Night Classes

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I had noticed her in some of my other classes. Cindy sat next to me and we acknowledged each other as she came in. Here I am, a 42-year-old woman going back to school at night to earn a degree. Crazy I know but what the heck, my two children are grown and on their own, I don’t work, and my husband earns a good living. I suppose it’s because I’m bored more than anything else but I started the undergraduate program now and I intended to finish. It was the first night of the stat class and I knew I was in trouble already since math has always been hard for me.

During break I spoke to Cindy over coffee since we had been in other classes together but had never really spoke. It seems that Cindy is quite a math wiz and after the second class, she had agreed to tutor me with my homework. One night after class, we decided to go for a bite to eat at Denny’s. During that time, I got to know her just a little bit better. Cindy is considerably younger than I am; she’s a ripe 21 year old. One year younger than my youngest Son I thought. She’s very pretty, bubbly personality, and quite sexy you could say. She stands about 5’4″, just slightly shorter than me, and has shoulder length hair that she usually wears tied back in a pony tail. She dresses in tight fitting clothes that compliment her perfect body. Oh yes to be young again I was thinking to myself. She seemed like nice young lady, very polite and well spoken. I was impressed with her, she wasn’t like most of the young woman today.

That night I went home and looked in the mirror. I tried to remember how I looked at her age. I’m 5’6″, and I can still squeeze into a size 8 if I breathe in and move my size 38 tits around to fit. They droop a little but yes, I thought to myself, I’m not too bad for an old broad! I was pretty hot when I was younger but I still looked pretty good now. Anyway while at Denny’s, and after telling her how I was struggling with this math, she offered to come over to my house tomorrow night and assist me with the homework. It would work well since my husband was going bowling with the guys tonight. Since his new promotion as National Sales Manager, he’s usually gone for one week and weekend every month but gratefully he was home this week.

I didn’t like being home alone and the travel is the draw back to the new job but the money is outstanding. Sometimes I travel with him but now with school, that was out of the question. So to say the least, I was relieved that Cindy would come over and help me out. It was Tuesday night and Cindy arrived around five thirty pm. She said she had already had diner so I offered her a coke and we got down to homework. While she was explaining the formulas Cindy would get up off her chair, walk around behind me to where I was sitting and would bend over my shoulder.

In doing so, sometimes she would rub her tits against my arm, back, or shoulders. Sometimes she would lean on her Gaziantep Escort İlanları elbows over the kitchen table right beside me giving me a clear view of her perky tits if I stole glances. I was surprised that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the work since I found myself uncontrollably staring at her tits every shot I could get. She asked me a question and caught me off guard. Oh my God I thought to myself in a panic, she caught me staring, I was so embarrassed and I could feel my face turning red from blushing. I looked up at her and said “sorry I lost you, what did you say?” She looked at me with a knowing smile, stretched her arms up in the air, arched her back and with a yawn, she said it’s getting late lets pack it in. I noticed when she stretched just how firm and her tits were through her V-neck style T-shirt.

That night I lay in bed picturing her in my mind’s eye. I was getting wet and thought, this is crazy. I’m not attracted to her am I? We’re both females. God she’s young enough to be my daughter I thought. This is crazy! The fact was that after seeing Cindy’s tits and her brushing so close to me, I was wet with excitement. I pulled out my “night buddy” and played myself to sleep. The next time I saw Cindy was at class. I thanked her for the extra help and she said “no problem.”

“I don’t mind helping you get through the semester if you want the help.” I said “yes, are you sure you don’t mind?”

“No not at all,” she said, it helps me learn the work as well.”

“Well then it’s a deal!” I said but you’ll have to allow me to have you over for diner then. I was ecstatic to get the help but I think I was even more excited at the thought of being close to her again. During that week I was going crazy trying to sort out my feelings. Even my husband noticed something different. Did Cindy notice it? Is it just me?

We stayed after class the following week for just a few minutes and reviewed formulas and the following week after that, I asked her if she could help me with the homework next Saturday night. I explained that that is the weekend my husband is away and it work out good for me since I didn’t like being home alone. The some company would be nice. She said yes, and secretly I was hoping that she would. I told her I’d make us a nice dinner on Saturday for her troubles and then we could get down to some major tutoring.

On my way home that night, I thought it rather odd she would want to give up her Saturday night to do homework. I also thought about what she told me that night at Denny’s, that she didn’t date very much and when she did, it was almost always a disappointment. She had told me that after high school, she decided to work for a year but then decided to take night classes while continuing to work. During that time, she lost contact with most of her friends. She basically didn’t have any regular friends to go out with as she explained it. I never questioned her on it since it really wasn’t any of my business and I didn’t know her that well anyway.

The next Saturday night she arrived at six o’clock as planned. It worked out perfect since my husband just flew out the night before and as I mentioned, I prefered not be home alone when he’s not home. I greeted Cindy at the door and she gave me a peck on the cheek and a hug as we said our hellos and entered. I showed her into the living room and suggested she make herself at home while I finish getting dinner ready. Cindy insisted on helping me. While she went about the kitchen setting things, I couldn’t help but notice how lovely of a girl she was. She was wearing a tight fitting gray wool sweater that clearly outlined and emphasized her perky breasts, a short black spandex style skirt, and I mean a short style skirt that hugged her natural curves and her hair was neatly styled. She didn’t look sleazy or underdressed, but rather young and fresh and full of energy. I suppose that was the difference between youthful dressing and a middle woman trying to dress to look younger.

I noticed her fragrance, it was definitely Claiborne and I commented how nice she looked and how much I liked her perfume. “I wear the same perfume.” I said, “It’s my favorite.” She said “I know, that’s why I wore it, I catch a sent of it when we’re at class so I bought some. I knew you’d like it to.” Cindy’s last comment caught me off guard and had hoped she didn’t notice my facial expression of surprise. I offered her a glass of wine not knowing if she drank wine, but she accepted it. We sat on the couch and sipped from our glasses until dinner was ready.

While sitting on the couch with our legs curled under, I noticed her skirt riding high up her thighs. I couldn’t keep my eyes away and as she sat there next to me and casually chatted about life in general. From my vantage point I could see the crotch of her panty hose and thought there was a wet spot. I did what I could to not stare and be too obvious as to where I was looking as we chatted. I was not thinking straight here. I’m not a lesbian, and besides, I’m old enough to be her Mother. By now I was feeling wet down there and a little uneasy with my feelings. I’m supposed to try and learn some statistics tonight, ya right! I guess the fact that my husband hasn’t fucked me for awhile doesn’t help.

As we sat down for dinner, I lit the two candles on the table and Cindy said “heck with such a beautiful table setting we should dim the lights,” that she did, and we enjoyed our veal marcella in the light of flickering candles and the soft sound of Kenny G music in the background. It was such a tranquil and romantic atmosphere, I wonder if Cindy intended it to be that way? I went to the fridge and opened a second bottle of wine. By now we had both consumed a couple of glasses and I was getting tipsy and in no shape to do homework nor did I feel like it. I couldn’t tell Cindy that, after all she gave up her Saturday night to help me. By the time we finished dinner, the second bottle of Chablis was dry and we were both two sheets to the wind. Our laughter got louder and our giggling got sillier. We both agreed that homework was not on the agenda tonight, and commented how wasted we were as we moved to the living room.

Cindy walked by the stereo and turned up Kenny G. “I love this guy”, come on lets dance.” This was weird I thought but I gestered a bowed to her as if to accept the dance and we laughed trying to figure out who was going to lead!

I pulled her closer to me now that I was a little bolder and our breasts rubbed together. Mine were aching to be touched and I was feeling pretty horny. She rested her head on my shoulders and I could feel her breathing on my neck. For the first time, I knew what it felt like to hold another woman in my arms. After a few moments of what seemed to be hours, and stepping on each other’s feet trying to figure who the lead is the tune came to an end and we broke our embrace. I moved towards the couch to sit down and as I was flopping down, Cindy tripped and landed on me. God I wanted to kiss her right there and then but I was too chicken. I stole a feel of her perky little tits though on the pretense of catching her as she fell. They felt so hard, so firm and rounded, and oh so young.

There we were, sprawled out on the couch, me in a pair of tight and uncomfortable jeans and Cindy wearing her short skirt hiked up her ass laughing so hard that our stomachs were getting sore. Sitting side by side with our legs overlapping, Cindy said “I haven’t had this much fun in a long time” you’re a really good friend Rose” and with that she leaned over and kissed me. It was just a sisterly type kiss and then embarrassed, she said “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that.”

“It’s ok,” I said, “it felt nice,” I wouldn’t mind if you kissed me again.” With that, her lips swept mine, we embraced, we kissed, and we touched. Our kiss was deep and affectionate. I let out a low moan and said “oh you feel soooooo Cindy, I need you.” Cindy was so wet with love juice. I moved my hand up her inner thighs and she couldn’t wait to undress me. She told me that this was the first time she has ever been with a woman and I admitted the same. “It’s weird how we’re so attracted to each other” she said. “I think I was attracted to you the first time I saw you back in English lit class” Cindy said.

It was clear that Cindy would be spending the night. We held each other for a few more minutes and then without a word, we went upstairs to my bedroom and undressed each other. Cindy’s tits were even more beautiful with nothing covering them. We caressed, kissed and fucked each other all night until we both saw the morning dawn sun beginning to flooded my bedroom window as we drifted off to sleep

Your comments and story exchanges, especially from other woman are welcomed.

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