The Scholarship

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“Have you heard anything Tracy?” Mrs. Jones asked her son. Who was busy playing the latest video game on the TV in the living room.

“No mom,” Tracy said, his controller making the staccato tap-tap-tap his mother loathed. “I’ve been accepted at several schools, but no scholarships.”

“I told you to play sports,” Mrs. Jones said. “How many times did I tell you. Pick a sport and get good at it. It’s a sure ticket to a scholarship. But instead you sit on your ass here in the living room playing your Xbot.”

“But I’m no good at sports,” The skinny eighteen year old was far to skinny for most sports. There was no way to get good at any sport always being the last one chosen for a team and reluctantly put where he was least likely to be needed. “Besides it’s called an XBOX.”

“If you stuck to a sport like you’ve stuck to those damned video games, you’d have 10 scholarships by now.” Mrs. Jones said.

“Maybe I can just go to a community college?” Tracy said.

“And do what exactly?” Mrs. Jones said. “Become a mechanic?”

“I can do college prep.”

“What comes after college prep genius? College, and it’s college that we can’t afford,” Mrs. Jones said. “Why couldn’t you have been more like your sister?”

“She didn’t get a sports scholarship either!” Tracy shouted, throwing down his controller. Shit, he’d been killed. Nothing got under his skin like being compared to his sister who always seemed to catch every break.

“Oh now look at Mr. Highandmighty,” Mrs. Jones said. “Stacy didn’t get a sports scholarship. But she does go to college doesn’t she? She goes to an expensive college and it’s all paid for. How does that happen? Explain that to me Tracy.”

“She’s lucky I guess,” Tracy replied sullenly.

“Lucky he says,” Mrs. Jones said. “We make our own luck. Maybe you could use a little of your sister’s luck. Why don’t you see if she can help you pay for school. Go on. Ask.”

Stacy tried to tune the two of them out. They were always arguing. She should be enjoying her summer instead of listening to that damned bickering. Usually she didn’t involve herself in these arguments. But this time she did. It just came out. She would have never said those words if she’d known what would happen next.

“It is a shame he isn’t a girl,” Stacy said. “Jill graduated so my sorority has another full scholarship they are giving out.”

“What did you say?” Mrs. Jones said.

Stacy looked at her mother’s intense gaze. It was just an offhand silly thing. Nothing to take seriously. But her mother looked very serious and her brother – her brother looked very worried.

“Nothing.” Stacy’s voice was a whisper.

“No it wasn’t nothing,” Mrs. Jones said. “It was something. Now, tell me exactly what you said.”

“I said,” Stacy continued reluctantly. “My sorority will be giving out another full scholarship. But it doesn’t matter. It’s not like he can apply for it.”

“And why is that?” Mrs. Jones said, her voice had a hard quality Stacy never liked to hear.

“Because he’s a boy.”

Tracy was chuckling, till he looked away from the TV and caught a glimpse of the look in his mother’s eyes. The laugh died in his throat.

“It looks like I was wrong about those damned games after all,” Mrs. Jones said. “A few sports and he’d be all barrel chested and stocky shoulders. Just look at him. He’s as skinny as you Stacy. He’s as skinny as any girl.”

“But there are records.” Stacy said.

“His name is Tracy. Oh don’t you worry about records, you leave that to me.” Mrs. Jones said. “Now you help your brother go to college. There are no if ands or buts. What exactly does he need?”

“No!” Tracy said. “No way. No how! I will not do it! Never in a million years.” The newly diploma decorated high school graduate ran from the room and slammed his door. No. Never in a million fucking years. His mother thought she controlled him. But she didn’t. He was an adult now. He made his own decisions.


Two months later…

Tracy stared up at the large house. It was much larger than he’d ever reckoned. Phi Beta Phi symbols were on the front. His first time at college, he would have had butterflies in his stomach in the best condition. But these weren’t typical conditions and Tracy was tee-totally terrified. His knees felt like jello.

“You better not ruin this for me,” Stacy said under her breath while keeping a smile plastered on her lips. “I mean it Tracy. I will not only fucking kill you, I will rip off your head and shit down your throat. Do you understand me?”

“I don’t want to be here,” Tracy whispered back urgently. “And I wouldn’t. Not like this. Not if you had kept your big mouth shut.”

Though the brother and sister sounded angry, they were both equally terrified. They both had so much to lose and so much depended on not getting caught in this charade.

Tracy caught his sister looking him up and down. Making sure everything was as planned. Tracy dared to look down to be certain Betturkey as well. God – a skirt, a turtleneck sweater, hose, boots, a wonderbra , panties. He’d never been so humiliated.

“Hey Stacy!” A young blond said. “This must be your cousin? Welcome to Phi Beta Phi.”

That was the moment. Their last chance to end the charade. However, with their mother looking on expectantly from the car, Stacy and Tracy hugged the bubbly blond in greeting and went into the house, their belongings stuffed in a few suitcases and small boxes.


They were both certain Tracy would be exposed as a boy pretending to be a girl. But somehow he managed to pull it off. Making it through hazing, showers, sharing a room with a girl. There were only two things that still managed to cause the young boy concern.

Making friends. It was hard enough to make friends in ideal situations. But now, now it was nearly impossible. For one, making friends with boys was near impossible. Tracy tried, but he soon found out the hard way that boys were all interested in something else other than hanging out together and playing video games. They were interested in girls. Even girls that weren’t interested in them.

This left girls. But that was equally awkward. They wanted to talk about boys, makeup, and stuff that Tracy had no idea about.

The other problem? Mixers. God, how Tracy hated them. Every so often the sorority would invite a over for dinner or they would go over to a fraternity. There the young boy had to endure the unwanted attention from other boys.

Usually he made himself scarce and blended in with the surroundings. It was there blending in, he began to make friends with Maggie.

Maggie had dark hair and equally dark eyes. She always put just enough effort into the sorority, but she was never bubbly like the other girls. She was snarky. And the best part, she didn’t talk about boys like the other girls. She talked about them, but in a way Tracy could identify with.

“God these dweebs are so lame,” Maggie said. “How much longer can this fucking mixer possibly last?”

“An eternity,” Tracy said.

“Can I get you girls a drink?” a boy asked.

“Sorry, I don’t drink,” Tracy said.

“My shrink says if I mix alcohol with my medication,” Maggie said. “It makes me homicidal.”

The boy laughed, but Maggie didn’t.

“I’m serious.” she said, her gaze dead – scary.

The boy’s gulped down his drink, shook his head and walked away to find greener fields to plow.

“Did you see him?” Maggie said. “A popped collar? Who the fuck wears a popped collar these days?”

“I think you made him pee himself,” Tracy snickered. “Just a little.”

Maggie’s hand reached around to the small of Tracy’s back and she pulled him close to her. So close he prayed his panty shaper was doing its job. He didn’t protest. He knew this was something girls did with one another.

“I did, didn’t I? Boys are so stupid.” Maggie giggled in Tracy’s ear. God, to be that close to the girl made her loins ache. Oh how she wanted her. She’d dropped hints and the girl seemed oblivious to boys. She’d caught the cute blond looking at her out the corner of her eye, but had as of yet been unable to seal the deal.

“Your lipstick is a little smudged,” the buxom raven haired girl, tidied up Tracy’s lipstick with her finger. It was only a matter of time till she seduced this innocent freshman.


It was a friendship that Tracy was desperate for. A friendship that didn’t involve talk of boyfriends and boys or clothes he didn’t want and couldn’t afford.

A friendship his sister disapproved of.

“I don’t want you hanging with that girl.” Stacy told her brother.


“You know who,” Stacy said. “Maggie.”

“But..but we are rooming together now.”

“I heard. Next time you better ask before you switch rooms.” Stacy said. “Break it off. This can’t lead to anything good.”

“But we are just friends.”

“She’s an odd one,” Stacy said. “I get a weird vibe Tracy.”

“She’s nice,” Tracy answered. “She’s a lot nicer and more normal than 95% of the other girls around here. All they talk about are frat boys and sex.”

“That’s just what I said. She’s weird,” Stacy said. “But have it your way ‘sis’. You are always so ‘smart’.”


Of course Tracy ignored his sister’s advice. How could she expect him to break it off with his new best friend? The only friend he had at this lonely – lonely school. She had no idea the kind of relationship the two girls shared. Or maybe she did and it was jealousy talking.

Even now, Tracy sat on the bed talking to Maggie, painting her toenails while they talked. And speaking of talking, the two could talk for hours on end.

“God, Tracy, you should have seen the test results for sociology. One quarter of the class failed. The professor scheduled the test for a Friday. Everyone was out partying the night before, the class reeked of it. I heard Betturkey Giriş the girls behind me talking yesterday. She said she sucked the professor off to change her grade. These kids are so slack. I don’t know why I’m here. But if I wasn’t here, I wouldn’t have met you. I can’t imagine going to school anywhere else but with you.”

Tracy blinked back the tears in his eyes. He’d never been this close to anyone. He was her best friend and she was his. She was more than that really. He had feeling for her. He wanted so much to tell her the truth, but he couldn’t. And it hurt. It hurt to hold back something so important from his best friend.

Maggie wiggled her toes. “Pretty. Blow them dry for me.”

Tracy felt his cheeks color. He’d already done her nails and blown them dry. It felt a bit odd to blow on her feet. It felt …unmasculine. Yet she wriggled them so cutely. She sat there on a pile of pillows, wearing an old form fitting t-shirt that hugged her buxom curves, her nipples poking through invitingly. Her long pale legs extended and glimpses of her panties were causing him uncomfortable stirrings down below.

He should have said no. But he couldn’t.

Then doing it. Blowing on them gently while she wriggled them. The stirring in his groin grew almost painful. There was no danger in being exposed. He was securely tucked. Yet, certain natural occurrences that caused pleasure in most boys, caused just the opposite when nature wasn’t allowed to take its course of action.

Maggie licked her lips. Her cheeks grew warm. God how she wanted this girl. She felt certain Tracy was into girls too, but as yet the seduction wasn’t complete. There was an innocence – a naivety that attracted her but at the same time kept her prey from her.

“Now let me do you,” she said, she dug into Tracey’s drawer and returned with some pink polish and started with his fingernails.

“It’s amazing that we are best friends,” Maggie said. “When we are such opposites in so many ways. I like dark colors, you like pretty pinks. I like jeans and t-shirts, and you like frills and lace. The only thing we really have in common is that we don’t fit in with the other girls. I know why I don’t fit in – but I can’t see why you don’t.”

Tracy wanted to tell Maggie that he didn’t like pink or lace. He had to wear them. He had to go the extra mile to appear feminine, while Maggie could do it with practiced ease.

“I guess I’m just introverted.” Tracy said with a shrug. Lying but what else could he do? Truth was not an option for him no matter how much he wished it were.

“I feel like I’m holding you back,” Maggie said. “I have a bad attitude about things. I see the glass as half empty. You see it as half full, I know you do. I don’t want my apathy and pessimism to rub off on you. As a matter of fact, I never imagined I’d get accepted here in the first place. I rushed as a joke. I can guess though, somehow they found out I have money.”

“And I have none. That’s why I joined. I needed the scholarship.” Tracy said, at least being able to speak the truth about this one matter.

“Well, you can make the most of it,” Maggie said, turning the conversation to a different subject, trying to corner the girl that was alluding her thus far. “You should talk to one of those frat boys at the next party. Don’t hang out with me- I think I scare them though I can’t imagine why.”

“I don’t like those frat boys,” Tracy said, thinking I don’t like boys period, but being unable to say so.

“Who did you date in high school?” Maggie said, moving on to Tracy’s toenails. “What was he like?”

Tracy blushed. He had made up lies for the other girls, but for some reason he couldn’t lie about it to Maggie right now. Not the way he felt about her.

“You didn’t have a boyfriend in high school did you?” Maggie exclaimed. “Oh I’ve got the dirt on you now. Now I see why you are so shy. You’ve never done it before, have you?”

“Well have you?” Tracy said, blushing quite furiously now, trying to turn the conversation back to Maggie. It was conversations like this that made him avoid girls in the first place, and he hated talking about them with Maggie even more.

“Yes I have, but we are talking about you.” Maggie said. “And don’t try to change the subject. So tell me, have you even kissed?”

Tracy nodded.

“I mean really kissed you sexy little virgin.”

Tracy felt his cheeks grow even warmer. No he hadn’t. What’s more, Maggie called him sexy. It stirred feeling inside him.

“There’s nothing to it,” Maggie said. This innocent little girl was soon going to be putty in her hands. She should have been more direct ages ago instead of all the teasing and innuendo. “Nothing to be afraid of. See, when you kiss, he’ll come in close, and you just kind of keep your distance. If he goes too fast, why you just feel free to dodge out of the way. Here I’ll show you.”

Suddenly the room grew hotter and Maggie went in for a kiss. Despite the doubts that assailed him, Tracy didn’t Betturkey Güncel Giriş draw away. Not even when Maggie’s tongue entered his mouth. He sighed. It was the moment he’d waited all along.

Maggie withdrew and frowned, on one hand she was excited, she’d kissed and the object of her affection went along. She wanted more, so she continued her lessons.

“You aren’t supposed to let them go in there like that,” Maggie said. “It’s like I told you. If they go in quickly, you dodge out of the way. Otherwise, they will think you are easy. You don’t want boys to think you are easy do you?”

“No,” Tracy breathed, his cheeks blooming a bright red. He’d reacted to Maggie’s kiss and now she thought he’d kiss any old boy the same way he kissed her. Tracy felt a hollowness in his heart. He’d wanted her kiss, not some training lesson. But what could he expect? He was trapped here, pretending to be a girl. A girl who thought of him as a friend and nothing more.

“Let’s try again,” Maggie said, going in quickly again, but this time Tracy kept the brunette away with a hand on her shoulder, already feeling spurned from the first one.

“Keep your hands down,” Maggie warned. “Your nails aren’t dry. I’ve had this night shirt for years and I think you’ve ruined it.”

“Sorry,” Tracy felt his cheeks grow warm.

“It’s okay,” Maggie said. “It’s old anyway, but it has sentimental value. I couldn’t bear to part with it even with a little polish. Reach your arms up high to keep from ruining your nails so we can try again. Just use you body and your lips to control the pace. Let’s try again.”

Use his body? How? Maggie rushed in for another kiss, her lips parted and tongue extending. Oh how he longed to feel that kiss once more. His body yearned for it. Ached. But he didn’t want Maggie to think he was some kind of loose girl, so he leaned away from the kiss, keeping just out of reach. Feeling her hot breath on his face. Her kisses on his neck. Trying to work her way up to his lips. Her fingers running through his hair, gently touching his body. The feelings were driving him crazy.

“That’s much better,” Maggie said, less than an inch from his lips, her loins dancing with heat. She was quickly soaking her panties and she prayed Tracy didn’t suspect. The sexy little blonde was squirming so delightfully, yet subserviently obeying Maggie’s every instruction. The sense off power was quite a rush. “This time I’ll come in real slow. Now, it’s time for the real thing. Don’t give it up so quickly. Make me work for it.”

Maggie’s tongue darted out, licking Tracy’s lip. He could feel her breath. He could almost feel the heat radiating from her skin. His heart hammered in his chest. Her lips brushed against his. Her teeth nibbled his lower lip. Oh how he wanted that kiss, but he held back his urges.

Maggie moved back slightly. She brushed her lips against his once more. Her tongue darted out. And with his mind screaming not to, Tracy met her tongue. Met her kiss for kiss. Met her passion with his own. He was helpless to stop.

“That was very nice,” Maggie’s cheeks were as flushed as Tracy’s. Her pupils dilated. You are mine she wanted to sing. “You are a quick learner. For a virgin, you are a fast learner. Some day, I’m sure you are going to make some boy very happy, but you have much more to learn first.”

Tracy couldn’t even form a reply. Even if he could think of something to say, he feared it would be the wrong thing, but he knew that he wasn’t going to make some boy happy. He wanted to make Maggie happy.

Maggie went in for another kiss. Starting out gently and furtively as before, but this one growing much more hungry. Biting Tracy’s lip. Probing his mouth with her tongue.

You are mine now. It is time for you to learn the joys of lesbian love, Maggie thought, as she kissed Tracy’s neck and moving softly, silently. She had no intention of allowing this shy little beauty to get away.

With Maggie’s hot breath in his ear, Tracy was in heaven. But sometimes heaven can be a very dangerous place.

“What the fuck?” Maggie exclaimed.

Oh God! He’d been so caught up, he’d never realized what Maggie was doing with her hand. Slipping it surreptitiously beneath his long t-shirt, and down into his cotton bottoms – even past the tight lycra undergarment that hid his male shape.

“Wait!” Tracy wrestled away from her hand.

“What the hell?” Maggie was still stunned. Her mind shifted into gear. What she felt, it was impossible, and yet she was certain.

“Please don’t tell.” Tracy said, and regretted the words instantly. He should have lied. He should have said anything else. “Please-please-please…”

“What is all…what is all this?” Maggie’s eyes narrowed in anger. Was it possible? The object of her affection was not what she thought? Was something else entirely? “Some fucking joke? God I should hand you your ass for this.”

“No, it – it wasn’t like that-let me explain.” Tracy fell to his knees and begged harder than he ever had in his life. He explained how he came to be there in the sorority dressed like a girl. How he had fallen helplessly in love with his new roommate.

But Maggie’s eyes were hard. They hadn’t softened at all. Tracy began to despair that he would be going home…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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