myself wondering what they’d feel like against my skin.

I take a long drink.

“I was wondering if you’d caught that,” she smiles brightly.

“I’m sorry. You caught me totally off guard.” I fidget with my straw.

She puts her long-fingered hand on my arm, “Am I making you nervous?” she shouts over all of the noise.

She brushes a blonde curl away from my face. O plops Anadolu Yakası Escort down in the seat next to me, sweaty, “Woo! I can’t believe you don’t like this,” she yells.

Her top is nearly exposing her breasts and I motion for her to pull it up a bit. She laughs, “Did you miss the memo, grandma? This is how normal people dress to go clubbing!”

She looks across the table, “Hi!”

I realize I haven’t even learned this girl’s name.

“Hi,” she extends a hand. Her wrists are tiny. She’s lovely in so many ways. “I’m Lana,”

“Ophelia. Nice to meet ya. Maybe you can get grandma on the dance floor!” she shakes Lana’s hand, downs her drink, and flies back onto the dance floor.

“I’ve gotten your friend’s name. What’s yours?”

“Elle,” I glance back to the crowd to try to spot O. Maybe signal an S.O.S.

“So, have you been turning guys down all night because you’re taken?”

My mouth drops open, “I’ve hardly been turning guys down ALL night…”

“Please,” she cocks her head to the side, her eyes shining against the lights that flash nearby, “You’re easily the most beautiful woman in the room.”

My cheeks are on fire. She scoots her chair closer. I take another drink.

“So,” she puts a hand on my arm again, “Are you attached?”

“I don’t really have time for a boyfriend,” I stare at my drink. It’s mostly watered down now.

She pushes my hair behind my ear and puts her wet, pink lips close, “Am I making you uncomfortable, pretty girl?”

Hot breath on my neck forces every hair on my body to stand at attention. My eyelids are heavy now and she’s still next to my ear. I look over at O. She’s in her own world, thank god.

I feel a hand on my leg that isn’t mine and she leans even closer, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan “I want to know everything about you. Including – and most pressingly – how you taste.” Her hand moves higher on my thigh.

In my head, I’m up on the table as though I’ve just seen a roach skitter by. I’m jumping up and down, screaming and horrified.

In real life, I’m petrified. My eyes are closed and I’m gradually becoming aware of her lips on my neck. I feel like I could fall asleep right this moment. I’m hot and all of my limbs are heavy.

Her lips are back at my earlobe, “Breathe,” her voice is deep and husky. Her fingers are making their way higher. They’ve passes the hem of my skirt and haven’t stopped.

I peek at O again. She’s dancing in a way that her mother wouldn’t approve of, but she’s paying me no attention.

I’m trembling as I open my thighs slightly. I can feel her plump lips close by, smiling. The tip of her middle finger finds my pulsating, inflamed clit and I could cum right there in that moment.

I want to look around to see if anyone is staring, but if I open my eyes, it might all go away. Instead, I lean into her, allowing her fingers better access to my warm, gooey center. I’m suddenly acutely aware of her smell: fresh, clean. Like flowers. Clean laundry. Snow. I don’t know. It’s nothing I’ve ever smelled.

I open my eyes just slightly and meet her stare. She mouths “breathe” right before she pushes my undies aside and dips a couple of fingers into the pool of hotness that has formed so quickly between my thighs.

She smiles and purrs, “You’re incredible!”

Forgetting where we are, I push my hips forward, silently begging her to push those long fingers into me. I want her to thrust them inside Escort Anadolu Yakası my pussy. To feel me deep. I want her to take my clit between two of those fingers and make me cum all over her hand. I’m sopping wet.

Instead, she puts my underwear back into place and removes her hand. My body shivers and my eyes snap open. I’m angry. Furious. What’s she doing?

I find her eyes again, her cheeks are bright pink. She takes two fingers into her mouth, cleaning them thoroughly with her tongue. The warmth rushes over me again. My body is aching and I want to cum more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my entire life.

The first time I made myself cum, the intensity was gigantic. My entire world fell apart and reassembled in a matter of moments.

This felt better than that.

She leaned in to me again, her warmth comforting my aching loins, “You taste like perfection,” She looked over my shoulder and then I looked back. I was expecting everyone in the place to be staring in shock and awe. It was just O. And she was drunk.

“Okay, grandma,” she slurred, “It’s time to go. I am DEEEE-runk. And some creep-o keeps trying to touch my boobs.”

I made my mom face at her, “Okay, give me a minute.”

I looked back at Lana. She was smiling as though nothing had happened, “It was nice to meet you both,” she stood up from the table, “Get home safe.”

With that, she walked over to the bar and disappeared into the crowd.

I was suddenly filled with… I don’t know. Sadness. Like I missed her. And that was that.

O was hanging on my shoulder out on the street while I hailed a taxi, “Let me make sure I have cash,” I helped her sit down on a bench while I dug in my purse. I opened the small side pocket and pulled out a $20.

A cab pulled up and I helped O into the backseat.

“Ma’am,” a voice came from behind me, “You dropped this.” one of the valets was holding out a small, white card.

On one side there was a heart drawn in pen. On the other, Lana’s name, number and email address. And a small note at the bottom that reads:

Can’t wait for another taste of perfection…

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