Christy Ch. 02

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The Learning Curve

Car doors slammed and the engine revved to life. Headlights washed across the room as the car backed out of the driveway. “They’re gone!” Tina sighed. ” I’ve been dying. So what the hell did you get up to over there in The Hague?”

It seemed like weeks, not days ago that Christy returned from an internship at the World Court. Her dowdy sister returned as a leather clad, pierced titty, sexy mamma. The transformation shocked Tina. She was still reeling from being seduced by her own sister. She’d been dying to find out what had happened in Holland, but had to wait for her parents to be out of the way. They would go ballistic if the found out Christy had pierced nipples!

Christy sauntered into the living room popping open a Heineken. “Oh there is so much to tell, Squirt. It’s hard to know where to begin.” Christy plopped down in Dad’s Lazyboy and tossed her legs over the arm, bobbing her bare feet in the air. “You remember me mentioning Liz, my roommate in the dorm? She had a lot to do with it.”

Tina sat cross-legged on the floor in front of her sister, the acolyte in learning at the feet of the master. Tina nodded saying, “I remember you mentioning her. You didn’t say much. I think you said she was Finnish and really nice. I don’t remember much more.”

“Yeah,” Christy laughed. “Well, there was a lot I couldn’t really tell. Liz is over there on a 12-month internship. She’d already been through one roomie when I got there. She’s smart, funny and works very, very hard. She also plays very hard and very kinky. She really opened my eyes.”

“How,” Tina asked?

“Oh, in so many ways!” Christy said swinging her legs off the arm of the chair and turning to look straight at Tina. “The first week we were just getting to know each other. The first night I saw that she had her nips and coochie pierced. It sort of freaked me out at first that she liked to sit around naked in the dorm. She didn’t even care if people walked in on her.”

“Wow.” Tina said.

“Yeah,” Christy continued. “She was a trip, but she’s so nice I got over her being naked all the time pretty quick. On Friday of that first week, Liz invited me to go to Amsterdam with her to party. I was a little nervous, but I said, sure.”

“Isn’t pot legal there,” Tina asked?

“It is,” Christy said as a huge grin split her face. “The first place Liz took me to was a place called the Grasshopper. It’s just up the street from the train station. They serve food, drink and marijuana in this place. We grabbed a seat and Liz ordered some food, drink and Silver Fog for us. She said I had to get in the right mood for my first night in A’dam.”

“You smoked weed,” Tina asked?

“Like you don’t,” Christy laughed. “I wasn’t as innocent as I looked Maltepe Escort even before I left. This stuff was really good. I was all mellow and floating when we left that place.”

“Liz said I had to see De Wallen! She led me down the street into the Red Light District. It was crazy. There were all these women in windows. There were all these guys cruising around looking at them. There were a lot of couples checking out the place too. Some of the guys went in with the girls. They’re all prostitutes and it’s all legal!”

“Liz knew some of the girls!” Christy continued. “We stopped and talked to this tall German chick with wild hair and tattoos. She told her she was introducing me to Amsterdam’s best. Then we went down the canal and Liz took me to a place called the Casa Rosa. They have a penis fountain in front of the place.”

“What is the Casa Rosa,” Tina asked?

“It’s a live sex show.” Christy exclaimed. “I was floating along like a balloon when Liz pulled me down to the front row. There was a really cute Brazilian girl on stage playing with a vibrator when we came in. After her, this couple dressed as Batman and Robin came on stage. Before the first song was over, the chick dressed as Robin was sucking Batman. If I hadn’t been stoned, I probably would have been too embarrassed to watch.”

“But you did watch,” Tina said giggling.

“Oh yes,” Christy said. “And Liz gave me quite a surprise too. My head was already spinning from the pot and seeing these people fucking in front of us, but then Batman noticed Liz! He waved for her to come up on stage… and she did!”

“NO WAY,” Tina squealed.

“She went up on stage and dropped her jeans,” Christy giggled. “She let Batman fuck her while she licked Robin’s pussy. The crowd loved it. I was confused, but kind of turned on too. Liz is one hot mama. When she came off the stage, I told Liz she was freaking me out.”

“She’s freaking me out and I wasn’t even there,” Tina said.

“I asked her if we could go someplace normal,” Christy continued. “I was just getting overloaded by all this new… stuff. Liz though my embarrassment was so cute. She told me I had the cutest blush she’d ever seen. But she did take me someplace normal after that. We went to a dance club and just danced, drank more beer and flirted with boys. I don’t know how long we were in there, but it must have been a long time. It was fun, but… you know.”

“I like flirting with guys at dance clubs,” Tina said smiling.

“You tease,” Christy laughed and shoved her sister’s shoulder with her foot. “Anyway, when Liz asked if I wanted to go somewhere more exciting, I said sure. I’d kind of forgotten what Liz might consider more exciting. I was kind of toasted.”

“We caught a cab Kartal Escort to another club somewhere beyond the canal belt. Liz knew the doorman and got us in for free. As we went in, Liz turned to me and said, ‘you can just watch if you want, but I’m going to play.’’

“What did she mean by that,” Tina asked.

“As soon as we got in the door, I realized Liz had taken us to a sex club! There were people walking around in leather, latex and nothing. There was a little Turkish girl sitting right on the bar being fist fucked by two big guys. She was yelling for them to stuff her with more hands!”

“You’re lying” Tina gasped and involuntarily grabbed her crotch! “Two hands in her pussy?”

“Liz knew this girl too” Christy exclaimed! “She went over and kissed her and asked about the horses!”

“Liz went to the coat check and checked all her clothes. She planted me at a table, then went off with two guys wearing leather hoods. I felt like someone had slipped me acid. The girl on the bar was letting everyone fist her. Another woman was on a sofa near me sucking off everyone who came over. There were couples doing all sorts of things all over the place. From where I was sitting, I could even see Liz sucking one of her guys and getting fucked by the other.”

“Weird,” Tina said sounding stunned. “What did you do?”

“I sat there just watching all this craziness,” Christy said. “The girl on the bar just kept yelling for more fists. Some guys came over and chatted at me, but I couldn’t understand them. The girl who had been sucking all the guys, started fucking them. It was all too much to take in.”

“I’ll bet,” Tina said. “Were you scared?”

“I was freaked out,” Christy admitted, “but I wasn’t scared and it was turning me on too. This older guy came over and sat with me. Asked if it was my first time there. When I said it was, he introduced himself as Doc and gave me a running commentary on what was going on. It turns out the Turkish girl is a regular. She apparently has a couple of gangbang records. This guy told me that Liz is a part time bartender at the club.”

“Your roomie was a freak” Tina blurted!

“Yeah! You’re catching on,” Christy said. “I was totally overloaded. Too much information! Just then, I looked up to see Liz with her arms buried deep in the Turkish girl’s cunt. I think I must have looked like I saw a ghost or something. Doc asked me if I’d like to take a walk.”

“Do you remember Mr. Turner, the science teacher” Christy asked?

“Yeah,” Tina said.

“Well, this guy reminded me of Mr. Turner,” Christy said. “Not that hot physically, but really nice; sexy in a kind of fatherly way. Anyway, Doc took me downstairs where there were all sorts of private rooms. He led Kurtköy Escort me past a couple of dungeons and a medical examining room. They were all in use. At the end of the hall, he led me into a small room that looked like someone’s idea of the Arabian Nights. Doc said that most of the people who come to the club are into being seen, so the couples room is often empty.”

“And…” Tina asked.

“Well,” Christy said, “I was freaked, but Doc was nice and kind of sexy. I was really horny too. We sat and chatted for awhile. He was nice and wasn’t trying too hard… So I kissed him.”

“You were making out with a guy Dad’s age,” Tina blurted?

“No,” Christy laughed. “I fucked a guy Dad’s age! He was a good kisser and before I knew it, he was sucking my titties. Then he was licking my pussy. Oh man, was he good! His tongue did wonderful things to my clit. He licked my slit and probed me in the nicest ways. I ground my pubes in his face as I got closer and closer to coming. When I did come, I felt like my bones turned to rubber.”

“Is that all you did,” Tina asked.

“Well, no…” Christy said. “I mean, he made me come so it’s only fair that I got him off too. I started by sucking his cock. It wasn’t all that long, but it was thick. I loved that I could deep throat him without gagging a whole lot. I was really getting into sliding that cock in and out of my mouth. I liked the way it bumped into the back of my throat when I got all the way down. I could tell he was digging it too by his moans and the way his cock just kept getting harder and harder.”

“I really wanted him to cum in my mouth,” Christy continued, “but he asked me to stop. He wanted to fuck me. I fell back on the cushions and he put a black condom on. Then he brought my legs up on his shoulders and slid that thick dick in me. It felt great sliding in and out of my cunt. I felt another orgasm building. He kissed my neck and sucked my toes while he fucked me. I grabbed his ass and drew him to me, begging him to make me cum again. I swear; when I started to cum, his dick started squirting. It was like getting me off, got him off!”

“That’s so cool,” Tina said. “Teddy is like, ten stroke a splat. Over.”

“You little slut,” Christy laughed! “I know what you mean.”

“So what happened next,” Tina asked.

“Well, I fell asleep,” Christy said sheepishly. ” I was pretty stoned and the sex just wiped me out. Liz woke me up when the club closed. It was morning, and we caught a cab back to the station.”

“So that’s what turned you into Miss Freaky Momma?” Tina asked.

“Nooo,” Christy laughed. “But that was the start. I was kind of confused, but in a good way. Liz and I became very good friends. She got me a part time job at the club with her. But that’s another story, really.”

“Wow,” Tina said. She noticed she’d been rubbing her clit through her shorts. “Telling me all that got me horny. Will you eat my pussy again?”

Christy laughed as she tumbled out of the chair. “Sure Tina. What’s a big sister for?”

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