Baby Steps Ch. 3

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I promised myself that if I got good response from my story “Baby Steps” I would continue. I assume that you liked it since the E-mail I received was very favorable. As a result, I wrote Part 2.

Apologies are in order.

Since the writing was intended to be sexually exciting for the reader I decided to “spice it up” a little since “Baby Steps” lacked a lot of the raw sexuality that most of the stories on this site contain. Since there was no descriptions of “fucking and sucking” I thought maybe I should make it more explicit. It was not a wise choice. Although the primary aim in this kind of story is to turn the reader on, a side benefit is catharsis for the writer. I really don’t feel comfortable in telling you our story if I can’t be truthful with the facts, so let me set the record straight.

MOST of the story was true. The trip to Vegas, the gifts, the game with its set speed and duration were all real. So was the truck driver. But there was no dropped sunglasses, no conversation with him, no finger in the asshole, no mouthing “Fuck Me” to him, or anything even close to that. He silently watched as Jim played with my pussy and when we drove away there was only the honk of his horn which told us that he had appreciated our little performance. The four or five minutes that Jim fingerfucked me and spread me open for the driver to see were the most terrifying (and the most exciting) minutes that I have ever experienced, and in the position I was in (my head resting on Jim’s lap) I couldn’t even see the truckdrivers face as I climaxed.

I am now continuing the story with Part 3. I will review it carefully before submitting and this time I can guarantee you it will be more faithful to the actual occurrences. It may also be a little less erotic. If you don’t find it stimulating enough then “Fuck You! Go find another story!” (Just kidding, you know I love you all)

* * * * *

The rest of the drive to Vegas was uneventful, except for our deep discussions about what had just occurred. We both agreed that it had been the most intense moment in our lives. Jim confessed to me that it had long been a fantasy of his to have someone watching us while we did something sexual, but he was apologetic as well, thinking that he may have coerced into something that I really didn’t want to do. I made an equal confession to him that ever since our experience on the beach I had been obsessed with the idea of taking it another step. I told him of my theory that making love and fucking were two different things and that for a long time I had hungered for more than just our normal lovemaking and an occasion good fuck. I told him that spreading my pussy open for the truckdriver to see had given me the same thrill that I had experienced showing off for the man at the beach (although much more intense).

Jim’s eyes lit up like a kids eyes do on Christmas morning and for the rest of the drive we acted like coconspirators in planning all the delicious and forbidden things that we would do in Vegas. Poor Jim and Liz, I thought. All these years of marriage and we had never communicated the baser side of our psyches. Now that we were confessing our “dirty” secrets it all seemed so easy and so right. We had tried so hard to live up to the expectations of what we THOUGHT were the expectations of the other that we never bothered to ask what the other REALLY wanted. Assumptions were made from the beginning and we had lived with them blindly, never asking for a reality check.

After we checked into our hotel and emptied the suitcase, Jim opened the drapes to look at what our view would be for the next few days. “Liz,” he said, “you just have to see this view to believe it” I looked and he was right. We were on the seventh floor and our suite overlooked the pool area of the hotel, and across from the pool was the other wing of the hotel. The implications were enormous. There were hundreds of windows that we could see into. And there were hundred of windows that could see into ours! Some of our previous planning just went out the window (so to speak) and we sat on the bed together and devised new plans. I seriously doubted that the open drapes would be closed until Sunday afternoon when the maid went about her ritual chores of preparing for the next occupants.

It was still daylight, so we couldn’t see in the other windows, and we were fairly sure that they couldn’t see us either, but that didn’t stop Jim from disrobing completely and urging me to do the same. I complied and it felt wonderful standing in front of the window bare ass naked even though we assumed that no one was able to see After we had showered, Jim asked me to put on the new dress he had bought me. “With or without the thong panties?” I asked. Of course he wanted to me to model them with and without. I slipped the dress over my head and stood before him without the panties. He asked me to stand in front of the window so he could see the light shining through the gauzy material.

“Maybe it’s just a little TOO revealing,” he told me, “you can see the hairs on your pussy. Try it with the panties” I obliged. I went to the drawer and withdrew the white thong panties he Ümraniye Escort had bought me and slipped them on. I stood before the window again.

“Very VERY sexy,” he told me, and I could see a bulge rising in his pants, “But it still shows the hair. Turn around and let me see how you look from the rear.” What you’ll see from the rear is my ass, I thought, since the thong was deeply imbedded in the crevice of my cheeks. Nevertheless, Jim thought that the rear view was superb.

“I don’t really know,” he said, “it looks wonderful, but you have so much hair down there that I think maybe it’s just a bit too..too” I knew he was searching for words.

“Bold?” I asked?

“Yes, that’s the word. Too bold. It looks as if you’re TRYING to shock. I want it to be more casual, more innocent. Fucking you with my finger in front of the truck driver today was one thing. We were experimenting with him. It was fun and it was appropriate for the time and the place, but we’re going to dinner to tonight at Caesar’s Palace and it looks just a little, shall we say, inappropriate. Do you remember how you said there was a difference between making love and fucking? Well, I think it’s kind of like what we’ll be doing this weekend. If you’re wearing the red miniskirt you brought, for example, you can easily show your panties by crossing your legs in a manner that exposes you and yet can taken by whoever watches as an innocent mistake on your part. A tit can “accidentally” fall out of a bathing suit or a loose fitting top. Planning may be required, but you can expose yourself in such a way that the lucky person who is on the receiving end can get an eyeful without ever knowing that it was planned. I should know. There has been many a time when I have caught a glimpse, even for a second or so, of a bare breast or a flash of panties, and even a few bare pussies once in a while, and it has lit up my day like nothing else could. I suppose it was planned, but I’ll never know because it was done in such an innocent manner that I it would be up to me to prove that it was intentional and that I couldn’t do with any certainty. It certainly wasn’t obvious that they were doing it on purpose. I guess what I’m trying to say is that when the waves pulled down your bikini bottoms at the beach, that was the law of gravity and wave action pulling them down. It wasn’t as if you had done it on purpose, was it?” He smiled. “Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing you expose yourself, but for the most part it should be done with style.”

God, I loved this man! He was really getting into my new found fantasy and rekindling his own. He wanted to be my teacher and I was certainly eager to be his pupil. I hoped that as time went on I would learn my own style and that I would be able to teach him as well. I hoped that he would be as willing a student as I was going to be. Together we would experiment and together we would learn.

“Shave me”, I said on the spur of the moment, “Let’s see what it looks like without hair”

Jim was in the bathroom looking for the scissors, the razor and the shaving cream before I could finish the last sentence. He was like kid in a toy store with a $200 gift certificate. The bulge in his pants was pronounced and signified to me that I had made the right suggestion.

When he returned I was laid out on the bed naked, the dress on the floor, my legs spread open waiting for, I hoped, his steady hand. It was approaching dark now and Jim turned on the lights. I had no way of knowing if anyone could see from across the way, but I noticed that there were lights on in many of their windows and I could see “shapes” moving around in some of them.

Before he opened the can of shaving cream I spread my lips apart and said “Don’t you want to eat me one last time with the hair still on? Once you shave it off it’s going be nothing but naked pussy from then on. I wouldn’t want you to miss your last opportunity to taste a hairy twat.”

Jim lowered his head and licked his tongue around my lips. His thumbs spread my labia apart and hungrily, savagely he began sucking in the juices that already begun to form in my body. His tongue went deep, sending shudders of pleasure through me as I arched my back and thrust myself into his face. Like a beast he devoured me, lapping at me much like a dog laps water. My hands cupped my breasts and I played with my nipples as he continued his pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres.

I looked in the mirror across the bed and watched as his tongue probed my nether regions. I spread my legs even further apart and strained to see myself in it’s reflection. I imagined that I was the mirror and that I was watching us as strangers might see us through the open window. I could see his back and his hairy ass, but all I could see of myself was my raised legs with his head between them and my naked breasts heaving as I massaged the throbbing knobs that were their center. I looked out the dark window and silently studied the shining windows across the way, hoping that somewhere out there was someone who was getting a thrill watching our “exhibition” of oral sex. It was unplanned, I rationalized. We weren’t really Anadolu yakası Escort putting on a “show.” It was inadvertent. Was it our fault if we had forgotten to close the drapes? We were only doing what most of them did themselves in the privacy of the their own bedrooms.

“Stick it in me doggie-style” I cried, as I pushed his head away from my open orifice. I flipped over on my back and spread my legs apart again and Jim mounted me. “But don’t cum. I want you hard and horny all night long. I promise that if you don’t cum I’ll be your whore for the entire night. I’ll show anything and everything, whenever and wherever, and to whoever you want. I’ll be your fucking slave for the entire night as long as you promise not to cum now”

Jim’s dick inserted itself into my gaping hole and he moved it from side to side instead of in and out. He was holding off on the temptation of thrusting. The feel of my vaginal walls against his monster cock were pleasurable enough for him now, I supposed, and I was hoping that his restraint would hold. He took a finger and rubbed it up against my asshole, never entering it, but pleasuring himself with its feel and its texture. I pressed myself against him pushing it in even deeper but trying hard not to create a rhythm that would lead to his ejaculation. Out of the corner of my eyes I looked out the window again, saw the row of windows, and wondered if anyone was watching.

Finally Jim pulled out of me and sat on the edge of the bed. His penis was still rock solid and there wasn’t even any pre-cum on the tip. It had been a good boy. He seemed to be saying that he was willing to settle for two birds in the bush rather than one in the hand.

Jim took the scissors and cut off as much of the patch as he could. When he was finished He opened the can of shaving cream and squirted the white lather in his palm. He spread my legs apart and I felt gentle tingle of the mentholated foam as he spread it over my pussy and into my ass.

“My sweet little pussycat is losing its hair and is soon going to be a bald eagle” he said in a singsong kind of voice and I laughed as he dipped down for one more taste of my hair before he shaved it all off and came up with shaving cream all over his face.

After what we now lovingly refer to as MY vasectomy, we dressed again and I modeled the dress with and without the underwear. Jim told me that the shaving had been a success. I looked great with and without them. Then he smiled wickedly and said “Are you up for another game?”

“I’m your whore for the evening, remember? Anywhere and everywhere”

“OK. I really can’t decide whether it looks better with or without the panties. It certainly looks better without the hair, but I don’t think we should decide without some advice from a “disinterested” party. Why don’t we order room service and see what the guy bringing the food has to say?”

OK, this is the beginning, I thought bravely. The fear was still there, but I knew that fear was only a learned response. It was the adrenaline that I was hooked on. Nothing could happen. Jim was here. Just as with the truck driver. A man would look at me and enjoy seeing my body and we would never meet each other again. It would be a memory that we would both share, but it would be a memory that we would share separately. The memories that would be shared together would be between Jim and me.

“Are we still going to dinner at Caesar’s” I asked? Jim laughed.

“Sure. I’m ordering the guy, not the food. We’ll just order sandwiches so we’ll have something to munch on later. Don’t forget, I can’t munch on pussy hair anymore”

Jim made the call and ordered the sandwiches. While we were waiting Jim gave me detailed instructions on how to act. He didn’t want me to pull up my dress and expose my pussy or anything else so blatant that it would make it look like anything other than a simple request for an opinion. The guy would probably not make any comments about my body at all, he said. He was, after all, an employee of the hotel and would fear losing his job if we complained. What went on his mind, however, was going to be a different story.

We had agreed that when the man entered I would have the panties on and that after getting his opinion on how it looked I would reach up under the dress, being careful not to show too much of course, and step out of them. Jim had told me that he would do most of the talking but that if I wanted to add anything I could. Jim had me stand in various parts of the room so he could judge where the lighting was the best to see through the material of my dress and he would try to maneuver the man into the right position. I was getting hotter and hotter by the minute.

Finally we heard the knock at the door. While Jim went to open the door I gathered up my courage and tried to settle down. I wanted to act nonchalant but it was going to be hard to do.

The door opened an a man of about our age (early thirties) entered. He was dressed in a white uniform with the hotels logo. He had a tray with the sandwiches and he brought it in and set it on the table. Jim signed the bill and then İstanbul Escort deftly walked across the room where the lighting was better and the man followed as if on cue.

“By the way,” Jim said, “we’re from out of town and we’re going to the midnight show at Caesar’s. Have you seen it yet, Bob?” I saw Jim look down at the man’s name tag as he said it and I realized that Jim had read it before using his name. Bob said he hadn’t but that it had gotten rave reviews and it was one of the hotter tickets in town. Bob looked at me and smiled.

“You know, ” Jim said as he fished in his wallet for a sizable tip, “I hope it’s not going to put you on the spot, but my wife and I want to ask you your opinion. We bought a whole new wardrobe and we’re from Ohio and not really sure how they dress out here for the shows. Can you take a look and tell us whether or not that looks good to you. Is it too fancy for the show or should she wear something more casual, like Jeans. Bob looked at me and as his eyes moved down my body I felt that sensual tingle of anticipation.

“It looks great to me,” he said, “you’ll see all kind of dresses and outfits here in town, from the fanciest dresses to really casual wear. They have a dress code in the fancier restaurants where the men have to wear ties and the women have to wear dresses, but it’s pretty much up the individual when it comes to the shows.”

Jim took me by the arm and led me to the light. Positioning myself between the light and Bob, Jim said “Do you think maybe it’s a little too sheer? I mean when the light shines through it like this you can clearly see the panties. Turn around, Liz, so he can see what I mean. What do you think, Bob, is that just a little too much or would that be acceptable at the show?”

I could see that Bob was pondering his response. On the one hand I felt sorry for him, but I thought to myself that ANY man would gladly trade places with him, so I wasn’t THAT sorry.

“I like it.” Bob told me. “It’s a little transparent, but that’s OK for Vegas”

“I know that, but I just hate panty lines on women. It kind of ruins the symmetry of the whole effect. I thought maybe she could go without the panties, but being as sheer as it is we thought that would be just a little too far out. Honey, show it how it looks without them.”

This was my cue. It was now or never. I could feel my heart pounding as it had done earlier in the day, but it wasn’t as strong as then. I was getting used to this. I reached under the fabric of the dress, pulled down the panties and stepped out of them. Still standing in front of the light I turned around and let him see me from all angles. God It felt good.

I saw Bob’s eyes traveling over my body and I tried to imagine what he must be seeing and experiencing right now.

“I kind of like it like that,” Jim said, “there’s no panty lines to distract from the overall effect of the dress. What do you think, Bob, should she wear it with or without panties?”

Before Bob could answer I put in my five cents worth. After all, Jim had said I could say anything I wanted as long as I let him do most of the talking. “It certainly feels better without those panties climbing up my ass, but I’m just afraid that everyone is going to seeing my pussy. Bob, can you see anything when I stand in front of the light?” I spread my legs and made sure that Bob could see as much as he could. I turned around again and bend over slightly to allow the light to enter from the front so he would see everything between the legs that the light would allow. “How about this? Can you see anything between my legs?”

Damn, I was getting brazen! I just hoped that Jim wouldn’t be pissed off that I had crossed the line and gone beyond what he considered “innocent” exposure. Being the professional that he was, Bob remained nonplused. “No, you can’t see all that much,” he lied, “if I were you I’d definitely go without the panties, and I agree with your husband that they are definitely a no-no. They attract the eye and they almost beg to be looked at. Without them you may be exposing more, but fewer people will notice because it has more of a flowing look to it. And may I be blunt?”

Jim and I looked at him for a minute not knowing what he would say. Finally Jim said “Sure, why not. Go ahead and say it” I think that Jim was expecting some sort of rebuke or a snide remark or something really vulgar that would put a damper on our fun.

“Well,” Bob said, “first off I think she looks great. If she had hair on her pussy, and I only use that word because she has already said it so it shouldn’t offend you, then I would have had to say that panties were in order, but since the pussy is obviously shaved the total effect from top to bottom is all one solid shade. Many people will assume that she is nude under the dress, but they won’t know for sure unless they get a sustained view with light shining through. With the panties on people will see them immediately and assume that she is trying to get attention, especially thong panties like that. I don’t know if it’s possible or not with the supplies you brought, but you might to consider putting some kind of cosmetics on her breasts because the color of her nipples is very pronounced through the material.” He took me to the mirror and let me look into it. Through the dress I could see what he meant. I could see the shade of my nipples in all their glory staring back at me from the mirror.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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