Bitten Ch. 03

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The sun would soon rise, and the night had passed without further incident.

Lily made her way home with a bounce in her step, in spite of the contented exhaustion of a day full of sexual pleasure. The chilly night air helped cool her ardour but made her nipples stand on end.

In the light of the waxing moon, she followed the well-worn path to home and bed.

Same old, same old.

Maybe the suffocation of the rigid routine was why she was seeking ever greater excitement and release. Her adorable little house didn’t feel like home any more, and her momma took every opportunity to remind her that she was paying the rent.

The next step down that road would be her mother reminding her she paid her wages too.

Lily felt the need to shake free from the shackles more palpably than ever before.

She was twenty one. She’d never had a lover, at least not a real one. Her life consisted of traipsing back and forth between her momma’s house and her momma’s business.

Maybe Amy would help her escape.

As she yalova escort came round the final corner, her eyes focused on the house opposite hers.

The lights were on.

That was unusual. Lily couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen signs of life there. Her curiosity piqued, she altered her step and crossed the street. The orange light seeped through the shutters as she crept on to the lawn. The damp grass oozed between her open toed shoes as she stepped ever closer to the window.

At the ledge, she cocked her head to peer between the gaps.

It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the light, and when they did, Lily was disappointed to see nothing but an empty room. Maybe she had secretly hoped for another voyeuristic frenzy.

Just then, a shadow danced across the doorway, and Lily recoiled slightly as someone stepped inside.

She was tall. Very tall. With cropped blond hair and milky white skin. She seemed spaced-out slightly, perhaps not quite awake yet, or too escort yalova tired from a long night, it was hard to tell.

But more importantly, she was naked.

There wasn’t a pound of fat on her lithe body either. Every gentle curve contoured around a slightly defined muscle. Her belly was flat, her arms slim but attractive, and her neck was so shapely it made Lily lick her lips.

The tiny mound of hair between her legs was as blonde as her head, and her breasts were magnificent. So pert, so proud, so ample, so delicious. Her nipples were bright pink and stood to attention on the gentle curve of those wonderfully supple tits.

Lily watched her yawn, stretching her arms high in the air and lifting those boobs into a sculpted shape even more arousing. It was as if she was carved from pure marble, and Lily couldn’t take her eyes from that body.

The Goddess turned on her heels and stood in the doorway with her back to Lily. Her eyes followed that spine down to her buttocks, which yalova escort bayan were even more shapely than her tits.

And then she was gone.

Lily sighed, disappointed but pleased to have seen such a sight.

She hurried home and jumped in the shower, washing away a days worth of sex and sweat, feeling the warm water sluice her long blonde hair and tease its way down her naked body.

She was spent from the exertions of many orgasms, but she couldn’t resist spending a little too much time cleaning her pussy. There was probably no need to give her clitoris a gentle two finger cleansing, but the image of her neighbour filled her mind for the duration.

She finally stepped out of the shower, and felt the soft robe clinging to her wet skin. It was time to go to sleep, but she desperately wanted to chat with Amy and unburden herself of everything. Confess to her naughty antics, unload her grievances about Momma, describe the sight of her gorgeous neighbour, and above all, talk about her escape plans.

It took an age for her laptop to awaken from its slumber. And when it did, Lily was irked that Amy wasn’t logged in.

She checked her email instead, and smiled when she saw one from her online lover sitting in her Inbox. The subject line provided no clue as to its contents, so she opened it quickly.

It simply said, “Let’s meet x.”

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