Brighton Graduate Ch. 02

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What has transpired before in Graduation Party 1:

Walter spent the last night seducing a classmate’s mother (Marjory Slade) at a graduation party at her house. While Doug Slade was banging a cheerleader in the family room, Walter was filling his beautiful African-American mother with his white meat. When he left her bedroom at 5:45 am, she gave instructions to return that same night.

Walter moved through the woods in the dim light of dawn and ran down the power line right-of-way and made it home in 10 minutes. No one was up yet so he hit the shower immediately, and went to bed. He woke up around 11:00 and went downstairs. his mother was in the kitchen and immediately looked up at him.

“So, what time did you finally get home?” She asked sternly. Walter did not know if she knew the truth or not, but figured that the time was the part of the story that he should stick to the truth on.

“Just before 6:00.” He said calmly, then went over to the cupboard and started to get out some cereal.

“And why where you out so late?” He had thought about this as he walked home and had a carefully laid out story that he could get some friends to back him up on.

“Steve was too drunk to drive his car home, so I drove him home.” He said. “I stayed there until his brother came home to make sure he would be alright. Then I walked here.”

“You should have called.” She scolded. “Were you drinking last night?”

“I had a glass of wine with Mrs. Slade.” He answered. “All they had was cheap beer so I did not drink much. I just ran the stereo and helped Mrs. Slade keep the party under control.” This was a blend of truth and fiction, but who was going to say different? Walter knew Steve and his brother would cover the story and Marjorie was definitely not going to tell his mother that she spent the night getting her fill of his cock!

“Are you going out tonight too?” She asked.

“Yeah,” Walter answered without too much enthusiasm. “Steve and Rosen are having a grad party for jazz band guys, and they invited they guys from the Pittsfield and Monroe High school bands.”

“Are you going to come home at a reasonable hour?”

“Can I just crash at Steve’s house and come home in the morning?”

“Are you going to drink that much?” she asked.

“No. I would just rather crash there than come home late with all the other drunks out there. Besides, mom, I only graduate high school once!” He poured the milk for his cereal and headed for the family room to watch some TV.

“All right,” she conceded as her son walked away. “But no drinking and driving!” Walter chilled out at home the rest of the day, and even took a nap. He figured that he might need the energy tonight. At seven, he took a shower and shaved, put on some clothes and set off towards Marjorie’s house.

Walter popped out of the power-line right of way at the cross street down from her house so he could see her garage. Just as he turned the corner onto her street, she pulled up next to him in her Volvo station wagon. The power locks clicked as they unlocked, so he just opened the door and got in. She was wearing a loose set of white shorts and a dark blue, knit sleeveless top with a high neck. He leaned over to give her a kiss but she put up a hand.

“Wait until we’re inside,” she cautioned. She quickly drove down the street and into the garage. She pushed the remote button and watched the garage door come down in the rear view mirror. When the door was all the way down, she put a hand on his chest, leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips.

“Before we go inside,” she said. “We need to talk.”

“OK.” Walter said cautiously.

“You need to understand, I have never had someone do to me what you did last night.” She explained. “I want more but I am scared…for both of us.”

“Is it the race thing, the age thing, or just how fast it’s moving?” He asked, trying to sound sensitive and concerned.

“All of it,” she sighed.

“Realistically, this will not really end up as a long term relationship,” he told her, trying to be gentle without killing his chances tonight. “Right now, we are just finding pleasure in each other. If what we started last night develops into something else, we’ll deal with it then. We’re on step two of an unknown path. The path may split around the next tree, or it may become a fixed road. But we travel the same way regardless: one step at a time.”

“That’s a sweet sentiment,” She said guardedly. “But do you mean it? Are you just using me?”

“Yes, şişli escort I am,” he replied. Her eyes flared at the man that was equal to her son in age. “But you are using me too. We are using each other for pleasure right now. The fact that we are having this conversation means that we are not doing it recklessly. I will not purposely hurt you, and you will not purposely hurt me.”

“Are you the contract lawyer here?” She asked, suddenly grinning. “I have obviously underestimated both your maturity and your experience.”

“If you need to think it over, I can leave,” he offered. In his mind, he was screaming for her to say no. Walter waited for what seemed like forever as she looked at him with raised eyebrows, evaluating his words.

“That’s the real problem,” she answered. “I know I should send you home and end this right here, but I have been thinking about you all day. I have masturbated twice today and still feel like I am dripping wet. I need to get you upstairs…now.” Walter was out of the car like a shot, holding the door for her as she got out. He held her hand up the stairs and through the kitchen

She wasted no time at all. She kicked off her sandals and grabbed him by the shirt. He pulled her into a long, deep kiss, and held it. Their hands started to explore each other with her hands going down his back so she could grab his ass, pulling their groins together. One of his hands went behind her neck and pulled her head close while the other went to the inside of her shorts, caressing her butt. Walter could feel that she was wearing a thong made of something that felt smooth and silky.

They both fell onto her couch with her on top. She straddled the young man, his cock hard as hell against her pussy. She broke the kiss and sat up straight. Her hands went to either side of her top and she pulled it over her head, showing her small bra-covered breasts. Each mound was encased it its own black lace cup, which contrasted against her perfectly chocolate skin.
Walter kissed her lips again, and then started a journey south. His lips moved to her neck, then traveled across her upper chest, and down between her breasts. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra, exposing her small breasts to his mouth. Her nipples jutted out from the ends of her breasts, looking painfully hard. They were a darker than the rest of her skin, but wonderful all the same. He took one exposed nipple and began sucking and biting feverishly while his hand took the other breast and began squeezing. Marjorie started moaning in ecstasy.

“Oh, God, Walter, ” She moaned into his ear. “That’s feels soooo great. Ah, harder.” Now one of her hands was on the back of his head, smashing it even further into her chest, the other hand had slid under her shorts and she began play with herself. Walter switched breasts, mouthing her left breast now, while playing with her right nipple with his fingers. Last night had taught him that she could get out of control just doing this, and he wanted her out of control.
Then, suddenly, she shoved him back onto the couch and stood up. The young man knew she was taking control again. It was almost a game for her, to give herself without loosing total control. He took this opportunity to remove his shirt, exposing his chest and nipples.
Marjorie now stood before him in nothing but her cute shorts. She reached down into them and grabbed the sides of her thong which she pulled up to reveal the straps, which matched the bra in both color (black) and style. Women match their underwear only when they plan on showing it off, he thought to himself. This only meant one thing: Marjorie had been planning this from when she got dressed.
She turned around and showed him her butt. It was not fat, but it did have that uniquely African American ‘bubble’ shape. It was firm and muscular, which wasn’t a bad thing at all. She undid the button and zipper on her shorts and slowly began to slide them downwards. Centimeter by centimeter, she exposed to him her sweet brown ass. She was slowly torturing him as he saw the triangle of black silk come into view at the top of her ass. Walter considered himself an ass lover and he loved this view on any woman. It looked sexy on any woman, but it looked especially sexy on her.
As she bent over all the way to slide her shorts to her ankles, her ass was completely exposed to him, covered only sparingly by her thong underwear that disappeared between he globes of her ass. She stood up and stepped out of her shorts and kicked them off to the side. She looked at him mecdiyeköy escort with that devilishly sexy look in her eyes. Walter had such a full hard on at this point that it hurt.
“Let’s take this into the bedroom” she said seductively.

“Great idea!” Walter answered. She picked up her clothes and walked slowly down the hall, swinging her hips and looking over her shoulder. He got up and quickly followed her, undoing his pants as he went. Stepping out of his pants, he tossed them on the floor and then closed the door to her bedroom. He stood there with his erection and watched her climb up on the bed. She lay there on the bed and although it was dark, her whole body seemed to glow with excitement and passion. She looked at him and motioned him to come to her. He stepped towards the bed and she sat up and stretched out her hand for his. He took hold of it and she pulled him gently onto the bed so he sat next to her.

She lent forward to kiss him and Walter knew there was no going back. Their lips touched and immediately passion overtook both of them. Long, hot wet kisses ensued as their tongues wound around each other.

He lay down on the bed next to her and began to rub her small brown breasts. Walter enjoyed looking at the contrast between his lightly tanned hands and her chocolate skin. He started to suck and lick on them gently as she sighed lovingly. As he continued and began to nip them gently between his teeth, his hands roamed down her body and crept between her welcoming thighs. He fondled her legs and felt the smooth coolness of that black thong.

She gasped as his fingers reached her silky thong and he began to rub her pussy through it. Pulling back the material, he rubbed her dampening lips and slid two white fingers inside her brown body causing Marjorie to moan softly.

“Ooh, that feels so good” she whispered as she reached down and began to pull on his now solid member. Walter continued to finger her for a short while and then moved down her body and kissed at the inside of her thighs. His lips moved upwards until she could feel his hot breath next to where his fingers were inside her.

“Yes Walter, lick me” she pleaded. He pulled at the thong and heard the sound of Velcro releasing just a little. Obviously quick release, he thought and yanked hard, to be rewarded by unobstructed access as the Velcro broke away.

“That’s it, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t …” her words stopped, her legs locked out and she pushed with hard urgency against him as her climax racked through her. She began to cry out as the main body of her orgasm died down and the final convulsions pervaded her gorgeous body.

“I can’t even remember ever having come like that before” she said when her breathing had returned to normal.

Her son’s friend smiled at her and kissed her again, “And we haven’t even started yet” he teased.

Marjorie moved down the bed and took him in her hand again and started to caress his hard cock. Lowering her head, she slid her soft lips around the head of his dick and began to slowly bob her head up and down on his shaft. Walter moaned as her mouth enveloped him and he played with her kinky black hair. She rubbed the insides of his thighs softly with one hand and fondled his balls with the other as she sucked on him.

“Oh Marjorie, that feels fabulous” he managed to whisper between groans. She smiled without taking her mouth from around his shaft and just continued to suck away.


“Mmm” she said, her mouth still wrapped around him.

“I want you now.”

She stopped and lay next to him on the bed and he climbed in between her open thighs. He paused to find the entrance to her hole, but she grabbed his dick and guided him in. Walter pushed into her and she gasped out as he stretched her insides.

“Yes Walter, do it to him now” she whispered. “I’ve wanted this all day.” Obediently, he commenced pushing into her, going a little further each time as she loosened up to his advancing member. Her juices quickly lubricated them both enough for him to gather momentum and push into her willing hole with long hard strokes.

“You’re gorgeous when you’re horny,” he whispered as he screwed her.

“Thank you” she replied and started to push up against him. She tossed her head back into the pillows, calling out his name as he thrust into her vigorously.

He stopped briefly, pulling out and turning her over on her side, then straddled her lower leg and entered her again from behind, pushing deep into her as she pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts whilst crying out in ecstasy.

“Oh God, Walter” she moaned, “Harder.” Her words were willing him on and he pumped deep into her, gripping her hip tightly for leverage as his sack slapped against her behind.

“I’m coming again, please don’t stop!” She pleaded. Walter was almost to the point where he couldn’t have stopped even if he’d wanted to. She crushed her face against the pillow, muffling her hoarse cries.

He slowed down his thrusts and stopped for a while to give her (and himself) a chance to recover. She let the pillow fall away from her face, then reached between her legs and felt his hard shaft still in her.

“You’ve already lasted longer than the few men I have known before,” she commented.

“And I’m not finished yet”

“So I see” she smirked, casting her eyes down towards his still rampant tool. His hand crept down to her crotch, deftly slipped between her lips where his thumb began to rub at her clit again. She gasped and closed her eyes as she bit lightly on her bottom lip. She let him do that for just a moment, the grabbed his wrist.

“Take it out,” She said with a quivering voice. “I want you on top of me.” He pulled out of her hot hole and they repositioned their bodies. He paused to look at her again as he knelt between her legs but she was insistent. She grabbed his shaft and guided him in once more, wrapping her cocoa legs around his back and dugging her heels into his buttocks. Taking his weight on his arms, he propped himself up above her and began to thrust into her again.

“I’m going to make you come again, Marjorie” he whispered as he licked at her earlobe.

“Yes, please do” she yearned. Using her heels she urged him on faster and they both groaned loudly with pleasure as pace intensified. She began to claw at his back with her long nails trying to pull him deeper into her but he was too lost in his own pleasure to feel any pain.

“I’m about to come” he warned, which only served to make her pull him into her faster still, raking at his shoulders with her long red nails. He cried out as he came inside her and she thrust her hips against him to ensure every drop of sperm was embedded deep within as her own climax racked through her shaking body.

Walter stayed the rest of the night, which was spent in much the same manner and left early the next morning before Doug got home. She was not sure when she could see him again, but she promised she would call him.

Walter did not have to wait very long. Tuesday evening, his mom answered the phone and said it was for him. He picked up the phone and waited for his mom to hang up.

“This is Walter,” he said cautiously.

“It’s Marjorie,” she said softly. “Can you talk safely?”

“Not really,” he answered, knowing his mom was probably trying to listen from the other room.

“Doug has friend staying over all weekend, so we can’t meet here.” She really sounded disappointed. “Are you free all day Saturday?”

“Not easily.” Walter spent weekends with his dad and getting out of that would involve more elaborate excuses.

“But I really need to see you.” She whined.

“Could we do it Friday?”

“I would have to take a day off.” She said thoughtfully. “Can you promise me all day?”

“Yes, I can do that.”

“Do you have somewhere we can go that no-one would recognize us?”

“Yes, I do.” He was already thinking of the boat.

“I’ll pick you up at 9 o’clock exactly where I picked you up last time,” she said, now sounding very excited. “I’m soaking wet just thinking about it. Do you want to know where my hand is right now?”

“No, that won’t be necessary.” Like he could not imagine. If he had been alone, this would have been an interesting phone call but not with his mom in the next room. “Friday morning will be fine.”

“Don’t let your mom see your stiffy, baby.” She teased. “I’ll see you Friday.” And she hung up.

Five minutes later, his mom walked into the room to put away some books. The books had been sitting out for three weeks but now she decides to put them away. Any excuse for an inquiry.

“Who was that on the phone?” She asked casually.

“Mrs. Slade is a lawyer up at Kodak and she heard about an intern position for the summer that I might be interested in.” He was again creating half truth, but the deceptions are easier to remember if they are tied to the facts. “I’ll be going in on Friday to interview with that department.”

“Do you know what it involves?”

“Not really,” he answered truthfully. “It’s something to do with sound.” The only sound effects involved would be the sounds Marjorie would be making next Friday.

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