Bad Babysitter Ch. 02

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Weeks later his wife found out about his affair with their babysitter. But to his surprise, she didn’t react the way he imagined.

As was routine, Kim arrived at their house with their kids after school. His wife had arranged for them to be picked up at 3:45 by a family friend but hadn’t notified Kim. When the three girls walked inside, she told the girls to get ready and invited Kim inside. Confused that Mrs. Reid was already home, Kim followed her into the kitchen, asking if she was just late leaving.

“No, I’m not going out tonight.” She replied.

“Oh, well then, I guess I’ll go home,” Kim replied casually, picking up her bag from where she had placed it beside the counter.

“No. I think you should stay until my husband gets home.”

Startled, Kim looked into her eyes, searching for the reason she couldn’t leave. She was determined not to let on that anything wrong had been happening these last few weeks.

“Umm, ok Mrs. Reid, is there some stuff you need to get done around here? Cause I can totally watch the girls.”

“No. The girls are getting picked up…” looking at her watch she said, “any minute now.”

Confused, Kim stared at her employer but didn’t question her further. “Uh, ok. I mean, I don’t know why you’d need me to stay but I can, I guess.” She put her bookbag down onto the floor and sat on one of the stools by the counter.

The girls were picked up and Mrs. Reid walked back into the kitchen, saying nothing more. Thirty five minutes of silence elapsed before Mr. Reid arrived home, unaware of the standoff happening in his kitchen.

“Hi, honey,” Mrs. Reid said as he strolled into the kitchen. Not expecting to see his wife, but rather expecting the babysitter and his two daughters, he stopped walking abruptly, but quickly continued. Smiling, he greeted them both and asked where his girls were.

“They went with Mary and Tom’s for dinner. I thought the three of us needed a chance to talk…privately.”

His footsteps faltered as she looked directly at him, and his eyes travelled between the two women before him. Clearing his throat, he swallowed sharply, “Ok, what’s going on?”

“The two of you are fucking.”

Neither of them said a word. Stunned into silence, they Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort weren’t sure how to respond. Understanding their shock, she continued. “I think, being the wife, I should get to see exactly what I’ve been missing, don’t you?”

“Babe, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He told her, waiving his hands dramatically, insisting that she was accusing them of something they’d never done.

“Shut up, Justin! I know you’re fucking her.” Turning her attention to Kim, whose face had turned all shades of red she yelled, “And what do you have to say for yourself you little whore? Fucking a married man, what’s wrong with you?”

Kim looked to Justin for help, but it was no use. He looked down before she could get an idea of how to proceed.

“Kim, stand up,” she ordered. The babysitter stood immediately, hoping this was her chance to escape.

“Ok, whore, now walk over to Justin. Face him.” She complied, not knowing what to expect next.

“Now get on your knees.”

Kim’s eyes registered the shock she felt as soon as she heard the words out of Mrs. Reid’s mouth. Mr. Reid pleaded with his wife to stop acting this way but she ignored him.

“You think she’s sexy don’t you baby,” she cajoled as Kim hesitated to move. “On. Your. Knees. NOW!”

Kim slowly lowered herself onto the tile floor in front of Mr. Reid. He stepped back in protest. “Don’t you fucking move, you cheating son of a bitch!” she screamed. From the other side of the room, she began to order Kim to undo her husband’s pants.

“Ok, whore. I want you to suck his dick, for me. Reach in and get it nice and hard, baby, then put it in that slutty mouth of yours and suck it off.” Approaching Kim from behind, she stood behind the babysitter and tugged her ponytail and rubbed her hand down her face softly.

Slowly, Kim complied. She reached into his open pants and pulled out his half hard dick. Just hearing his wife speak this way, about sucking him off, had turned him on. Her hand surrounded his cock and began jerking him off. His wife guided her face closer and closer until her mouth teased the head of his cock as she pumped him.

“Open wide, sweetie,” his wife whispered to the babysitter as his cock hit her mouth. Still somewhat soft, he wasn’t too big for her to fit completely into her mouth. “Mmm, that’s it, honey, take that dick into that whore mouth. Look up at him, baby,” she murmured as Kim began to suck on her husband’s growing cock.

Looking at her husband, she told him to watch the lips on his dick. Now fully erect, his cock was long, hard and thick, fitting less fully into the babysitter’s talented mouth. Moaning as he looked down into her eyes, he swore and pulled her head forward, fucking his dick into her throat.

“Mmm, you like the way she sucks it, don’t you babe?” His wife asked him. Unable to respond he moaned again. Moving closer to him, she kissed his mouth and rubbed her large tits against his torso. Feeling her body pressed against his and the babysitter’s hot, wet mouth on his cock, he opened his eyes and licked his tongue against his wife’s tongue.

Suddenly, his wife knelt down to watch Kim suck his dick even closer. Seeing both faces near his cock turned him on so much, he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. His cock twitched and throbbed as she bobbed on his dick, sucking hard and making it really wet. Grabbing Kim’s hair, his wife pulled her mouth of her husband’s cock and kissed her passionately. Twirling her tongue against Kim’s, she kissed her teasingly and provocatively, looking up toward her husband’s face. Next, she pulled Kim’s shirt up and off her tight young body and began to touch her breasts. “Keep sucking his dick, whore,” she ordered the slutty teen.

Groaning, he watched as his wife touched, twisted and teased the babysitter’s soft breasts and swollen nipples. His wife’s work made the girl moan and breathe hotly on his dick as she reacted to each touch. Grabbing Kim’s closest hand, his wife moved the babysitter’s hand between her own thighs, ordering her to rub her clit. Moaning as the girl’s hand teased her pussy, she leaned back and opened her legs, giving her husband and the girl a better view of her cunt.

“That’s it, sweetheart,” she moaned, “rub your fingers over my clit like that.” Unsure of what to do, Kim rubbed the swollen nub side to side, up and down and in small circles until she was told to switch. “Now slide your pretty little fingers inside my pussy, baby,” Mrs. Reid ordered the babysitter. “But don’t fucking stop sucking Justin’s cock.”

After several glorious moments of being fingered his wife moved up onto her knees and crawled behind Kim. Pushing her ass apart her head dipped between her cheeks to lick and taste her pussy. Moaning around his dick, Kim ground her soaking wet pussy against Mrs. Reid’s exploring mouth and tongue, rolling her hips as she flicked her tongue against the girl’s clit from behind.

“Mmmm, her pussy tastes so sweet, Justin,” she teased her husband as he watched his wife eat out his girlfriend. “That’s it baby, bend over for me more. Put your hot little ass up in the air.”

“You need to fuck her, don’t you babe?” his wife asked him between licks. “I think we can make that happen. Let’s switch ends.”

Standing, Mrs and Mr. Reid switched positions, Mr. Reid kneeling behind the babysitter and plunging his big, thick cock into her waiting pussy and Mrs. Reid lying on the floor again, on her back, ordering the girl to eat her pussy. “Give me those fingers again, whore,” she begged. Hearing the girl moan as her husband fucked her, and feeling her hot breath and tongue on her clit as two fingers pushed into her pussy, Mrs. Reid soon came hard on the girl’s face.

Grabbing her hips, Mr. Reid rammed his dick into Kim’s pussy again and again, slamming his balls against her, watching his wife and girlfriend licking and kissing each other before him. Unable to hold back any longer, he moaned louder with each thrust until he came deeply into the slut’s little hole.

Writhing under the girl’s mouth, Mrs. Reid pulled her mouth down, pushing harder and forcing the girl to keep tongue fucking her pussy as her husband filled her with a load of hot cum. Feeling him pump her with his seed, Kim moaned into his wife’s pussy and came with an intense shudder, collapsing onto the floor.

“So Justin,” his wife said, happily lying on the floor post-orgasm, “I think we could make this something we do regularly. I like this slutty little bitch too.”

Shocked, he stared at her face while she spoke.

“I liked the way she ate my pussy. She’s so good. Don’t you think so, baby?”

Slapping his girlfriend’s ass and grinning at the two women before him, he agreed. Smiling, the two women looked back at him before kissing each other passionately and looking back to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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