Black Muslims are Dominant

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Group Sex

Lying on her back, legs in the air, Feminist Icon Muriel O’Shea was exactly where she wanted to be. Her mouth was wide open, screaming obscenities and drooling as she experienced the fucking of a lifetime. The man fucking her was none other than Mohammed Akbar, a macho young man of Arabian and Somalian descent she met at her Introduction To Criminology class at Carleton University in the city of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. From the moment they met he intrigued her. And now she knew why. He was manlier than all other men she had met in her lifetime.

The middle-aged White slut squealed as she got fucked in the ass by the young Muslim man’s twelve-inch Black dick. Her colleagues at Carleton University wouldn’t recognize her if they could see her now. The chubby White slut fingered her pussy as the vigorous young Muslim pounded his cock into her asshole. She begged him to fuck her harder, to make her pay for being a dumb slut whom the Western World convinced of the false belief in her own superiority.

Mohammed Akbar grunted in pleasure as his cock stretched the tight asshole of one Muriel O’Shea. She wasn’t the first White slut he fucked and he knew he wouldn’t be the last. Black Muslims and Arabs in general were a big hit with White women in the Confederation of Canada. White women in Canada saw themselves as the World’s standard bearers in matters of beauty and sophistication. They were enthralled by the macho men of the Black Muslim community and the Arab World in general. Men who were naturally more sure of their manliness than any White men.

Black Muslims and Arab men didn’t think of White women as anything special. Indeed, they viewed themselves as the strongest and most resilient men in the World and believed women should be at their feet. That’s what puzzled the White women of Canada. That’s why scores of White female Canadians were converting to Islam left and right. They were fed up with the stale, boring and downright dick-less White men of North America. Pendik Escort The men of Africa and the Middle East were more colourful, daring and manly. And the White women of Canada couldn’t get enough of them.

Yes, this was true. How else could you explain why Muriel O’Shea was so drawn to Mohammed Akbar? The six-foot-three, big and muscular young man of Black and Arabian descent looked good enough to eat. When he spoke to women, he spoke with authority and clarity. He wasn’t meek like the weak men of North America and Europe. He didn’t see anyone with a pussy as his equal. In fact, he didn’t even see Western men as his equals. The strongest men in the World come from Africa and the Middle East. Civilization began in Africa. The Kings of Ancient Nubia were the first to build pyramids in what would later be called Sudan. The Ancient Egyptians copied their designs. The Kings of Sumer and Babylon were legends in their own time. The Black Man and the Arab Man are the Architects of Human Civilization. The White man knows this and hates them for it. That’s why he spends so much of his time trying to tear them down.

All these thoughts ran through Mohammed Akbar’s head as he drilled his dick into Muriel O’Shea like a miner looking for gold. The White slut rubbed her tits together, looking quite the wanton slut as she got fucked in the ass. Disgusted and turned on by her at the same time, he smacked her hard across the face. Muriel stared at him, stunned. Mohammed Akbar smiled. Those silly White bitches deserved to get smacked by men every now and then. Women in the Western World were raised to believe their shit didn’t stink. Each and every last of them thinks herself special simply because she has a vagina. And the weak men of the Western World let them believe this. Small wonder American women and European women were divorcing their men left and right, destroying lives and families as their egos swelled and their madness escalated. Men were created to Anadolu Yakası Escort rule women, not the other way around.

Deep down, all women know this. They want a dominant men. That’s why so many female executives and wealthy women posted online ads seeking dominant guys in BDSM websites. They weren’t satisfied with the so-called gender equality system. Women a hundred years ago were quite happy with their men and lived happier, longer lives. The supposedly empowered women of today are profoundly unhappy, even though they run corporations, lead armies and spearhead certain aspects of international politics. Deep down, the woman wants the man to be the Boss and she was to be Subservient. She knows it’s her place. But the Feminist system of the Western World has taught her to reject the natural urge she feels to be submissive and act tougher than she knows herself to be. Islam allows women to be their natural selves. Why else would scores of pretty, blonde-haired and supposedly liberated and empowered White women in North America and Europe leave Christianity and Atheism for Islam?

Mohammed pinched Muriel’s tits while sliding his cock deep into her asshole. She was just the latest in his long list of conquests. This forty-six-year-old, chubby and big-bottomed White slut was just another notch on his belt. And that’s exactly where she deserved to be. When he first met her at Carleton University, she was all condescending until he put her in her place. He flat out told her that he didn’t like her way of speaking to him and if she crossed him, he’d report her for a human rights violation. Since that day, she didn’t mess with him again. Instead, he caught her looking at him all the time. The weird looks she gave him simply puzzled him.

One day, he confronted her about the weird looks she gave him. Cornered, she confessed to him something which really didn’t shock him. Muriel O’Shea had been alive for forty six years. Yet in all that time, the İstanbul Escort only men who treated her like the slut she knew herself to be were Black men and Arab men. The only manly men left in the modern world. Mohammed wasn’t surprised. And if Muriel wanted to be treated like a slut, that’s exactly how he would treat her. Women in the Western World are unsatisfied with the polite, gentle, easygoing and caring men of North America and Europe. They yearn for the hard, rough and absolutely manly men of the rest of the world. Black men and Arab men are the roughest, toughest and manliest men in the Universe.

Which brings them exactly where they are. He laid her on her back, right there in her office, and fucked her. Of course, before he made her suck his dick. His twelve-inch, thick and hard Black dick. He made her gag on it as she sucked him off. While she sucked his dick, he berated her. Mohammed called Muriel a slut, a dumb cunt and a White whore who was desperate for Black cock. Through it all she sucked him off. Afterwards, he put her on her back and slid his cock up her ass. He didn’t even bother touching her pussy. Who knew what could be in there. No, her ass was a safer bet. That’s why he fucked her ass with gusto. Middle-aged women’s cunts were definitely used up and not as tight as a younger woman’s pussy. That’s why getting fucked in the ass is all the craze with older women these days.

Mohammed Akbar, a proud Son of Islam fucked the middle-aged White Feminist slut Muriel in the ass until he came. Afterwards, he made her suck his cock clean. Doubtless she could taste her fat White ass on his dick. Smiling, Mohammed told her she was a good slut. Then he put his clothes back on and left her office. He texted her that if she was good, he might pencil her into his plans for the weekend. He strongly hinted at her that he had Black Muslim and Arab friends who wouldn’t mind gang-banging a post-Feminist , middle-aged wanton White slut if she was cool with them. Muriel was smiling like a clown when she got his text message. The wanton White slut simply couldn’t wait! Mohammed went back to his dorm and took a shower to wash away the inferior scent of the White slut from his strong and masculine person. Then he lay in his bed and read the Koran.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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