Chris, Marie and Me

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Some years ago a group of us through an internet chatroom used to meet up usually once a month at the London fetish fair and other fetish events in the general south east area.

This meant that as we were real friends in kink the chatroom had a friendly welcoming respectful atmosphere generally. Newcomers could easily be welcomed and looked after.

One of these newcomers was a guy called Chris. Like many of us he was based in the south east. The guy had lots of questions and as with many of us at the time the internet was a revelation. He discovered a world of kink he didn’t realise existed.

His interest initially was as a bi curious sub guy and while I’m about as straight as it gets we clicked and found lots to chat about. It followed that as I was in London one day we could catch up and have coffee or lunch as he was able to travel the short train ride into the smoke.

We met at Foyles Bookshop in the rather excellent cafe on the top floor. The discussion was quite wide ranging as he was very curious and like many sub guys wanted to experience everything he craved in just one day. I was happy to help where I could but the only other bi guy I knew was also a, “bottom” so that kind of limited options other than keeping an eye out for him. None of the Dommes I knew sounded quite what he was looking for.

Later in the conversation the subject of his wife came up. Very much in love with her they had been very conventional. Weren’t we all at one time? He let slip he had always wanted to see her with another guy. Someone who would take her, control her and enjoy her apparent charms! He also wanted to watch and not miss anything of this encounter.

As is often the case, Chris had this idea but had never found a way to mention it to his wife. Its quite a common desire and equally commonly kept secret it appears. My mind was caught by his interest in something Ive always enjoyed. Principally other guys girls!

We covered how he could broach the subject and how I was certainly very interested. His main concern was that he wanted to be there, which I was enthusiastic about. A plan was hatched for him to drop some hints and then drop the question. If I’m honest I didn’t think he would be able to go through with it. Such though was his determination that a couple of weeks later he dropped it on me that Marie was interested if unconvinced and with lots of questions and reservations.

The best way forwards was to meet for dinner somewhere, the three of us, dinner chat, nothing else. A pleasant evening possibly but hopefully much more fun to come.

Over a Chinese meal a couple of weeks later they must have found it slightly surreal and awkward discussing their desires, hopes and indeed fears with one another and with an almost complete stranger. Chris was attentive and hanging on every word the whole evening. Marie was cautious to begin but had lots of questions, some of them quite intimate. I’m not shy so I was happy to answer.

Marie was a wonderfully curvy woman with a full bust which Chris absolutely adored, (he had mentioned it several times), her smile was tricky to find but her blue eyes like mine showed a brightness and interest. We left that evening with nothing agreed but Chris and myself would catch up in the next week.

Id barely got into my Monday when Chris called full of enthusiasm as Marie had agreed to try a threesome. She understandably had some reservations and questions seeking reassurance. Chris couldn’t give a flying fandango, the guy was at full steam ahead.

I was able to plan in a Saturday night in a couple of weeks and booked a hotel just south of London not far from their home. I also had time to email Marie and answer questions and importantly outline my ideas and give her some instructions. This was going to be a pleasure for us all if I got it right.

Checking into the Hotel early gave me plenty of time to freshen up, prepare the room and chill. Its always a bit edgy when starting out on a first serious meet. Hopefully everything would be as we all now anticipated.

A brief meeting in the hotel lobby and we were off out for a light meal at the arranged time, both Chris and Marie looked very smart. Back to the hotel for drinks in the bar. Marie was getting her nerves settled and held my hand on the way into the hotel bar. Chris was watching, savouring every moment following just behind.

I asked Chris to get the drinks in while I sat next to his wife. When he returned I indicated where he should sit, in clear view of me and his wife. We were already sharing Ümraniye Escort signs of affection, leg touches, hand holding. Marie was certainly, “loosening” as her hand found my crotch and gave a squeeze albeit nervously. A frisson of sexual tension was there. Chris was now assuming his role of bystander to the attention his wife was getting. The time had come to go to the room.

In the lift on the way up in full view of Chris I kissed Marie fully and deeply, making sure I made eye contact with him. His wife was now mine to do as I will.

The room was as Id left it. Marie asked if she could use the loo. A few quick words with Chris to make sure he was happy with everything so far, which he affirmed. I told him to strip and sit in the armchair. He was most enthusiastic and was almost ready by the time Marie reappeared. As he sat, I asked Marie to put the cuffs, ankle and wrist on him. With some fumbling she did as asked and then I could attach his cuffed limbs to the straps attached to the chair. There he now was, cuffed, spread, naked in front of his wife and I.

I turned my attention to Marie, kissing her, holding her tied back hair, kissing her neck from which she gasped. Running my hands slowly over her back, shoulders and breasts. Since they were married she had never been with another man. Her kisses became hungrier and her hands too were now exploring. I could feel myself stiffening and being somewhat flushed. She was a very sexy lady.

Taking her top off revealed a black bra and her DD breasts held firmly within. Undoing her skirt it fell to the floor, exposing her stockings, her thighs and knickers framed by the suspender belt. Dressed perfectly to my instructions she was very pleasing to my eye. Chris’s eyes were almost out on stalks. I knew his wife didn’t wear stockings and she did look amazing. His cock was already standing proud too.

Unclasping the bra allowed her large breasts to be exposed. I made sure Chris could see as he loved his wife’s breasts very much. It was my hands now that were caressing, rubbing, kneading them, pinching very softly the large orbs of her nipples. Both Chris and Marie gasped in what was a very hot moment! Her breasts had an effect on us all!, though I was the one in control.

Turning her to face Chris I continued to caress and kiss his wife. His face already in rapture, his cock very hard and standing proud of his slim body.

Rubbing her panty crotch lightly and then the lace material more firmly into her puss, against the clit still concealed within. Maries gasps were very audible and her eyes closed. Sliding her knickers aside to rub her shaved lips , feeling the wetness seeping, the folds swollen was all very exciting. The knickers were then pulled up between the delicate folds, rocked from side to side before sliding them down. Moving her high heels one at a time I removed her knickers fully and handed them to her. “Put them in his mouth” I instructed her.

As she returned Id removed my shirt and unfastened my trousers. Slipping my trucks down we were both very close to Chris, his mouth full of her knickers. Soon I was naked and Marie needed some encouragement to touch my hard thick, shaved cock and balls. Making sure Chris could see her tentative fondling as it progressed to wanking my skin back and forth. My hand in her hair, holding her, guiding her. I pushed Marie gently, but firmly, to her knees, my shaft inches from her face, the tension was very high. With hesitation her mouth closed around my cock and I tilted her head so her husband could see his wife’s mouth full of another man’s cock. With growing confidence she sucked and slurped on my shaft, her little tongue flicking around my crown with each pull and suck. Marie was certainly a lovely cocksucker and was loosening and relaxing more. Chris’s gaze was as intense and attentive as ever.

I moved Marie to the bed, angled as ever so Chris could see his wife, her stockinged legs wide open. He had never seen her shaved, and i’m sure he was surprised. Marie had always been, “natural” but instead of completely bald she kept a tuft of her pubes, her lips wonderfully smooth, shaved and puffy. Glistening with her juices she did look stunning. From my bag I got a blindfold and placed it on Chris, I removed the knickers from his mouth too. He couldn’t see anything now, he would have to rely on his other senses, hearing and smell. Cuffed in the chair he couldn’t touch anything other than the arm of the chair.

Easing Marie back onto the bed a bit further and spread her legs wide, Anadolu yakası Escort blowing breath onto her puffy lips I teased them further with a soft finger playing on the folds as I breathed onto them. Her gasping was rewarded with my tongue brushing gently up and down the folds. My tongue becoming gently more invasive seeking out her clit. A glance at Chris and I could see him straining to hear every detail. Not being one to disappoint I slipped a finger just inside her cunny and lightly circled her clit. The little bud swelling and pulsing to the tip of my tongue. Marie was moaning softly and her breathing urgent. Flicking her clit only made her moan more much to my excitement making my own cock stiffen. My finger strayed to her brown nub as I lashed her puss with my tongue in increasing urgency. Sensing her about to cum, I rocked my finger just inside her bum and returned to very gentle flicks of the tip of my tongue, barely moving. She cried out a little in frustration at not being made to cum. A look over at Chris and he was still intently listening, his cock hard, prone and completely unattended too.

Maries wetness was now soaking my face and I absolutely loved it. “God Chris, she is so fucking wet,” I said.

He muttered a sort of, “hmm”

I responded with something like, “I’m going to make your wife come now.”

He hissed, a “yesss”

I returned to her wet cunny and began licking again. Flicking and rolling my tongue over her puffy folds. A finger in her bum and one just inside her cunt. Maries moans became much louder, more urgent and rasping almost. Then she came, very hard to the flicks and rolls of my tongue, working her puss and giving her clit lots of attention. Shuddering, she moaned, her legs moving involuntarily, an absolute delight. A few little kisses on her puss and gently I arose, attending to Chris’s blindfold. Removing it he looked a touch dazed. I checked he was OK and he sort of smiled and nodded. Marie was now looking, checking he was OK.

My cock really needed some attention now and sitting in front of Chris I motioned for Marie to come by be, down on the carpet. I loved the way she studied my cock, looking at it, peeling the skin back, exploring it and working it very gently. Her hands did feel good and she then started wanking me, quite nervously again. I thought this was because since she got married Chris was her only man.

Taking her hair I guided her onto my swollen glans, tilting her head until she could be seen by Chris. Softly I said to Chris, “your wife…she’s sucking my cock,” as if he needed telling but it just reinforced his situation. Maries confidence increased and she began to take me deeper, looking up at me, her hand on my shaft and my groin. “Enjoying my fat cock Marie?” I asked, she kind of smiled. “Tell Chris,” I instructed her.

She let my cock go from her soft mouth and looked at him. I caught the smile on her face, a very big smile. Guiding her back to it, I smiled at Chris but he was intent on watching his wife sucking another man’s cock. Marie was really working me rather well and I could feel my seed rising and it was starting to make me struggle not to spunk in her sweet mouth. I brought her up on her knees, I leaned down and kissed her full on the lips, then eased her back onto the bed.

I placed the blindfold back on Chris and returned to the bed.

Marie was on her back as I reached for the condom, opened it and slid it on. “Ready?”

She nodded, a smile on her lips. I rubbed the rubber clad cock up and down her wet lips. I gestured to her just before sliding it inside her puss. “Oh, Chris, John is inside me, he’s… fuck…me”. It was all quite dramatic but I pushed deep inside her. I could feel the warmth and wetness of her on my cock.

Getting more comfortable I could feel myself stretching her a little. Pushing myself slowly but surely ever deeper. Her hand came to her face a deliciously if subconsciously bit into her little finger. An exquisite delight to observe.

Chris was straining every sinew to try and see, to hear more and Id guess smell to know more of what was happening.

I whispered to Marie, that she should tell Chris more, but she was already greedily enjoying herself. Her attempts to tell him were stifled by own passion, enjoyment and my gathering thrusting into her. By this time I had lifted her stockinged legs over my shoulders as she lay flat so I could drive deeper and harder into her.

Once again her obvious slight discomfort was replaced by enjoying İstanbul Escort being fucked. I softly put a hand on her mouth, which she kissed before submitting to my hand gently covering her mouth, accentuating her breathing. Looking round at Chris he was totally focused and yet completely unable to tell very much. His cock standing hard and prone, twitching, his hands and wrists showing frustration with his situation. (He was later to tell me how much he loved this part, beyond his imagination)

It was time for Chris to now see his wife being fucked. Something he had wanted, needed and craved for some years now. I took care as I withdrew from Marie making sure the condom was in place and intact. Positioning her on all fours on the bed and facing him she was ready. Again I took the blindfold off Chris and his eyes feasted slowly as his vision accustomed itself to what he now could see.

The two of them spoke no words, but their eyes met.

Coming up behind Marie, Chris could see how hard my cock was, now in the same view as his wife. Telling Marie to, “rub my cock! make it harder Marie!” I could see the impact of my words on Chris. Very lustful. I pushed the shaft again into Marie and slowly began to take her doggie style, slowly and deeply inside her.

This time Marie was much more active, driving back onto me, me holding her ass cheeks apart, looking down into her butt cleavage loving what I saw. Her juices very wet, flowing and lubricating our fucking. Her breathing becoming very ragged, low moans every now and then and her now her cunny spasming around my cockhead.

She cried out as she came, Chris watching in amazement as his wife came on another guys cock before his very eyes. Her head was down as she gripped the sheets so he could see her face as she came. The gripping of her orgasming puss had quite the effect on myself. Taking hold of her hair I pulled her head up so she was now actually able to see her husband. I’m thinking their eyes were fixed on one another, though Chris didn’t actually recall later.

Pulling her by her hair, firmly but without causing her pain I thrust deep, hard and fast into her. Her cunt yielding to my thrusts, my thrusts becoming urgent as I felt my cockhead throbbing and my balls tingling as they slapped her clit. I came deep and hard inside her and I’m guessing she came again, either from the deep fucking or my balls now slapping her clit with a degree of urgency as she cried out.

As I came I felt the release of my seed into the condom, gasping myself it was ecstasy, fucking a very attractive woman in front of her attentive husband, plenty there to tip me over the edge!

I spoke in gasps to Chris, “Ive just seeded your wife”,”Ive come inside her”. As I withdrew she collapsed down onto the bed. I caressed her affectionately, appreciating what she had done for two very horny guys. The condom now wrinkling on my cock as I subsided.

After a moments respite I said to Marie, “I suppose you’d better make Chris come?” I was looking directly at Chris as I spoke. A still somewhat wobbly Marie gave some sort of affirmation.

“Want Marie to wank you off bad boy?”

Chris nodded.

I slid the condom off and handed it to Marie. Marie already knew the plan and moved over towards Chris. She kissed him full on the lips and pulled the skin back on his cock. It was saturated with pre cum which ran down his shaft.

She emptied the condom with my seed on it onto his already wet hard cock and this looked amazing. Chris was in shock which lasted for a moment as she then began to wank him off in earnest. Chris needed his release, his relief from such pleasurable torment and he was never going to last long in this situation.

Very much to Maries surprise and indeed mine, Chris lasted moments before he cried out, his sperm erupting not over Maries hands but flying across splattering the carpet. Although clearly surprised at the speed, ferocity and copious amount of Chris’s seed. He slumped back quickly, exhausted and relieved. The relief on his face palpable. Marie reached for the tissues but I gestured for her to unfasten his bonding cuffs and indicated they should take time together.

When I came back from the bathroom they had laid on the bed, together. I poured some wine and we shared some wine before they cleaned up and went home together.

I found myself smiling for the rest of the evening while watching hotel TV and relaxing. That mess on the carpet would have to wait or explained away!

Postscript. Chris and I met on several occasions socially afterwards. Much to both our regret, Marie had found it all a bit too much that evening and didn’t want to repeat it. Over time we lost touch altogether. Life is short but its as important to enjoy it as to respect others. I’m sure we all moved on in our various ways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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