Atonement! A-B

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ATONEMENT! segment A

If there was to be any more she’s have to make it up somehow. If she wanted him, if she wanted there to be a them, there would have to be an atonement. It wouldn’t be easy, an uphill battle to be sure, but she’d just have to swallow it down if there was to be anything for them in the future.

They had met originally in a bar across from the university one night when he was working. She was a student in her last year in the journalism program, but with a few months to go she was entitled to relax on a Friday night after a test on Integrity, Issues and Ethics. As mentioned he was working, but he in no way worked for the bar. At thirty-four he was a sergeant with the city police and his job was just to blend in and call-in. He circulated around the bar, mingled and used his young features and his general toned, healthy shape to really observe the celebrating crowd of students. As students pealed off to leave he watched them go and, if they appeared inebriated, he’d use his work cell to phone in or text a description to his colleagues outside who waited in cars and on foot at the mouth of the parking garage next door.

When she struck up a conversation with the clean-cut, nicely dressed man he’d already helped net four intoxicated drivers who’d just barely started driving, before they got out into traffic. One of them had been under 21, even.

He was easily 12 years over her age, but she’d guessed the gap to be more like six. At a college with many commuters it wasn’t odd to her to find someone a bit over 21 or 22 at the bar right across Warwick Blvd. from campus. Her judgment might have been a little impaired into mistaking his age by so much, but she seemed nice enough for him to issue a friendly off-hand warning, “I sure hope you aren’t driving tonight.”

She smiled and pointed over her shoulder, “You, know what? It’s Okay, ’cause my friends are right over, uh,” she turned on the barstool, ” ah, right over … there. You know what? They already left, but it’s Okay, ’cause I live just upstairs.” She pointed straight up intending to indicate the student apartments overhead. Perhaps she was a little more than impaired, but it was going to be Okay , as she said – no driving.

She was by no means a chunky girl, but through her college years she had failed to lose her “freshman 20” pounds. Fortunately it was evenly distributed and she looked really good. She wore large framed glasses upon a nose that seemed a little big, but mature, and her cheeks, rosy from drink, still bore a little sign of extra weight. She was wearing a dark blue tube top largely held up by an ample bosom that he was estimating to be at least a 36 and on the border between C and D. Nevertheless she had to pull at the top of her top to tuck it securely to her armpits. This tube-top came down flush to the top of a fairly tight tweed gray skirt that came to her knees. When she moved around or turned her midriff exposed itself a bit showing a smooth creamy expanse of skin with a slight cast of yellow. He’d find out later that she was part European – part Korean.

Well, she sure was fun to talk to, but he was at work, and so he had to turn his attention to that from time to time. There were certain patrons, obvious drunks, he had been watching, and when any of them paid their tabs and departed he would turn his attention from her to his phone. Used to talking in code quietly to a walkie-talkie, he could transmit what he was doing – descriptions of the individuals and groups – without being too loud.

At midnight she told him that she had to leave and bid him good night. They exchanged names, she mentioned that most people called her “girly”, and she let him know that she was glad he was good to talk to. She hoped to see him again and lingered looking like she had something to say. She opted for only, “Well, good night.” Which went with a tug up on her top and a tug down to bahis siteleri cover her midriff before putting on her jacket.

“And you’re sure you’re Okay?”

“Oh, yeah, I just live up here.” She did already sound better composed that when she had first sat down.

The rest of his shift went by really quickly; it got busy as the bar cleared out. He didn’t have time to really watch all the departures, and so he called in a lot more than he probably needed to. If the persons pulled over weren’t drunk then no problem. They’d be on their way. The campus police chipped-in and they made a sturdy clean-up. He packed himself up at 1:45 as the bartenders were calling for official closing and last calls. When he got outside the chill of the air caught him. It took only a second to adjust and as he stepped to go he noticed that the bouncer, who’d stopped admitting new entries at about 1:35 – very by-the-book – had a line of at least 8 individuals trying to gain a last entry. “No really, my ride is in there”, “I think I left my keys”, “What do you mean it’s almost closed?”, “Oh, there he is.”

This last seemed to be about him. He was a little shocked to see her step towards him from the line still wearing her tube top, skirt, and a wholly inadequate unbuttoned denim jacket. The way she bobbed, shivered and breathed frost told him that really she agreed that it was too cold for what she was wearing.

“I thought maybe I should come and get you to walk me home.”

“OK, but don’t you just live up there?”


“So is something wrong?”

“No, but you seemed concerned that I was Okay so here I am. Walk me home?” It was evident that after two hours she was pretty much sober and level headed so he decided to cautiously watch her. He let her “lead him to her home”. This entailed a walk around the block and then through a doorway that was not 40 feet from the bars entry. They climbed to the third floor and there she pointed to a door. “Here’s me, do you want to check out my place?” She asked waving a hand underhandedly at the door. It was unlocked and slightly ajar.

“I don’t know. Do I?” he said coking an eyebrow.

“Yes, definitely!” She declared it as she grabbed his wrist and dragged him in. She let go once they were in and she continued across the room in the dark to a light switch. She flicked the lights and gave him a moment to let his eyes adjust. “I have a roomie, but she mostly sleeps at her boyfriend’s. Actually, this is the week she and her beau are gone – to the mountains for skiing.”

“Uh-huh, well let me get that look around.” He said, still letting inquisitive tones creep into his voice. It was a simple two-bedroom, two-bath place. Her roommate occupied the master bedroom, which had clothes strewn on every surface prompting him to ask, “Is this normal?”

ATONEMENT! segment B

He did think briefly about trying to look into the messy roomate’s room until she stepped in close and placed her hand over his on the doorknob, “Yeah, she’s a bit of a slob, let’s just do this,” and she pulled that door to. “Did you try in here?” she pointed at the other bedroom door.

“Um, no. Again, should I?”

“Absolutely.” She gave him a light shove toward the door.

“Really, what is it you expect me to find? Are you really concerned about something?”

“Sorta, you just check it out and I’ll check out the kitchen.” She bounced off before he could say another thing, and he resignedly opened the door. The light over the student desk was on so he could see to find the main light switch. He knew he should be concerned. He knew he was in the lion’s den now, but he was intrigued by her energy at this hour of a night spent out. He did look around the room, which was neater than the last, though there was a high occurrence of panties on the floor inside of, and just in front of, the open closet door. Her bed had clearly been made at some point, canlı bahis but had its sheets turned back from one corner. Two books were open on top of the small desk with a magazine open across them. Peering around the foot of the bed he could tell that the glossy pages shone of a tall blond nude in a bed in a very white room trying out a good sized vibrator.

“Ahem, officer, did you find something that concerns you?” She said from behind him. He was suddenly a little flush, as if he had something to be embarrassed about.

Before he turned he said, “No just wrapping up,” then he realized he’d not actually told her he was a cop. He turned to her in the doorway, starting, “Hey, how did you…?” but stopped when he saw her.

She stood blocking the door out of the room holding two open long-neck beers. She still wore the denim jacket and gray skirt, but the blue tube-top was rolled down to just above her waist. The open jacket allowed him to see much of each of her good-sized breasts, but not the ends – the tips. She moved forward to hand him one of the beers and the extension of her arm revealed the hang of her left breast and the faintest flash of her light pink nipple. She walked to him easily and pressed the cold bottle up against him followed by herself. She let him see that her ice cold beer was pressed against her skin just inside her jacket. “I had you picked out from back at the bar… Before you ask I want you to know that I’m 21, I’m in charge of my own decision and I want you.”

His better judgments raged, but he took the beer and took a swig from it. She was satisfied that this signaled his assent. She also swigged her beer and then wrapped a hand around his neck. She pulled him forward to kiss him deeply and raised her right leg up to his belt. The motion hiked her skirt up quite a bit and the smell of her arousal lightly filled the room. It was all he needed and his beer-holding hand wound around her as his other reached up into her jacket to find her breast. His wrist on her back pressed her in while his hand on her chest found her beer bottle and rubbed it across the face of one large breast and pressed it to her nipple. His forefinger on the inside of the bottle’s progress felt her areola tighten as it fought the chill with a wave of heat.

She used the pressure of his wrist on her back to press away enough to raise her other leg. She was now basically straddling him as he stood, and her skirt, once down to her knees, was now entirely bunched around her waist. “I want you.” She repeated and her kisses gained intensity – they were now almost face to face. “I want you.” She repeated as she reached down behind and below herself to feel for his belt. He felt a bit of her warm wetness spreading into his 3-button shirt as she pressed her opening vagina against him. She slinked her beer down their joined fronts to unhand it, resting and chilling on her pubic mound. Condensation collected on her wispy hair that was trimmed to a slim profile above her pale pink pussy. Once she was sure it was held in place that hand, too, joined the battle to loosen his belt buckle.

He noticed her litheness as he combined their beer bottles in one hand and move them to the desk be the necks. This let him move both hands to her back and brace her hips with his forearms. She slinked back a little more and he leaned forward. He now kissed her breasts since her jackets had fallen back to only be held on to her elbows. He cupped as much of one breast as he could in his mouth by inhaling, and she finally freed and pulled out his entire belt from its loops. Next she ably undid the button of his jeans and started snaking her hand inside. Though she had a little of the appearance of being overweight he found her no problem to hold up and she was certainly holding her own with leg and body strength.

He hand found his swelling penis and it took a leap the rest of the way to full erection. güvenilir bahis Arching the hand in his pants and tugging with the other finished loosing them, and they fell around his ankles. He fell back to land on the bed and she landed fully straddling him. Immediately she scooted back to rub his length between her labia. Already wet and swollen, she coated him and he slipped back and forth easily. She humped back hard and she forced him in all the way – and forcefully. She made herself gasp with a bit of surprise at her own eagerness, and a bit of pain at that.

She was tight on his penis, but slipped him in so fast and hard and easily because she was oh so wet. For his own part he wondered if he was harder, more engorged than usual – the thrill of this and her gasps told him maybe so.

She sat upright on him and rocked back and forth, and she ground herself down on him to experience his full length. She gritted her eyes closed and pressed her chin to her chest as she went; still gasping tiny gulps of air each time she got him all. So far he had hardly had to move, so he reached up with both hands and slid his open hands gently over her extremely hard nipples. He suddenly had to ask, “Do you want condom?”

“Shhh, it’s Okay.” She said curtly through her held breath. She was pushing so hard now her face turned red and rumpled. Now he felt; she wasn’t as tight as he thought, no, she was tightening well controlled muscles and loosening. Tightening and loosening. She was fucking him without even really having to move. It felt like a really deft hand or even the suction of experienced lips.

Now she fell forward to be held up by her hands. She slipped past his fingers as she came and she leaned in to kiss him hard. “It’s Okay.” She said again and after the next deep kiss, “Fuck me. Fuck hard. Oh, fuck.” And so he did. While she was still grinding hard against him he managed to rear back enough to slap their skin together with some of his pushes. His vigor shocked her at first and her grip on his cock loosened so much that with the incredible moisture she’d made it almost felt like she wasn’t there. Then she was back clenching almost every upstroke and loosening on his downs. She already moaned into their kiss with the first signs of an orgasm, and she loosened her grind-down on him to allow herself to rock with him. The rhythmic slapping came more often and after a minute her rocking became just a lazy flow. With her head lifted and her black hair flowing over face, neck and shoulders she let out some more open-mouthed moans.

Her arms became more rigid, but the rest of her continued its lazy rock which allowed them to really connect solid fuck strokes on every other up thrust of his hips. Her moans came every fifth stroke, then every third, then every other. Her grip below had slackened a bit and seemed to get looser with every stroke. She was so wide or so loose that he had lost the sensation of traction, but her moans and motions drove him on. He had slowed and let up on the power a bit, but with her moans at every other stroke now for a while it seemed something was needed now to bring her orgasm on. He slowly crept the pace back up and as her moans still came with every other stroke his motions made them came on faster and faster. Her open mouth became an open smile as he stepped up the pace and push.

“Yeah, ahh. Yeah, ahh. Yeah, ahhh!” came her tones. Although loose, his pelvic point on her clitoris was driving this moment, and so he really pushed one home and she collapsed on to him uttering, “Oh, oho, oh, oh, yesss, oh.” Her pussy was clamped as tightly on him as he had yet felt it, and it ground him to a halt. It was so tight — griping and loosening within – that she squeezed out some of her copious lubrication.


YES, there is more, much much more

I need to know somehow if it is worth my posting more, much of it is already written, but the effort of committing it from paper to type is a matter of …. is it worth my while. Would you pay for this if it came to it? If you were walking down the street and were hit with this, would you want more, enough?

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