B’s First Time With A Woman

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Big Tits

Although many stories’ start out this way I can guarantee that this is a true story. I met my SO over 8 years ago. I was at a swingers club with a friend (having been in the lifestyle for over 5 years) when I met B for the first time. She was with her boyfriend and I remember thinking how much I would love to get to know her better. She did not even know I existed as she was going through rough time with her boyfriend and was rather distracted. The next time we met she wanted to get to know me and was surprised to find out we had met before. Later my friend set us up for a 3 some that ended up with the 2 of us having GREAT SEX but that is a story for another time. We have been together ever since. We fall into the soft swing category as she only likes bareback and only with me. The insures both of us that regardless of what we do and with whom we do it we will not only remain safe but keep that one special act (intercourse) for us alone. It is amazing how great sex can be after both of us have spent hours playing with others, even coming many times, but still keeping that one magical act personal. We only play together and in the same bed if we can.

Just to set the scene B is late 40’s, petite, black lady and 105 lbs, 5’2″, shaved with small breasts, responsive nipples and multi-organismic. She loves giving and receiving oral, swallows when she feels like it and is bi-curious. She has had a few ladies go down on her but has never gone past the kissing and nipple sucking stage with another woman. She always said that when the time, situation and people were right she would do what ever feels good. I am in my mid 50’s, white, 6″, 220 lbs with slightly larger that average equipment (7″ long & 3″ around) and am told that my oral skills equal or better than the best lesbian tongue. I take great pleasure in making my partner(s) come many times from my fingers and tongue while letting their partner finally complete their evening. We are not involved in the lifestyle with the specific purpose of meeting couples but to have fun. We like to play with each other, show off, watch, be watched and if the situation is right, party with others. We still get each other turned on and love to make each other come often. We usually succeed in coming together when we make love, the result of a long time as partners and knowing what each other is feeling at each moment of lovemaking. There is no orgasm than the one that is triggered by and triggers your partners beylikdüzü escort at the same time.

Last year B’s birthday was the same night as a house party we usually attend. I had just come back from a business trip I had shopped @ Frederick’s while I was away. I bought her 2 pairs of crotch-less panties and she wanted to wear one of them that night. She does not need to wear a bra and never does when we go out. I loved to play with her pussy while driving and she loved to come on my fingers as a prelude to a long and erotic evening. Arriving at the party we chatted with a few couples we knew from past events and had a glass of wine. There was a new couple there – Mike & Sue and we started the usual conversation, how long have you been in the lifestyle, how did you get started, who’s idea was it first, how was the subject broached to the other, what are you into, how did you here about this party etc.? Turns out that the were newbie’s, this was their first house party but had played with one other woman once before. They were both in their late 40’s looking to start out as soft swingers until each was comfortable with the idea of their partner being with another person. From experience we both know this is the hardest part of entering the lifestyle and when done wrong will destroy a lot of relationships. He is 6’1, bald headed, relatively well built and very funny. She was 5’4, medium built, 34C breast and very soft skin. We had a few drinks chatted, danced, talked and I even took them on a tour of the house, explaining the rules as we went.

They had met another couple just after they arrived and the 6 of us started to hang out together. Sue returned from the bathroom missing her bra and had these lovely nipples sticking out from the see through mesh top she was wearing. Not being able to resist beautiful breasts I started to play with them and leaned in to suck on one of them. I found B’s had on the other one and it was immediately replaced by her mouth. We all started dancing together with Sue & B all over each other. After 20 min or so the other man suggested we find a room and up stairs we went. There was one empty room with a queen size and single bed that seemed perfect for 6. Mike started to remove Sue’s clothes while B went to the bathroom and the other couple started to strip. Not being one to be left out I helped Mike and let Sue lay back with just her panties on. Mike started to kiss her and I started to finger beylikduzu escort and kiss her pussy by pushing her panties to the side. She was so wet that her panties were actually dripping. B walked back in to the room, removing her top. I helped her take her skirt off, but loved to see her in her new panties. Looking at Sue on the bed B laid down between her legs and started to finger her pussy through her panties. Kneeling at the end of the bed I started to play with B’s clit from the rear, running my tongue up and down her slit from behind. After a few minutes of playing and moaning B rolls on her side and starts to pull Sue’s soaked panties off. Sitting up I helped slide them off her legs, using the opportunity to stroke and caress her pussy and clit.

B is lying there getting a great view of my fingers going in and out of Sue’s slit, her lips puffy and wet. Taking my hand she put my finger in her mouth and sucked Sue’s juice off me, turned her head and ran her tongue where my fingers had just been. Sue started to moan and I looked at Mike. He is still kissing his wife’s nipples and she has his cock in her hand stroking it. He looks down to see my lady eating his wife while I have one hand fingering her clit while my other hand is between B’s legs rubbing her clit as well. The other couple is still on the bed engaged in a 69 with him watching what we are doing. Flipping his girlfriend over so she can watch as well I moved up the bed and started working on Sue’s other nipple with my mouth. My hand found the other ladies smooth pussy and I started to rub her clit as she watched B & Sue. Looking down I have this great view of my SO’s head going up and down on Sue’s clit while I continue to suck on her nipple. Sue starts to rock harder, moaning and raising her legs to force B’s mouth further into her clit. It only took about 2 more minutes before she exploded into a great and loud organism that sent shivers all through her body.

Moving back down the bed I roll B over and proceed to kiss her lips. Her face is covered with Sue’s nectar and come. I kiss and lick all of it from her lips, cheeks, chin and nose, everywhere I can. B keeps kissing me and sucking Sue’s juice’s from my tongue and lips. I am fingering her pussy and she is so wet my fingers make a slurping sound. I raise my hand to my mouth to suck B’s juice as well when she grabs my hand and sucks my fingers as well. Sliding further down the bed I start kissing B’s clit escort beylikdüzü and slide my tongue into her very wet and sweet hole. Using my fingers to push deeper into her slit I reached her G-spot, bringing her to her own massive orgasm. Mike & Sue are not only watching but kissing and playing with B’s nipples. B has one hand back in Sue’s pussy and the other stroking the other ladies pussy. The other man is trying to enter his partner so B grabs his cock, starts to stroke it, then guides it into her. Knowing B as I do I know that right after I make her come orally she wants my cock inside her right away. Sitting up she bends down and starts to give me one of her great blow jobs. After a few minutes and not wanting to end the great feeling right away I lift her head form my lap, lay her back down on the bed and slide my very hard, wet cock into her hot juicy cunt.

Looking at Sue’s pussy right beside her head B looked into my eyes, flicked her eyes back to Sue and said “go ahead and eat her, she tastes great.” Not wanting to disappoint her I leaned over and started eating Sue’s dripping wet pussy. Here I am fucking my lovely lady while eating another woman’s pussy with her husband and another couple looking on. Lifting my head up from Sue, B licks her lips and I let her suck Sue’s juices from my face. Taking a break I look up and there is a crowd standing in the doorway watching. Mike rolls over and looks down at the 5 of us, all sweaty and grinning and asks if this is what soft swing is all about. I answer him that yes it is like this and can even be more as so far only the ladies have been satisfied. Sue asks B if she is done yet and B responds “not till we have had a mutual orgasm” Asking how we go about it B offers to show her. Not one to be left out B says one of her favorite positions is on her back with her legs on my shoulders, letting me get deep inside her. I can hit her G-spot with every stroke, sending her into a mind blowing orgasm. We lay across the bed with Sue and Mike beside us, both ladies on their backs with their feet in the air. As I am pumping B my hand is rubbing Sue’s clit while Mike is moving in and out. It only takes a few minutes for Sue to come again, having a massive orgasm. This sends B & I over the edge, both of us coming at the same time.

It is time to get dressed and let others have the room. B is glowing from her orgasm’s and her first encounter with a woman’s pussy for the rest of the evening. All the time she was wearing her new panties which are now completely soaked. I spent the rest of the evening playing with her pussy, drinking in nectar and sending her into more orgasm’s. We have made arrangements with Mike & Sue to play again when we are all free.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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