Corrupting Kelly Ch. 02

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Don watched his neighbor walking through the door with a case of beer in his hand and a short pile of DVD’s stacked on top of the beer. Frank put the beer in the frig and gave one to Don motioning for him to follow him out into the family room with the DVD’s.

Frank placed the stack of DVD’s on top of the player and sat down on the sofa across from Don. Frank popped open his beer and took a long swig.

“Don. Your little wife surely looked hot in that new dress tonight! You know that Kelly has been talking about going out with my wife for a few weeks now. I understand you and Kelly have been talking about swinging for months now!”

Don almost choked on his beer when he heard Frank mention what he and Kelly had talked about privately.

“Kelly spoke to Connie about our private discussions? Why would she tell Connie about something we discussed among ourselves?”

Frank laughed. “If you wouldn’t have got caught peeking into our window the other night, you may not have known anything about it. You see, Kelly has been concerned that maybe your getting tired of her and wanted to swing with other women.”

“No. That’s not true at all, I only brought up the idea of swinging to my wife a few months ago during sex! I never intended to actually go out and try it!”

Frank placed his beer on the table as he tried to explain further.

“Don. Connie has been trying to get your wife out for a few weeks now to meet a few of our friends. Your wife loves you enough to want to investigate any idea that you may have about swinging. Connie finally convinced your wife to go out and meet a couple guys and have a few drinks and see if she could be comfortable around another man!”

Don felt his mind going numb talking to his neighbor about these intimate details about his marital relationship with his wife.

“Frank. It was all just fantasy! I never meant for Kelly and me to really get involved in something like this! I have to call her and stop her now!”

“I wouldn’t call her now, she might feel you don’t trust her out without you. Don’t worry, Connie is with her and she is aware of what to do and react if one of the guys happens to get out of line.”

“Frank. I don’t want my wife out screwing another man! Not without me!”

“Don. Did you just hear what you said? You said that you didn’t want her to screw another man without you!”

Don quickly drank his beer down and went to the frig to get another. This was going to be one long night waiting for Kelly to return home and listening to Frank. Don was also surprised that Kelly had discussed their personal marital problems with Connie.

It took several more beers before Don finally felt relaxed enough to speak about swinging with other people. Don and Frank had been chatting for more than three hours now when the phone rang and Don quickly got up to answer it.

It was Kelly on the phone. “Honey. I’ll be home shortly, Connie and I have been dancing and we’re just about ready to leave.”

“OK. Be careful and I’ll see you in a little while!”

“I love you!”

“I love you too!”

Don hung up the phone and turned around to face Frank. “That was Kelly. Kelly said they were getting ready to leave in a few minutes.”

Frank walked over to Don and patted him on the shoulder. “See. I told you not to worry about Kelly. I better get going, Connie is usually horny as hell when she goes out with Felix and doesn’t fuck!”

Don just shook his head as he watched Frank walk out the door waving as it shut. Don felt relieved that nothing took place tonight. He trusted his wife but the fact that she was out at a club dancing and sitting with another man got him upset.

Don was drunk! He slowly walked over to the sofa and almost fell down in the cushion. He glanced up at the television to look at the time on the cable box. It was after one in the morning and Kelly should be home anytime.

Don noticed the DVD’s setting on the player. He and Frank never got a chance to watch. He’d have to get rid of them, hide them somewhere from Kelly.

The front door opened that instant and Don saw his wife walk inside. Kelly shut the door and turned around and saw her husband sitting in the living room.

“Honey. You didn’t have to wait up for me!”

Kelly walked toward Don looking as hot in that dress as she left early this evening. She was still wearing the 5 inch spike heels which enhanced her beautiful legs.

Don smiled as Kelly straddled his legs and placed her arms around his neck as she gave him a long passionate kiss. Don put his arms around his wife as they sat locked in a heated kiss when her cell phone rang.

Kelly yalova escort broke the kiss and quickly picked up her purse off the cushion.

“Oh yeah I got home a few minutes ago! ……Yes, I did have a nice time . . . I really enjoyed your company tonight . . . I hope we can, I would like that! …..Yes, I really did! …….OK . . . I’ll call you . . . Good night!”

Kelly pushed the off button on her cell phone and tossed it down next to her purse as she went back kissing Don on the lips. Don could tell his wife was extremely horny as he felt her tongue probing inside his mouth.

Don wanted to ask who had called her on her cell phone but Kelly continued to keep her mouth locked to his lips as she began grinding her hips into his lap. Don placed his hands on her ass feeling her body sway as she pushed her almost bare tits into his face.

Kelly broke the long kiss feeling out of breath as she leaned as far forward as she could and stuck her tits in Don’s face.

“Honey. Take me into the bedroom and fuck me now!”

Although he was drunk, Don picked up his wife and carried her into the bedroom and sat back on the bed as Kelly moved herself on top of him and began kissing his lips again.

She straddled his legs while he pushed the hem of her short dress up revealing her legs and took hold of her ass cheeks in his hands. Kelly continued kissing her husband as he felt her almost bare ass in his hands and gently tugged on the tiny material of her thong.

Kelly had a nice round bottom and Don loved getting a grip on her full cheeks every opportunity he got.

Kelly was sliding forward until Don’s nose was buried against her pussy mound. Kelly’s thong was soaking wet at the crotch. She must have been excited from being out at the club with another man tonight.

Kelly stretched out and slipped her dress over her head and tossed it on the floor and leaned back down to allow her large full tits to sway in front of her husband’s face.

“Suck my tit’s baby!”

Don took each nipple into his mouth and teased it with his tongue as Kelly kept grinding her hips down into her husband’s lap.

Kelly slid down and began unbuttoning Don’s shirt and his pants as he helped her slip his pants down his legs. Kelly stood on the bed and almost fell as she slipped off her thong and tossed it on the floor next to her dress.

She was still wearing her heels which almost caused her to lose her balance but kept them on as she sat down across her husbands legs.

Don was hard as rock as Kelly slipped forward a few more inches and straddled her husband until his cock head was beginning to part her pussy lips as she slowly slipped herself down his shaft.

Don wasn’t huge, only average size but Kelly was very talented with her pussy muscles and knew how to tighten up so she would feel tight.

She was extra hot and wet tonight as Don slipped inside his wife’s tight pussy. She didn’t waste a second as she began moving herself up and down his hard cock.

“Oh God. Honey! Fuck me. Fuck me really hard!”

“Oh yeah! Ride it! Ride that cock! You’re so hot and tight tonight!”

Kelly kept pounding her ass down on her husband as he held onto her nice round ass. Don got a little bold with her as he began to fantasize about her date.

“You were out with another man tonight weren’t you? Did it turn you on?”

“Yes Honey! Yeah it turned me on! I’m so wet! Fuck me!”

Kelly’s hair was flying all over the place as she continued to bounce herself up and down above her husband.

“Honey. Did you dance with him tonight?”

“Yes. Honey . . . We danced!”

“Did you dance really close to him and push your tits into his chest? …Did he grab your ass while you danced?”

“Oh God yes . . . He rubbed his big hands on my ass while we danced. I could . . . Feel his cock pushing into my tummy!”

Kelly was driving Don insane the way she spoke about her date tonight. He was trying to hold out from shooting his load right than and now!

“Darling? Was he a big and tall black man? Was he really dark and built big?”

“Oh yeah. He was so tall and big and really black! He turned me on!”

Don turned Kelly over onto her back and began screwing her hard as she locked her feet around his ass. Kelly dug her finger nails into her husband’s back as they screwed.

“Did he touch you anywhere else tonight?”

“Yes. He put his hand on my thigh when we sat in the booth. Don . . . He was rubbing his hand up my thigh and I let him. Are you mad at me?”

“No. Not at all! I’m not mad at, sweetie! edirne escort Did it turn you on having a black man touching your thigh?”

Don felt Kelly’s pussy tighten up around his cock as she yelled out!

“Oh God. It turned me on! Oh God . . . I’m cuming! God, it’s so good!”

Kelly’s legs were jerking straight out and her nails dug into his skin as she came and screamed in his ear. She was so hot tonight and Don was just about ready to shoot his load of cum inside her belly.

“I’m going to cum! God Yeah. Here it is!”

“God. Yeah. Give it to me! Shoot it deep inside me! I can feel it! It so hot inside me!”

Don jerked a few more times as his cock began going soft inside his wife’s pussy. He could feel the seed he had just deposited inside her starting to leak back out and around her pussy lips as he slipped out.

They were both trying to catch their breath as Don rolled over along the side of his wife. Kelly slipped off her heels and tossed them onto the floor and laid her head on her husband’s chest as they tried to catch their breath.

Kelly lifted her head and looked up into Don’s eyes.

“I love you very much!”

Don moved his hand down and stroked her hair as he replied. “I love you too!”

Don fell asleep within a couple minutes, he was so tired and exhausted from waiting up for Kelly that he couldn’t keep his eyes open another second.

It was late the next morning as they slowly woke up to find the sun shining in the window. It was Sunday morning and neither one of them had to get up for any reason so they just laid their watching the sun shine in the window.

Don turned his head looking down at Kelly’s body and saw her lovely tits as they pointed upward at the ceiling. Her nipples were hard and he wondered if she were laying their thinking about last night.

Don was wondering about her date last night and how she had told him that this man touched her thigh. Don wondered if the man touched her anywhere else. Maybe she kissed him last night. Should he dare to ask her?

He’d get a chance to ask Kelly but didn’t want to pump her for information right now. They were both drunk last night and open too just about anything. Kelly may not be so open today. As a matter of fact, she maybe a little embarrassed about what had happened last night.

Don leaned over and gave Kelly a little kiss on her cheek making her smile before getting out of bed to use the bathroom. He was the first person out to make coffee and sat on the sofa while Kelly took a shower.

Don could hear the water running in the shower and happen to see Kelly’s purse still sitting on the cushion next to him where she had left it last night.

Don casually picked up the open purse and carefully looked inside when he saw a folded white paper inside and pulled it out. Don carefully unfolded the paper and read it.

“I had a wonderful time meeting you tonight. I was very excited to know you want to see me again. I understand your feelings concerning your husband and wish you luck. I’m glad you were able to open up to me tonight and look forward to developing a relationship in the future.” Dan. 555-5555.

Don carefully folded the paper and placed it inside Kelly’s purse and noticed something else he wanted to explore. Don picked up the little packet he was very familiarly in knowing what it might be. He slid the little cover off and saw that he was right! They were birth control pills!

Don had been checked years ago and found out he was unable to have children due to a medical problem so there was never any need for Kelly to take birth control. There were five little pills punched out of the little packet.

Kelly was getting prepared for this! Frank was telling the truth! Kelly and Connie must have been planning this for awhile now!

Don sat trying to figure out what they had talked about in the past. About swinging! He was trying to remember what he had said to Kelly that night. He remembered they got turned on talking about other men and Kelly joked around about what she would do with one.

Don remembered how they laughed and joked about spicing up their sex lives. He only thought they were a fantasy! Don remembered having wild sex that night and how Kelly responded by chanting things in his ear about screwing other men and having him watch.

He remembered now that Kelly had repeated this several times during sex and she knew he got excited listening to her dirty talk. Apparently Kelly was more interested in this than he thought!

He carefully put the birth control packet back inside Kelly’s purse when erzurum escort he noticed something else. It appeared to be a picture! Don pulled it slowly from between Kelly’s wallet and makeup kit. On the back was written, “Dan.”

Don turned the picture over and saw it was a black man! It must have been the man Kelly was out with last night and appeared to be taken at a gym. This guy named Dan was standing with his side facing the camera and was holding his arm up flexing his large muscles.

This guy was huge! There was a small black woman standing behind him in the picture holding a towel and he dwarfed her size! He appeared to be well over 6’5″ tall and very muscular! His complection was very dark, almost black!

Don carefully put the picture back in Kelly’s purse and just in time! Kelly came walking out of the bedroom wearing only a black thong!

Kelly walked over to the sofa and sat on her husband’s lap and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

“I love you!”

“I love you too!”

Kelly playfully took a sip of Don’s coffee and put her arm around his neck. She smelled so very fresh! Don had put his arm around her and gently massaged her tit as she smiled at him.

“Did you have a good time last night?”

“Yes. Connie introduced me to a friend of hers who brought along his buddy and we spent most of the time dancing and talking.”

“Oh. What was he like?”

“Well. He was really nice to me and we talked for a long while and he told me just about everything about his childhood and stuff. He owns a gym and works out every day.”

“Do you have an interest in seeing him again?”

Kelly hesitated while she took another sip of Don’s coffee before replying back. Just as if she were trying to say what was on her mind in a way not to feel too anxious.

“Well. Yes. I told Dan I really would like to see him again but that I’d discuss it with you and let him know.”

Kelly seemed to be waiting for Don’s reply as she playfully messed with his hair. Don was getting hard listening to Kelly as she mentioned about seeing him again and finally decided to give her the reply that she was expecting to hear.

“Sure. Honey, if that’s what you’d like to do! I don’t mind if you and Connie go out dancing with these guys. I know you love me!”

Kelly kissed Don on the cheek before getting up off his lap and going into the kitchen to pour her own cup of coffee. She returned a few minutes later and sat down next to Don on the sofa, moving her purse aside.

“Honey. Dan sort of asked me if he could see me alone sometime. I told him I really didn’t think my husband would be too keen on that idea. He told me he would like to meet you sometime.”

Don took a drink of his coffee as he tried to figure out how to answer his wife’s statement. He knew where she was trying to go with this but wasn’t sure how he should respond. Should he just blurt out everything that Frank mentioned. Maybe he should just play along right now and see where it was going.

He decided to play along for now.

“Kelly. Did you have something planned to do with him in the near future, or was he just asking?”

Kelly’s response was very different from Don had expected.

“Honey. Did you forget how you brought up the idea that we should maybe investigate the idea of swinging with another man?”

Don’s heart skipped a beat as he heard Kelly’s blunt remark!

“Kelly. Do you mean your planning on meeting this guy to screw him and you want him to meet me? Is that it?”

“Oh. No. Honey! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it that way. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It’s just that we talked about the idea of meeting someone that could . . . Well. I’m sorry I brought it up. Forget that I ever said anything.”

Kelly stood up and started to walk into the bedroom to get dressed leaving Don on the sofa thinking about what Kelly had just said. Don quickly got up and followed Kelly into the bedroom where she was putting on her bra as he walked up behind her and kissed the back of her neck as he cupped the bra against her tits.

“Honey. I remembered what we talked about and I remembered what you said last night to me. I got turned on listening to the way you described how he touched your thigh last night and how you felt his dick pressing into your tummy when you danced.”

Kelly turned around and put her arms around Don and kissed him. She was starting to cry and Don wiped away the tears.

“Kelly. I want you to call him and make a date for next weekend. I’ll meet him than.”

They kissed and continued to hug each other until Don gently broke the kiss and began kissing around her ear as he whispered to her.

“Honey. I don’t want you to screw him behind my back. If everything goes well than I want you to bring him home so I can watch!”

Don kissed Kelly again before allowing her to get dressed. Later that afternoon she called Dan and made a date with him the following Friday.

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