Jacoby’s Ass Pt. 01

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“Well damn Shells, mighty nice stick you got there!”

Jacoby Shells was brought back to reality just as his team mate reached out to grab his flaccid penis.

“What the fuck dawg? Stay off my dick, can’t even shower in peace around here,” responded the young black man as he jumped back from his teammate’s groping hand. He moved down a spot in the team’s communal shower.

“Aye I didn’t mean nothing by it. I’m just playin around. Plus you gotta learn to take a compliment, cause with a nice looking meat like that and that ass on you, you’re gonna get em alot.”

With that the most senior offensive tackle, Marvin Wilcox, turned off his shower head and proceeded to walk out to his locker.

“Well, yeah thanks! Now go be gay somewhere else!” Jacoby knew his big bodied teammate was playing, that was kinda what he did all the time. However Jacoby kept his distance after practice playing or not. He often zoned out while he relaxed underneath the pressure of the water in the shower. But this was the first time a teammate had grabbed his meat.

Yeah he could see how his dick being 6inches soft and thick and veiny could attract attention but to joke around and touch another’s man pride and joy well that was just… gay. Jacoby finished rinsing off and headed to his locker.

He thought about Marvin’s words “… that ass on you,” as he stretched the towel around himself. It barely closed around his waist and must have looked like a short skirt with a large slit up the side because of how big his ass was. Girls had complimented him on his donk and he’d taken them in stride not paying much attention. He guessed the squats had paid off. He put it out of his mind as just some more gay shit while he pulled his sweatpants over his ass.


“Aye Mack, can I ask you something?” Jacoby stood in front of his quarterback waiting to see if he was receptive to his inquiry.

“Yeah suuuuure bruh, quarterbacks and center gotta be the closest. First thing first, if she say it’s yours deny deny deny, and second if it is yours don’t be a deadbeat. That hit the spot?” The starting qb, Paul Mackey, jokingly inquired. He was just about done dressing for practice only needing to grab his helmet and gloves.

“Damn it man why you always playing.” The frustrated lineman stood with his hands on his hips getting pissed his qb would joke at a time when we was set to be serious.

“Well I’m the quarterback, the leader, if i take myself too serious and show everybody I got a tight ass the team gone be walking around with the tight ass. You want us all with the tight ass out there at practice? Make it harder for coach to get his foot up there, pissing him off even more? Yeah I thought not. Just ask me what you need to ask me.” Grabbing his helmet Paul got seriously ready to answer his teammates question.

“Funny you say tight ass cause that’s what I need to ask you.” Turning around Jacoby presented his football pants clad ass to his qb and asked, “You think I got a big fat ass?”

Shocked by the question Short links Paul stepped back and replied, “Whoooaaaa man did this get awkward… I mean I never looked or cared to pay attention. I mean Shells I’m not gay man. I guess you big and fat so yeah you prolly got a big fat ass.”

Disgruntled by the answer he received Jacoby turned around to face his qb hand on hips again. “Come on man. You ought to know. You see me bending over all the times hand under my ass and my nuts all the time. Now come on help a brother out. Is? My? Ass? Big? Or? Not?” Jacoby smacked his ass on each word making his ass jiggle and shake.

Jacoby’s passionate request for a response got Paul’s attention. Not to mention now that he was smacking his ass he did see that Jacoby did have quite a butt on him.

“Well now that I look at it… You might be workin wit a lil something.” Paul reached out to touch Jacoby’s ass. His hand cupped underneath Jacoby’s ass where his jockstrap line started to disappear. “This jock makes it sit up real high so that adds to the illusion.” Paul moved his hand up to palm Jacoby’s butt and gave it a squeeze. “Yeah buddy them squats and burritos have been paying off you definitely got an ass.” He gave Jacoby a hard smack on the ass and left it there kneading the big lineman’s fat ass. “That what you wanted to hear?”

Zoned out because of the manipulation being applied to his ass Jacoby was slow to respond. “I, I don’t know… I was just..”

“Damn man. Your ass is just right.” The quarterback mumbled as he hand began to probe the large boys ass crack. Feeling no resistance the star quarterback reached into the boys waistband to get better access to his crack.

At that moment the first horn sounded for quarterbacks and centers to be on the field. “We will finish this later.” Whispered Paul as he trotted out to the field helmet in hand. Jacoby followed a few minutes behind him after he’d adjusted his rock hard dick to get back inside his jock pouch.


“S Right 66 Option z streak. On 1. Ready?!”


The Stallions first team offense broke their huddle and began to get in position. Jacoby Shells squatted behind the football sitting on the ground as he reached his hand out ready to snap the ball to his quarterback Paul. Paul Mackey positioned himself behind Jacoby and began to bark out his cadence.

“Green 9, green 9!” Yelled the quarterback reaching his hands beneath his center. He let his bottom hand graze against Jacoby’s pouched nut sack. “Easy! Easy!” He stood back up and made hand signals to his receivers and back field. Returning his hands back under his center Paul ran his thumb down Jacoby’s ass cheek. “Ready, set, hike!”


Jacoby was perplexed as to why he’d accepted Paul’s invite after practice to go to his house.

“Skip the shower, come to my house we can finish that conversation we were having before practice.” Paul had said.

He was even more perplexed as to why he was so excited to press the doorbell to the Short link Mackey residence.

Paul answered the door in a bathrobe, “Took you long enough. Follow me.” As Jacoby followed Paul up the stairs he noticed Paul’s robe was short stopping right below his ass. He could see the bottom of his cheeks as he walked up the steps. His mind wandered while Paul kept speaking.

“First thing first hop in the shower you reek. Then we’ll discuss this curiosity you have about that fat ass of yours.” Paul led Jacoby through his bedroom to his private bathroom. “I have a towel and rag on the shower door for you.”

Paul left and Jacoby got into the shower adjusting the temperature to his preference. He soaped up his rag and scrubbed his body of all the grime it had collected during football practice. As was his custom he did not use a rag to wash his dick and ass. He’d always felt his hands did a better job of getting into the nooks and crannies. He paid special attention to his ass poking it out, spreading his cheeks to let the the shower stream hit and run down his ass crack. Once he was sufficiently clean Jacoby turned to stand under the water and relax as he always did.

Jacoby was awoken from his relaxing shower with a hard slap on his ass. “I was wondering what was keeping you,” said Paul. He kept his hand on Jacoby’s ass rubbing and kneading his cheeks similar to what he was doing before practice. “I think this is where we left off right?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” moaned Jacoby. His dick was getting hard and he felt himself inexplicably placing his hands on the shower wall pushing his ass out to meet Paul’s hand.

“Yeah this is it. You didn’t get to answer if you having a big ass was what you wanted to hear, but I’ve been thinking that it really doesn’t matter.”

Paul traced his fingers up his teammates ass crack. Sliding his hand between the big lineman’s ass cheeks.

“Your dick isn’t bad either actually it’s quite nice. Finish up in here and come into my room,” Paul smacked the ass one last time and left the bathroom.


“Come here big boy.” Paul placed Jacoby in front of him and turned him around so his ass was facing him. “We won’t need this,” he said dropping Jacoby’s towel. “Now I’ve been thinking about this ass non stop since you been slapping it. Always bent over in front of me. Seeing your jockstrap life that big booty up. I’m gonna check this ass out for you. Just tell me when to stop if you feel uncomfortable.”

Jacoby stood with his ass presented to his quarterbacks face. With him sitting on his bed his face was level with the butt. He could feel the strong hands kneading and rubbing his ass. He started to zone out letting the stress from his day be taken out on his ass. He relished the slaps on his ass and the hands gripping his cheeks pulling them apart exposing his asshole for the first person to see.

“Damn boy you ass is so smooth and hairless. Don’t tell me you shave down here?”

“N…” Jacoby’s response was interrupted by the feeling of hot air on his asshole. He braced himself as his quarterback lowered his face into his ass.

Jacoby had to catch himself by placing his hands on his knees as he felt the tongue wash over his asshole. He couldn’t hold in the moans with Paul’s tongue pressed into his ass crack. The warm sensation of the tongue lapping at his ass had Jacoby’s mind scrambled. Overwhelmed with pleasure he pushed his ass back into his teammate’s face.

“Damn! This shit feels too damn good. Keep eating my ass man,” the big man moaned. Jacoby began to stroke his dick while he ass lost some sense of it’s virginity. He couldn’t get past ridiculous sensation. He slowly stroked his hard dick while he ass was ate for the next twenty minutes. He was a precummy mess when he felt the tongue leave his ass crack and felt a finger replacing it.

“Dude you like this ass play stuff huh?” Paul was now helping Jacoby jack his dick with one hand while the other slowly traced around his puckered asshole. Jacoby barely noticed the pressure of Paul’s finger wedging into his ass being so consumed with the manipulations of his dick. He didn’t start paying attention to the feelings in his ass until Paul entered a second finger and started pushing in deeper. Jacoby stopped pumping his dick letting himself get used by the fingers pumping in and out of his ass.

“Not today Shells. You’re going to cum with my fingers up your ass. I wanna know how tight this thing gets when you’re dumping. That’ll help me determine how I’m gonna get off.” Paul intertwined his fingers with Jacoby’s and helped the boy regain his stroking rhythm.

“You like this don’t you Shells?” The quarterback was guiding his fingers into his lineman’s ass as he would stroke up on the boys fat dick. When he pulled his fingers out he helped the boy pump down on his throbbing dick.

“I’ve, never, felt, anything, like, this,” grunted the big lineman as sweat started to glisten on his body. He’d been jacking his dick and having his ass fingered for over fifteen minutes. His dick was throbbing uncontrollably and he legs were beginning to ache from being bent over for so long.

“First time for everything bruh. I need you to cum for me. Cum. For. Me. Shells.” The boys started to mutually masturbate Jacoby’s dick while the Paul begged him to cum.

“Cum Jacoby! Bust that nut man! I wanna see if this ass play really gets you off big time!” Paul was yelling at Jacoby fingers pistoning into the boy’s ass.

With one last downward stroke Jacoby let out a massive grunt and began shooting ropes of cum onto the floor. His mind had left him all he could comprehend was the waves of pleasure shooting out of his dick. Rope after rope of hot cum slowed to a dribble until he stood panting over a pool of his own cum on his friends floor. He stayed bent over hand on his knees catching his breath. Jolted back to reality when he felt the fingers leaving his ass. He turned to finally look at his teammate, surprised by what he say.

Paul with a look a pure lust in his eyes Paul leaned back presenting his hard dick covered in precum to Jacoby.

“Ok now you gotta get me off. I think your ass is ready for some fucking or we can always see if you’re a dicksucker as well.”

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