Could It Be…Him??

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Big Tits

This is my first story though they have played a many in my head.. please be gentle with your words.

She isn’t the most perfect bodied woman out there but she has her perks. She only being 5’7″, her long dark hair about mid back, her blue gray eyes are full of lust and mischief. Her curves though, that is what draws the guys in, her 40DD breasts always makes the men drool. The rest of her .. 34 waist, 36 hips, curves all in the right spots.

Her body shivers as she runs her fingers over it. Her nails painted black.. her fishnet shirt still on but no bra under it. Nipples hard against it pressing against the fabric. Her fingers running down over her stomach to her spread legs just thinking of that one person that makes her hotter then most. Arching her back she slides a finger between her pussy lips thinking of Him. Her eyes closed as she remembers their encounter today.

He almost caught her in His room.. masturbating, on His bed. She was watching a video that she found intrigued by the title “Little Gaziantep Anal Escort Miss”. Putting it in.. she sits there and sees a younger girl maybe her age walking up to a house. An older man answers about her dad’s age. She watches as the girl gets naked, the guy makes her take His cock in every hole of her body. Her hands go under her short little red skirt that barely covers anything, touching her pussy thinking of Him taking her on His bed. She is still playing with her now soaking wet pussy when the video is over. Her two fingers in and out of her pussy, she barely heard the doorknob turning when she jumped up almost falling off the bed and acted like she was looking for something. For some reason He actually believed her. When she bent over to pick up the “lost” item she knows that her ass and pussy showed but He didn’t show any sign of seeing it.

She left the room in a hurry apologizing over and over for being in there and went to her room. That’s where she had to get her frusturations out. Her body shaking as she shuts the door. She was almost there when he came in. She gets out of all her clothes except her fishnet shirt .. she loves the feel of her hard nipples against it. Her DDs bounce as she slides onto her bed.. her fingers roaming her body. Her eyes closed she slides a finger into her pussy. Her pussy not being totally shaved but nicely trimmed, when she gets wet, it sometimes drips down her thighs. Feeling how wet she is she starts to move it in and out slowly moaning loudly. Taking off her t-shirt but leaving her fishnets on.

She remembers seeing Him masturbate that one night she came home from a friends. He didn’t hear her and He didn’t shut the door all the way. She heard His murmurs, but couldn’t understand what He was saying. So she just watched .. seeing His big strong cock in His hand stroking it faster. She heard Him say bitch and suck it but no other words registered in her head as her fingers went straight to her pussy. Feeling how wet she is, running her fingers along her cunt she slowly slides a finger into her tight wet pussy. Fingering herself as hard as he is stroking His cock. She sees His cock head purple needing its release. All she remembers is cumming at the same time she saw His cum fly out of His cock. But all she can do was try not to collapse right there in front of His door. She went to her room cleaned up, went to sleep with sweet dreams that night.

Her pussy filled with three fingers now. Thinking of all this. She fucks herself harder and faster remembering that night. Wanting that cock in her cunt so badly she moans loudly .. “ohhh daddy ..yes yesss fuckk meee with your big hard manhood” Her thumb playing with her clit as her fingers fly in and out faster harder bringing her closer her moans louder her whimpering even more. Gasping for air. “DADDY YES YESSS OHH FUCKK MEEEE” She starts to cum frantically fucking her tight cunt her body stiffens as she lets the orgasm ride through her body like a rocket. She purrrs softly as her body comes down slowly … she hears a noise and looks at her door and sees that its open and all she sees is a shoe as it steps away…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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