Best Christmas Present Ever Ch. 04

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Thank you Jacky for your support and editing.


The following day, Mary had just finished ironing Glyn a fresh shirt as he came down from the shower. She looked at his body and wondered if she would ever feel it against hers again.

“Thanks, Mom,” he said as he put the shirt on. “How do I look?”

Snapping out of her daydream, she looked at him affectionately and said “Very handsome. She won’t be able to resist you.”

“To be honest with you, I’m feeling kinda nervous.”

“You’ll be fine. You know she likes you, right?”

“Yes.” He replied as he approached her. “Thank you, Mom. You’re amazing,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her against his chest. “I love you, Mom. And not just because of everything you’ve done for me. You’re the best mom in the world.”

Mary closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of his body against hers. She looked up at him and slowly pushed herself free, knowing it would be the last time she felt him like that. “Go get her, cowboy.” She said and turned away.

“Wish me luck,” Glyn replied as he headed for the front door. Mary didn’t say anything. Guilt and confusion ran through her as she wanted her son to be happy, but also wanted Sandy to push him away, back into her arms.

Glyn met Sandy in a coffee shop in the middle of town. For thirty minutes they chatted about what work had been like and what movies they had watched, then Glyn felt the time was right.

“Sandy, you know I like you a lot, don’t you?”

“And I like you a lot too.” She replied.

He reached over and held her hand. “Would you like to take our relationship to the next level?”

Sandy’s smile dropped from her face. “I would, but…” She removed her hand, but Glyn reached forward and took hold of her again.

“I know you’re a bit scared, but I’ve got something to tell you and I would like you to hear me out. Would you do that?” He asked and Sandy nodded. “I know I’ve got a big err… You know.” She nodded again. “The last thing I want to do is hurt you. I want you to enjoy having sex with me.”

Glyn was relieved to see Sandy’s smile return to her face and he squeezed her hand. “What I tell you now, I want you to promise you won’t tell anyone, OK?” Sandy nodded her consent. “Because I don’t want to hurt you, I’ve been seeing a sex therapist. I’ve learnt how a big guy like me can have sex with a petite girl like you. That is what you want, isn’t it?”

Sandy was a bit surprised and looked away. “Yes,” she said turning back to face him. “This sex therapist. What kind of sex therapist?”

“One that has taught me how to have sex without pushing my cock all the way in.” Glyn replied.

Sandy frowned. “Do you mean a hooker? Have you been screwing a hooker?”

“No,” Glyn replied, startled by the question. “I’ve not been screwing a hooker.”

“So what’s the name of this therapist?”

Glyn sighed. “I’m sorry, Sandy, but I can’t tell you that.”

“Glyn, for all I know this might just be a ploy so you can get inside my panties.”

“I wouldn’t do that to you. Come on, you know that?”

Sandy pulled her hand away from him. “Glyn, I do want to have sex with you, but how can I know you won’t hurt me. If I talk to your therapist, then I’ll be satisfied. No name, no sex.”

“I’m sorry, Sandy, I can’t tell you that. I made a promise.”

“No name, no sex.” Sandy said in a matter of fact tone.

Glyn hung his head down and took a deep breath. “Let’s go for a drive.” He said rising from the table.

“What?” Sandy replied.

“I’ll tell you, but not here. Come on, let’s go.”

They drove out to the countryside in silence. Glyn was trying to figure out what and how to tell Sandy about Mary. Then how he was going to tell Mary about betraying her trust.

Sandy wondered why there was silence. “Who could it be that he couldn’t say anything in the coffee shop?” Glyn stopped the car on the edge of a field and beckoned Sandy to follow him.

“What’s going on, Glyn? Why have we come all the way into the middle of a field?”

“Because of what I’m going to tell you.” He said turning to face her. The look of concern on her face worried him. “Come here,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. “You have nothing to worry about, it’s just…” His voice trailed off as he thought. “What I have to tell you might be upsetting and I wanted us to have some space so we could talk. Are you okay?”

“Yes, but…” She replied as he released her from his arms. “What’s going on, Glyn?”

“Before I tell you I want you to know that I love you, Sandy. I think I’ve loved you since we first met.” He paused to study her reaction.

“I think I love you too, Glyn, but…”

“Sandy, if you let me talk, we can get through this a lot quicker. This is not what I had planned to happen, but if we… What I’m trying to say is I think… I think I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Are you asking me to marry you?” She said with surprise.

“Not just yet, but if izmit escort bayan we can have a proper relationship, then yes, I will ask you to marry me.”

“Fuck, Glyn, where did that come from?”

“It’s because I need to trust you with what I am going to tell you. If you don’t feel the same way, then… Then maybe we both just need to move on.”

“Don’t say that. It’s just… I’m a bit scared.” She turned away to think then turned back. “I would say yes if you asked me again in a year’s time.”

Glyn felt his shoulders drop and his whole body relax. “Oh, Sandy, thank you.” He took a deep breath and composed himself. “The lady that trained me did it out of love. She knows how much I love you and she wants me to be with you. She taught me how to make love to a girl like you without causing you any pain.”

Sandy’s mind was racing. “Who the hell could that be?” She thought.

“This lady’s only concern is for my happiness and she wants me to be with you.”

“Oh my God.” Thought Sandy. “It can’t be… No.”

Glyn steeled himself. “It’s my mom, Mary.”

Sandy stared at him in shock. “Jesus fucking Christ, Glyn. Are you telling me you’ve been having sex with your mother? Oh fuck, I can’t believe this.” Glyn tried to approach her. “No. Stay away. I need time to think about this.” She said as she turned and walked away.

“She did it because I love you.” Glyn said as he fell to his knees and watched her walk away. He tried to shout after her, but no words came to him. His thoughts were just “She must think I’m a weirdo. A pervert. How could she ever want to be with someone like me.”

Sandy was consumed with her own thoughts. “He’s fucked his mom. Mary let him fuck her. She let him fuck her so he could be with me. Jesus, that’s weird. Wow, way to go, Mom.” Then it struck her and she turned and walked back to Glyn.

Glyn wiped a tear from his face. “Sandy, I…”

“Let me talk, Glyn,” she interrupted. “That is the craziest thing I have ever heard. Your mom was willing to do that for you. It’s fucking crazy, but it’s also beautiful. That’s love. True love. I think it’s beautiful.”

Glyn rose to his feet. “You don’t think I’m some…”

“Yes, Glyn, I do, but I think we can get through this.”

Relief washed through his body. “Come on.” She said. “I still need to talk with her if we are going to have sex.” She took his hand and led him back to the car.

The drive home was again in silence. Glyn worried about how he could tell his mom he had told Sandy. Sandy tried to think what she could say to Mary to show she understood. Glyn parked the car beside his Mom’s and Sandy turned to him.

“I think I should talk to Mary alone for a few minutes. I’ll call you.” Sandy said and got out of the car.

Mary looked up from her phone when Sandy entered the kitchen through the backdoor. “Hello, Sandy. Is Glyn with you?” Sandy didn’t reply. She leant against the back door and bit her lower lip. “Are you OK?” Mary asked, unsettled by the silence. Sandy nodded as Mary rose from her chair. “What’s the matter, Hon?” Again, no answer. Then Sandy rushed towards Mary and threw her arms around her and buried her head into her shoulder.

“What’s happened?” Mary asked, feeling Sandy squeeze her tightly. Thoughts flashed through her mind: “Have they split up? Has something happened to Glyn? Then a thunderbolt hit her in her core.

“I know.” Sandy whispered.

Mary was horrified. Stunned. She wanted to pull away, but she couldn’t move. “Oh, God, no.” She thought. “What has Glyn done. Everything’s over. I’ll be ruined. I’ll have to leave. Oh, God, no, no.”

Sandy whispered “I know and I think it’s beautiful.” She released Mary from her arms and took a step back. “You gave yourself for your son and me. That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. You’re amazing, Mary. Amazing.”

Mary reached for a chair and sat down before she collapsed. She put her head in her hands and burst into tears.

“Mary, it’s okay,” Sandy said reaching out to comfort her. “Your secret is safe with me. I promise on my own life that I will never tell a soul.” Mary’s sobbing continued unabated. “Mary!” Sandy shouted as she moved around in front of her. Mary looked up as Sandy placed her hands on either side of her face, leaned down and kissed her full on the lips.

“She’s kissing me,” Mary thought. “What’s she doing? Oh my, God, I can’t kiss my son’s girlfriend.”

Sandy broke the kiss, but still held her face in her hands. “It’s okay, Mary. It’s okay. I’m never going to tell anyone.” Sandy lifted Mary’s chin and gently kissed her again. “It’s okay, Mary.” She said as she took a paper tissue from her bag and wiped the tears from Mary’s face. “Now, let’s get you tidied up before Glyn comes in.”

Mary was breathing heavily as the fog of confusion slowly cleared from her mind. “He told you. Why did he tell you?”

“I made him,” replied Sandy. “I didn’t believe his story about a therapist, so I told him ‘no name, no sex’. He trusts me, Mary.”

“You must think I’m some izmit eve gelen escort sort of deranged pervert.”

Sandy shook her head and smiled sympathetically. “The exact opposite. I think what you did for Glyn and me is the most beautiful, loving act of a mother that I’ve ever heard of.”

Mary looked at her in disbelief. Images of her fucking her son flashed through her mind and she wondered if it is was loving or fucking? “That’s very kind of you.” Mary said as she regained her composure.

“Now we’ve got that out of the way. I wanted to talk to you before Glyn comes in.” Sandy paused to think. “I’m not a virgin, but I’m scared he will hurt me. With his cock, that is. I know he wouldn’t hit me or anything.”

“He won’t hurt you,” Mary said. “He’ll be the most considerate lover you could wish for.”

“Wow.” Sandy was wide eyed in anticipation. “Sounds like you taught him well.” Mary turned away. “Sorry. I guess I’m a little bit jealous, that’s all.” She took a second to think. “I’ve felt it, his cock, and I know it’s big, but… Will he be able to fit it in me?”

“Not all of it.” Mary replied. “There are some techniques he will show you so you can keep him under your control.”

“Wow again. That actually makes me feel a bit horny. Mary, would you mind if we, err…, you know, had sex here, in his bedroom?”

“Sandy, Honey, that’s what it has all been about. He loves you.” On hearing her last words, Mary felt a wave of resignation run through her body. She was handing her son over to Sandy.

“Thanks, Mary.” She said as she tapped on her phone. “Glyn ‘ll be here in a moment.”

Mary’s heart fluttered when Glyn entered the kitchen and she watched Sandy greet him with a kiss.

“Your mom says it’s alright if we go upstairs,” she said as she took him by the hand. “Come on.”

“You go on; I’ll be up in a minute. I want a chat with Mom first.”

Sandy looked at Glyn and then Mary, both had sad expressions on their faces. “OK.” She said and made her way out of the kitchen.

“Mom, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

Mary interrupted “It’s alright, Son. I think we can trust her.” She stared at her son as if she was waving him goodbye. “She’s waiting for you. Go on. Go and have a good time. Be gentle and remember what you’ve learnt.”

“Thanks, Mom.” And with that Mary watched him leave.

When Glyn entered his room Sandy was already in bed. “Come on then, Big Boy, let’s see what you’ve got.” She said as she threw back the quilt and sat naked on the edge of the bed.

“Wow!” Thought Glyn. “That was quick. Nice body.” Glyn peeled off his T-shirt and kicked off his shoes. He could feel his cock swell as he took his jeans and boxers off. By the time he had removed his socks he was fully erect.

“Let me have a closer look.” She said beckoning him forward. “Fuck me, Glyn, it’s huge!”

Glyn laughed. “Don’t worry. I won’t put it all inside you. Just enough to make sure you have a good time.”

Sandy reached forward, took hold of his cock and pulled him towards her. She let go of his cock, looked him in the eye, then licked his cock from its base all the way up to the tip. Glyn’s brain went into overdrive. “I never thought… Look at her, she’s licking my cock. I knew she was a bit naughty, but… Oh, that feels good.” He moaned with pleasure as her tongue swirled across the head of his cock.

“Sorry, Glyn, but I won’t be able to deep throat all of this.” She said mischievously and Glyn laughed.

“Let’s get into bed.” Glyn said and Sandy moved over and welcomed him beside her. For the next thirty minutes they kissed and stroked each other’s bodies.

When Sandy whispered into his ear: “I’m ready, Glyn.” His eyes lit up. He rolled on top of her and positioned himself between her legs.

Sandy looked down at his monstrous cock between her legs and felt its head press against her pussy. She gasped and froze rigid as his crown entered her. Trying to breath was impossible as Glyn inched his cock inside her. “It’s too big,” she said breathlessly. “Take it out.”

Glyn withdrew his cock as Sandy scooted up the bed and sat with her back against the headboard. “I’m sorry, Glyn. It’s too big.”

“It’s okay, Sandy. We just need to take a bit more time.” He said as he moved up the bed to sit beside her. “There’s no rush. Just having you here is all I want right now.”

“Glyn, I want you to fuck me, but I just don’t know if I can do it.”

Glyn put an arm around her and they sat there for minutes without saying a word. Then Sandy rose from the bed and slipped on his T-shirt. “Give me a few minutes. I’ve got an idea.” She said and left the room.

Mary put her coffee down and noticed the sad expression on Sandy’s face as she entered the kitchen. “What’s the matter, Hon?”

“It’s too big.” She said taking a seat beside Mary. “I tried, but I thought he was going to tear me in half.” She smiled, then chuckled at the secret the two had shared.

Mary felt guilty as she thought she might get her izmit otele gelen escort son back. Then she thought of his happiness. “Do you want any advice?”

“Please, Mary.”

“You’ll be alright once you’re properly relaxed. Just take your time.”

“But I was relaxed and I was ready. Look.” She said lifting up her T-shirt and showing Mary her bald pussy. “I’m wet and puffy; doesn’t that mean I’m ready?”

Mary was stunned that Sandy exposed her pussy to her so calmly. She was also shocked she liked the sight of it. She cleared her throat and looked up. “That certainly looks like you are ready.”

“Oh, Mary, would you help me?”

“What can I do to help?” Mary said instinctively, then watched Sandy think.

“You know your secret is safe with me, don’t you?” Sandy asked and Mary nodded. “I was thinking… It might help if… Would you… Would you let me watch you two fuck?”

Mary’s heart leapt to her throat.

“If I watched you,” Sandy continued. “I could see what to do and I wouldn’t be so scared. Please, Mary. I think that would really help.”

She looked at Mary with a burning intensity that caused her to look away and pick up her coffee. Mary’s mind was awash with thoughts. “She wants me to fuck Glyn. I want to fuck him. She wants to watch. She thinks it would help…yeah, right. She just wants to watch. She’s a dirty little bitch. Just like me. Stop it. Stop it. Put on a show for her. Nice pussy though. Fuck him so well he’ll choose me. No. It’s for his happiness. Look at her, she’s enjoying this. She’s a dirty girl alright.

“What are you thinking?” Asked Sandy.

“Give me a moment would you, Hon.” Mary replied, thinking “She’s a naughty little girl alright. If I put in a few extra moves for Glyn, maybe she would have to follow my example. She wouldn’t want to be outdone by some old bird. OK, let’s fuck him. I’m going to enjoy this.”

Mary cleared her throat. “Are you sure, Sandy?”

“I’m sure. I think it would really help.”

Mary took a deep breath, thinking “Yep, she’s a dirty little girl alright.”

“Okay, just to help you and Glyn.” Mary replied with a comforting smile and looked away. She heard a chair screech on the floor and by the time she looked over, Sandy sat down on her lap, looked her in the eye and kissed her lips.

“God, this girl’s good.” Thought Mary, as Sandy broke the kiss and drew back an inch. Mary’s mouth dropped and Sandy snaked her tongue into her mouth. “Whoa,” thought Mary. “What’s she doing. I’ve never kissed a girl before. Wow.” Before Mary could respond, Sandy withdrew her tongue and got off her lap.

“I’ll go and get Glyn warmed up. Would ten minutes be enough time for you to get ready?”

“Err… Yeah, sure.” Mary replied as Sandy skipped out of the kitchen. “Will ten minutes be enough? Cheeky little minx,” thought Mary. “If she wants to play games, then I’m going to change the rules.”

Eight minutes later Sandy took her hand off Glyn’s hard cock and pulled his hand from beneath the T-shirt. She checked the time on her phone and sighed. Glyn was confused. “What’s up?” He asked.

“Nothing.” Sandy replied. “Just, err… Your Mom said she was going to help.”

Glyn’s confusion deepened. “I thought… Isn’t this meant to be our time?” He said pulling her towards him.

“No, Glyn. Not now.” She said pulling away. “Just wait a minute.”

Glyn watched as she pulled her knees up to her chest. He felt his cock deflate and thought “What have I done to fuck this up? Oh, Jesus, it’s over. She doesn’t want to be with me. She’s going to tell people about me and mom.” He closed his eyes and rolled away. He heard the door open, but didn’t move.

“I’ve got him ready for you.” Sandy said as she pulled the quilt off him.

“What are you…” Glyn protested, before seeing his mom stood at the bottom of the bed.

Mary and Sandy both looked down at his flaccid cock. “You call that ready.” Mary commented as she raised a leg onto the bed to reveal her crotchless knickers.

Sandy looked at Mary. “Oh fuck,” she thought. “She must think I can’t get him hard.”

Glyn looked at his mom as she crawled onto the bed in a red and black basque, fishnet stockings and stilettoes. Then he noticed the collar around her neck. “Fucking hell, Mom.” He thought.

“This is for you.” Mary said, passing him the chain attached to her collar. “You are my Master now.” She looked at Sandy, grinned, then took Glyn’s flaccid cock into her mouth.

Glyn looked at the chain thinking “What the fuck am I meant to do with this? It feels good though. Wow!.” He looked at his mom and felt his cock grow in her mouth. Then he turned to Sandy, “What’s going on?”

“Your mom is going to show me how to handle your cock. Be quiet, I need to watch.”

Mary stroked his cock to a full erection and looked at Sandy, who couldn’t take her eyes away from Glyn’s cock. “Are you sure about this, Sandy?” She asked, immediately wondering why.

“Please, Mary. I couldn’t do it on my own.”

Mary felt a pang of compassion for her. “Maybe she’s telling the truth. Doesn’t stop her being a kinky little girl though.”

“OK, Sandy. I recommend you sit on top for the first time.” She said as she raised her hips towards his cock. “This way you control how much of his cock you can take in your pussy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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